The Best Erotic Stories.

by Eve

It was just another typical day at the library, so there was no way that Emily could have foreseen that something so seemingly innocent could change her life forever. She had been checking in books from the return box that she had done everyday when she happened upon a book that did not belong to the libraries collection. This in itself was nothing out of the ordinary because people were constantly dropping off books that that belonged to other libraries or even their own books by accident.

Those books were dealt with by putting them on a separate shelf where they could be reclaimed and more often than not they were. This particular book however, was unlike any type of book that she had come across in all her three years of becoming a librarian. At first glance it was just a regular hardback book. It was a black book with no cover with the title written in gold print. As Emily was putting the book away she got a proper look at the title and paused. The Darker Side of Sex it read. No authors name appeared anywhere on the book, simply that intriguing title.

She was tempted at that moment to leaf through the pages since her curiosity was definitely peaked, but she thought better of it. Mrs. Smith, the head librarian didn't approve of an idle moment in her library and she always seemed to be popping up at the most inopportune moments. Hastily she put away the book and went about her duties as if she had never even seen that book, but no matter how hard she tried, for the rest of the day her thoughts drifted to what it's contents might hold.

On her way out that night, she made a detour to that shelf. It was such an automatic function that she realized that she must have been thinking about taking it with her all day. What would be the harm anyway, she would take it home that night, to read and she could return it in the morning with no one being the wiser? She simply wanted to look through it that was all.

When she came home that night to her house that night, she went through her regular routine of feeding her cat, fixing herself a light supper, and then drawing herself a hot bath, which was her favorite part of the night when she could relax and let her hair down. Tonight she had a book while she soaked. As she sunk into the steaming depths of the water and settled back she opened it up.

The very first page made her sit up and gasp, for on the page was a diagram of a woman positioned on her hands and knees naked, while an equally naked man was kneeling behind her with a handful of the woman's hair in one hand and a whip in the other. Underneath was a description of what was happening. Emily was stared transfixed to the page. She had only heard of stuff like this whispered in hushed conversations but never did she believe that stuff like this went on. To the average person, this picture may have produced a snicker, a snort of disgust or no reaction at all but Emily was not quite the average person.

From an early age she sex was a three letter word that was unmentionable. She was taught that it was something that should be shared only within the sacrament of marriage and only for purposes of procreation. If not used in those circumstances it was something to be ashamed of and dirty. From the age of two when her parents were killed in an automobile accident, Emily was raised by her elderly great-aunt Ruth who was an avid bible thumper. When she was a little girl the rules that she was governed by seemed only natural but as she grew older she began to question these rules. Emily grew into a pretty girl with a gleaming main of reddish-brown hair, and huge green eyes, that dominated a heart shaped face, with a smooth peaches and cream complexion but she wasn't allowed to flaunt these qualities, having to wear her hair pulled back in tight ponytails, and wear unflattering clothes like skirts to her ankles and shapeless dresses, never being allowed to wear pants of any sort. Because she was unable to get outside much, she was always rather pale. When Emily had dared suggest a little blush to give her a little color this fact to her aunt, Enid said that only sluts painted their faces and were so overly concerned with their appearance. As she grew older and prettier, her aunt grew stricter.

One of her most vivid childhood memories was when she had gotten her first period, and she had told her aunt. Ruth had immediately ripped her clothed to shed and forced her in the shower where she was pelted by scalding hot water, while Enid stood over her with the bible reading sanctimoniously reading scriptures about the loss of innocence. Emily could only huddle there in a ball crying, humiliated and shamed. She felt as if she must have done something terribly wrong to have deserved this, from that point on Ruth became much more fanatical. She was only allowed out of the house to go to church, school, and church functions, and to accompany her aunt on her "good works." Making friends was discouraged because most kids in Aunt Ruth's opinion had the devil in them anyway. Most of the kids never talked to her anyway because she usually just melted into the background. She didn't bother anyone and no one bothered her.

Emily didn't mind so much because she was so shy that the thought of making friends made her nervous. She was only allowed to read school text books and the bible, and anything else was strictly forbidden, which was where Emily's one rebellion lay. Books were her passion, she loved the thought of far off lands and adventure, but she could only indulge at school during her lunch hour. Sometimes when she knew Ruth would be away from the house for a while, she would sneak down to the public library to read for a couple of hours. At home she was the good little girl her aunt wanted her to be never daring to bat an eyelash without her aunt's permission, that was until the her senior year in high school, and the day she met Mike Black. He was the substitute teacher that took over for the English teacher who was off on maternity leave. In his early twenties, Mike was the stuff dreams were made of. Every girl in class had a crush on him, with his movie star looks. He wore his jet black wavy hair pulled back in a pony tail. His eyes were the most intense piercing blue that she had ever seen, and his pouty red lips, would make the likes of Brad Pitt jealous.

He didn't believe in formalities and everyone called him by his first name. All the girls in class vied for his attention while the males smoldered with jealousy. He was Emily's first crush, and she flourished under his praise when she did well in class. She knew that she would never hold his attention with all the prettier girls in class but she put forth an extra effort to do well in the class so that he at least knew that she had a brain. One day at class her prayer had been answered, Mike asked if she could stay after to go over an assignment with that she had turned in. Emily's heart fluttered at the thought of spending a little time alone with him. "Emily, I just want you to know that I think that you are one of the smartest students in the class. This assignment that you turned in was college level work but to be honest, your work isn't what I wanted to talk to you about."

He looked directly into her eyes while he spoke and she felt as if she would faint. "I don't understand, Mr. Black," she said uncertainly.

"Please call me Mike. Anyway, I've only been here a couple of weeks but I was wondering why you seem to isolate yourself from the rest of the class. You sit in the corner, and you don't say a word. I know that it's out of line for me to say this but I hate to see a pretty girl you hiding away." Emily blushed fiercely at his compliment. No one had ever called her pretty before, and she couldn't reply to save her life. "Do you drink coffee?" he asked.

"What?" she asked not knowing where this was leading.

"You know, coffee, the black stuff you make in a percolator. Do you drink it?"

"Umm, no not really. I like tea though."

"How about coming with me for some coffee after school."

Emily couldn't believe that this dreamy man was asking her out for coffee but then she remember her aunt waiting at home for her. "I can't, I have to get home." She said trying to keep the disappointment out of her voice.

"Oh, did you have other plans if you don't mind my asking."

"Not really, but my aunt, she really wouldn't like it if I didn't come home right after school." Tactfully he didn't ask anymore on subject. They spoke for a few more minutes and then she excused herself because she had to go to another class. For the rest of the week she felt like the biggest fool. She had the opportunity to spend time with him and she turned it down. What a fool she was.

Not knowing what made her do it, one day after class the following week, she went up to him after class and asked if his offer for coffee was still open. She was relieved when he said that it still was so after school that day, they went to the coffee shop. Emily knew that she would face her Aunt's wrath when she got home, but that was neither here nor there.

Mike took her to a small little shop just on the outskirts of town. Mike turned out to be the a great conversationalist and a good listener. He told her a little bit about his background and about his long term goals. After a while she found herself talking about her own empty life and the strict rules that she lived by. After they had talked for what turned out to be a few hours, Emily finely asked the question that was on her mind from the beginning. "Why me?"

He looked at her shrewdly through narrowed eyes for a moment before answering that question. "Do you want an honest answer the safe answer?"

Now what did he mean by that she wondered? "Honest please."

"I don't think you're ready for the truth yet, but one day, I'll tell you," he took another sip of his coffee, and changed the subject to indicate that the previous one was closed. For some reason Emily felt chills at that answer. They continued talking for another hour, and then he took her home. As she was getting out of the car, he pulled her back into his arm, and lowered his lips on hers.

She was so stunned that she didn't respond at first. She could hardly believe that this was happening, but after a few moments, she melted in his embrace and returned his kiss eagerly. His tongue probed at her closed lips until she admitted it entrance. As his tongue explored the contours of her mouth, his hand crept slowly, up to grasp a firm young breast and squeeze gently. Emily gasped at the new sensation of his touch. She had read about this in a romance book before, but she had never imagined that it would make her tingle between her legs the way it did.

His caresses grew bolder and he moved his hand under her blouse, and pushed aside her bra to feel her bare skin. He pinched her nipples, a bit roughly bringing her back to her senses. "I have to go," she said hurriedly.

"You can go now, but we're only just beginning Emily. Give my regards to your aunt," he said in dismissal. Emily was so shaken by the encounter that the sharp slap and tongue lashing she received from her Aunt didn't bother her that much. When she went to school the next day, she didn't know what to expect when from him, but he pretended as if nothing had passed between them. After class he left when the students left, and it continued like this for the next few weeks until one day he was gone and the regular teacher had returned.

Emily was crushed. Even though he did seem to ignore her after their one time out she had nourished hopes that he would take her out once more. She figured that she would never see him again, but she could never get over the longing that he had awakened in her. Shortly before she graduated high school, her aunt passed away quietly in her sleep ending her reign of terror over her niece. Being Ruth's only living relative, Emily inherited the house and a small sum of money that she put towards the maintenance of her property.

After she graduated she took a couple courses at the community college in library science, and then took a job working at the local library. Though she was free of her aunt she still led a pious life. She didn't know any other way to be and she envied those who had the social graces that she did not. One other thing that she envied but didn't realize until sitting now in the tub looking at the picture, was the sexual freedom. Not since that one incident with Mike Black had she been touched in such a way. She was still painfully shy, and kept to herself. She had a few acquaintances that she talked to from time to time but no really close friends. Only a few guys had asked her out and she always said no because she didn't know how to act around others in a social setting and secretly, she compared each guy to Mike.

She paused at each page she flipped through taking in the details she saw pictures, of people being bound and gagged, in positions that she had never seen before. There was one picture of a man that was licking the boots of a laughing woman. Another picture showed a picture of a woman with some kind of strap-on device kneeling over another woman. Emily knew that these pictures should have shocked and disgusted her, but instead, she felt a tightening in her breasts, and that tingling sensation between her legs that she had felt those years ago.

She squirmed when she grew hotter and hotter. She laid the book down on the floor, and her hand crept between her thighs instinctively to relieve the pressure that she felt there. She touched the throbbing bud of her clit and shuddered. She had never touched herself so intimately before, but it felt so good. She rubbed her aching clit between her thumb and forefinger. A low moan escaped her throat as. She let her other hand trail towards, her breasts and she grazed each nipple lightly. She squeezed, rubbed, and caressed herself aroused in the intense feelings that she evoked from within. The more she touched herself the more she realized that something was missing. She needed fulfillment and she needed it now. Remembering the pictures of the different sexual acts, she knew that she wanted what was in that book.

Later that night as she was turning lying in bed about to dose off the phone rang. It was strange that someone would call around this time at night because she didn't often get many call.

'Hello?" 'Emily, how are you tonight?" asked a raspy voice on the other end of the line. She tensed up because she didn't know who it could be because she certainly didn't recognize the voice.

"Who's speaking?"

"Emily, I am hurt that you don't know who I am, but I know you," the voice taunted. A chill ran down her spine. She had heard about weird prank calls, but that this person would know her name, scared her a bit. She was unlisted in the phone book, and only a few people had her telephone number.

"Listen, I don't know who you are and I don't appreciate you calling here. If you call me again I will call the police," she threatened.

The voice on the other end of the line merely laughed. "You are very naive, sweet Em. You won't call the police on me," he said confidently.

"I don't have to listen to this" she said about to hang up, when the voice said.

"How did you enjoy the book?" She froze.

"What book?"

"Sweet Em, don't play games with me, you know which book I refer to. I will have to teach you not to toy with me, but you will learn soon enough. Now, tell me what you thought of the book."

She was scared now but couldn't udder a word if her life depended on it, and at this very moment she wasn't certain if it did or not. '"You put the book in the drop box?"

"Yes, my sweet, and I knew you would take it home with you. I told you, I know everything about you, I know that you looked through those pages, and you got so hot and wet baby. You pussy lips were so swollen with need that you touched yourself didn't you?"

When she didn't answer, he laughed again. "I thought so. Goodnight little one. You'll be hearing from me again soon," he hung up with those last ominous words.

Emily, placed the phone back on the hook quickly and flew under the covers of her sheets. She pulled the covers tight around her as if to protect herself. She didn't move a muscle. She lay there wondering who this person could be and what he wanted from her. Emily didn't sleep a wink that night.

To be continued...

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