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by Shintani

With extra special thanks to Alyssa...

Stephen fought off the comforting idea of driving straight to his hotel and crashing for the night. He had been on the road for nearly 12 hours, as his flights were rerouted and cancelled throughout the day. Sometime during his travel ordeal, he missed his business meeting, but it was already too late to turn around and head home.

Well, while that meeting may have been his company's goal for him, it was secondary for him as he got behind the wheel of his rental and headed out on the rain-slicked roads. Even though it was getting late, he figured 2 hours driving still lay ahead of him, even in this muck. Maybe if I didn't know what this Acura was capable of, 3, but 2 and I just might get there, he thought. His destination and his destiny lay to the south of where he had landed. For inspiration, he placed a photo of her on the dashboard as he sped through the night. He let his gaze linger on the print, and the beautiful girl it showed him.

Stephen had never met Tina, but they had known each other for nearly a year. A chance meeting in the Literotica chatroom led to a night of conversation. Within weeks, they were calling on a daily basis. Still, his marriage and her engagement, not to mention the nearly 2000 miles separating them kept them apart. Photos and gifts were exchanged through the mail, often with several intermediaries to help conceal their long-distance affair.

All their efforts were not wasted, however as they managed to keep their relationship secret, and relatively tame up to this point. Sure, they had cybered together numerous times, and thoughts of the time they could finally meet preoccupied them. Stephen looked down at Tina's picture again. The raven-haired beauty smiled back at him, eyes bright and full of life. He chuckled to himself as he remembered one occasion where they had nearly been caught. An hour-long phone conversation he had with her led to a hot phone session, her sexy voice purring in his ear. Heated words of passion were exchanged, and through the phone line, they heard each other furiously acting on their wicked desires. The combination of her sultry voice and his active imagination left them both breathless and spent as their call ended.

As they were still unsure of this hot relationship, they were still active participants in their own lives. And later that night, while fucking the hell out of his wife, Stephen repeatedly uttered Tina's name. In his own defense the next morning, he managed to convince her that fatigue had led him to call out for a past lover. She bought the argument, and when she found out, Tina thought it flattering and hysterical. Besides, she had done the same with her fiancée. They vowed to each other to be much more careful in the future. The miles flew by as Stephen raced down the interstate, and he glanced at his watch. Well, he thought, if I can find this place in the next 15 minutes, Tina's going to get the surprise of her life.

Tina leaned over the counter in her store. The pouring rain made for a slow night of business, and she could hardly wait until it was time to pack up and leave. Not that she was completely happy about that either. Her fiancée was out of town, and the man she had been carrying on an online relationship with was away on business. "Sorry, honey," he had told her. "I might not even get a chance to call you." Tina longed for those stolen conversations with her forbidden lover. As the flames of their relationship grew into a conflagration, their never-ending calls grew more and more intense. She fondly remembered one incident, when he had called during the day.

Despite the fact that her sister was visiting, she sneaked out onto her balcony to finish the call, as they described in detail their lust for one another. The feeling of danger in their talks was heightened by the fact that anyone passing by could have seen her touching herself on that balcony as his hot words described his every action. Everyone in the neighborhood could have heard her climaxing that afternoon, but Tina didn't care. There was just something so right about the way she and Stephen were able to carry on, yet neither one could pinpoint exactly what it was. Perhaps it was the random chance that led to their initial encounter, and then the strength of the feelings they had for each other. Maybe it was something else deeper, almost as if they were meant to find each other. But they had still never met.

Tina wished that their situation was different, but accepted it, and Stephen's love for her as much as anything else. She returned those feelings for him as well, and for her, if she could feel that way about a man she had never met, then there had to be something there. Anyway, whatever it was, it was time to go home. Locking the door behind her, and wishing her associates a good evening, she headed out into the parking lot. As she approached her car, a dark figure got out of the one parked next to hers. "Who could that be," she thought, "who wants to go shopping so late on such a terrible night?" But there was something familiar about this stranger. No! It couldn't be! "He couldn't possibly be down here," she thought. She watched closely, then gasped as she realized who it was. He was here!

Tina stood transfixed as Stephen approached her through the pouring rain. She opened her mouth to greet him, but was silenced as he gently brought a finger to her lips to stop her. His strong arms wrapped themselves around her tightly and he drew her to his lips for a long awaited kiss. The rain poured down on top of them, but they didn't care. The lover's embrace seemed to last for hours, their lips never parted. His strong arms held her close; she squeezed back as hard as she could. Tina and Stephen were soaked all the way through, but they didn't notice. They even ignored the passing car of one of her associates as she drove home, honking encouragement to them. It felt so good to be so close, they thought, drinking in the sensations of each other's essence.

Stephen would forever remember the taste of her kiss, the fragrance of her hair, the softness of his lover's body pressed against his. Tina knew she would never forget the strength of his embrace, or the fiery passion of his gaze towards her. As their greeting kiss ended, Stephen spoke the first words to Tina, the first he had spoken to her in person. "I love you," he said, and Tina nearly dissolved into tears.

"I love you back," she said, and it was all too much. Tina flung herself back at Stephen, and his arms reached out to catch her. A second embrace followed, hotter and more passionate than the one before.

"Do you have anywhere to stay tonight?" asked Tina, still barely believing that he had found her.

"I was hoping," he replied, "I was hoping that you'd stay with me."

"Sweetie, I want to stay with you for the rest of my life," she answered. Together, they climbed into his car and drove off into the night.

The Acura sped down the highway. Tina couldn't believe that she was actually sitting next to the man she loved. After all this time, for him to find her on a night like tonight was amazing. She looked over at him and thought how sexy he looked to her. She had seen him before, plenty of times, but always in pictures. Now, she looked on him with her own eyes. His jet-black hair. The love for her in his dark brown eyes. Those strong arms waiting to hold her close once again. The man of her dreams, now here, in flesh and blood.

Stephen stole glances at Tina in the rearview mirror. He liked what he saw, even more so in person. She was about his height, but her curves were voluptuous. His eyes took it all in. The smooth shape of her legs. The flat firmness of her stomach, and the beautiful swell of her ample bosom. He gazed at her luxurious black hair and at the fire in her eyes. Tina noticed the attention she was getting, and felt a little self-conscious. Her soaked clothes clung tightly to her, that much she could see he was enjoying, but her hair and makeup were a mess, to her at least. "Sweetie, stop it," she said. "Wait until I get a chance to clean up. I'm soaked. I probably look like, like a wet seal." Stephen took her delicate hand in his.

"Darling," he said. "I've waited so long to finally meet you, you're beautiful to me. Always have been, since the first time I saw your picture." Tina blushed at his remarks, and kept her hand in his as they drove on through the night.

Checking into the hotel was easy; Stephen had a corporate reservation. He upgraded it to a suite, and the two lovers walked hand in hand to the elevators. Tina was a bit nervous about being so public with him, but her hand never left his, and she never left his side. Once the elevator doors were safely closed, and they were alone again, their passions got the better of them, and they engaged in a kiss once again. It lasted all the way up to the 17th floor. The doors opened and they walked down the hall to their room, still holding hands, nervous with anticipation. Stephen ran the key card through the lock and opened the door. But before they could enter the room, he swept Tina up off her feet and carried her over the threshold. She laughed with delight, then leaned up to kiss him once more.

He strode purposefully into the bedroom, carrying his beloved. Both were giddy with anticipation. Stephen gently lay Tina down on the bed, and lay down next to her. He wrapped her up in his arms again, and the two lovers began another passionate embrace. Their hands raced to strip each other out of their wet clothing. The damp clothes were a struggle to remove, and every moments delay was anguishing. At the very last, Tina unhooked her lacy black bra and dangled it in front of him. She already had him lying on his back, and could see that his cock was beginning to harden at the sight of her. She smiled seductively and dropped the bra on his face, briefly obscuring his view of her body.

Stephen's eyes raced between the delicate features of her face and her engaging smile, down to her magnificent breasts, and finally, down to her shaven pussy. Tina was on top of him in an instant, trading kisses with her lover once again. Slowly, softly, she moved her kisses off his mouth, and onto the sides of his face. His arms reached out to touch her. Tina's hot kisses traced their way down his neck, onto his chest. Light, delicate kisses explored further. She slowed her pace as she drew further away from his stomach, and kissed him tenderly on the tip of his hard cock. Slowly, purposefully, she took the head of his cock into her mouth, and began to suck. Stephen had been waiting all year to feel the velvety surface of her tongue on him. Pre-come oozed from his cock, Tina swallowed it all down. She bobbed her head up and down on his cock, taking it all into her mouth. She felt his back arch with pleasure, and continued her epic blowjob.

Her soft hands played with his balls as she continued to take him into her mouth. Stopping for only a moment, she ran her tongue down the shaft of his cock, and licked his balls slowly. Finding her way back up to his erect cock, she lowered her head down once again, tasting more pre-come as she did. His hands found the back of her head, and gently lowered her even further onto his cock, forcing Tina to deep-throat him. She took him all the way down; it felt fabulous to have that hard cock all the way inside her. She quickened her pace, feeling him arching even more to meet her, feeling him running his hands through her luxurious hair.

Tina tongued a final drop of pre-come off of him, then lay down on her back next to him. Stephen didn't need any more encouragement. He quickly returned the slow, passionate kissing that Tina had graced him with. His mouth felt like fire on her body as he nibbled at the base of her neck. His hands found her breasts, and began to massage and squeeze them. Tina let out an involuntary moan. Stephen's fingers soon found her nipples, and he began rolling them between, pinching slightly. His kisses found their way down to her cleavage, then were inside there. He continued to play with her firm nipples as his tongue made its way across her breasts.

Soon, he was latched onto one of those gorgeous breasts, taking the nipple into his mouth, letting his tongue run across it. Slight suction from his mouth drew her further into him; Tina felt pure bliss as he continued. She had never felt such a reaction to having a man worshipping her breasts, and Stephen was an expert. He alternated sides with his mouth, kissing lightly and sucking firmly, and his hands continued their play. Her breasts were large, but firm, and her nipples hardened in his mouth as he continued. He reacted to every sign of pleasure she gave, teasing her tremendously as his mouth drifted further onto her body. Tina giggled as his kisses reached her stomach and tickled her, with a sly grin, he increased his pace.

Stephen's strong hands found her firm thighs, and his kisses traced over her shaven mound. A light flick of his tongue touched her clit, eliciting a moan from his lover, and he continued on. His mouth began to work on her thighs, kissing and licking slowly. Stephen reached her knees, and darted back up to her pussy, a long stroke of his tongue across her moist lips, ending with a lingering kiss on her clit. His fingers found their way to her pussy as well, and he slowly rubbed them over her lips and clit. His mouth was nearly touching her, and Tina wriggled in an attempt to meet him.

His hot breath flowed over her and he continued to tease her gently with his fingers. She moaned in delight as his tongue darted out, lightly licking her wet pussy. Tina was so hot by now, she couldn't stand it. Reaching out to him, she buried his face in her crotch. Stephen's tongue traced its way over her cunt, and he slowly sucked on her clit. One probing finger slid inside his lover, paving the way for his tongue. She pressed him down harder, and he slid his tongue deep inside her. Without missing a stroke, his fingers played with her clit as he licked her pussy from the inside. He had waited so long for a taste of her; he drank down her juices with a passion. One finger was joined by another, then a third as he sucked down her essence.

"Oh, baby," she murmured as his tongue ran circles around her clit, and his fingers slid in and out of that hot hole. "Baby, I want you," she said, and his response was swift. He spread her thighs apart with his hands, and lay atop her beautiful body. Another hot, wet French kiss was shared as she felt his hard cock pressing against her. One slow stroke, one thrust of his hips, and she felt the long shaft sliding against the top of her pussy and over her clit. She moaned even louder as his thrusting continued, feeling him against her, but unable to force him inside. "Do it, baby," she pleaded with him. "I want to feel you inside me sweetie."

Straightening up, Stephen pressed his engorged cock against her pussy. Slowly, he thrust forward, sliding inch by inch into her hot wet hole. He felt her tight cunt yield to his cock, and he slid even deeper. Her juices flowed freely, soaking the bed beneath them. When he was all the way in, Stephen slid back out, nearly all the way. His long, slow strokes were maddening to Tina, and he quickened his pace. Every thrust into her was deep, ending only with his heavy balls slapping against her firm ass. She spread her legs for him, taking every inch of his manhood and loving it.

Tina pressed back against him as he thrust, forcing his pace. Her moans of ecstasy were joined now; short gasps from both lovers broke the silence in the bedroom. Tina's pleasure continued, faster, more intense with each stroke of his cock inside her. She arched her back to meet each thrust, wrapped her legs around his back to draw him into her. She wanted him to become a part of her. Familiar waves of pleasure coursed through her body as she felt her orgasm building. "Oh, baby," she implored him. "Fuck me baby, Oh I need it so bad. Do it to me, deeper sweetie, fuck me harder!" she pleaded. Stephen increased his pace, pressing her thighs against his chest, keeping her legs in the air. He drove his cock deep inside her, all the pent up frustrations of the past year dwindling as she began to scream. "Oh yes, baby, do it, don't stop," she cried out.

"Come for me baby, " was all he could manage as her orgasm intensified.

"Oh, oh! Uhhhggh!" screamed his lover as it all became too much for her. Tina had never come so hard in her life. Over and over the pleasure hit her, love juices flowing out of her. As the feelings subsided, she helped him along, beseeching him to come for her as well.

"Come on, baby come for me," she moaned. "Fill me up baby, I want all of you. That's it do, it baby, come for me right now." Stephen's pace intensified, as he neared his own climax. "Fuck me baby, come on, fuck my pussy, come for me!" continued Tina as she watched him fuck her harder and faster.

"Oh baby, yes!" was his reply as the first hot jets of his cum filled her pussy. His cock spurted deep inside her, his sticky hot cum escaping into her. Drops of his cum mingled with hers, dripping out of her well-fucked pussy.

Slowly, he withdrew his spent cock from her pussy, savoring the tight feel of her as he lay down next to her. Tina snuggled up against him, resting her head on his chest. He absent-mindedly stroked her hair, and tenderly touched her face as they caught their breath after the first of what was to be many nights of unbridled passion.

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