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Sherry Blows For
Her Husband's Entertainment

by Bob L.

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

She sighed deeply and looked up at him. "Let me go."

Ray shook his head. "I'm going to fuck you again. Then I'll let you go. Okay?"

He watched as Sherry sort of gasped and rolled her eyes.

"Oh, my goodness ..." she moaned.

Ray got up and walked over to a sink where he wet a towel and brought it back to her. He wiped the cum off her face and tits and she thanked him. He then got her some wine and released one of her arms from the restraint so she could drink it. She took a mouthful of wine and lay back, still breathing hard. He stretched out beside her and idly toyed with her tits. They lay there like that for a few minutes, and then he took her free hand and put it on his cock. She raised her head to look at it as she wrapped her fingers around the soft, but still thick shaft.

"It's really big, isn't it?" she murmured.

"Play with it," he said. And she began to slowly jack him off, squeezing the shaft as she pumped it. Her hand worked his cock, moving up and down the shaft, squeezing and pulling, getting it hard again. When he was fully erect she stared at it with wide eyed wonder.

"How big is it?" she wondered.

"Ten and a half inches long," he smiled.

"It's so thick," she marveled and held it straight up so she could get a good look at it. "I've never seen one this big before."

He teased her nipple. "You like to suck cock?"

She moaned a little, and sighed, "Yes, I do. A lot."

He palmed one of her tits and rubbed it in a circular motion. "What's the biggest cock you ever sucked before mine?"

She sort of smiled and rolled her eyes again. "Umm, I don't know husband has a nice one ..."

"When was the last time you sucked someone other than your husband?" He was teasing her now, and she was glowing from her orgasm and the wine. "Well, actually ...I've been a little naughty .."

Ray's eyes widened comically, "Uh-oh ...Sherry's been bad. Who'd you do it with? Hm?"

"I can't say ..." she said, shyly, blushing.

Watching through the glass he felt his cock growing even more and wanted to cum right then, but he held off.

"Tell me ...c'mon ...I'm not gonna mention it to anybody, hell, who would I tell?" Ray slid his fingertips down between her breasts and across her belly. She shivered and spread her legs reflexively. "Tell me," he urged.

"Well, I did it to a guy in this office I used to work in. He asked me out to lunch one day. He's really nice looking."

"Did you do it after you had lunch with him?"

"No, it wasn't until we had lunch a few times and then he asked me for a ride home one day after work, and I don't know, we got to his place and we sat in my car and talked and then he kissed me and started feeling my breasts and the next thing I knew I was jacking him off and he came in my hand. I really liked doing it because his cock was so big and thick, like yours. Well not quite as big as yours, not as thick, but as long maybe.

Ray started fingering her cunt again and she shifted a little, opening her legs a bit more as she sighed. "So when did you blow him?"

"The next time day at work, we waited until everyone else had gone home, then he took me into the bathroom and I gave him a blow job."

"Did he cum in your mouth?"


"Did you swallow it?"

"Umhm wasn't as thick as yours and I wasn't lying on my back like this."

"Did you let him fuck you?"

She shook her head. "No. I didn't."

"Is that the only time you did it for him?"


"What a little slut, you are. How many times have you done it with him?"

"I don't know ...maybe a dozen times. I've gone to his house a few times and sucked him off. I gave him a blow job in a bathroom in a restaurant once and someone walked in on us."

"You are hot. What did you do when they walked in, did you stop?"

"Well, the guy turned around and walked out and my friend was really close to cumming, so I finished him, and let him cum in my mouth."

"Where else did you do him?"

"I sucked him in my car a couple of times, and in his car once. And I did him in Griffith Park. Outside a grove of trees. And I blew him once in front of another couple who are friends of his. They wanted us to watch them fuck, and he made me blow him while we watched."

"Wow, that sounds kinky! Is that all you do, just blow him. He doesn't try to fuck you?"

"He wants to, but I won't let him. Besides he loves it when I blow him. I'm very good at it."

"Yes, I know." Ray slid his fingers into her cunt again and she gasped. He began finger fucking her. "Does he always cum in your mouth?"

"Not always, sometimes I let him cum on my face, or on my breasts."

"I'm going to fuck you now, okay?"

"Okay. Untie my hands."

He smiled down at her, and saw that she would let him fuck her now, without being forced. He undid the restraints and she sighed as she rubbed her wrists. He took her right hand and put it on his thickening cock. She wrapped her fingers around the still slimy shaft and began jacking him off, turning her head to watch his cock expand in her grip.

"Ummm, you really have a big cock. I love to play with big ones. All my fantasies are about guys with big cocks."

"You really are a hot big titted slut, aren't you?"

She smiled and he inched closer to her face with his cock sticking straight out from his body.

"Wanna suck it?"

She propped herself up on one elbow and he could see she was dizzy from all the wine she drank. "Yes," she whispered and bent to slide her mouth down over his cock. She sucked and worked her mouth up and down on him and he took a handful of her hair and urged her on.

"Ooh, yeah, suck it, slut. Suck my cock.

He watched from the other room and stroked his cock. He knew he would cum soon and wanted to time it with Ray cumming in Sherry. He watched Ray urge his wife on, saw her close her eyes as she sucked him off, moaning softly.

Ray pulled his cock from Sherry's mouth and it made a slurping noise. She moaned in protest as he moved to get between her legs again.

"Time for you to be fucked again," said Ray as he positioned himself between Sherry's legs. She reached to take his cock with one hand and placed the head between the lips of her wet cunt. She slid his cock up and down between her lips and then put it up to the entrance to her puss. He flexed his hips and his thick cock plunged into her cunt. She gasped and reached to grab his arms as he shoved his cock all the way inside her, his balls hanging down, touching the cheeks of her ass. He pulled back and his cock slid wetly from Sherry's puss, until just the head was still inside her. He smiled down at her. "You like it, don't ya, slut?"

Sherry gasped and nodded her head. "I love it."

He shoved his cock hard into her cunt and began to fuck her with rapid strokes. Her tits bounced and jiggled as he fucked her and she grunted on each stroke. "Uh, uh, uh, uh ..."

"Play with your tits," he commanded and Sherry put her hands over her breasts, pressing them together, forming magnificent cleavage, presenting them to Ray as he fucked her. He leaned down and sucked her nipples while he pumped his cock into her. And then he was cumming and she started to cum as well.

He watched his wife getting fucked and having her orgasm while he spurted a thick stream of cum against the wall just below the window. His cum splattered thickly against the beige paint and he leaned against the window to see his wife bucking her hips, arching her back as she came.

That night when he got home she was already there and lying down in bed. She said she needed a nap and he knew why she needed a nap but of course didn't say anything. She slept for a couple of hours while he watched t.v. and played back the images in his mind of her being ravished by Ray. She got up and made dinner, finally, and they ate. He asked her how the shoot went and she told him it took a long time, but it went okay. After dinner they watched a little t.v. and then went to bed and read. He tried not to think of her sucking Ray's cock and getting fucked, but he couldn't help it and his cock kept swelling under the sheets. Finally, she turned her light off and kissed him goodnight before going to sleep. He wondered what tomorrow would bring for her.

He waited until she left the house the next morning. She was dressed nicely, her makeup artfully done, her hair swept up off her face and pinned back behind her head. He got into his car and took the short way to the studio and got there just a few minutes before she did. He was introduced to Ray's assistant, Bruno, a well-built guy with an accent. Ray showed him the pictures he had taken of Sherry showing her tits, and posing on all fours, all the erotic stuff. There were also pictures of her sucking his cock and getting fucked. Ray had set up cameras on a timer and Sherry never knew the pictures were being taken. He marveled at the clarity of the photos. Sherry looked hot with Ray's cock in her mouth, bulging against the inside of her cheek. One series of shots showed her getting fucked and cumming as Ray pounded his cock into her. Ray told him to relax in the next room and enjoy the show. Bruno was pleasant and polite as they shook hands again. He went into the room and leaned against the wall near the two way mirror and waited. Sherry showed up shortly after and he could see that she was extremely nervous and sort of embarrassed to be there. Ray introduced her to Bruno and he could see her give him a quick once over with her eyes, obviously impressed with Bruno's physique. Ray walked her over to a long table where the newly developed pictures were spread out for viewing. He watched Sherry's face when she saw the pictures of her sucking dick and getting fucked.

"Oh, my goodness," she gasped, her eyes scanning the erotic images. "When did you ...oh, no ...I don't believe this." She looked at Ray and then blushed furiously when Bruno came over to the table and admired the pictures.

"You are very sexy," he said to her. Sherry just shook her head and looked at Ray.

"What are you going to do with these?" she asked, starting to panic.

Ray shrugged, "Give them to you, I guess." He saw Sherry brighten knowing she would be able to burn the pictures if she wanted to. Ray stepped behind her and leaned over her, pointing at some of the pictures. "I really like some of the lighting here. In this one especially." He was pressing his crotch against her buttocks and pinning her against the table. Sherry put her hands on the table and tried to stay upright.

"I have to go ...I have a lot to do today."

She tried to turn around, but Ray brought his hands up under her arms and cupped her big tits. She reached to grab his wrists and said, "Don't." He slid his hands over her tits and squeezed them together so that cleavage showed over the top of her blouse. She was trapped up against the table and couldn't move as he played with her tits through her blouse.

"Don't ...I have to go ...I really have to go. I'm meeting my husband somewhere ...let me go, okay? Just ...I have to go." He started rubbing his crotch around on her buttocks and she had to brace herself with her hands on the table.

"You wanna suck my cock while Bruno watches? Hm?" Ray's voice was a soft purr and Sherry shook her head.

"I really do have to go ...I'm not kidding." She tried to turn her head to look at Ray, but he had her pressed too tightly against the table. He began unbuttoning her blouse and she grabbed at his hands.

"No!" she yelled sharply. "I don't want to!" He ignored her and gave up on the buttons, grabbing the soft material in his hands and ripping it open. She gasped in sudden shock and tried to pull her torn blouse closed over her lace, see through bra. Ray grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her, holding her as he turned her to face Bruno and admired her bra covered tits.

"Nice tits," he said, smiling softly.

"Oh, shit," she murmured, knowing what they were going to do.

Bruno reached up and pulled her bra up over her tits, exposing them to his hands and eyes. He slid his palms over Sherry's tits and rubbed them in a circular motion as she struggled to get loose from Ray. Bruno played with her tits like that for about a minute and then leaned down to kiss and suck the nipples. Sherry stopped her struggling and sagged a bit against Ray. Bruno sucked her tits for awhile, and then began rubbing her cunt through her Levis. She twisted, trying to cross her legs, but Bruno had his hand firmly wedged between her legs. She shook her head and her hair fell apart, coming down over her shoulders now as she gritted her teeth against the pleasure Bruno was giving her. He began undoing her belt, then her levis, pulling them down. She twisted her hips around, but he still managed to pull her levis down to her ankles. Her cunt lips were visible to one side of the panties and Bruno lost no time in pushing his middle finger up inside her. Sherry yelped with the hard thrust of his finger up her cunt and stood on tiptoe trying to get off of it. Bruno began finger fucking her and she shook her head back and forth, not wanting to feel what he was doing to her.

He watched from the other room as Bruno unzipped his pants and brought out a thick slab of cockmeat. He saw his wife look down and see it, knowing she was going to be fucked again. Bruno pulled her panties further to one side and bent his knees to get the right angle before forcing his cock up Sherry's pussy. She arched her back away from Ray as she gasped loudly enough to be heard through the two way glass. She was impaled on his thick cock.

"Hold her," said Ray as Bruno gripped Sherry's arms in his strong hands. Ray was unzipping his pants now, bringing his big cock out, already hard and thick.

"What are you doing?" gasped Sherry. Ray was parting Sherry's cheeks with his cock and looking for her asshole as Bruno kept her wedged onto his big dick.

"No. Don't even think about it ...please, Ray ...please don't," begged Sherry as Ray found her butthole. He held onto her hips with his hands and forced his cock into Sherry's ass. She closed her eyes and tossed her head back, a piercing yell bouncing across the room, and back again. Ray was merciless as he sank his cock deep into Sherry's butt and then the two men were both all the way inside her. The three of them stood there, Sherry's breathing a ragged counterpoint to their controlled breathing.

Bruno and Ray looked at each other. "Fuck her," said Ray. Both of them began to fuck her slow. Sherry was trapped between them and could only endure as they worked their cocks in and out of her pussy and ass. They mauled her tits while they fucked her and then, amazingly enough, Sherry started to get into it, moaning with their thrusts into her. Her hand went down to her pussy and she teased her clit while they fucked her. She was moaning, her eyes squeezed shut and everybody in the room knew she was going to cum. She opened her mouth but no sound came out for at least fifteen seconds and then she was groaning loud enough to be heard on the street as she came once, then again. They fucked her hard then, really pumping her. She went slack all of a sudden, her eyes rolling up into her head and they had to hold her upright. She moaned softly and Ray said, "Let's cum in her face." Both men slipped their cocks out of her and let her drop to her knees. They stood in front of her while she watched them, dazed. They pumped their cocks in her face and it took about thirty seconds for them to start spurting. Gobs of hot sperm splattered Sherry's face as both guys jacked off on her. Long ropey jets of the cum leaped from their cocks and lay heavy and wet on her face.

He watched the two men cum in Sherry's face and had to lean against the glass to stay upright. His cock was hard as a rock and he wanted to go out there and add to the copious amount of sperm they were giving her. But that would have to wait.


This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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