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747 From Hong Kong
by English Bob

You all may remember, some months back, a married couple were arrested whilst aboard a transatlantic flight and charged with indecent behaviour. The newspapers said that they were involved in a romantic interlude'. Well it just so happens that I was also aboard that flight, and let me tell you, what you read in the tabloids was not even close to the whole story! To use a quote: "The truth? They couldn't handle the truth!"

It all started in the early spring of this year. After a two week business trip, I was catching an overnight flight back from Hong Kong, and along with the other passengers, was waiting patiently in the departure lounge ready to board a 747 to take me home. Scribbling some final notes from my last meeting (yes, I still find it easier to use a pencil and paper!), I looked around me. I was obviously not the first person to notice the couple. It was difficult not to. At that time, of course, none of us knew that they were a married couple, they just looked like your average lovers that were getting a little overheated.

Trying not to make myself look too suspicious, I studied them both for a minute. They both looked to be in their early or mid twenties. Both attractive looking, he was tall and muscular with short light coloured hair, whilst she had long jet black hair that fell in curls down her back. She also looked tall with a fit, healthy looking body and, I noticed, a rather nice pair of tits! It was difficult to see their faces properly, as they both had their tongues down each others throats for extraordinarily long periods of time. It got to the point when you began to wonder when they would come up for air!

Anyway, the flight was called and we finally boarded. Being a night flight, and in the middle of the week, the plane was far from full. In fact I would say that only about 40% of the seats were taken. The pilot and crew made their usual announcements regarding weather, journey time and safety regulations while we taxied to the runway. As soon as we were in the air and at cruising altitude, the crew dimmed the lights so as to allow the passengers to sleep. I am a regular air traveler, but I have never yet managed to master the art of sleeping on a flight. The noise from the engines and the ever present fear of turbulence (or worse!) keep me wide awake.

I pulled out my current novel from my hand luggage and prepared myself for the long flight. After three hours of sitting in the same position, I decided to stretch my legs for a while. I got up from my seat, noticing that most of the plane was quiet and in darkness. Everyone seemed to be sleeping. Whilst I was up, I thought I might as well use the bathroom (another frightening, but sadly necessary experience whilst flying). As I quietly padded down the aisle, trying hard not to awaken any other passengers, I notice the two lovers from earlier, smooching together in seats right at the rear of the aircraft. No one else was anywhere near them. I laughed silently and reminded myself what it was to be young and energetically in love!

I knew that I shouldn't be watching, but there was something strangely compelling about invading their privacy without them knowing. I moved a little closer. In the shadowy half light, I could now make them out more clearly. Very quietly, taking a seat a few rows behind and a little to the side of the couple, I now had an unobstructed view of their tryst.

The appeared to have moved on from just kissing and were now indulging in a little light petting as well. The young man still had his lips cemented to his lover's, but his hands were now roaming freely over the outside of her light coloured blouse as she moaned quiet encouragement into his mouth. I thought quickly that if their ardour increased further they might decide to use the bathroom behind me to consummate their passion in that traditional mile high' fashion. No problem, I thought, I would just close my eyes and pretend to be asleep as they went by me. Not a bad back-up plan!

Although their passion was definitely on the increase, they showed no signs of wanting to move anywhere. In fact quite the contrary, they seemed quite comfortable where they were. This being the case, I relaxed slightly, folding myself deeply into the seat, and continued to watch. The boy's hands were now squeezing her breasts through the blouse a little more urgently and I could just make out her hand on his leg as she gently but firmly massaged his inner thigh. I could see the distinctive bulge in his faded jeans. Not surprising, I thought, I was developing quite a boner myself!

Becoming a little more daring now, his fingers began to start slipping the buttons of her blouse. One...two...three...and finally the last button came undone, revealing a nice, sexy, half cup bra, the white lacy material conspicuous against the darkness. His hand went immediately back to her breast and continued to gently stroke her nipples through the bra. My view of the proceeding was fantastic. I was close enough to be nearly able to see the hard buds atop her breasts poking stiffly against the lacy material.

My erection began to ache in my underwear. For a brief second, the girl broke their kiss and bent forwards slightly. Reaching behind her, she flicked the fastening of her bra, and in a way only women seem to be aware of, shrugged her shoulders a couple of time and with a flourish, produced the garment through the short sleeve of the blouse (I have always been most impressed by this manoeuvre!) With her blouse open and the bra discarded on to the seat next to them, they resumed their embrace. The boy's hand went back to her naked boobs now as he began to lightly pinch and squeeze her hard nipples, alternating between them both with practised fingers. The girls moaning became deeper as she squeezed his thigh harder, moving her hand in slowly widening circles over his thigh until it rested firmly on his crotch.

As I began to slowly squeeze my own hardness through my trousers, the couple broke their kiss again. The were both breathing hard. The boy pushing his groin fervently against the pressure of her hand while he continued to play with her tits. He whispered something into her ear that I couldn't ascertain, but, after a second, it became obvious. With a wicked smile, the girl located his zipper, and slowly so as not to make a noise, she gently lowered it. I heard an unmistakable gasp from his lips as her fingers inched inside the opening and gently eased a large, solid penis out into the open. It seemed impossible in the cramped seating of economy, but she somehow managed to get herself into a kneeling position in her seat in preparation of giving her lover a blow job. I was just able to see her take his cock between her delicate fingers and lower her mouth over the large mushroom shaped head. The position that she was now in, kneeling on the seat, meant that I had a perfect view of her bottom, covered as it only just was, by a short pleated skirt. The skirt was short enough for me to be able to catch glimpses of white lacy panties every time her head bobbed down onto the boy's cock.

The blow job continued slowly for the next few minutes while I laid my jacket over my lap and began to masturbate quietly (I was not as brave as they were - I had no desire to get caught jerking my meat in public!). Suddenly, as if they were trying to give yours truly a show, I saw the boy's hand sneak behind her and under her skirt. I could hear him sighing and moaning quietly as his cock was expertly sucked, and watched as his hand began to tug her panties to one side. I almost gasped out loud myself when I saw her pussy come in to view. I had been away from my wife for two whole weeks. Two whole weeks without sex in Hong Kong can be extremely frustrating, but I consider myself to be a good husband and father and have no desire to be unfaithful. But the gap in my sex life had left me horny as hell, and as I looked at the beautiful contours of the young, neatly shaved vagina now only a few feet from my face, I blew my load into my hand.

The young man was only seconds behind me. I could see his hips grinding up and down as he thrust his penis in and out of the lady's mouth, and then heard her gasp and splutter quietly as she tried to swallow his semen. As his cock became flaccid, the girl knelt up and, spreading her knees wider apart, shuffled closer to her lover. This position obviously afforded his fingers easier access to her now, very moist vagina. With her back still towards me, it was a little difficult to see his fingers enter her pussy. However, as if knowing that I was watching, the delightful girl raised her skirt and bunched it around her waist treating me to a full view of her sweet, rounded behind.

The girls long black hair swayed back and forth as she began to thrust her hips towards the boy's hand. I could see her passion rising, the tell tale moisture glistening against her spread inner thighs as she humped against his fingers. From between her legs I could see his hand as it pumped unseen fingers in and out of her fresh, pink pussy. Her hands were on her own buttocks, squeezing and pulling them open. As I watched, a long thin finger appear from the darkness between her thighs and press lightly against her tiny star shaped anus. As the wet finger gently probed her tight nether hole, she had to bite her lip to stop from screaming out loud. I heard her catch her breath, her body visibly tensing as the orgasm swept over her tight young frame. Little moans were escaping her lips and I could see the boy's fingers, wet with her fluid as he slowly withdrew them.

As she returned to a more comfortable sitting position, the couple cuddled up together making little attempt to cover their state of semi-nakedness. It was at this point that one of the cabin crew happened to walk past on the way to the rear galley. I could see her approach and decided that this was the time for me to be asleep. Closing my eyes, I heard her footsteps approach.

"Oh my god!" she cried as she saw the couple smooching. "You are so disgusting!"

Pretending to suddenly awaken, I looked over. The female flight attendant was standing, hands on hips, looking directly down at the couple. Unfortunately for them, although her skirt was now pulled decently over her lower body, the girl had omitted to replace her bra or refasten her blouse, her breasts and still swollen nipples clearly visible. The boy was even less fortunate. he was struggling to replace his soft and wet cock back into his open fly. A heated argument ensued between the attendant and the couple, and I used the opportunity to sneak back to my original seat.

So, that's the story of what really happened aboard that jumbo. The couple were arrested once we landed, and the next thing was the story hitting the newspapers. I believe they became quite the celebrities in their home town, but as everything passes, so the fuss finally died off. For my part though, I shall never forget my journey on that 747 from Hong Kong!

- The End -

* * * * *

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