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Slut Lessons Pt. X
by AhMyGoddess

Leslie sat in class staring out the window, thinking about fucking, it was all that she'd been able to think about since she had seen her sister, Renee, sharing her pussy with her best friend on Saturday night. Since then she'd talked her sister into eating her own pussy and then eaten her sister's. And last night Renee had set her up with this great man who'd taken her virginity. She'd loved it. All of it. Getting her pussy eaten, eating pussy, being fucked by a guy. She was so happy and she just wanted more more more.

But she knew that she had a problem. Renee was very protective of her, she really hadn't wanted to introduce Leslie to sex, with a girl or with a guy. Leslie knew that she wasn't going to be invited along with Renee and her friend Stacy when they went to parties or other places to pick up guys, Renee thought she was too young. But Leslie didn't think she was too young, all that she knew was that she'd loved the feel of a cock in her cunt and she wanted more of it. If Renee and Stacy weren't going to help her to get more cock she'd just have to figure out a way to do it herself.

And Leslie knew just where to begin. As soon as she got home after school she went looking for her brother. Teddy was younger than Leslie but only by a few months, he'd been adopted by their family when he was three. She'd never thought of him as anything except a brother until now. Until she'd had girl sex with her own sister. Now there were no barriers, if she could get pleasure from one sibling the other would do just as well. And she always had thought that Teddy was really cute.

She found him in the family room, eating chips and playing a video game. He took a tenth of a second to look at her and told her firmly that she wasn't getting the tv. She laughed. She said, "It isn't the tv that I want, Teddy. It's you."

Teddy wasn't paying much attention to her, she saw him roll his eyes. Maybe he thought she wanted him to help her with some work or something. She went and sat next to him on the couch, close to him. He looked at her questioningly and she put a hand on his thigh. "I said that I want you, Teddy. Do you mind if I suck your cock?"

"Jesus, Leslie, what are you..." Teddy sputtered.

"Oh, you don't have to worry, Mom is at the store."

She undid his pants, he looked like he couldn't decide what to do but when her fingers slipped inside and started stroking his dick he just couldn't say no. She smiled, she could feel him getting hard under her fingers. It felt so good. She pulled his pants and underwear down and looked at him, looked at his cock. He actually looked a little funny, sitting in the middle of the couch with his pants down and his cock sticking up. His cock. Just looking at it made her pussy feel funny, hot and tingly, as she remembered how it had felt to have a cock deep inside of her. It wasn't very big but she knew that would make it easier to suck. Renee had told her all about sucking cocks, how good they tasted and how delicious the cum that came out of them was. She wanted to try it for herself.

She knelt down in front of her brother and licked her tongue over his cock, tasting the hot firm skin. It didn't exactly taste wonderful but there was something about it, something that went right to her stomach and pussy, something that really turned her on. She licked it again and again, taking time to explore it with her eyes and fingers and tongue. She looked at his balls, touched them, felt their weight.

Teddy was begging her now, begging her to suck his cock. She took the head of it into her mouth and sucked on it gently. It did feel good in her mouth, just thinking about it made her nipples hard. She took more of it in, all of it that she could take. She sucked on it, trying to remember what Renee had told her, sucking hard and moving her mouth as if she were fucking it. Feeling it sliding in and out of her mouth, over her tongue. Listening to her brother groaning. Then he came in her mouth, suddenly there was hot liquid shooting into her mouth, hitting her throat. She tasted it, swallowed it, it was good. It really was delicious, just like Renee had said.

She moved from between Teddy's legs, looked down at him. "Don't tell anyone about this and we'll do it again soon. Okay?"

Of course he agreed. Leslie walked upstairs, proud of herself. She went to her room, to her desk, got out pencil and paper and made a few notes about what Teddy had seemed to like most. Teddy was going to be her guinea pig, she could practice on him whenever she wanted. Soon she would let him fuck her. She was going to get a lot of experience. She was going to learn to be a great slut just like Renee and Stacy.

After dinner Renee invited Leslie to go to Stacy's with her. It was tempting, she'd had so much fun eating pussy with Renee and Stacy on Monday, but she had other plans. She knew that she'd never go hungry when it came to eating pussy, she could have Renee's every night. She told Renee that she had to go see a friend. It was time for part two of her plans.

She and Renee left the house together but she quickly parted from Renee. Since Renee was going to Stacy's, Leslie was going to have to take the long way to Robbie's, he lived a couple of doors down from Stacy and she didn't want Renee to know she was going to see him. She knew that Stacy had been trying to talk Renee into seducing Robbie but Renee kept saying no. It made Leslie giggle. Renee had eaten her own sister's pussy but she wouldn't fuck her cousin.

Leslie wasn't going to be so choosey, she loved girl sex with her sister, it had made her hot to suck her brother's cock and she just knew that she was going to enjoy fucking her cousin. She'd had a thing for Robbie since she was a little girl. For years she had thought that when people talked about 'kissing cousins' it meant that a cousin was supposed to give you your first kiss. She could still remember the day that her hopes had been dashed and she'd realized that Robbie was never going to kiss her.

It hadn't stopped her from dreaming though. Whenever she had sexual fantasies they were usually about Robbie. Robbie smiling and kissing her and telling her that he loved her even if she was his cousin. Her fantasies had never gone far, she'd imagined Robbie kissing her and touching her titties but he never got to her pussy. She hadn't had enough experience to imagine what that would be like.

That had changed when she looked through the vent between her room and her sister's and saw Renee with her head between Stacy's legs, her mouth licking and sucking Stacy's pussy. The sight and the sounds had made Leslie feel things she had never felt before. It had made her pussy achy, hot and wet. She'd watched the two girls for what seemed like ages, breathing heavily, her body in turmoil. Then Renee and Stacy had started playing with their own pussies. Touching them all over, putting fingers up inside of themselves and then even other things like markers and perfume bottles.

Leslie had watched the two girls masturbate themselves to several orgasms and then she'd jumped down from the chair she was standing on and thrown herself on her bed. Tearing her clothes off, squeezing her titties, touching her pussy all over. It was soft and hot and wet, it felt so good to touch it but it didn't seem to give her any satisfaction, it just made her want more. Then she'd pushed a finger up into her hole and everything had changed. All of the great feelings had gotten even better. She wiggled her finger around inside of herself and then started moving it in and out like a cock was supposed to do.

She'd had an orgasm, her body going so crazy that she'd had to stop finger-fucking herself and just lie there breathing hard with her legs clamped around her hand. It had felt so good and she wanted to do it again and again. She lay back on the bed again and this time she went slower, closing her eyes and touching herself all over, imagining that it was Robbie's hands on her body. Fucking herself with her finger and picturing Robbie above her, Robbie's cock inside of her. Orgasming around her finger all night long.

She knew after that night that she wanted more. She wanted to have girl sex and sex with a guy. The girl sex was the easiest thing, it didn't take her long to talk Renee into eating her pussy. And it hadn't taken her long to convince Renee to get her a guy to fuck. Renee was such a pushover. And now she was going to get the thing that she had dreamed about for so long. She was going to get Robbie. Fuck Robbie. She practically skipped down the sidewalk. She was going to fuck Robbie.

Leslie got to his house and her Aunt Mary answered the door. She explained that she needed Robbie to help her with her math homework and Aunt Mary pointed her upstairs. Leslie walked up the stairs, a little slowly, she was getting a little nervous about this. She knew that Aunt Mary wouldn't interrupt them, she'd be downstairs working on crossword puzzles, and Uncle Jerry didn't get home until late. She'd have Robbie all to herself.

She reached his door and knocked on it. She could hear music coming from inside. She heard him telling her to come in. He was a little surprised to see her when she opened the door. She didn't visit him often. He was lying on his bed and he looked a little sleepy, his dark curly hair more tossled than usual. She sat down on the bed and looked at him. He said, "Hey Les, what's up?"

She was barely able to force herself to answer, "Not much." Sitting so close to him, looking at him, he was so gorgeous and she'd wanted him for so long. She couldn't think straight. He was looking at her, she had to say something. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"Just listening to music, I was kinda falling asleep," he said.

"Yeah, you look a little sleepy," she said. Oh God, what was she going to do?! She had to keep talking. She had to bring up sex... "Have you... have you heard about the contest the cheerleaders are having?"

"No, what's it for?" he asked, half interested. He probably thought it was some kind of contest for the school.

"It's to see who can have sex with the most people," she said, watching for his reaction.

"What?" he said, he was shocked by what she'd said but there was obviously something more... One of the cheerleaders must have fucked him, he was wondering if it had been for the contest.

"Yeah, the girl who has sex with the most people is gonna get a lot of money, maybe even be prom queen. Can you imagine?" She was watching him intently. One of the cheerleaders definitely fucked him for the contest. Maybe even more than one.

"That's crazy..." He said with a laugh. "I think... I think a couple of them may have gotten to me."

Leslie laughed along with him. "Oh you poor thing. It wasn't Renee was it?"

His eyes widened in shock. "No! No! Renee is part of the contest? No way!"

"Yeah, she is and I know she was talking about having sex with you. I didn't think that she had done it but you never can tell, can you?" she asked.

"No... I would never have thought that Renee would do that. She was talking about having sex with me?" He looked...flattered, interested, excited.

"Mmmm, well actually Stacy was sorta suggesting you as a partner. Renee was a little worried about you being a cousin."

"Yeah... Yeah, I guess Renee would worry about something like that," he said. Did he look a little disappointed?

"I think it's a little silly really. I told her that she should do it. 'Kissing cousins' and all that, it's kinda sexy and you have to admit that you are really cute, Robbie," she smiled at him teasingly.

"You told Renee that she should have sex with me?" he asked slowly.

"Yeah, I did. I told her that she should fuck you. Stacy and I both agreed that you are just so cute and sexy, and I thought to myself, 'If Renee isn't going to do it, why shouldn't I?'" She started sliding along the bed, moving closer to him.

"'re..." he began, he was looking at her in confusion, in excitement?

She leaned close to him, staring at his perfectly shaped lips and his dark eyes. "I'm what? Your cousin? Too young? I don't think those things matter. What matters is that I want you. I want you to fuck me and I think that you should be nice and do what I want."

He was quiet, trying to think of something to say maybe, but when she leaned close to kiss him his lips met hers. He felt so good, his lips were firm and soft against her own. His tongue met hers and he tasted hot and delicious. She wanted to taste and feel all of him. She ran her hands up and down his chest, it was hard and strong under her hands.

He pulled his mouth away from hers and breathed, "Leslie..."

It was one last protest. A token protest and she knew it. She swirled her tongue over his neck, tasting his salty skin, she felt him shiver under her touch. She was going to get what she wanted, just like with Renee and Richard and Teddy. From now on she was always going to get what she wanted. "Don't tell me no, Robbie," she pouted. "You can't tell me no now that you've kissed me and made me all hot for you. It just wouldn't be right."

She sat up and pulled her shirt over her head, watching him looking at the little white bra that covered her titties. She leaned down, leaned down until her lips were almost touching his and said, "Touch me, Robbie. Touch me all over."

Their lips met again, their kiss more passionate this time, more demanding, full of need and desire. She moved so that she was straddling him and his hands were running up and down her naked back, sending shivers down her legs. His tongue was so hot, probing into her mouth, his body was so hot under her. She could feel herself relaxing and opening up, sinking into him.

His fingers unhooked her bra and she raised up so that he could slide it off of her arms, so that he could look at her young titties, pink nipples standing up in proud desire. He smiled and his hands moved to cup and fondle her breasts. She smiled and leaned down to lick and suck his tempting lips. She moaned into his mouth as he pinched and tugged her hard little nipples. She could feel her pussy growing soft and wet.

He rolled her over and moved down her body to lick and suck her titties, to take her nipples into his mouth. She moaned, loving the feel of him on top of her. She tugged his t-shirt off and ran her hands all over his bare chest, circling his flat nipples with her thumbs. Her body was just getting hotter and hotter, her pussy wetter and more demanding. She pushed a leg between his, searching for his hard cock, she moaned as she found it and he ground it against her.

His mouth left her titties and he looked up at her, his hands began to unfasten her shorts. He had this look on his face, this wicked look, he was no longer thinking of her as his cousin, he wasn't even thinking of her as a person. She was just a pussy that he was conquering, he was ready to spread her legs and plow his cock into her and take his pleasure. It almost made Leslie want to laugh, he was conquering a pussy that she was giving freely? If her pussy wasn't so damned hot and screaming for his cock she would have laughed at him.

Her shorts and panties slid over her ass and down her legs. She was lying naked, naked on Robbie's bed, naked under Robbie's eyes. His eyes were all over her ass as he yanked his jeans and underwear off. And then he was coming between her legs, covering her, pushing her legs open wide. His cock was at her entrance, pushing inside of her. She moaned and looked up at him, his adorable face above her just as she'd imaged. She put her legs around his waist to hold him close to her, to keep him deep inside.

His cock was filling her, touching her pussy in a million little places that were tingling with pleasure. He started moving his cock in and out of her, fucking her young cunt, rubbing back and forth over those tingling places, making her feel like she was going to explode. She couldn't believe how good he felt inside of her, she couldn't believe that it was him and he was really fucking her. Her pussy was clenching and grabbing his cock, she wanted all of him. He was making her shake and quiver and it was moving all over her body. All over her body until she was shaking and bucking beneath him, orgasming around his lovely cock.

As soon as her orgasm had receded she was sitting up, pushing him away from her, out of her pussy. She knelt between his legs, she had to have his cock in her mouth, had to taste it and his hot cum. She took it into her mouth, it was so much bigger than Teddy's and she took as much of it as she could. It was covered with her juices and she licked and sucked them off, tasting his hot skin, sucking hard on his cock, fucking it with her mouth. He rammed his cock deep into her mouth and she felt his cum filling her mouth, hot and wet and delicious. She swallowed it, all of it, and sat up with a grin on her face.

They got dressed slowly and Robbie told her to come back to visit him soon. She went downstairs and said goodbye to her Aunt Mary, thinking about the fact that her pussy was still tingling from fucking her cousin and her tummy was full of his cum. What would Aunt Mary say if she knew that? She skipped down to the sidewalk and turned towards her house, not even thinking about the fact that she was walking towards Stacy's.

She looked up and saw Renee standing in Stacy's frontyard, staring at her in surprise and anger. She walked towards her sister. All of those years when she'd thought 'kissing cousins' meant that Robbie was going to give her her first kiss she had been dead jealous of Renee because Renee was older and would be kissed by Robbie first. Leslie was happy now, she'd just fucked Robbie and she had done it before Renee. She didn't care how mad her sister was, she was going to be happy.

The End??


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