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South of France
by Coolvilla

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

While I was turned on at the sight of live sex, I was a little amused at seeing my pathetic mother in this state. Suddenly, the man stopped his thrusting and stood up, with his back to me. My mother whined like a spoiled brat.

"What are you doing??!! Don't stop! Fuck me!!"

The man slapped her ass and grunted, "Shut up and roll over". My mother scrambled eagerly up onto the bed and flipped over onto her back. The man crawled up to the head of the bed and turned around. His cock was dangling over my mother's head, and he slapped it a bit roughly against her forehead. Her tongue shot out, trying to catch a taste of her musky juice on his throbbing dick. I was so mesmerised by the sight of his cock that I hadn't even noticed... I looked up and saw that it was Luc! The man who wouldn't even give this hard bodied blonde teen the time of day was fucking an over the hill rich man's wife. I was insulted and hurt and angry at the same time. I looked at him as he teased my mother by holding his cock and slapping it hard against her outstretched tongue. I could see that he was drunk. His eyes were glazed over and he wasn't in a romantic mood. Maybe one of his supermodels stood him up and, in a drunken state, he gave in to my mother's insane flirting.

His cock was fully erect and dripping with my mother's cunt juice. He was a bit wobbly there on his knees in his intoxicated state so he bent over and started to lick my mother's gaping hole between her widespread legs. Her pussy lips were large and meaty and I could see that many a large young cock had fucked her loose. Luc sucked and licked sloppily on the hole in front of his nose. He took the lips in his teeth and made my mother buck in pleasureful pain. He seemed to be enjoying being a bit rough, in sharp contrast to the scene I had witnessed in the beachhouse. On the other end of the equation, my sleazy mother was sliding his long hard cock down her experienced throat in their 69 position. She swallowed it whole, taking him in all the way to his trimmed pubic hair.

Depsite the sight of my slutty old mother, I was impressed that she could take his whole length down her throat without difficulty. But then Luc stopped licking her cunt and raised himself up on his hands. He had a wicked smile on his face as he started to hump her face. Slowly at first but then harder. He was soon slamming his long tanned cock down her throat in this strange and seemingly uncomfortable position. Mother gagged as the cock mercilessly fucked her face. She couldn't say anything, obviously, but she squealed and moaned as though she was not enjoying it. I felt scared for her for a moment and wondered what to do, but then I saw her hand slide down her stomach and start gyrating around her sopping wet slit, fingering her clit and sliding four fingers in and out and back up to the clit again. What a slut, I thought. She loves that!

I had started to glide my hand up and down over my entire twat, slowly back and forth. With the other hand I pinched my sensitive nipples hard and then caressed them gently. I must have moved a little closer to the door because suddenly Luc looked up and we were staring eye to eye! I reeled as I realised I had been caught. My hand stopped sliding over my pussy lips but I didn't move it. I froze. Luc slowed his face fucking as the realisation that I was watching him fucking my mother raw swept over him. He looked frightened for a moment, but he was still rather drunk and his lust took control. Another sly smile crept onto his lips as he noticed my one hand on my smooth slit and the other on my nipples through my t-shirt. He stopped his fucking and pulled out of my mother's face with a popping sound, still meeting my gaze. The forbidden intensity of the situation began to give him ideas. Now he became a performer. He dismounted my mother, who was still fingering her huge, hard clit. "Now we're going to have some real fun", he said to mother.

She just whimpered and groaned, ready for anything. He reached over and found a scarf on the chair by the bed. He straddled my mother's chest and proceeded to blindfold her. She hadn't noticed me at all and now she wouldn't be able to see a thing. He grabbed another scarf and tied her arms together and then fastened them to the head of the bed. All this time my mother whimpered, "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me... please... fuck me..."

Now that my mother was blindfolded, Luc kept his gaze on me in the doorway. I opened the door hesitantly, to provide myself with a better view of the action and to give Luc a better view of me. I had given in to the intensity of his stare and of the taboo events taking place. He stroked his enormous cock and stared at me with pure lust in his eyes. Without realising I was doing it, I pulled my t-shirt up over my head and chucked it out into the hall. I was completely naked, standing in my mother's bedroom watching her get roughly fucked by a beautiful, albeit drunk, French artist.

Luc took in the view of my body. My first instinct was to cross my legs and cover my breasts but that lasted a fraction of a second. I leaned against the wall and spread my legs wider, then spreading my swollen pussy lips apart to show Luc the tender, sweet pink silk of my young cunt. He spent an awful long time watching me before suddenly remembering my mother who was wriggling on the bed impatiently, on her back with her hands tied and her legs spread. He slowly crawled between her legs and lifted up her ass. I moved around to the side, making sure my mother couldn't see anything. I leaned against the wall with a full view of the bed.

Luc rubbed his pulsing cock against my mother's slit. She bucked her hips desperately, trying to get his dick into her. All she could say was the rhythmic whine of, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me..." Without ceremony he plunged his cock into her greasy cunt, all the way to the hilt. That shut my mother up for a few seconds as she reeled from the feeling of Luc's dick filling her completely. Then a long, gutteral, "Yeeeeeeessssssssssss". Luc smiled but didn't move.

He was soaking up the dirtiness of the scene. "You like that?", he said in English, with a charming accent.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah...", whimpered my mother. Her hips pumped up and down and she tried to get him to start fucking her. "Come on, Luc, come on, baby, fuck me now, fuck me, please..."

"Why should I fuck you?"

"I want it.... I want it...Now!!"

"Why do you want it?" He was fucking with her head, but mother caught on quickly. "Because I'm a slut... a dirty slut... I want you to fuck this slut...please..."

Luc looked pleased. "A dirty Danish slut?"

"Yeah, yeah... a filthy dirty Danish slut... Now fuck me!" She was playing along but she was getting impatient. She was impaled on his cock but she needed some motion. Luc kept looking at me the entire time, not even glancing down at my mother or at the sight of his cock shoved unceremoniously in her eager cunt. He slowly leaned over, placing her legs over his shoulders and supporting himself on his hands. Mother bucked wildly now. "Oh, God, yes... do it now... do it do it!" He did it.

Three or four slow, deep thrusts and then Luc released the dogs. He went back to the hard porno pace as when I first discovered them. With every hard thrust of his beautiful cock he lifted my mother clean off the bed. Her arms strained at the silk scarves and tried to brace herself against the wall. She was babbling non-sensically in the heat of passion. He was relentless in his tempo. Every lightning stroke saw his cock slide almost all the way out before diving back in to the hilt. And his eyes never left me, against the wall. He focused on my two hands which were furiously working the entire length of my twat. There was no rhythm to it, I merely needed to feel the rough rubbing against every square centimetre of my smooth, wet lips and clit and pubic mound and even my puckered virgin asshole. I tried not to breathe too audibly but it was difficult. My back was against the wall and my hips were thrust out to give Luc a better view.

I saw a candle on the table and, in a flash, I had grabbed it and was thrusting it with two hands in and out of my hungry little snatch. At random intervals I pulled it out and let the wax candle slip and slide down my crack. In my lustful state, I accidently slid it up my tight ass, which was dripping from the juice from my cunt. Luc smiled when he saw the shocked look on my face at the feeling of something hard penetrating the last frontier. It gave him an idea.

He quickly pulled out of my mother's slippery cunt and, in one swift movement, lifted her and turned her over. Before she could protest that he had stopped, he reentered her and started fucking her slower. Mother's groans were coming from some strange place within her body. She was too far-gone to speak any known language. She had gone primevial.

Luc motioned to me. I froze. The very thought of getting into a threesome with him and mother was not something I had considered or even wished. But he had other plans. I realised he wanted the candle. I tossed it over to him, quickly replacing it in my cunt with two fingers.

He fucked mother slowly and started to tease the candle against her asshole. When she noticed the change in plans she snapped out of her primal state. I thought she was about to protest but I should have known better. "In... my... ass... yes......yes...!!!"

Luc inserted the candle halfway into her ass, using my cunt juice as a lubricant. This sent mother over the moon. She started to build towards an orgasm as Luc fucked her from behind and shoved the candle in and out of her ass. I could see the muscles around her ass grip feverishly around the wax infiltrator. Her moaning increased, reaching a different pitch. Luc sensed her orgasm and, in one deft movement, pulled out of her cunt and ass, leaving her gasping in shock. "What the fuck are you doing??!!", screamed mother, and started flailing around on the bed. "Shut the fuck up", he said. "You know exactly what I'm doing".

He grabbed her bucking hips and forced them down. He mounted her like a horse and positioned the head of his perfect cock against my mother's sucking asshole. He slid in, little by little, until he filled her as completely as he did her cunt. It was then that I orgasmed. I had never been fucked in my ass before. Although I didn't find it disgusting, it was, somehow, the last taboo and here was this gorgeous French man sliding his cock into my mother's asshole. It was so exciting, so bad, so wrong, so sexy that it sent me over the edge. Luc watched me as my orgasm built. I was having a hard time trying to keep quiet. I put one hand in my mouth and bit hard down on it. Luc started pumping in and out of my mother's willling ass. He started grunting loudly, bending over towards my mother's head. He started talking dirty to her.

"I want you to cum with my dick in your ass. Cum for me, slut."

His moaning was meant to mask my building orgasmic cries. I did my best to be silent as the waves of orgasm swept like a storm through my young body, but a few squeals and groans slipped out. I didn't care. I was having the most intense orgasm of my life to date. Luc watched me, with his expression shifting from drunken lust to fascination at the sight of this teen finger fucking herself against the wall in her mother's bedroom while he fucked the older woman in her ass. Finally, after an eternity, the rolling, pulsing orgasm slowly faded. I opened my eyes and saw that Luc was still pumping his cock in and out and talking dirty. My mother hadn't noticed a thing. She was heading up the mountain towards her own release and Luc was riding her, following her rhythms. He had one hand underneath her, manipulating her clit. She was moving her ass in circles as he continued his pace.

"Cum... feel my cock in your ass... cum. You know you can. You know you want to". "Yes, oh god, yes..."mumbled mother.

Her body tensed up and she had an earth-shattering orgasm with Luc's cock firmly planted in her back hole. When it faded away, he pulled out and moved around to her head. She was motionless on the bed, still recovering from her cum. I was still against the wall, with one immobile hand on my pussy, feeling my wetness and heat.

"Now you get to finish me off. Hey! Wake up!" Mother wasn't asleep, she was in another zone.

She raised her head and returned. "Yeah, let me taste you...", she mumbled. Luc turned her over again so that she was on her back.

"If you're lucky you get to taste me. Open your mouth". He put his fingers between her lips and forced her mouth open. She extended her tongue, not knowing what he was going to do. Luc now stared at me straight in the eye and started masturbating his rock hard cock. It wasn't long before his hand started flying up and down his dick as he neared his orgasm. "You want to taste it?"

"Yeah... now!!", said mother. I nodded too. He pointed his cock towards my mother's greedy mouth. Soon enough, he erupted. Long streams of hot pulsing semen spewed out of his cock. He fought to keep his eyes open and maintain eye contact with me against the wall. He wasn't aiming at all and sperm shot out over my mother's tits and neck. A couple of streams of cum hit her outstretched tongue and she swallowed greedily. His orgasm subsided and he stroked his cock slower, milking the rest of his cum out onto my mother.

There was a moment of silence as he recovered, punctuated by my mother's telltale whimpers and slurps. Then she said, "Take off the blindfold, I want to see you".

I started. I realised where I was and what was going on, having been lost in lust for the better part of an hour. I stood up and walked to the door, still staring at Luc. I closed to door to the same position as when I arrived and stood out in the hall, peering in. Luc untied my mother and took off the blindfold. He scooped up his spent cum on her tits and fed it to her. She sucked his cum off his fingers and then sat up with a content look on her face. "I need a cigarette". With that, I picked up my t-shirt and padded off down the hall to my room.

I couldn't sleep. I left the door open in the hopes that Luc would pay me a visit but he never came. I masturbated once more and drifted off into a fitful sleep.

My mother looked exhausted but satisfied at the kitchen table the next morning. She was unusually chirpy but I didn't feel like talking to her, saying that I was going to the beach. As I walked down the path, wearing my most mini bikini, I tried to work out a way to use what I had seen to my advantage. I wasn't going to the beach of course. I made my way directly to the beachhouse and went up the stairs to the veranda. Luc was sitting in the sun and drinking a coffee, looking fantastic, even with an obvious hangover. He looked up and a few moments passed before the night before came flooding back to him. Then his expression turned to shock and horror. He didn't know what to say apart from a mumbled, "Good morning".

I felt in control of the situation, for the very first time. "Good morning, Luc", I said quietly but confidently, and sat down across from him. "I was hoping you'd be able to help me with something".

He looked terrified, but his eyes couldn't help roaming up and down my body, barely concealed in my flimsy bikini. "Uh, what is it?", he mumbled, clearly fearing my answer. I picked up his coffee and took a sip, teasing him with my silence. I leaned back in the chair and casually lifted one foot up to rest on the chair, giving him a clear view of my G-string bikini stretched against my lips and the string disappearing into the crack of my ass.

"I was very turned on last night". I tried to sound amused and vaguely bored.

"I was very drunk", he answered quickly. "That was very different than normal".

"I know", I said. His eyes narrowed, trying to figure out what I meant. "I watched you fucking that model - the brunette. That was also very exciting."

"How did you...?" I cut him off. "I have fucked before but I want to learn more."

"How old are you?", he asked hesitantly.

"Legal in most European countries, Luc. But I feel older and I want to experience everything I can. I want you to tutor me. I want to become a real woman." Luc was quiet as he considered what I was asking. His eyes feasted on my body as his brain worked out the consequences.

"I don't know", he said, lighting a Gauloise, inhaling deeply and leaning back. "One can't become a woman just like that." He snapped his fingers. "It takes time." He was slowly regaining his confidance as ideas flowed into his head. It was a bit disconcerting. I sensed I was losing my advantage.

"I could always use what I saw last night to turn the tables. My father, for example..." I was clutching at straws.

Luc laughed softly. "Nobody would care. This is France. This is Europe. Besides, I haven't said no." He let his eyes roam aggressively over my body. Against my will, I became self-conscious. I placed both feet on the ground and pressed them together, crossing my arms at the same time. My whole body went red. I couldn't meet his eye. I hated how he had turn the tables.

He sensed that I was insecure and his tone changed. "Relax. I will tutor you if you want. You are very beautiful. A lovely young woman.". His voice was silky and sincere and I melted in front of this man. It was the first time anyone had called me a young woman and not a girl. It was a detail but it was wonderful. I felt goosepimples rise on my skin and fluid forming between my legs. I was ready for him right then and there. "But,", he continued, "I mean it when I say that it takes time to teach such things." I nodded dumbly. There was no way I could know what kind of plan, or curriculum, he was concocting for me. "I will be a patient teacher, but I will also be strict. I don't want to waste my time if all you want is to fuck. Sex is easy to get, but sensuality and sexuality are things which require careful consideration."

I listened in silence as he leaned forward to propose what he had in mind and to test the waters to see if I was serious. "Bringing out all your womanhood, all your possibilities will take more than an afternoon in a bed. If you are serious about this, our classes will take three weeks. You will be at my disposal 24 hours a day. You will do exactly what I say. If I sense, even for a few moments, that you are losing concentration, or are impatient, I will end the lessons like that." He snapped his fingers again, abruptly. "Do you agree with those terms?", he asked, his eyes boring into mine.

I fell headlong into his piercing blue eyes. I was frightened by his soft, smooth, sensual, yet intense words. I thought I had a plan, but now I was unsure, insecure, afraid of what was to come. But he was so beautiful, leaning over close to me. I knew I had to roll the dice and take the offer. "Yes. I do.", I replied in a hoarse whisper. My body quivered at the thought of servicing this man and having him bring me to orgasm after orgasm. My pussy flowed free with honey liquid. I was sure that it was flowing down my legs and forming a large pool on the veranda but I didn't dare break eye contact.

"Are you certain?" "Yes." "Fine. You'll just have to pass one simple test and then we will begin tomorrow. Come inside." He got up and walked through the door to the beachhouse. I hesitated but followed him dutifully into the cool darkness of the shuttered living room.

To be continued...

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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