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Son's Presents Lead To More...
Much More! Pt. I

by TopGun115

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He smiled at me. He reached out and took hold of my hand, "Are you definitely sure? Because if you are...I mean, here as my date that is, well...a kiss would be nice!"

I thought about what he said, well...a couple of kisses would be no problem, after all, he had gone to a lot of trouble getting me here, "Ok James, tonight I'm your date - not your mom! If you want me to kiss you - fine, I'll do it but tomorrow things go back to normal and as far as I'm concerned and whatever takes place tonight never happened, ok with you?"

"Sure mom...I mean Helen, now - how about that kiss!"

Our lips touched, I found it difficult to open my lips, it still didn't seem right but his tongue parted my lips and entered my mouth, he broke away. "Kiss me properly," he said, again our lips met but this time I did as he asked, I tried to blank out the fact that he was my son, I tried to pretend he was 'my date'. I kissed him deeply, passionately, our tongues entwining and exploring each others mouths, sucking on each others tongues, I felt his hand again go to my thigh and again he started to stroke up along the outside of my dress, eventually we parted. "Wow, that was nice!" he told me.

I had mixed feelings, I knew that what I had done was wrong but on the other hand...Yes it was nice, I had enjoyed it! The stripper had by now removed her clothes, she was sat on a stool, her legs were open wide and she was fucking herself with a very long realistic looking dildo, I glanced around, several of the girls (probably hookers) sitting with the men at the tables were kissing and getting fondled by their partners. I turned to James, he was engrossed in the 'show'. I must admit to getting a bit turned on by the experience - I had never visited such a club.

James reached out and took my hand. He slid his chair close to mine, his other arm casually went around my shoulders. My body tensed as his hand that held mine moved down and started to rub up and down over my stocking covered thigh. I couldn't take my eyes off the young girl on the stage. She had a fantastic body, and she played with her tits as she continued to use the dildo in her cunt. James continued to stroke my leg only now he was getting higher up. I felt his hand reach my bare skin above my stocking tops, my legs were tight together and I felt his thumb brush against my panties. I put my hand on his to stop him going further. "James! Stop it!" I told him.

"Shhh, relax a bit, she's good isn't she, don't you think she has a great body," he replied, taking no notice of what I said. He turned to me and pulled my head closer to him, next thing I knew we were kissing again, at the same time he gently squeezed the flesh at the top of my legs, then before I knew it his finger found the opening of my panties and his finger touched my smooth pussy lips.

I pulled away, "James...NO! Don't do that!" I told him, he didn't take any notice, kissed me again and blatantly started to rub his finger over my pussy, I didn't want to make a fuss inside the club.

I gripped his hand and pulled it away, "I told you to stop!" I said.

"For Christ's sake, remember who I am!" He sat back in his chair.

"Ok, I'm sorry!...I just thought..." I didn't answer him, I glanced around again, things were certainly hotting up, one girl actually had this guy's dick out and as he sat back in his chair she was wanking him off! I could see another girl with her tits out of her dress and a man was sucking and playing with them! I would never have believed things like this went on. I never imagined clubs like this existed! The girl on stage finished her act, the compere came back on and after a few more 'Jokes' he said the show would continue in 30 minutes. The band started to play again and I saw a few couples get up to dance, James was sulking!

I tried to make things better, "C' about asking your date for a dance" I said to him.

"Oh...are you sure you want to?" he replied sarcastically.

"Yes, I'm sure," I told him, taking his hand and pulling him up. James purposely kept his distance as we danced, he didn't speak, in a way I felt sorry for him, I decided to try to make things better. I pulled him closer to me, "C'mon James, cheer up, you can kiss me if you want," I told him.

"Look mom, if I was here with a date I would do more than just kiss!" he replied.

"I thought we had this settled James, please don't forget who I am," I told him.

"That's just it - tonight you were supposed to forget who you were, tomorrow things would return to normal but tonight...!"

After another couple of minutes of silence I asked, "Tell me what you expect from me James, what do you want me to do?"

"Do I really have to tell you mom, Ok - look, tonight I would like us to be strangers...a couple who really have the 'hots' for each other, you want me and I want you...I want us to...well, I want us to have some 'fun'!"

I looked at him, "And that would make you happy would it, what are you saying - you want to touch me! Is that it? You want to have sex with your mother!" I excused myself. I went to the powder room where I turned over in my mind what had just been said, Could I go through with what he wanted? How would it - if it did happen - affect our lives? Could things ever return to 'normal' afterwards? I had read of mothers having sexual relationships with their sons, I never expected it to ever become something I would contemplate doing!

Just as I returned to our table the lights again dimmed, the compere announced the next 'act'. This time there was a black man and a girl, they danced and caressed each other provocatively as they removed each other's clothing. The guy had very muscular body and a huge dick, it must have been at least 12 inches long and as thick as my wrist, the girl when naked looked very young and petite, she had tiny tits, her hair was in bunches, her pussy smooth. They must have chosen her because of her young looks, I thought. She had to use both hands to encircle his dick and when she started to suck it she could only manage to get the tip in her mouth. I turned to James and whispered, "Now that's what I call a dick! I wouldn't mind spending some time with that guy!" I had made up my mind, I would go along with what James wanted, and I would leave it up to him!

James looked at me, it seemed he couldn't believe what I had just said, come to that...I don't think I believed it! The guy was now fingering and licking at the young girls pussy, her pale skin contrasted by the darkness of him. Fuck! I was getting wet watching them, seeing them was really turning me on! I reached out and took hold of James's hand and squeezed it reassuringly, I turned to him, "Kiss me James!" I told him, we kissed deeply, passionately for a long time, understandably I suppose James was unsure of what to do next, I knew he wanted me but having put him off before he hesitated.

Ok, I thought, I'll show him! I put my hand on his thigh and gently squeezed it as we kissed, I felt his body tense as I moved it higher up his leg, he almost jumped out of his chair when I 'accidentally' brushed against the bulge in his trousers, he moaned - Mmmmm as we kissed. The black guy was now fucking the girl, she was on her hands and knees and he was pumping his dick deep into her cunt, she was moaning out loud as he rammed his dick into her, I left my hand on James's thigh, I wondered about the size of his dick, I hadn't seen him naked since he was 11 or 12 years old so I had no idea as to his size. He had draped his arm over my shoulders again and was gently squeezing and rubbing my neck as we both watched them fuck, they changed positions several times, after about 5 minutes he pulled out of her cunt, she knelt before him and we saw him shoot his spunk into her mouth and over her face.

I could see it dripping down off her chin onto her small tits, after sucking and licking his dick clean they both left the stage to a lot of applause and cheering from the audience.

"C'mon, let's go home" I whispered to James.

"Oh no! Not yet, we have to watch the 'Finale' you wait - it's amazing!" he replied. "How about another dance?" he said pulling me up from my chair, the amount of alcohol I had drunk throughout the evening was beginning to affect me, I felt a bit unsteady on my feet as he held me close. Again he nuzzled my neck and I felt his hands slide from my waist down to squeeze the cheeks of my ass, I had both hands draped around his shoulders. "You know...This is the best night I have had for a long time, thanks for coming with me mom," he whispered into my ear.

I had to stifle a giggle, I was tempted to say, "Oh - but I haven't cum yet dear!' but I resisted it. We kissed again several times while dancing, I had reached the point where I was enjoying them more than I should have done. We sat down as again the lights dimmed and on to the stage came two girls and four men, the black guy was there again - ten minutes later they were all nude. The girls knelt on the floor and sucked their dicks as the men went from one to the other, I saw the girls get fucked in various positions, the guys fucked their asses, their mouths, the girls took two dicks inside their cunts at the same time, I heard them moan out loud as they took dick up their asses and their cunts together.

I looked at the couple sat next to us, the girl had the guy's dick out and was openly sucking on it as he played with her tits, another girl was getting her cunt fingered, I looked at James, he turned to me and asked if I was enjoying it.

"Well, It's certainly different!" I replied, he took hold of my hand and moved it over to his thigh, his other arm slid around my neck and stroked my shoulder and arm, and as he pulled me close to him it casually brushed against my tit, we looked at each other. I suppose he was waiting for me to stop him, seeing that I never said anything he cupped my tit and gently squeezed, we were still looking into each other's eyes, then we kissed. As we kissed deeply, he slid his hand down the front of my dress and took hold of my hard nipple between his fingers, he tweaked it, making it even harder and bigger. After we had stopped kissing, I looked down and saw his hand on my exposed tit, rolling the nipple between his fingers, the guys on the stage looked like they were seconds away from cumming, both girls lay on the floor as the guys encircled them, they wanked their dicks furiously until one after the other they shot their spunk over the girls faces, tits and bodies, the girls were covered in spunk and after sucking the guys clean they kissed and licked the spunk off each other.

James was still playing with my tits as he watched them intently, as the lights brightened I told him I wanted to visit the powder room, I stood up and pulled the top of my dress over my tits. When I returned James had paid the check and was waiting for me.

"Right, I think it's time to go home - ok with you?" We walked to the limo hand in hand, throughout the journey home we kissed and James again played with my tits. When we arrived I made myself a drink, I put on some background music and sat on the couch. James sat next to me, "Did you enjoy tonight mom?" he asked,

"Yes love, in a strange way I suppose I did! Thanks for taking me James, it was an experience I don't think I will ever forget," I told him.

"About our 'date' mom...I mean, well... it's not over yet is it? I said tomorrow things get back to normal so until then...well, we are know, until then we aren't mom and son are we?"

I looked at him, "No, I guess we're not" I said. Things went a bit quiet. I knew what James was getting at. I said, "James, I have every intention of keeping the promises I made to you but you in return must keep your promises also, you know that, don't you?"

"Of course I will, mom, I won't go back on what I said!" he told me.

"Well, Ok then, tell me long have you been thinking about a woman that is?" I asked him.

"Oh...I suppose for a couple of years now mom - I mean...well, you are a very sexy looking woman!"

"And what made you to decide to...well, seduce me?" I asked.

"It all started when Billy Pearce told me about his mom, I didn't believe him first - but he actually showed me pictures he had taken of them together!"

I was shocked at what he had told me, "Do you mean to tell me that Billy Pearce is fucking his Mom! Christ, I see it all now, and you thought you would have a go at seducing me did you? You planned the whole thing and I fell for it!...Well, I hope you think all your planning is worth it!"

James looked at me and smiled, "Oh...I'm sure it will be," he laughed. I stood up and slipped the straps from my dress off my shoulders, with a little wiggle it fell to the floor leaving me standing in front of him wearing the underwear and stockings that he had bought for me, my nipples stood out like bullets from my exposed tits.

I took one between my fingers and squeezed it, "Tell me what you want honey, tell me what you want me to do to you!"

James stood up and kissed me fiercely, his hand went to my tits and he mauled and squeezed them, "Oh fuck mom, you feel so good, so fucking good!" he said,

"So! You like playing with your mom's tits do you? What else do you want to do?" with that I sat back down on the couch and opened my legs wide, I slid a finger through the slit of my panties into my sopping wet cunt, "You want to explore mom's pussy? You want to lick it? Finger it? Play with it?"

He sunk down to his knees in front of me, he held my legs open as his head went between my legs, I could feel his tongue lapping over my smooth pussy lips, he took hold of my panties and pulled them off, "Your pussy looks so nice smooth you shave it often?" he asked as he slid a finger inside my cunt, I let out a Mmmmm, "No...Yes...oh sometimes I do!" I told him, he licked at my pussy and fingered it deeply, felt so good, I lay back with my eyes closed, my cunt felt so wet and juicy, he started to lick along my crack to my ass hole, I felt his tongue probing it then a finger, I cried out, "No James, not my ass...I've never...!"

"It's ok mom, I'll be gentle" he said as he again probed it with his tongue, he continued to finger my cunt as again he slowly slid a finger into my tight ass hole.

"Oh Fuck! Make it wet! Please James...Be careful!" I cried out, after a few minutes it surprisingly started to feel good, this was a new experience for me and I was getting it from my son! He was good at what he was doing and it made me wonder how many times he had done the same thing on his young girlfriends. Up till now apart from my 'accidentally' brushing his dick with my hand I had not really touched or seen his dick, I pulled his head up from my crotch, "Take your clothes off James!" I told him, thirty seconds later he was naked, his dick stood out hard, I guess it was about 7 inches long. Not bad, I thought to myself, I stood up and as we kissed I reached down and encircled his dick with my hands, he lowered his head and sucked deep on my tits as I wanked on his dick, then sinking to my knees I started to lick and kiss his dick - My son's dick!

"Oh mom...that feels so fucking good! Please...suck it deeper mom, please!" I did as he asked and took as much of his throbbing dick into my mouth, I choked a bit as it touched my throat, I sucked it hard and deep and as I did I played with his balls, James held on to my head with his hands, his hips lurched forward as he fucked my willing mouth, "Oh mom, don't stop, Oh fuck!...I'm going to cum mom! Suck on it mom...Please! Oh Fuck!"

I could feel his dick twitching and throbbing as he cried out, It was no big deal to me, I had sucked on many dicks in the past and often swallowed their cum so I decided not to stop sucking, I would give my son a 'special treat' I thought and as I felt his spunk start to stream out I sucked as hard as I could, literally sucking his cum out of his dick! I managed to swallow most of it, he lunged forward as each stream of spunk shot out, his grip on my head held me tight, finally he let go and his now softening dick slid out of my mouth, he collapsed back onto the couch, I remained where I was on my knees, licking my lips, using my finger to guide what spunk that was on my face into my mouth! James watched me, then he reached out and before I knew it he had picked up his digital camera that he had left on the arm of the couch, he started to take pictures of me.

"No James, I don't want you to do that!" I told him.

" look so fucking sexy kneeling there with your face all spunky, don't worry, only you and I will see them, anyway, I need something to remind me of tonight don't I" he laughed.

"Well, ok but you must promise me that no one else will ever see them!" I said.

"Sure mom, I promise" he replied, as he sat on the couch he idly played with his dick, I could see it was already starting to grow again, I lay back on the carpeted floor, as I did James started to snap away with his camera, "Play with yourself mom" he instructed. "Now...squeeze your tits, yes...that's great!" he said as he gave me directions as to how he wanted me to pose. I must admit it was turning me on - posing for him, I was at the point where I didn't care any more. 'I don't give a fuck!' I told myself, he had me in a variety of poses, I fingered my cunt, I even slid a finger into my ass hole, I was still laid back on the floor when I saw him put down his camera. "Now...I think it's time I fucked my date!" he said as he positioned himself between my wide open legs.

"Oh Yes James...Fuck mommy good, nice and hard, nice and deep...Fuck your dirty mother!" He rubbed his hard dick over my pussy lips then he - with a big lunge - slid it in to my cunt! "Oooohhhh, Oh Fuck!" I cried out as his hard dick filled my cunt, "Yes! That's it! Fuck me harder!" I told him as he relentlessly pumped into me, I locked my ankles around his waist, I tried to pull him closer, I wanted every last bit of his dick inside me. After a few minutes we swapped positions, this time I got onto my hands and knees and he fucked me the way two dogs would do it! Oh he got in so deep! I felt him probe my ass hole with his finger, he made it wet with his saliva and the juices from my cunt, then he pulled out of my cunt and I felt him try to get it into my ass, after a few tries it started to go in, I cried out loud, it hurt at first but after a while it got looser and I actually started to enjoy it, he reached under me and grabbed hold of my tits as they swung under me, he tugged on my nipples, Christ! My boy was certainly fucking his mom good I thought. I could feel his dick throb; I knew he was seconds away from cumming.

"Fill my ass hole James, cum in mommy's ass!" I told him, he lunged forwards deep and I felt his dick twitch as his second load of spunk shot out and filled me, I collapsed onto my stomach with James on top of me, his dick still inside me, twitching. We lay together for a few minutes, both of us breathing heavily until his dick softened and slid out, turning to face each other we kissed, long, deep and with passion.

"Thanks for tonight mom, I really do love you so much, you know that don't you?" "Yes...I know James, and I love you too!" I replied. It was getting late, very late, I got up and pulled him up, "C'mon...time for bed I think" I told him, we went up to bed hand in hand, at the top of the stairs we stopped and kissed again, "You know James...our date is over now, this will be the last time we will kiss like understand, don't you, tomorrow it is back to normality, me the mom - you the son...that's clear isn't it?" "Yes...I know mom, I'm sure sad our date is over're right of course, tomorrow things go back to normal, one last kiss...Ok?" " last kiss!" I told him, we kissed for a long time, he had a final play with my tits and nipples, a final play with my cunt - if it was up to him it would have all started again, I broke away, "C'mon...time for bed! Lying in my bed it took a long time to get off to sleep, my body felt good, I could feel James's spunk dribbling out of my ass, I re-lived every second of the last few hours, Sure...what had happened was probably wrong but I had to admit to myself that I enjoyed it - a lot! I was glad it happened, I just hoped that tomorrow things would return to normal - Christ, I hoped it would!

To Be Continued...


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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