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Sex School Ch. I
by skibum

Mike and Janet Wilson were going back to school. Sex School. Only a few hours ago they were married in a small chapel at the New England college where Janet's' parents taught and did research on human sexuality. This honeymoon trip to the Institute for Lifelong Loving was a wedding present from her parents, who were on the Institute's Board of Trustees.

As they gazed out the window of the plane, Janet and Mike were acutely aware of the adventure that awaited them. They had decided to wait until they were married to begin to explore their sensuality together and both were eager to taste the fruit of the others body.

This was not a typical honeymoon. The Institute for Lifelong Loving was more than a tropical escape for a few days vacation. It was a place for couples to come to learn about eroticism together, through instruction and practice in sexual techniques under the guidance of expert tutors.

Janet's parents were both physicians and sex therapists. A few years before they had been invited to attend the inaugural session of the Institute and had been so impressed with the concept of a sexual training course that they had become supporters of the Institute, eventually being named to the Board of Trustees. They wanted to make sure that Janet and Mike got off to a good start in their marriage, so they had arranged for this two week session.

Janet leaned over and kissed Mike as the plane landed. "Nervous?"

The handsome young man smiled at his new bride. "A little. More impatient than nervous, I think. I can't wait to get you alone."

When the plane was down and they had cleared customs, they were met at the gate by a representative of the Institute. A tanned young woman had several other couples bound for the Institute in tow.

"Welcome to Aruba. My name is Sandy, and I'll be your guide into we get to the Institute. There you'll meet your coaches and get settled in. I know you are anxious to learn more about the Institute, but I'll leave that to your coaches."

Since Janet and Mike were the last to arrive the whole group boarded a van for the short drive from the airport to the estate that was to be their home for the next two weeks.

On arrival at the Institute Sandy brought Janet and Mike to a luxurious bungalow that was to be their home for the next two weeks. There was a sitting room that opened on a shady garden with a fountain. Three doors led to bedrooms, one bearing a sign that read "Wilson". Another door led to a huge bath with a Jacuzzi that looked large enough for eight.

Janet and Mike's bedroom was as luxurious as the rest of the suite. A king sized waterbed dominated the room. Tropical flowers, rattan furniture, and mirrored walls and ceiling all added to the exotic allure of the room.

The instructions from the Institute had been to bring no luggage or personal belongings other than personal toiletries, so there was little to unpack. Once toothbrushes and razor had been deposited into a drawer, the newlyweds decided to explore their surroundings.

They had just begun to look around when the door opened and a beautiful young Oriental woman came in. It was easy to see just how beautiful she was because she was nearly naked. Her only attire was a red garter belt, sheer stockings, and red high heeled slippers.

"Hello. My name is Sara, and I will be one of your coaches while you are at the Institute for Lifelong Loving."

Sara was one of the most stunning women that Janet and Mike had ever seen. Her long black hair hung unbound down to the middle of her back. She was petite, with small pear shaped breasts capped by very dark, erect nipples. Most shocking of all to the young newlyweds, was her complete lack of pubic hair, allowing an unobstructed view of her pussy. In her left hand she carried two small, brown paper bags.

"The first thing we need to do is get both of you into your Institute outfits."

Sara handed one of the bags to Janet, and the other to her open-mouthed, staring husband.

"Get completely undressed and put on the garments I have given you. Then meet me in the sitting room and I will take you to Orientation."

With that, Sara turned and left the room. Two pairs of eyes followed her shapely ass as she left.

"Wow. I never expected that," Janet exclaimed. "Do you think they expect us to walk around dressed like she is?"

Looking in the bag he was holding, Mike grinned. "I think so". He pulled out the contents of his bag, showing Janet the garment he had been given.

It was a white satin pouch, similar to a jock strap, but much smaller. There was a round opening in the front of the pouch, the reason for which was obvious. There was also a pair of slippers in the same color.

Janet looked in her own bag. Her outfit was identical with the one Sara had been wearing, except that the garter belt and high heel slippers were white.

"I guess we might as well put them on," said Janet, unbuttoning her light cotton dress and letting it fall to the floor. "We don't want to get started on the wrong foot."

Sara's nearly nude body had been arousing to Mike, but the sight of his lovely young bride undressing in front of him for the first time raised the level of his desire another notch. He stood frozen in his tracks as he watched his new wife disrobe.

With her dress puddled around her ankles, Janet was a sight to behold. At nineteen she was a tall girl with short blonde hair that surrounded her angelic face like a halo. There was nothing angelic about her body. She was tanned and firm, with large rounded breasts, a narrow waist, and sweetly flared hips. A well trimmed tuft of hair only slightly darker than that on her head was visible through a tiny pair of pink panties that were completely inadequate to hide the prominent lips of her virgin cunt. All of this was supported by two of the shapeliest legs Mike had ever seen. In anticipation of this moment, she had spent hours in a tanning bed at the local salon back home, so that her entire body was tanned to an even, golden brown.

As she pushed the last bit of covering down over the golden columns of her thighs, Janet kept her eyes locked onto her husband's face. She would remember the look of adoration in his eyes all of her life. When the panties were free of her hips, she let them fall to floor and stepped out of the pile of discarded clothing.

"Well, do I pass inspection?"

Mike realized he was staring and looked away.

"Sweetheart, it's okay to look at me. We are married, you know," Janet giggled. "Now let's get you out of your clothes so I can see what kind of equipment my man has."

Blushing, Mike turned back to his bride. "Babe, you are even more beautiful than I had realized. I must be the luckiest man alive to have you. I can't wait to make love to you."

With that Mike hurriedly began to remove his own clothing. As he pulled his polo shirt over his head, Janet stepped close to him and began to undo his belt and jeans. She looked into his eyes as she peeled the jeans down over his hips, leaving him standing there with his boxers trying in vain to contain his throbbing erection.

At two inches over six feet, Mike's physique showed his four years of college football. Strong arms and a deep, broad chest narrowed down to a trim waist and heavily muscled legs. His chest and legs were covered with fine, golden hair.

Mike stepped out of his jeans and put his hands around his wife's waist, pulling her to him in a close embrace that flattened her tits against his chest. Her arms clasped his shoulders as she pressed herself into his arms. Their lips met in a passionate kiss, as they both ground their loins against each other.

"Sorry to interrupt, but Orientation starts in five minutes".

The young couple sprang apart.

Sara smiled at the embarrassed pair. "I know that you two are eager to begin exploring your bodies together, but right now we need to get you ready for the orientation meeting. There will be plenty of time for you to experiment and explore one another later. Now put on your outfits so we can go."

The newlyweds were surprized by the interruption. Nevertheless, they hurried to comply with Sara's wishes. Janet wasted little time putting on the garter belt, stockings, and slippers, but Mike was having trouble trying to fit his rampant cock into the small pouch that he was to wear.

Sara approached him and said, "Let me show you. It goes like this."

She reached into the brief garment and gently grasped his erect cock. Pulling the fabric of the pouch she stretched it over his balls and lined his prick up with the small hole in the fabric. When everything was in place, Mike's balls were held snugly in the white lycra pouch, with his erect cock sticking out of the hole.

"The beauty of this thing is that the elastic around the hole is tight enough to act as a cock ring, keeping you erect all the time. This is all that either of you will wear here at the Institute," explained Sara. "The white ones indicate that you are both virgins. Students who have already had sex wear yellow, and coaches wear red. You will be getting your yellow outfits soon I expect".

Janet and Mike self-consciously followed Sara into the living room. There were three other people there already, an attractive couple in their early thirties wearing yellow outfits, and a handsome young man in red. Both of the men had huge erections sticking out of their pouches and the woman was a statuesque brunette.

Sara handled the introductions. "Mike and Janet Wilson, this is Stuart and Elizabeth Robinson. They will be teamed with you for all of the sexual training we will be doing over the next two weeks. And this is my partner, Jim. We will be your coaches throughout the training."

The two couples shyly greeted each other. Both couples were embarrassed by their near nudity, but Sara and Jim explained that they would soon be accustomed to it, and in fact it was comfortable and convenient given the tropical weather and the type of training that they would be engaged in.

"We really have to get going. We don't want you late for Orientation," Jim announced.

To Be Continued...

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