The Best Erotic Stories.

Sex School Ch. IV
by skibum

With a wicked grin, Stuart slowly raised his hand. "Could I go now?"

Over the next few minutes, Janet, Mike, and Elizabeth were treated to a show that they scarcely believed. Stuart, a true exhibitionist, had never had an opportunity like the one presented to him now. He had always been afraid to indulge himself in his fetish. Now he had a willing audience that included his wife, who knew nothing about his fetish, as well as the lovely Sara and Janet. He knew there would never be another chance like this.

As he slowly jacked on his long thin cock, he described his desire to expose himself to strange women and told about how he wanted to appear in a porn movie. In vivid detail, Stuart told of how he wanted to fuck Elizabeth in their front yard, with all the neighbors watching. He soon exploded, shooting several spurts of cum high into the air in his excitement.

Elizabeth was shocked by her husbandís revelation. She had never known that Stuart had such desires. Barely able to speak, she stared openmouthed at her husband.

Jim broke the silence. "Elizabeth, I take it that you have learned something new about your husband. That is exactly what this exercise is for.

"The most important thing that you can take from this is to learn how to turn this desire of Stuartís into something that can benefit both of you in your approach to sexual fulfillment."

"How did it make you feel to hear about Stuart wanting someone to watch him?" asked Sara.

With a faraway look in her eyes Elizabeth whispered, "I canít. I want to, but I just canít say it."

Stuart went to his knees in front of his wife. He gently placed his hands on her shoulders.

"Baby, the only way I was able to get up the courage to tell you about it was by coming here. I wanted so much to share this with you before, but I was afraid to say anything because I couldnít stand to lose you.

"But after the Orientation, and what Sara did, I realized that if these people could be so open and trusting in front of complete strangers, so could I. Most of all, they gave me the courage to tell you."

"Y-y-you donít understand," sobbed Elizabeth. "I g-g-got s-s-so excited when you told us. I wantÖ. I wanted to be part of it with you. I wanted you to take me right in the yard in front of all our neighbors. I wanted you to fuck me in front of all those stuck-up old biddies and gossips back home. I wanted them to see just how strong and handsome you are."

Her voice dropped to a whisper again. "I wanted them to see you use me like a little slut. I want everyone to see how well you fuck me."

Elizabeth burst into tears. "Now you all know. Iím just a little whore, and I donít deserve someone as special as Stuart. I meanÖ., oh, I donít know what I mean. Sara was so pretty when she showed us how she cums, and Janet, youíre so sweet and innocent. How can I ever be as desirable as either of you. Oh, Stuart, Iím so sorry."

Sara and Jim shared a look. They had never had such a dramatic breakthrough so early in the program. Elizabeth and Stuart were going to be a great case for the Institute, but they would need a more advanced approach than what was scheduled for this triad. This was the type of situation that Ben and Carolyn would need to work with, one on one.

Sara sat down next to the weeping woman. Putting an arm around her shoulder she pulled the older woman to her. "Elizabeth, you and Stuart were made for each other. So we are going to make special arrangements for you to move to a triad for more advanced students. I would like you both to come with me."

Sara and the older couple went into the house while Jim explained to Janet and Mike.

"All the Institute coaches have been trained to look for certain indications of cases that require special handling. Stuart and Elizabeth have had a breakthrough, a dramatic change in their relationship, so they are moving to a program for more sexually developed couples.

"And that creates a special opportunity for the two of you as well. With only part of a triad, Sara and I will be able to spend all our time on you. Youíll be getting twice the attention that is normally possible. We are going to make this two weeks the most incredible experience you can imagine."

To Be Continued...


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