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Sex School Ch. IX
by skibum

Dinner was served at the pool. There was a table for each triad, arranged in a semicircle around the platform and podium used in the demonstration by Ben and Carolyn. Some of the tables were already occupied when Janet and Mike arrived with their coaches. Because their triad was short a couple, there were two empty chairs at their table.

Mike was still shyly trying to avoid looking openly at all the other women in their garters and stockings. He was starting to get used to seeing Janet and Sara dressed in the provocative outfits, but the sheer volume of exposed flesh on display at dinner had him stealing surreptitious glances, especially at one very well endowed redhead at the next table. In spite of the blowjob Janet had given him, his cock was proudly erect as it jutted from his briefs. As he stole a look around, he noticed that all the other men were in a similar state.

Janet had no such inhibitions. She was in awe at the sight of all the erect cocks present at dinner. She boldly noted with satisfaction that her husband’s equipment compared very favorably with any cock in the group. She also checked out the other women more closely than she had at Orientation, mentally measuring their charms against her own. She felt that she could at least hold her own with most of them, deciding that Sara’s exotic beauty was the most stunning of all.

The reaction of the newlyweds was not lost on Sara and Jim. Janet was showing the type of response that the Institute wanted from students, while Mike was still a little behind in the program.

Jim tried to draw Mike out of his apparent shyness. "Mike, is there something you want to say?"

"No, not really," the young bridegroom mumbled, unsuccessfully trying to stare at his dinner plate.

"Yeah? Well, have you ever seen such a spectacular display of naked female flesh?" asked Jim. Maybe a little locker room talk would shock him out of his embarrassment.

Understanding what her partner was trying to do, Sara joined in the banter. Pointing out the buxom redhead she giggled, "I bet you’d like to walk a mile on her chest!"

Mike blushed, but managed a weak grin. He still kept his eyes downcast, but glanced at the redhead again.

"It’s okay to look, Mike," explained Sara. We told you before that one purpose of the outfits we all wear here is to keep everyone horny all the time. What good will they do if you don’t look?" Calling the redhead, a coach with another triad, over to their table, Sara introduced her. "Janet and Mike, this is Tonya. Tonya, say hello to Janet and Mike Wilson. They were just married this morning, and are here on their honeymoon."

"Hi, I hope you are enjoying the experience here at the Institute. I think all newlyweds should be able to come here to learn how to fuck properly."

Mike stood and accepted Tonya’s extended hand. He mumbled his greeting, but managed to make eye contact with the statuesque redhead. His eyes were drawn down her body, lingering on her lush breasts and flared hips with a small tuft of bright, copper colored hair framed by her red garter, continuing down her long, slender legs. As his eyes returned to her face he was surprised to see that she was smiling in pleasure at his open admiration of her body.

Mike’s cock dripped precum. The casual way that Tonya had accepted his lustful admiration of her nearly naked body, and her frank language, had him as turned on as ever. "It’s always a pleasure to meet so lovely a lady," he said with a broad smile. "I hope we see more of each other."

"That would be kind of hard. We’ve just met, but we’ve already seen just about all there is to see! Now, you’ll have to excuse me. Dinner is about to be served."

With a start, Mike realized that he was still holding the redhead’s hand in his. Reluctantly, he released her fingers, allowing Tonya to rejoin her triad at their table. It wasn’t until Janet nudged him that he tore his eyes away from Tonya’s spectacular ass. He turned to his wife, ashamed that he had been caught staring, to see an unfamiliar expression of hostility on her lovely face.

"I guess we know where your mind is," Janet snapped at her husband. "Do you have to be so blatant in your staring?"

Before Mike could reply, Jim interrupted. "Janet, do you feel threatened that Mike showed interest in Tonya?"

The young bride looked at the coach with a hurt look in her eyes. "He nearly had an orgasm just talking to that woman. He completely forgot about me, and I was standing right next to him!" Her eyes flashed with anger. "Are you trying to break us up on the first day of our marriage?"

"Of course not," Sara tried to soothe the angry young woman. "We want you both to learn to be above petty jealousy. Remember earlier today how Mike reacted to your fantasy? How hurt you both were by his jealous reaction to the idea that you had sexual feelings for your father? He managed to put that behind him. Now you are having a similar jealous reaction to an even less provocative event.

"Mike’s reaction to seeing a very attractive woman, dressed in very revealing lingerie, is totally natural. Nature has made men responsive to visual stimulus, and he has been visually stimulated continuously all day. Admittedly, it was rude of him to forget his wife was at his side, but how can you expect him not to look? Tonya is a real visual treat.

"You didn’t seem to have a problem with Mike looking at me all day. You were both staring right into my crotch while Jim was giving Mike pussy eating tips! And be honest, you have been checking out the guys, too."

Janet reluctantly let the subject drop. She turned to Mike and mumbled an apology for getting angry. She still felt that she was justified in her anger, but she wanted to divert attention away from her jealous outburst.

Mike wanted to apologize to Janet for flirting with Tonya. It was their honeymoon, and he should be paying all of his attention to Janet. Before he could speak, Doctor Ben Lewis stood to make a few announcements.

"Before we have dinner, I would like to ask all the triads to remain seated after each meal. We have activities for the whole group planned around mealtimes.

"All our meals will be held here and will be buffet style. Given our attire, we thought it best not to embarrass the waitstaff, who are locally hired. They will lay out meals before we arrive, and clear them away after we leave. We want you to eat lightly. A full stomach tends to make one feel heavy and reduces sexual desire so the menu is light and emphasizes salads and tropical fruits. We do not serve alcoholic beverages for the same reason. The surroundings and situations we put you in should provide all the stimulation you need."

The food was just as Doctor Lewis described. Janet was not very hungry, as she was still upset with Mike about Tonya. She made do with just a piece of fruit, while Mike enjoyed a variety of salads and fruits, as well as raw oysters, which Jim told him were supposed to be an aphrodisiac.

By the time everyone had finished eating it was nearly dark. Two of the male coaches lit tiki torches surrounding the dining area, providing a soft, romantic setting. When they had finished and resumed their seats Ben again called for everyone’s attention. "Two of our students have had a real breakthrough today, and they would like to share it with all of us."

As Ben returned to his seat a spotlight illuminated the platform where Ben and Carolyn had welcomed the students earlier. A dark haired woman dressed in a dark blue evening dress entered the spotlight. Janet was surprised to recognize Elizabeth.

"My name is Elizabeth Robinson. I have always had a desire to be used like a slut by my husband. Tonight he is going to fuck me while all of you watch."

As if by magic, Stuart appeared from the darkness behind Elizabeth. He was naked, his long, thin cock fully erect. He stood behind his wife and cupped her full breasts through the material of her dress.

Stuart slipped his hands into the bodice of Elizabeth’s dress. The watchers could see his fingers caressing her firm nipples under their thin covering. As he gently pinched and rubbed his wife’s breasts, Stuart kept looking at his audience, reveling in the knowledge that he was going to finally get the chance to indulge in his greatest fantasy.

With a smile on his face, Stuart kissed Elizabeth’s neck, blowing a gentle stream of air into her ear. Slipping the thin straps of her evening dress from her shoulders, he lowered the top of the dress to her waist, baring her breasts for all to see.

Every woman present was dressed in nothing but a garter belt and stockings, every man wearing the open briefs, but every eye was locked on the couple in the spotlight. The combination of Elizabeth’s elegant evening dress and Stuart’s nudity was mesmerizing. The blatant sexuality on display held everyone’s attention.

Elizabeth began to moan softly as Stuart hands continued to caress her breasts, now in full view of the watching students and coaches. Gradually he worked his caressing hands lower and lower, pushing the blue gown down to his wife’s hips. The dark brown curls adorning her pubic mound came into view. Stuart finally pushed the dress over the swell of her hips, letting it drop to the floor. Turning in her husband’s embrace, Elizabeth’s open mouth met his in a deep kiss. Tongues probed and dueled wetly as they pressed their naked bodies together. Elizabeth groaned as she felt her breasts flatten against Stuart’s muscular chest and his hands grasped the roundness of her ass.

With Elizabeth’s arms around his neck, Stuart lifted her off the ground. Her legs went around his waist and his cock slipped under and between the checks of her ass, the tip of his cock seeming to peek out at the watchers. Elizabeth imagined that if she let go her grip with arms and legs, Stuart’s cock alone would support her.

Hunching her hips upward and pulling herself higher with her arms, Elizabeth’s cunt gaped open. Still holding her ass check in one hand, Stuart reached down and positioned his cockhead in the mouth of her pussy. As soon as Elizabeth felt the tip of her husband’s hard cock in position, she lowered her hips and took his erect cock deep into her wet pussy. Holding her ass with both hands, Stuart began to raise and lower Elizabeth on his cock, fucking her in a standing position. He was finally living his most cherished fantasy.

As Mike watched the athletic, vertical fuck, he marveled at the strength and balance that Stuart displayed. He vowed that he would try that with Janet at the first opportunity. He felt so alive and happy that he had to share his elation with his bride. He reached his arm out to pull Janet closer to him.

His wife’s reaction to his attempt to put his arm around her was totally unexpected. She shrugged his arm from her shoulder and burst into tears. Standing so abruptly that she knocked her chair over, Janet ran blindly into the darkness.

Mike came to his feet in confusion. The couple fucking in the spotlight, the other students and their coaches, all were forgotten as he watched his wife disappear into the tropical night.

To Be Continued...


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