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Sex School Ch. VIII
by skibum

Mike finally noticed that Sara was sitting on Jimís lap, his cock still deep in her pussy. Nudging Janet, he drew her attention to the two coaches. "I see that we arenít the only ones that are having fun here."

Janet giggled. "Iím glad to see that our teachers practice what they preach."

Keeping her partnerís still erect cock in place, Sara spun around to face the newlyweds, in the process giving Janet and Mike a good look at Jimís erection spearing into her cunt. She smiled as she retorted, "Just because we have more experience than you doesnít mean that we are made of stone. One of the principles of the Institute is that sex should be enjoyed whenever desire and opportunity coincide. And in case you didnít know, watching you two enjoy one another makes us pretty hot. Part of our function as coaches, is to provide a model for you to pattern your sexual behavior after. We would not be very effective coaches if we didnít enjoy the work.

"So back to the lessons. Mike, how did that feel?"

"It was fucking unbelievable! It felt so good I thought my brains were being sucked out through my cock!"

Jim laughed, "Some people would say they were. Iím sure you have heard the term Ďthinking with your dickí. It is important that you control your sexual impulses, rather than having them control you. One thing that we want to teach you is to understand when sexual expression is appropriate, and when it is not. I realize that it seems ironic me to sit here with my cock in Sara telling you that there are times that it is not appropriate to practice sex, but thatís just what I am doing. Here at the Institute we are insulated from the prejudices and expectations of society, but you have to be prepared to readjust when your stay here is over. I have no problem with sitting here watching Janet give you a blowjob, or letting the two of you watch Sara and I fuck, but that is here. In most places this behavior would get all of us in trouble.

"Enough of the heavy stuff. Letís get back to the joyful aspects of sex. We already know how Mike feels, what about you, Janet? Did you enjoy sucking Mikeís cock?"

"I sure did," Janet said, blushing. "Just knowing that I was giving him pleasure, that I had the power to pleasure him, made me tingle all over. And I really liked it when he lost control. The feel of his cock jerking in my mouth as he came was awesome. And I always thought that his cum would taste bad, but I liked it! When can we do it again?"

Sara chuckled softly, "You are going to have plenty of opportunities to suck Mikeís cock, but donít you think that he should return the favor first?"

Mikeís ears perked up and his semi hard cock returned to full staff as he contemplated licking and sucking his wifeís pussy. His eyes were locked on the junction of her thighs. He wanted to give Janet the same pleasure that she had given him just minutes ago. Ever since reading a story about pussy eating on the Internet he had fantasized about doing it with Janet.

"I think thatís a great idea!" Mike nearly shouted in his enthusiasm for the suggestion. "How do I do it?"

"Slow down there, pardner," Jim cautioned. "We gave Janet a quick lesson before she sucked you off. Let Sara and I demonstrate and give you some pointers."

This time Sara took a seat on the edge of the Jacuzzi, just as Jim had done before. She spread her legs wide and perched on the rim of the tub. Jim knelt between her thighs.

"Mike, come over here and watch closely. You too, Janet."

With the newlyweds watching closely on either side of him, Jim began with a female anatomy lesson, explaining the workings of Saraís exposed pussy.

"Itís very easy to see everything because Sara keeps her pubic area shaved." Jim used the tips of his fingers to spread Saraís outer lips, giving Janet and Mike their first close-up look into a pussy. "These are the labia, the lips. When she is aroused, they are slightly swollen and flare open. Remember, this is all very tender tissue, and should be handled with care. Make sure your hands or your cock, anything that comes in contact, is squeaky clean. If not, a nasty infection can result.

"Inside the labia are the opening of the vagina at the bottom, and the urethra, above. At the very top is the clitoris, or clit, the most sensitive part. Sara has a medium-sized clit that is somewhat more exposed than most, but not abnormally so. Some are very hard to find. It is shielded by the upper part of the labia. This is natureís way of protecting the most sensitive part of a woman. Mike, think of her clit just as you would the tip of your cock.

"To give a woman oral or manual pleasure, you have to start very slowly and gently. Donít simply dive in and start sucking hard on her clit just because you like that done to your cock. There are physiological differences in men and women that require a longer period of arousal for women. You have to kinda sneak up on it so that you donít cause her any discomfort."

Jim lowered his head to Saraís smooth, wet crotch, gently licking and kissing the top of her thighs and all around her open pussy, without making direct contact with her clit. Janet and Mike leaned forward eagerly to watch.

Jim very slowly moved his tongue to Saraís pussy lips. He gently licked each one from bottom to top, causing Sara to shiver with anticipation.

"I am concentrating on the outer lips at first. Then I will move to the inside of the lips, gradually getting closer to the center. The nearer I get to her vagina, the more pressure I apply. Thatís because there are fewer nerve endings there, so I she needs more pressure to feel it as intensely. I also vary the pressure, the length of the stroke, and the place I stroke."

Jim began licking at the opening of Saraís cunt, once in a while dipping the tip of his tongue as deeply into her as it would go, tasting the cum he had just deposited there and her own sweet fluids. He sucked at her pussy lips and the rim of her opening, but he avoided her clit for the time being.

Sara began to respond. Her hands found the back of Jimís head, caressing his wavy brown hair as she held him to her cunt. She began to moan softly, and her breath caught as her passion rose.

Making eye contact with Janet and Mike, Sara struggled to speak. "J-Jim is very g-g-good at thisÖ Mike, if you learn to do Janet as well as Jim does me, ahhhhhhhÖ, if you get this goodÖ. Janet will b-b-be one happy lady!"

Jim paused to continue the lesson. "Once the woman is aroused enough to tolerate direct contact with her clit, start to give it gentle, little licks with just the tip of your tongue. As you progress, you can give it more attention, but donít completely give up on all that you have been doing. Keep on doing it, but give the clit more and more of the attention. As she nears a peak, you can lick and suck pretty intensely at the clit, and even nip it very gently with your teeth. Pay attention to what she responds to, and keep coming back to the things that work for her. Every woman is different, so what works for Sara may not work for Janet."

Returning to the feast, Jim began more direct stimulation of Saraís clit, bringing her quickly to orgasm, but not stopping at just one. As soon as the Oriental beauty crested, he brought her to another, higher peak. And again. Sara rode a wave of orgasms as Jim paid oral homage to her.

Without speaking, Janet met Mikeís gaze. She smiled and nodded. Her young husband scrambled to his feet and moved around Sara and Jim to his wifeís side. Sara and Jim were forgotten as Janet rolled to her back with Mikeís face between her thighs. He inhaled deeply of the aroma from her pussy.

Kneeling between Janetís legs, Mike lowered his head to kiss each side of the tightly furred slit. His heart was pounding in his chest as he tasted his wifeís most secret opening for the first time. He ran his lips and tongue all over Janetís pussy, gently probing the outer lips just as Jim had showed him.

Feelings that she had never experienced before raced through Janetís slim young body. Mikeís tongue and lips running wetly over the junction of her thighs sent tingles racing from her cunt to her brain, and back-- tingles that had every nerve end in her body alerted for stimulation. The need to feel, to be part of what was happening to her, to participate, led the young bride to grasp the back of her husbandís head and press his handsome face directly into her virgin pussy. Janet had never felt so alive. She writhed with pleasure, arching her back and lifting her hips as she tried to get more stimulation from Mikeís lips and tongue.

Realizing that Janet was ready for more, Mike drove his stiffened tongue directly into the soaking wet opening of Janetís cunt. He was unable to get very far into virgin territory, but it was obvious that Janet liked what he was doing. The first taste of her sweet and fragrant juices hooked him for life. Janetís moans and gasps of pleasure inspired him to ever greater efforts to give her pleasure.

As Janet moaned out her pleasure, Mike took her to a new height. Gently pulling the lips up and away from the erect knob of her clit, Mike ran the tip of his tongue directly over the little button. Janet nearly came off the tile of the bathroom floor as another new sensation of pleasure assailed her. She screamed as the first orally induced orgasm of her life washed over her.

Startled at Janetís violent reaction, Mike stopped and looked up in alarm.

"No, no, no, donít stop," Janet panted. "Keep going, just likeÖthat."

Reassured that he had not somehow hurt her, Mike returned to her clit. He again peeled back the lips and applied his tongue directly to the pleasure point, this time with greater confidence and increased pressure.

Again, Janet screamed out her reaction to the pleasure that she felt. Again and again, convulsive spasms of pleasure shot through her. Each time Mikeís tongue made contact with her clit, a new wave of orgasm washed over her. The peaks of her orgasms began to blend together into one long wave of pleasure. Her cunt contracted and throbbed, her sweet juices soaking Mikeís face as he tried, unsuccessfully, to lick her dry.

Janetís screams of pleasure quickly drew Sara and Jimís attention to the young lovers at their side. Exchanging a knowing grin, they silently congratulated themselves on the success of their lesson. It was evident that Mike was a fast learner and that Janet was being amply rewarded for the blowjob she had given her husband.

After a few minutes, Janetís spasms leveled off. As she began to tire, the peaks came less and less. Eventually, the pressure of Mikeís tongue on her clit began to feel slightly uncomfortable. As her hips ceased their gyrations, she loosened her grip on Mikeís hair, signaling that she had had enough.

Mike did not understand the signal. He continued to lick and suck at Janetís cunt until Jim touched him on the shoulder. Sitting up, Mike saw huge grins all around, from the proud smiles of the coaches, to the happy simile of gratitude on his brideís beautiful face.

Mikeís pussy soaked features lit up in response. Pulling Janet to him, he hugged her close. "I know what my new favorite treat is!"

The two couples shared a laugh and small talk for the next few minutes. The mood was light and sensual, with Janet staying in Mikeís arms, Sara in Jimís.

"I know that it is your honeymoon, but you canít live on love. Itís nearly five p.m., which is dinner time here at the Institute. Letís all take a quick shower, then Sara and I will take you to dinner."

To Be Continued...


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