The Best Erotic Stories.

Sex School Ch. XI
by skibum

When Sara suggested that Mike join Janet in the shower, he wasted no time doing just that. Steam from the shower filled the private bath. He could just make out his wife’s silhouette through the frosted glass of the oversized shower stall. Her white garter and stockings lay discarded on the tile floor. He hung his robe on a hook on the back of the door and opened the glass door of the shower.

With a sob Janet melted into his arms. "Mike, I’m so sorry. I almost…."

"Hush. It’s okay, honey," he interrupted gently, pulling her close. "We can talk later. I just want you to know that I love you and worship you and adore you. And I will forever." His lips stopped any further protest, as he kissed her deeply. His tongue toyed briefly with hers, then withdrew.

Janet placed a finger against his lips. "There’s something I have to tell you", she said, hesitantly. She couldn’t seem to meet his eyes and her heart pounded. All of her worries resurfaced. Even though she thought he would understand, a tiny bit of her still feared his anger. While she hadn’t exactly lied, she hadn’t really told the truth either, but she just couldn’t start their marriage with this type of secret between them. She had to tell him. Now.

Gathering her courage, she lifted her face to his and said, "I wasn’t completely honest about …well, about being a virgin."

"What?" Mike looked at her, confused, but not angry. His face held only curiosity and love.

Encouraged by his calm reaction, Janet told Mike all about the boy she had been with when she was fifteen. She spoke quickly, eager to get it over with.

When she was done, Mike leaned back in her arms to make eye contact. "Is this what you’ve been so worried about?"

Janet bit her lip and nodded.

Mike smiled at her. "It’s okay, honey. I don’t care about that. As long as we’re together, who cares about the past? It sounds to me like you didn’t really do anything anyway. Let’s just forget it."

A feeling of unbelievable relief came over Janet. Her fears, so long kept to herself, were unfounded! Mike still loved her! Now she felt free to let go, to enjoy what was to come to the fullest.

She pressed her wet lips to his again. "Oh, Mike. I was so afraid you would think I was…well, I was afraid you would hate me for letting you think I was something that I’m not. Thank you. I promise I’m going to make you so happy…."

Without breaking the kiss, Mike reached behind his bride and picked up a bar of fragrant soap. His hands worked up a rich lather on her back and buttocks. Turning her around, Mike pressed his erection into her back as his soapy hands caressed her full breasts. With a handful of lather stroked he her firm, slightly rounded belly, and his roving fingers probed into the tuft of blonde hair on her mound. A wonderful sense of anticipation seemed to rush through him, and with it a wave of desire that nearly made him dizzy.

Standing behind Janet, Mike brought his hands up to cup her breasts, his fingers gently caressing the erect nubs of her nipples. His lips kissed her neck and ear, as the tip of his tongue stroked the earlobe. Nibbling at the lobe, he breathed in her ear softly, "Now then! I’m going to take you to bed now."

Turning back to face him, Janet looked into his eyes and smiled. "Yes," she stated simply.

Mike quickly rinsed the soap from her body, and then his own. He stepped from the shower, pulling Janet with him. Wrapping her in a large fluffy towel he gently rubbed her dry, all the while whispering in her ear. "You are mine now. For tonight, and for the rest of our lives. I’m going to protect you, provide for you, and I’m going to drive you wild when I make love to you."

He hurriedly dried himself, then picking Janet up in his arms he strode to the bed and lowered her to the cool satin sheets.

He stood for a moment gazing at the nude beauty of his young, blonde wife. Even after all that had happened on this eventful day he found it hard to believe that this splendid creature was his. "I can’t believe that we’re finally ready to make love. And whatever you think may have been, this will be your first time."

Janet reached out a cool hand and caressed Mike’s cock. Her slim fingers wrapped around the shaft, stroking from the base to the head. Tugging him towards her, she pulled the head of his cock to her mouth and planted a soft, wet kiss on the drooling tip. Her tongue flicked out and slowly traced the ridge around the head, tasting the small drop of fluid she found there. Smiling at her husband, she urged him to join her on the bed.

Lying beside his wife on the waterbed, Mike kissed her again, running his tongue between her parted lips, his tongue dueling with hers. He cupped her face in his hands, tenderly holding her for his kiss, his chest pressed against the fullness of her breasts. "I love you," he breathed into her mouth as he kissed her. "I love everything about you."

Kissing down her neck, pausing to gently suck at the hollow at the base of her throat, Mike worked his way to the round firmness of her breasts. Starting with the left, he sucked and licked all around the darker brown of the aureole, making Janet to moan with pleasure.

Janet’s hands pressed her husband’s face to her breast, pushing the nipple into his wetly sucking mouth. Sensations of pleasure raced from her breast to her pussy, a gush of her juices wetting her thighs in anticipation. "Oh, God, yes… yes! Suck on my nipples! Suck them hard!"

Urged on by his wife’s cries of passion, Mike redoubled his efforts. He wanted to make this moment perfect for her. He sucked each breast in turn deeply into his mouth. He nibbled on the hardened nipples, causing Janet to arch her back as she tried to press even more of her flesh into his sucking mouth. Her breathing and her cries became deeper as she became even more aroused. Each sound Janet made fanned the flames of excitement that raged through Mike’s hard, young body. Every response to his suckling of her breasts brought another drop of precum to the tip of his hard cock.

After spending several minutes paying homage to his wife’s chest, Mike resumed his oral exploration of her body. He kissed his way down her flat belly, swirling his tongue around her belly button. Janet ran her fingers through his wavy brown hair as she urged him lower, ever lower.

Reaching the sparse golden triangle that guarded the portal between her thighs, Mike licked at the neatly trimmed blonde bush, catching a few hairs between his teeth and tugging playfully on them. The rich aroma of her secretions filled the air, enticing him onward to the moist source.

Fighting for control, Mike tried to remember all the lessons he had learned throughout the day. Avoiding direct contact with the little button at the top of her slit, he licked at the slick outer lips. Wanting to see her expression, he looked up into her eyes he dipped his tongue into the center of her moist cunt. The look of unbridled passion that he saw there was almost more than he could take. He was barely able to suppress the desire to immediately plunge his cock deep into her and soothe his own aching need.

Janet reacted instantly to the penetration of her cunt by Mike’s tongue. She spread her legs as far apart as she could and pulled her husband’s face firmly into her crotch with both hands. Screaming in ecstasy, she reached an orgasm as soon as she felt his tongue thrust into her pussy.

As soon as her first spasms began to subside, Janet twisted her body around so that so could reach Mike’s throbbing cock. Grabbing it with both hands she drew the massive member to her mouth, again tasting the tang of his precum. Lying on her back with her legs spread wide, Janet pulled as much of his cock as she could into her mouth, savoring the taste and feeling it throb with every beat of his heart.

Mike gave a muffled cry as he felt his hard cock sink into Janet’s hotly sucking mouth. He was now on his knees with his head in Janet’s crotch as she lay under him, her head between his knees, his cock spearing down into her throat. He marveled at the depth of the emotions that raged within him as they mutually satisfied each other. She had sucked him before, and he her, but the excitement was much more intense as they pleasured each other.

Sensing that she was as ready as he was, he directed his attention to the stiff little knob of her clit. He rapidly tongued the tiny organ, driving her to a higher plateau of pleasure, this time her cries and moans muffled by the bulk of his cock in her loving mouth. Her juices soaked his face as she came, again and again.

All through her orgasm Janet nursed on Mike’s cock. As her mouth filled with saliva she swallowed, the constriction of her throat squeezing the head of his cock. She wanted to make this the best orgasm he had ever had. Pulling back a little to keep from gagging, she sucked on the head and lashed it with her velvet tongue. Her hand wrapped around the shaft keeping it from penetrating too far into her throat. Remembering the demonstration that Sara and Jim had performed earlier, she concentrated on the underside of the head, the most sensitive part.

Mike struggled with all his might not to cum. He wanted to make this last as long as possible for her. Janet was cumming continuously from the licking he was giving her clit, and he was not far behind. From the intense throbbing he was feeling, it wouldn’t be long before he was shooting streams of semen into her sucking mouth.

Janet could feel the increasing tension in Mike’s body as his ejaculation approached. He was panting in exertion as he held back. She was ready when he gasped his release and his cock spit a gob of semen into her mouth.

This time she knew what to expect. Determined not to miss a drop of the precious fluid Janet kept her lips clamped tightly around the shaft of Mike’s cock as it spewed shot after shot of cum. She savored that taste of her husband’s semen as it seemed to fill her mouth. She knew that there was only a small amount, but it seemed to come forever as his hips jerked in pleasure. When his cock had stopped spurting, she swallowed, the heat of the fluid warming her all the way down to her toes.

As his cock sprayed the last of it’s load into his wife’s waiting mouth, Mike placed his own mouth over the opening of her cunt and sucked up as much of her copious fluids as her could. He could never get enough of her sweet juices.

Spent from the intensity of his climax, Mike rolled off Janet onto his back. She followed, her lips still clamped around his cock, continuing to suck and lick his wilting cock until it became so sensitive that he gently pushed her away.

With a joyful smile Janet crawled up over Mike’s supine form, kissing her own juices from his mouth with her cum smeared lips. The ecstasy of mutual release overwhelmed them.

Mike looked into Janet’s eyes as she broke off their kiss. He couldn’t think of anything to say that would communicate how he felt. So he just reached for her hand and squeezed it.

Lying close together on the waterbed, kissing, petting, exploring, fondling, the newlyweds exchanged whispered endearments. It wasn’t long before Janet detected new signs of life in the part of her husband she was fondling the most. Again dipping her head to his manhood, she took it into her mouth once more, wetting the head and shaft with her saliva, returning his tool to rock hard readiness.

Giving his erection one last sucking kiss, Janet pulled her husband to her. She could feel the heat of his engorged cock as it pressed against her.

Mike knelt between Janet’s wide splayed thighs. He bent to give her pussy a last loving lick. This would be the last time he tasted her virgin cunt. The next time it would be something different for both of them. His eyes met hers as he silently asked permission to continue. She nodded her consent and Mike settled into the cradle of her hips, his hard cock nestled into the soft fleece that guarded her tiny opening. She felt an emptiness between her thighs that only he could fill.

Mike’s heart pounded in his chest. This was IT! All that he and Janet had anticipated when they decided months ago to wait to have sex together until after they were married. It wasn’t fashionable, it wasn’t the way most people did it, but they had decided that they would wait. Now they would wait no longer.

"Sweetheart, I just want you to know that whatever may have happened before, this is our first time. The first time for you, for me, for us."

Janet’s soft fingers wrapped around him. She moaned softly as the head eased into her, spreading the lips wider than her finger ever had. An inch, two, then the barrier of her maidenhead blocked his passage.

Her own heart beating as rapidly as her husband’s, Janet felt the pressure of his cock in her pussy. An overwhelming feeling of love came over her, tears of joy filled her eyes and left salty trails down her flushed checks. This was a more intense feeling than anything she had ever experienced, and she wanted that feeling to last. She was more alive now, on this bed, making love to her husband, than at any other moment in her life.

"Yes, Mike, yes. I feel you inside me. Now push hard. I want you all the way in me NOW!"

Arching her back and raising her hips to meet his thrust, Janet felt a slight pain, then an indescribable fullness as Mike’s thick cock tore through her hymen. Her emotions ran riot as her joy and eagerness to please her husband filled and fulfilled her. Her arms clasped him close, her legs wrapped around his hips and gripped at the small of his back, locking them as tightly together as she could manage.

She whispered in his ear, "Hold me. Hold me tighter."

At Janet’s urging Mike did hold her. His arms pulled her even closer, so that her breasts flattened to his chest, her smooth belly pressed firmly to his, their open mouths locked together.

Holding their close embrace, Mike rolled them over so that he was on the bottom and she was straddling his hips, his cock thrust deeply into the soft folds of her vagina. Running his big hands down her back he cupped the cheeks of her ass and pressed her tighter to him. For several long minutes there was no movement from the entwined couple as they savored the moment.

At length, Mike was unable to keep from involuntarily hunching of his hips up towards her, creating a delicious feeling of friction at the point they were joined. His movement triggered a similar response in Janet. Bringing her upper body erect she sat straddling his hips with her weight supported by her knees. She lifted her hips, letting his firmness slip part way out of her.

When only the tip of his cock remained in the warm embrace of her newly opened pussy, she let her weight lower her down the shaft, again engulfing him in the humid warmth of her body. Mike gasped in wonder as the wonderful tightness and heat and moistness again surrounded the length of him.

As Janet’s delightfully rounded asscheeks made contact with his hairy balls, she tightened the muscles of her pussy in the Kegel exercises her mother had taught her. There were certain advantages of being the daughter of sex therapists!

Feeling the tight grip of Janet’s inner walls, Mike stopped his motion. The pleasure was nearly unbearable. He had never imagined that making love to her could feel so overpowering. This transcended the pure physical act of sex. He felt a near spiritual connection to her. His wife! The thought that she was married to him reverberated through his brain. She had chosen him to spend her life with! At that moment, Mike realized that whatever was to happen in the coming weeks at the Institute, or throughout their life together, he would always be hers, and she his. His devotion to her happiness was total.

Releasing her tight grip on his cock, Janet again raised herself up, her motion drawing another gasp of pleasure from Mike. He was nearly incapacitated by the sensations that raced through his body. The spectacle of his young wife’s nude body perched above his loins was burned into his mind. This was the most moving experience of his life.

Again Janet plunged down the length of the hard cock that penetrated deep inside her. Again she gripped it tightly. Again Mike grunted his pleasure. Moving more rapidly Janet continued to rhythmically pump her pussy up and down Mike’s cock. Each downward plunge brought a deep grunt from the young man. His breath came in pants as he bore down flexed his own pelvic muscles in a struggle to keep from prematurely spurting his seed into her. He wanted to make this last for her. And for himself.

Janet thrilled to the sensations that inflamed her own body as she rode her husband’s stiff dick. The sensation of fullness when he was deep inside her was heavenly. The squeezing of her powerful pelvic muscles made his cock feel even thicker. And the friction from his passage in and out of her tugged at her clit, igniting even greater sensations, making her juices seemingly gush from her, coating his cock with her slippery, fragrant fluid.

As Janet rode up and down on Mike’s hard cock, the friction and fullness inside her tender cunt generated a sexual heat like she had never known. Better than the times she had rubbed herself to orgasm, better than the times Mike had sucked her to orgasm. Janet knew that the climax she was building up to would make the others feel like the pleasures of a child. When she came this time, she would cum with all the power and ecstasy of a woman in love, a woman in love with the man she was fucking.

Mike lay watching his wife as she fucked him. Even as the passion built up towards the release he tried to delay, he thought that he was being selfish. Janet was doing all the work to pleasure him as he lay there enjoying it. He wanted to contribute more to their mutual pleasure.

Reaching behind Janet, he gripped the bouncing globes of her ass in his hands. He pulled himself upright so that he sat erect with his legs outstretched, Janet still impaled on his cock. Holding her motionless on his lap for a moment, her rolled her hips back until she was in a similar position, seated on his cock, legs outstretched to either side of his waist, and their upper bodies pressed tightly together.

Experimentally, he used his hands to raise and lower her hips as he thrust up into her. Finding this arrangement satisfactory for both of them he continued to pump his cock into her from the seated position.

"Oh… Mike… I feel it… so much… deeper… this way," Janet panted into his ear. "And… I can… feel… my nipples… rub… against… your chest!"

For the next few minutes Janet’s moans and Mike’s grunts were all that could be heard. In the other bedroom Sara looked up at Jim and grinned as he pounded into her in time with the sounds coming from the newlywed’s room.

Mike was still not convinced that he was doing enough to make this as great an experience for Janet as it could be. "Let me get on top," he panted in her ear.

Janet let go her tight grip on her husband’s shoulders and let her back fall to the surface of the bed, between Mike’s spread thighs, his cock still in her very wet pussy. Bending forward to keep the delicious contact, he pulled his legs behind him, ending up in a missionary position over his wife’s body. Now he could take some control of their lovemaking.

In this dominant position Mike began to thrust his cock deeply and forcefully into Janet’s clasping cunt. The added friction and strength of his thrusts ground his pubic bone into her excited clit, sending her over the edge into a long drawn out climax.

As Janet felt her pussy explode in orgasm, she threw back her head and screamed her delight. Her legs again wrapped around Mike’s waist and she pulled him as deeply into her body as she could, clamping down with her pelvic muscles as she came.

That was all Mike could handle. With a loud, satisfied grunt, he blew the first load ever into Janet’s no longer virgin hole. Each spasm sent a gob of his semen deep into her. He felt as if his whole body would melt, and be blasted from the end of his cock into her. As he spurted his passion into her clutching pussy, Mike gasped to his bride, "I… love… you!"

With a final wrenching shudder, Mike’s cock throbbed a final time, one last drop of his cum milked from the tip by the contractions of Jane’s release. His hips were still pressed firmly to hers, prolonging the contact as their orgasms slowly died down.

Letting his cock soak in the wet heat of Janet’s temporarily sated pussy, Mike rolled his weight off Janet’s body. They lay on their sides, breathing deeply and staring into each others eyes. Neither spoke, but they both knew that this was where they belonged, locked in each others arms.

After a while, with his softening cock still embedded in her pussy, they slept.

To Be Continued...


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