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Stalked Pt. VI
by Eve

As Emily lay there, her mind tried to take in all that Mike had revealed to her. Her head was telling her that now was not the time to take Mike up on his offer, but her body was screaming for release, and to her chagrin, Mike seemed to know it. "You want it don't you?" he asked knowingly. Not able to look him in the eyes, she simply nodded. "That's what I thought." He stood up, and went over to the door. When he opened the door, Zeke walked in naked as the day he was born, with a smirk on his face. He had a leather strap around his neck and he was carrying several items in his hand including an ice bucket. She was a little apprehensive about what was to happen but sensing her fear Mike walked back over to her and kissed her on the lips in reassurance. "Zeke won't do anything I tell him not too. If you say stop we will. OK?"

She was still unsure. "I just need to know the rules Mike," she said a little uncertainly.

Mike gave a secret smile to Zeke. "Well,...." he trailed off and before she saw it coming, Zeke brought down the leather strap against her thigh. She let out a yelp more for the unexpectedness of the strap rather than the pain. "The first rule of course is to speak only when you're spoken to, and you will call me Master. If you want to stop, we will at anytime, but you must use the safety word which is "sanctuary" Do you understand?" Mike asked.

"Yes," she whispered a little scared but very excited. The strap came down on her still tender thigh once more. She gasped out loud.

"Yes, what?" Mike asked with a smirk on his face.

"Yes, Master."

"Very good, angel. I see you're a quick learner," he said, then he turned to Zeke and gave him a nod as if to signal something. Zeke was holding something in his hands when he came over to the besides. Emily tensed up not knowing what was about to happen. Mike moved out of the way so that Zeke could have access to Emily. She held her breath as Zeke applied this metal concoction to each nipple that was held together by a chain.

"Nipple clamps," Mike explained as Zeke gave the chain a tug, making her gasp at the unexpected pleasure that it brought her. Mike watched as Zeke then leaned over to run his tongue over Emily's rock hard nipples. She squirmed as Zeke's hand moved over the flat of her belly down to her thick bush of pubic hair. Zeke seemed content to play in with the wiry patch for a bit and Emily was dying for him to touch the inside of her dripping wet cunt. To her surprise, Zeke pulled roughly at the hair, and she winced at the pain. Immediately her eyes flew to Mike's, but he stood there and watched intently with desire burning in his eyes. Why was he just standing there, she wondered to herself?

Zeke gave another painful tug at the hair, and she cried out again, but this time the tug was followed by a caress. Zeke, planted a kiss at the source of her pain, and once again she was hot at the site of Zeke's head between her legs. He moved his hands along the lips of her swollen pussy outlining them with his finger, before gently sliding a finger inside of her. Emily wished at that moment that she wasn't tied up so that she could touch him too as instinct directed. Zeke took his time leisurely, slipping his finger in and out of her, and then dropping his head, to touch his tongue to her clit. Her eyes strayed to Mike's once more.

By this time, he had shed his own clothes and was standing there watching stark naked stroking his cock back and forth. Emily licked her lips at the sight. Before she knew what happened, she felt a sharp pain. She screamed out, and looked down to see that Zeke had bitten her on the tender lips of her pussy.

"Why," she asked him, forgetting the rules for a moment. Not knowing where it came from, Zeke produced the strap and brought it down over her belly. Tears sprung to her eyes. One minute Zeke was administering pleasure, and the next pain.

Reading the confusion on her face, Mike explained, "This is how Zeke likes to play, and in time, I know you will like it too. You may continue Zeke." Mike instructed.

"Yes, Master," Zeke nodded. The strange part of it all was how it all was that as Zeke would bring her to the point of pleasure, and then deliver pain, was starting to turn her on. He would lick her clit, and then in the same second, squeeze it painfully. He would caress her nipples, and then tug fiercely at the nipple clamps. He would plant kisses all over her hot flesh only to bite down, leaving little marks on her skin. When Zeke pulled out a candle and lit it, Emily, almost said the safety word in fear that her would burn her with the flame, he let the candle burn, he tipped it over and let the hot wax drip on her flesh. It stung, and she bit into her lip to keep from screaming out, but strangely enough, this form of torture was a bit arousing.

After getting bored with dripping hot wax on her body, Zeke produced the ice bucket that he had brought in early and pulled out a cube of ice. She sucked in her breath as he applied the cold block to her skin. He started rubbing it around her navel, and made a trail up to the valley of her breasts before running the ice along the waiting mounds, taking his time to circle each nipple. He then ran the ice back down her body until he was applying the ice to her clit. She shivered violently at the coldness. When the ice had melted, he took out another cube and repeated the process until the cube had disappeared into a puddle in her navel, which Zeke promptly bent over to slurp up. What he did next surprised her most of all.

He began to untie the ropes at he feet, and then her hands. He muscles were very tense from being tied up so long, but she didn't get a chance to knead her sore muscles before Zeke grabbed a handful of her hair. "Get on your hands and knees," he ordered. Her slight hesitation caused him to bring his palm against her bottom harshly. She immediately scrambled to do what he asked of her. The next thing she knew, Zeke was sticking his stiff rod in her face.

"Suck it, and you better make me like," he sneered. Having never given a man a blowjob before, she was a little uncertain about what to do first, but instinct took over, and tentatively she reached out and took her cock in her hand, which he immediately slapped away. "No hands. I just want to feel your mouth." She dropped her hand, and then wrapped her lips around his cock. She could only go by what she had seen and read in that sex book that she had so she began to bob her head back and forth on Zeke's shaft. She could feel him growing bigger in his mouth. As she continued to suck him, she grew bolder, letting the cock slide out of her mouth so that she could run her tongue along side his cock and lower yet to his swollen balls.

She licked every inch of his dick and balls, and the fact that it was making him horny was a big turn on for her. She placed her mouth over his cock once more and Zeke grabbed a handful of her hair to keep her head still while he fucked her mouth. Her hands flew to her crotch so that she could finger her clit. She had never been so aroused before and this was driving her crazy. She knew then that if she didn't get fucked soon, she would burst.

As if her mind had been read, Mike joined Zeke and Emily on the bed. He got on he knees behind Emily and began to rub her ass, sliding his fingers down between the crevice of her ass to the her awaiting pussy. He slid a finger inside of her and she moved her body against his hand and he went in and out of her. Mike then slipped another finger inside of her stretching her further. She wanted more and would have said so risking another smack but her mouth was already filled with Zeke's cock. She couldn't see what he was doing behind her but she was disappointed when she felt him withdraw his fingers.

"I think you're ready," he said grasping his dick in her hand, rubbing it against her ass. He slapped her ass a couple times with his penis before placing it at the entrance of her vagina. This was what she had been waiting for. He grabbed her hips and thrust forward quickly, breaking her maidenhead swiftly with little pain. She gasped out loud at the delicious feeling of his cock inside of her. He paused for a minute letting her get use to the feel of him inside of her before beginning a slow rhythm. She never imagined that she would be in the middle of two guys like this. Zeke was still pumping away in her mouth as she Mike began to pick up the pace behind her.

As he began to fuck her faster, he would bring his palm down against her ass. At first it surprised her but she two was getting into this. The two men went at her relentlessly.

Zeke was the first to pull out. He stroked his cock, a couple times before letting his cum spew into her face. His cum dripped down her face, down to her chin, and on to her tits. "Lick it up." Mike ordered not slowing down behind her, and Emily gladly obeyed letting her tongue catch all that she of Zeke's cum, that she could get. Zeke fell back as if to rest a bit, and Mike continued to go at it. He was insatiable, pumping away at her. Emily came over and over again and Mike still continued to hammer inside of her. After what seemed like an eternity he, yelled out.

"I'm going to cum!" He shot a load inside of her. He knees buckled and she fell across Zeke's body. When her breathing was under control, Mike was got off of the bed. "Zeke, clean her up for me will you." Mike said with more of a command than a question.

"Yes, Master," he said humbly. Emily thought then that Zeke would get off the bed and get her a wash cloth or something but to her utter surprise, Zeke knelt between her thighs and spread them a little further, and began to lick her vigorously. It didn't seem to bother Zeke that he was not only licking her cum, but Mike's as well. He lapped the juices up vigorously, as Mike looked on. Zeke buried his face in her pussy poking his tongue deeper within her. She moaned and wiggled, and the deep penetration on his tongue.

Mike came back over to the bed to remove her nipple clamps and then took a still erect nipple in his mouth. Mike's mouth played with her breasts while Zeke continued to eat her pussy. Mike then wanted to move on to something new. "I want you to sit on Zeke's cock." Mike said.

By now Emily was eager to obey his every command. Zeke was once again erect and she had no problem straddling her pussy on his cock. Zeke grasped her hips and she began to bounce up and down, slowly at first but going faster as she got use to this new position.

"Lean forward some." Mike ordered. She did as she was told, and yelped as she felt him apply some cold gel like substance to her anus. "Shh. It's either this way or the hard way," he said without further explanation he did continue however, her apply more of the gel in that area. It was only when she felt the tip of his cock at that entrance did she realized his intentions. She was no longer bouncing on Zeke's cock but he was still very rigid within her was bucking his hips up so that he was still moving within her.

She tensed up as she felt Mike ease his cock inside her ass. She resisted at first but he was insistent on gaining entrance, and he thrust his cock as hard as he could within her. The pain was excruciating. She yelled out the safety work. Although neither man pulled out of her they both became very still.

"Emily, love, sometimes it hurts the first time, and it's even worse when you tense up. Relax baby, and I promise I'll make it feel good for you. Neither one of us will move unless you say so. Now, do you really want us to stop or shall we continue?" Mike asked giving a little kiss on the neck. She was a little uncertain but everything else that that had done had brought her pleasure so she nodded her head for them to continue.

"OK, let us know when you're comfortable enough and then we'll start moving." After a few moments she nodded her head and Zeke began to move with her again first, and then Mike. When she relaxed it didn't feel so bad at all and after a minute or so, she was getting into it. The feeling of having a dick in her ass, and her pussy at the same time was a huge turn on. Both men were sliding in and out of her at the same pace, making her cum not once but twice. She moaned at in ecstasy at being fucked by these two men at once. Mike was the first to pull out and then Zeke lifted her off of him, pushing her onto her back. They each stoked their cocks over her quivering body before cumming over her face and breasts, and where ever the cum landed.

When they finished, Mike slid down beside her. Zeke got off of the bed and walked out of the room closing the door behind him. Mike wrapped her cum soaked body against his and kissed her firmly on the mouth. "That was just the beginning, angel. Tomorrow, I will introduce you to some more of my friends. Would you like that?" he asked.

She nodded burying head in his chest. "

But just know this. When the games are all over. You're mine." He whispered the last words before giving her another kiss.

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