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The Audition
by Bob L

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

She started to go down on her knees, but he held her up, turning to press her against the desk so that he could suck her tits, his tongue swirling around her nipples, moving from one to the other and then sucking them into hard, thick nubs. She felt her pussy-lips fold back inside her panties, knew how wet and glistening they would be and though of letting him fuck her, but no, that was too much, that was being a slut. Sucking a man's cock was different, it was more playing around than anything else. It wasn't like taking him into her body was making out ...well, more than that ...but it wasn't giving in like fucking was.

He played with her tits for a good five minutes while she unzipped his pants and reached in for his cock. When she finally had it out into the air, and could get her hand around the warm shaft, she couldn't believe how thick and long it was. She liked big cocks, always had. Her boyfriend was big, but this was huge. She leaned back a little to look down at it and couldn't help a gasp, a sound that made him smile. She jacked him off and was amazed that her fingers didn't even come close to touching.

"Like it?" he asked.

She nodded. "Yes. I do." She knelt in front of him then and bent his massive cock so that it was pointed at her face. The head was swollen purple and was actually bigger than the shaft. She pumped his cock for him and then squeezed it so that the head bulged out of her fist. A thick bubble of pre-cum oozed from his cock and he pushed his hips forward so that his cock pressed against her lips. She let him move his cock back and forth across her full lips, smearing his juices so that her mouth was slick and shiny with his ooze.

"Suck it." he said.

She opened her mouth and he forced his cock past her lips, the thick pole sliding over her tongue, stopping just before touching the back of her throat. She knelt there, breathing in his flesh. The smell of cockmeat filled her nostrils reminding her of other men, blow jobs she had given in backseats of cars, in the basement of a theatre, at parties, those two guys who gave her marijuana for the first time, and then made her suck them off. Cumming in her mouth, making her swallow for the first time. Cum in her stomach making her queasy. And then they had taken turns fucking her. One of them fucking her ass, penetrating that impossibly tight opening with his big cock. Fucking her so slowly, so carefully and then shooting his cum into her backside.

"Oh, baby ..." moaned the Star as he watched her move her mouth up and down on his cock.

She slid her lips off his cock and thrust her breasts out, bending his big dick to rub the head around her breasts, teasing her nipples with it, jacking him off as she marveled at the size of his meat.

"Suck my balls." he whispered.

She pointed his cock at the ceiling and leaned in to tongue one large orb into her mouth, sucking gently while she continued jacking him off with a steady rhythm. She let his testicle slide out of her mouth and took the other one, rolling it back and forth in her mouth, tonguing it so that he would give her a lot of cum.

She found that playing with a man's balls always gave him a bigger load and she liked a lot of cum. She liked seeing it spurt all over her, especially on her breasts. Men loved cumming on her breasts. In college she had let her boyfriend talk her into letting him and three of his friends jack off on her. It was a frat party and the guys had practically worshipped her boobs. There was a contest to see who had the biggest cock and they had talked her into showing her breasts so they could all get hard. She had been turned on by having four guys jack off while looking at her tits. She was drunk, of course, or she would never have agreed to let them beat off on her breasts. The sight of all that sperm being squirted onto her boobs almost made her cum.

She finished sucking the Star's balls and slid her tongue up the underside of his cock, lapping the head for awhile before plunging her mouth down over it, stuffing her face full of cock. He had his hand on the back of her head now and she knew he would cum soon. She bobbed her head a little faster and he started to fuck her mouth as well. She looked up at him, saw he was getting close and slid her mouth off him.

"Don't cum in my mouth, okay? Do it on my boobs, awright?"

He nodded and she took his cock into her mouth again, sucking at the head before sliding her lips down the shaft again. He fucked her face in short strokes, not wanting to choke her, and then he pulled out. She pushed her big breasts toward him, expecting his load there, but he was holding her by the hair, jacking himself off as he began spurting long streams of thick, white sperm onto her face. She tried to turn away, but he held her still, pushing his cock closer to her face, now, globs of cum splattering her lips and chin, arcing across her face, leaving rivulets from chin to forehead. She gasped, opening her mouth and taking a thick spurt on her tongue, then another. She pushed the goo from her mouth and it oozed down over her chin, hanging in long strings down to her breasts. Still he kept cumming and she had to close her eyes to keep from being blinded as she felt more and more cum splattering her. And then he was rubbing his cock around and around on her face, wiping her lips with it, smearing warm cum across her chin and up over her cheekbones. She opened her eyes and saw him staring down at her, slack-jawed, drained. He lifted his massive cock and let it fall wetly on her mouth. He pushed it past her lips and she tasted his cum, a tart, almost lemony flavor that reminded her a little of her boyfriend's cum.

"Suck." he said.

She sucked reflexively at his cock, felt more cum ooze from the head onto her tongue. She sucked until he pulled free of her mouth. She took his cock in her hand again and spit his cum onto it, letting it slide from her mouth, onto the head before pushing it around with her tongue, and then wiping it on her face. He collapsed against the desk and looked down at her, face smeared with cum, her big breasts streaked with it as well. She was working her hand beneath her mini, getting her fingers inside the waistband of her panty-hose and panties, fingering her hot puss, feeling the sloppy wetness there, finding her clit, torturing it, wanting to cum.

He watched her finger herself. "Wow." was all he could say. He turned, putting his cock away as the door opened and the Director and Producer came into the room. She looked over at them, not caring what it meant, wanting only to cum.

The two men were taking their cocks from their pants and she looked over at them.

"Fuck me," she gasped, still working her fingers around her pussy.

The Director was standing over her now. "Look at those tits ...."

The Producer stood there, stroking his cock. "Jeez, did he have to cum all over her like that?" The Star was already out the door.

"C'mon ..." The Director pulled her to her feet and pushed her against the desk, her back to both men. He pulled her skirt up, exposing her panty-hose and panties. He tore them downward with a quick jerk and she thrust her ripe ass back at him.

"Make me cum." she groaned. She reached back with both hands and spread her cheeks so that they could see her wet pussy and her tight little asshole. He slid his cock up and down between the cheeks of her ass and felt her wetness.

"Whoa, she's nice and wet liked sucking that horse-cock, didn't you, babe?"

"Fuck my puss." she groaned. "Fuck it ...make me cum ...please ...just make me cum."

He guided his cock to the distended lips of her pussy and shoved it inside her. She yelped when he entered her and tried to get off his cock, but he held her to him and began fucking her in hard, quick thrusts. She arched her back, trying to find a position that was less uncomfortable, her breasts coming up off the desk so that they jiggled with each stroke from the Director's cock. She leaned onto her elbows and squeezed her tits together, pinching her nipples between her fingers. It didn't take him long before he began shooting inside her. She gasped when she felt his cum coating her pussy and then he was sliding out of her.

"No, not yet ...not yet ...keep doing it ...fuck me ...fuck me." She felt the Producer's hands on her hips, felt him spreading her cheeks. Cum was oozing from her pussy and he commented on it.

"No way I'm gonna go in there after you." He spread her cheeks wider and pushed the head of his cock against the tight little hole above her puss.

"No, don't ..." she whimpered. "Do my puss ...put it in my puss!"

He pushed hard and the head of his cock popped through the resistant ring of flesh. She arched her back again and almost screamed. He held her hips and forced his cock into her ass inch by inch until he was all the way up to his balls. She shook her head back and forth, her boobs moving with her. The Producer began fucking her ass in a steady cadence, pushing his cock all the way in, dragging it almost all the way out, his hips smacking her buttocks so that they jiggled and shook.

"Anybody ever fuck you in the ass before?" he wheezed. She groaned in reply and he reached around to find her clit with his hand, rubbing it for her so that she began to fuck her ass back at him, taking him all the way up inside her. He worked his hips faster and faster, plundering her tight ass. She grunted with each stroke and gritted her teeth as her orgasm began to spread throughout her body, great warm waves of electricity coursing through her as she spasmed again and again, her ass milking the cock inside her as he began shooting his load into her butt. She felt his hot cum splatter her insides and moaned so loudly that it alarmed the people in the outer office. Her knees gave way, then and his cock slid out of her cum soaked ass as she dropped to the floor , too weak to move. She stayed like that for almost five minutes, the cum drying on her face and breasts. She felt more sperm oozing from her ass and was too weak to wipe it away.

Finally she looked up and saw both men standing on either side of her. They were stroking their cocks again and she knew they weren't finished with her.

"C'mon ..." said the Director, pulling her toward his cock, the head pressing against her lips. She was too weak to resist and simply opened her mouth to let him push it in. She tasted her own pussy mixed with cum and cockmeat. She sucked him for a minute and then the Producer wanted her, so she turned to take his cock between her lips. She tasted the muskiness of her ass on his cock and her face contorted. The Director pulled her back to his cock, then and she sucked him again. They took turns with her mouth, using it as a substitute cunt, and she sucked willingly, wanting it to end. She held both cocks in her hands and jacked them off, her mouth sliding over one, up and down, licking and sucking, and then sliding over the other. The Director came first, shooting his cum in her mouth. She held her head still while she pumped his cock, holding the spurts in her mouth, trying not to swallow. He finished cumming and she let his jizz ooze out over her lower lip, let it slide down her chin so that it landed thickly on her breasts.

The Producer was next, he held her with his hand under her chin, tilting his face up as he jacked off in front of her. She closed her eyes and waited. His cock erupted, cum splattering her face once more, warm goo sliding over her lips and then it was, finally, over.

Later, on location, she would suck off the Star again, but only for fun and because she was bored after eight weeks away from home. She liked looking at his big cock, liked the way it felt in her hand when she jacked him off, liked the thickness in her mouth and the cum ...lots of it, spurting all over her. She even took a load in her mouth, swallowing it for him. They took a Polaroid's of her sucking him off, something she could take home with her. A picture of his cock in her mouth. They did it in front of a mirror ...her on her knees, big tits hanging heavily beneath her. A shot of him cumming in her face. One of her breasts streaked with his cum. One of her face tilted up, mouth open, that big cock seemingly suspended over her, a thick string of white sperm oozing into her mouth. Memories. Unfortunately, her boyfriend found these photos and their relationship took a new turn. But that's another story.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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