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The Ambassador Club Pt. I
by English Bob
 and Dayna Jo

After showering Joanne checked her computer. The e-mail down loaded and she read:

*We know you. We know your family and where you live. For your own safety, read your instructions and follow them without question....

Call your office and tell them you are sick for a few days. Put on a light summer dress that comes no lower than your mid thigh. DO NOT put on any underwear. Wear high heeled shoes over bare feet. NO Hose or stockings. You will require nothing else. A car will collect you at precisely 10am. DO NOT keep us waiting.*

She read the e-mail again and again not quite understanding. What should she do? Was this just a joke? The sinister undertone in the letter made her think otherwise. Still wearing her robe, Joanne decided she had better comply with her instructions, there had been a spate of mugging's and attacks in her neighbourhood recently and she wondered if this may be connected in some way. She felt not a little frightened as she selected a light summer dress from her closet, and perhaps just a little naughty (and excited?) as she felt the material of the garment caress the bare skin of her breasts and lower regions unprotected by her usual underwear.

After making the call to her office, she waited downstairs for 10am to arrive. She contemplated how the sender had got hold of her e-mail address. Joanne was 36 and had been married for 10 years. That time had been a happy one, and had produced two lovely daughters. Although she felt that she was still attractive, working out regularly to keep her body trim and firm, sex with her husband John had degenerated into a once monthly situation. In order to attempt to satisfy her unfulfilled sexual desires, she had taken to using adult chat rooms on the Net and down loading erotic literature and pictures depicting female submission and bondage. She was unsure why this sort of material should excite her so, but once she had started she felt unable to stop. She assumed that this was how her e-mail address had slipped into the wrong hands.

At exactly 10am a black limo with darkened windows pulled up outside her suburban home. After a few seconds it became obvious that nobody was going to approach her to explain the situation or indeed leave the vehicle at all. Nervously, Joanne left her house and walked towards the vehicle. As she neared the limo, the back door popped open. With trepidation she peered and then climbed inside. As soon as she was in, the door slammed and locked and the driver pulled away. As Joanne sat down alone in the leather seat she noticed beside her a velvet blindfold with a message pinned to it and a drink. The message simply read "consume the drink and put on the blindfold". As she recalled the not so veiled threat of the e-mail, she again decided to comply with the orders and, after drinking the sweet liquid, slid the blindfold over her eyes. Within a few seconds Joanne started to feel drowsy and after a minute or so fell into a deep sleep....... . As Joanne's eyes cracked open she was confronted by pitch dark and quickly remembered the blindfold. She tried to reach out to release it but found, to her terror, that her wrists were bound. She could feel no movement and assumed that she was no longer in the car. But where was she?

The surface beneath her felt soft and comfortable like a bed or mattress. She tried to swing her legs off but realised with rising fear that they too were restrained. Images of some of her Internet down loads raced through her mind as she lay completely immobilised and waited. She tried to control her breathing as she listened for any sound that might give a clue as to her location but there was nothing apart from the quick beating of her heart and her gentle sobs as she began to cry.

After what seemed to be hours, but was probably no longer than 30 minutes, Joanne heard a door open. She heard voices, a man and a woman, as they seemed to approach her. A shocking thought suddenly hit her; although she could still fell that she was dressed, she remembered that she had not worn panties, and that with her legs bound, the people in the room would have little problem in seeing up her dress to her thighs and shaved vagina. As the voices approached ever nearer she began a futile struggle against her restraints.

The male voice spoke in a deep monotone "Do not struggle, it will only be worse for you".

As Joanne ignored his words and continued to attempt to pull her wrists and ankles free, she realised with a shock that he told the truth. She heard it before she felt it. A hiss or swish through the air immediately followed by an agonising pain shooting through her left breast. She screamed and began to sob uncontrollably as the blindfold was ripped away from her eyes. In front of her she saw a small, demure girl, younger than herself, naked apart from a leather collar around her neck to which had been attached a decorative metal chain. Holding the other end of the chain was an older man. He was around 6ft with dark hair. He wore only a pair of running shorts and sandals and in his other hand Joanne saw the instrument of her torture. The long black riding crop seemed to twitch before her eyes. It appeared to be made of bound leather and tapered to a thin point at the end.

"You will soon learn not to disobey instructions" the man intoned "Or you will meet with further pain". He continued "You are being held at The Ambassador Club. It is unlikely that you will have heard of us before. We have been watching you as we have other submissive's, and that is why you are here. You will obey all instructions given to you by any member here, male or female, for the duration of your stay. Should you disobey you will be punished" He held the crop in front of Joanne's eyes as if to punctuate his words. Turning to the other girl he continued:

"Strip her and bring her to the main room"

Joanne breathed a sigh of relief as the man turned and walked quickly from the room taking the crop with him. She turned to look at the girl who had raised her head for the first time since entering. "My name is May" said the girl "You were lucky, sometimes that master will beat a new girl several times before allowing her into the main room"

What the hell had she got herself into now? Joanne wondered as she looked at May through drying tears as she began to unbutton the front of Joanne's dress. "H..h..hey wait..." started Joanne. She could not believe that this was happening. No more than a handful of men had ever seen her naked, and certainly not another woman.

"Shhhhh" answered May "we have to be quick. The masters and mistresses are expecting us and they all carry the same crops. They are rarely wrong with their selection of new slaves. You must have strong latent submissive desires like the rest of us."

As May continued to strip Joanne's dress from her body, she could not resist letting her finger drift slowly and luxuriantly over Joanne's swollen left nipple. As she did, further pain shot through Joanne's body like an electric shock. But as her nipple was gently caressed, the pain began to dissolve and was replaced by a warm tingling sensation. Joanne groaned under her breath at her first experience of a woman's touch on her bare breasts. All too quickly the fingers were gone and Joanne felt her restraints being loosed. Now completely naked, Joanne swung her legs to the side of the bed. May was now behind her and she felt those cool fingers attaching something around her long slim neck. She panicked slightly as she felt buckles being tightened but decided that it would be better if she just let it happen. As May helped her stand, Joanne felt her own wrists being drawn behind her and fixed into padded handcuffs. May now walked in front of the still frightened Joanne and looked deeply into her eyes. Without warning, May pulled Joanne's head towards her and kissed her full on the lips. It was a long sensuous kiss, and as May's tongue danced into Joanne's mouth, she could not resist and returned the kiss. After several seconds, the two women, breathlessly broke their embrace and wordlessly May led Joanne from the room.

The main room was large and dimly lit by concealed lighting as May and Joanne entered and both knelt awaiting their instructions. Joanne could make out about thirty men and women. The male club members all wore the same running shorts that the man with the crop had worn and the female club members wore robes. The other women in the room, obviously the submissive's, were naked save for the black leather collar's and chains. Within a few seconds, a tall African looking man beckoned towards Joanne and May. Ignoring Joanne, he spoke to May in matter-of-fact voice.

"I wish you to caress me with your lips. The other slut may support my legs. Ensure that she knows what to do."

May helped Joanne to her knees in front of the man, now sitting in a comfortable leather chair. Carefully and gently she lifted the master's legs so that each of his ankles were resting on Joanne's shoulders. When May was happy that the position was correct, she slowly began to unbutton the fly of his shorts. Joanne watched as May's hand went gently inside of his shorts and released his penis. The man laughed quietly as Joanne gasped at the size of his cock. It was easily the largest she had seen standing erect from his fly at around 11 inches. Joanne could not keep her eyes off the throbbing erection before her as May slowly wrapped her small hand around its girth and guided it towards her mouth. The mans eyes closed and a low moan escaped his lips as May's tongue darted out and licked the tip of his cockhead. She swirled her tongue over the huge, black, mushroom shaped head as it slowly disappeared into her mouth. Joanne could feel the man's legs tense on her shoulders as May deep throated him, bringing little gasps and moans to his lips every time her throat contracted around his penis. As May's sucking grew more intense, Joanne felt the man move his legs slightly so that his bare feet were now pressing down heavily on her shoulders, and then sliding down to her breasts. With her wrists still locked behind her, she had a little trouble keeping her balance and back straight as his toes flicked over her sore nipples.

May's mouth was now flying up and down his huge black cock as Joanne watched, aware that her nipples were getting harder and harder. The master's face was contorted in ecstasy, his eyes closed as he neared his orgasm. Joanne heard him groan deeply and saw May's throat bulge as his cum pumped into her mouth. The man kept his hand firmly pressed down on top of May's head as jet after jet spurted into her mouth, down her throat and began to seep from the side of her lips and onto her breasts forming small white pools. As his orgasm subsided and he released the pressure on her head, May pulled her breast up towards her mouth. Joanne watched amazed as May's long red tongue darted out to her nipple and licked up the cum that had gathered there, swallowing it with a look of satisfaction. When she had finished, May bowed her head demurely in front of her master and thanked him for allowing her to please him. The man tucked his softening penis back into his shorts and looked at Joanne. "That was your first lesson little slut. You must make your entire body available for any club member to use whenever and however they so please."

Joanne bowed her head as she had seen May do "Yes master" she replied.

The man informed Joanne that, although she had not really been involved too much in his enjoyment of May's lips and throat, she would be expected to be an active participant in the next activity; the Slave Race. With a satisfied smile on his face, he quickly explained the rules to her. Six slaves would be lined up on all fours at one end of the room. On the command they would crawl across the deep pile carpet to the opposite wall. The winner would be the one to reach the other wall first. Joanne didn't see a particular problem with this, until the man mentioned that each slave would traverse the room with a lighted 10 inch candle inserted into their vagina!! Joanne looked horrified, as with a laugh, he further explained that if the candle fell out or got extinguished during the course of the race, that slave would be deemed to have been careless and would be punished. Joanne was selected to race along with five other slaves, and took her position at the *start line*

As she looked to her right and left, Joanne glanced at the other slaves. Each had assumed a position on their knees, with their chests pressed into the floor, their arms still shackled behind their backs. Joanne followed their lead and layed her chest to the floor, the soft carpet caressing her burning nipple. "Prepare them!" commanded the larger black master. Joanne watched as two of the robed women and 3 of the men approached the slaves from behind. May assumed a position behind Joanne. And then Joanne felt the soft, moist, warm mouth of May on her pussy. Each of the slaves were being treated to a tongue bath to prepare their pussies for the candles. Joanne had never had her pussy eaten by a woman. She couldn't believe the sensation. May was soft and slow and knew exactly where to run her tongue, when to push and when to flick. Joanne approached orgasm more quickly than in all her married years. She wanted to moan aloud but none of the other slaves made a sound. Best to remain silent. May continued her magic, and Joanne gushed with excitement...her body began to tingle and a warm flush washed over her chest and neck.

"The new slave must be equalized...bring on the Equalizer!" Shouted the black master, startling Joanne. What ever did he mean?

Suddenly, May's mouth retreated from Joanne's aching pussy. Joanne tried to look over her shoulder but a stern look from the master quickly stopped her motion. She felt the presence of someone behind her, kneeling at her hips. And then she heard the familiar sound of a zipper being lowered. What the hell is going on? What is an equalizer? And then the pain hit her as a mammoth cock was driven into her pussy with one huge push. Someone, or something, was fucking her pussy like a possessed demon. Hands grabbed her hips and pulled her hard onto this ravaging cock as it pounded deeply into her pussy. With each stroke it seemed to pull her inside out and then push her back again. The cock was immense, larger than anything she had ever experienced...and the owner was ruthless, hammering away at her pussy with reckless abandon.

The pain was intense and Joanne tried to cry out, but a second cock appeared from out of nowhere and was stuffed into her mouth, stifling any attempts to cry out.

The cocks pounded her in unison, pushing in together and pulling out together. And then she felt the familiar shuddering and contractions of the man pounding away at her pussy. Joanne knew he was going to cum...he was going to fill her pussy with his semen. And that's when it became clear what the master meant when he called for the equalizer. Joanne's pussy was now stretched and the hell would she keep a candle in her cunt while crawling across the floor. This wasn't fair. In her thoughts, she had momentarily forgotten about the cock driving into her throat, until it too came, gushing deep into her mouth...she tasted the salty mixture and forced herself to swallow, knowing this was her only option. Relieved that the men had finished using her, Joanne waited for the candle, but instead, another man took position behind her and drove his prick deep into her cavity. Once again she was being fucked hard and once again a cock was pushed into her mouth. Joanne tried to keep her balance as the two cocks used her over and over...her legs began to fatigue as she supported all her weight on both knees, her arms still locked behind her. As these two men came, they were replaced by a third pair, and then a fourth pair. Finally, after the 6th pair of men took turns fucking her and filling her pussy with their semen, the master announced that the race could begin. Joanne could feel the cum running down the insides of her thighs...and her thighs burned from fatigue trying to remain upright during all the pounding. Her throat burned and her stomach felt sick from all the cum she had swallowed. She hadn't been equalized, she had been handicapped to lose. This was all part of the plan.

Joanne wanted to cry, but there was no time.

"Place the candles" instructed the master.

Joanne could barely see with her peripheral vision as May and the others approached the slaves from behind. Joanne barely felt as the long slender candle was inserted into her pussy. She knew it was in deep based on the amount of cum that gushed from her pussy and down her legs, some of it hitting the floor with an audible spat.

"Light the candles" instructed the master in a calm, quiet voice.

Joanne heard the flick of a match and then felt the warmth of the flame near her anus. She was afraid May might burn her if she wasn't careful. As the candle was lit, Joanne could feel the warmth of the small flame...the damned candle was buried to the hilt into my pussy, she realized.

Joanne realize the dilemma...keep the candle deep in her pussy and risk being burned by the flame, or let the candle slide out and risk dropping the candle. Neither option was attractive.

"Release the slaves' hands!" shouted the master, startling Joanne with the booming of his voice.

May unlocked Joanne's hands and she gratefully placed her upper body weight onto her hands. Just as she was trying to recover and regain her strength the master shouted again:


And the race began. Joanne was slow to react and realized that she was already a full body's length behind the slaves on either side of her. Joanne lurched forward, trying in vain to squeeze her pussy tight and hold the candle. But, with each move of her knee, the candle began to slide out...Joanne realized that her only hope was to crawl as fast as she could and hope for the best...she only made three more lunges with her knees when she felt the candle fell from her cunt.

A loud cheer broke out in the room...the men and women laughing and clapping...knowing that Joanne had quickly lost the race and must now face her next punishment. Joanne collapsed to the floor crying...

To Be Continued...


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