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The Adventures of the
Designated Slut Pt. I

by Samuari

On the road at last! I thought that we'd never get everything put together so that we could leave town. Deposit the kids at their various places for the weekend, waiting for the brownies to bake, and then cool so that they could be cut and put into Baggies. Cathy had to dress, and get packed. I had to service the car, but we made it, and now we're on our way.

She looks so good siting there, my sexy girl, her brown eyes flashing the way they do when she's excited. Cat's wearing my favorite shirt, with the tails tied together to hold it closed, sort of, and a wrap around skirt that she can adjust to show a lot of thigh. Every now and again, she moves just right, so that I can catch a glimpse of the fine gold chains that connect her nipples. God, she looks so sexy.

"These brownies sure are good," Cat says as she reaches for another one. She reaches out to find a hard rock station on the radio, and exposes her whole breast to me. She starts to move to the beat of the driving music, a sure sign that she's starting to get turned on, and that the brownies are working their magic. She looks so happy sitting there, her pinched nipples hardening from the friction of her shirt, her fingers seeking out all the stray crumbs, the chains keeping her reminded of the weekend's mission. Cat rubs herself with her arms, almost shyly.

"Sure you won't have one?" she asks.

"I'd love to, but you that we agreed that this weekend I would be the designated driver, and would limit myself to a glass of wine with diner." I love the way Cat loses her inhibitions when she gets stoned on pot or booze. She can get really wild, and I can't protect her if I'm wasted, too. And as much as I hate to admit it, my performance just isn't as good, either.

"So, does that make me: the designated slut?" she laughs. "I'm getting really turned on, do we have to wait 'till we get there? I'm horny now." She slides around in her seat to face me more directly, and her skirt opens further. She spreads her legs wide and drops a hand to explore her glistening lower lips, nested in her closely trimmed pussy

"I do, but you don't," I smile reaching down to stroke her thigh. "Your dildo is in the glove box."

"You think that you're so smart! ... Well, maybe later." She reaches inside her shirt to rub her breast, and pulls the chain. Just then a red SUV passes us, and slows down.

"Busted!" I laugh. "Do you want to lose them, or give them something to see? What does the designated slut want?"

"Oh, let's see what happens." We pass them slowly and the young driver looks down at Cat through the open sunroof. The angle is just good enough to tease him, but he can't quite make out the details. (After all the show was intended for my benefit.) Cat looks him over, smiles, and licks her lips. Her fingers are flying across her clit, now. She unties the knot holding her shirt closed, and exposes her breasts to all of us.

The SUV now comes up on the left side and keeps pace with us. The passenger, a teenage boy is all but hanging out his window. Cat opens the glove box and takes out the ten-inch plastic cock that I put there. Now with one hand in her cunt, and one on her breasts, Cat is the very picture of wanton self-lust. She is getting close. "Oh Sam, I going to come in front of these strangers, and it feels so good. Oh here we go, here we go. AAAARRAHHHH!" Cat's eyes glaze over as she freezes in place.

"Do you see that?" The SUV passenger is holding up his cum covered hand!

Cat smiles at him and takes the dildo out of her cunt at starts to lick the juices off. "Well, I have to clean it, don't I?" She says as I groan. After the plastic cock is clean and back in the glove box, Cat offers me her fingers. I greedily suck them clean. I love her taste!

Cat decides that the show is over, ties he shirt closed, and crosses her legs. The SUV gets the hint, and takes the next exit. I watch them cross over to go back the way we came, a good thing as I did not want them to know that our motel was close. I find our exit and pull into the motel parking lot, and go into register.

To Be Continued...


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