The Best Erotic Stories.

The Adventures of the
Designated Slut Pt. II

by Samuari

(In part one, Cat has just entertained two guys by exposing herself and having a powerful orgasm while they watched. We arrived at the motel for our weekend out.)

After registering, I notice that she is very focused on something in the distance. Her eyes are half closed, her breathing is shallow and rapid, and her fingers are flying across her clit. Even though she is trying to be discreet she is very close, again. "Oh, you poor baby! You haven't come yet. Go park behind that Dumpster". She worked on my belt and zipper. When my pants were open, she reached in for my cock and started to suck it.

As soon as I put the car into park, she reached across me and found the power seat control and pushed the seat back as far as it could go. "I need to be fucked! Right now!" She climbed on to my lap, worked my cock into her cunt and began to pump me, rotating her hips. I reached into her shirt and pulled a nipple into my mouth. It was ice-hard. I untied her shirt to fully expose her breasts.

Just then, a woman came out of the restaurant back door, with that 'caught in the headlights' look. Cat's tits were bouncing up and down with her efforts at riding me. There was no doubt about what she was doing. She was having one hell of a good ride, loving every bit of it. "We've got company. There is a woman looking at you. She's reaching down and pulling up her skirt. Oh, she's puling her panties aside, and found her clit. She fingering herself." Cat reached out and found the chains connecting her nipples and put them into her mouth and pulled. I lost it and shot my load into her cunt. The woman form the restaurant found this too much also, and gave into an orgasm.

"I need to come", Cat said. "I need to be fucked".

"Ok, let's get to our room."

As luck would have it, our room was in the back of the complex, with speed bumps every twenty feet. Cat was in agony; delightful agony. It hurt soooo good! "Hurry, Oh my God!" Every speed bump was a crisis, but I found a parking space close to the door. " We're upstairs, run."

We ran up the stairs, she was working on her skirt as we ran down the hall, she ran right past our room in her haste. I was able to get the door open before she burst in, naked now. She pulled me in, " Fuck me, fuck me now"! She fell to her knees, yanked my belt off, fumbled with my zipper, and pulled my cock out through my boxers. She knew just how to work me to get me hard. When she decided that I was close enough, she threw herself over the bed, and ordered me to fuck her. "Oh yeah! So good, so good, your hard cock is so very good. Fuck me, fuck me hard. Harder, harder. Ohhhhh, Ahhhh.

Finally, Cat was calm at last, splayed on the bed with her cunt lips wide open, a pussy licker's dream. I closed the door, took off my shirt, and started to feast, on her very wet cunt. I started with little nibbles around her outer lips, to get her attention. Then I began to lick up and down the swollen inner lips, gather all the juice that I could find. Cat is now really getting into it, moving against my face. She started bucking so hard that I had to use all my strength to hold her in position. When she came again, she let lose a flood of juice, and finally bucked me out of the saddle.

"Thanks lover, that was wonderful", she smiled, rolled over and went to sleep.

I watched her for a few minutes while I caught my breath. I tuned back the bed and finished getting Cat undressed. When I rolled her over onto the sheet, I saw that her nipple chains were off on one side, so I gently freed the other nipple before I covered her up. I kissed her cheek, and went down stairs to fetch our bags.

To Be Continued...


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