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The Bath
by SpecialK

Note to the Reader: This is one of those stories that wrote itself. It came about in a matter of hours one evening. It encompasses my fondness for romance and my fetish for anything wet.

Sue finally arrived home about 9 p.m. that evening. She was so tired and weary that she wondered how she had managed to drive home. Every muscle in her body was tense and aching. Even her hair ached from being shoved too tightly and hastily in a clip more than 14 hours before.

She dropped her briefcase to the floor, slipped out of her shoes and flopped ungracefully to the couch.

"Sweetheart, you look really wiped out." Mike said, coming into the living room. He crossed the room to kneel at her feet, taking one gentle ankle onto his lap to massage it with his hands.

"It was a very grueling day," was all she managed to mumble in reply.

After determining that Sue had managed to grab a bite to eat somewhere along the way, he picked her up and carried her to their bedroom, placing her gently on the edge of the bed.

"Don't move. I'm going to run you a bath." Mike disappeared long enough to start the taps and return to begin to undress her.

First he undid the button to the gray blazer, slipping it off her shoulders and down her arms. Next Mike undid the buttons of the pale pink blouse and slipped it along her arms as well, gently caressing her collarbone and shoulders as he went.

Sue closed her eyes, the stresses of her day becoming less and less important. Slowly the stressed grimace that had been on her face began to change to a weak but contented smile. Ah sweet Mike, he was so good to her. He always managed to know just what she needed. She smiled more, loving how he always took care of her.

Mike undid the clasp to her bra next, and it followed the path off her shoulders and down her arms. He could not take his eyes off his tired but always desirable wife. Tonight though, his hormones were still under control. She was simply too exhausted. And as long as that was the case, he would play lady's maid and nothing more.

He placed gentle kisses along her forehead and temples as he reached behind her to undo her skirt. Then he gently pulled her to her feet and nudged her skirt over her hips and to the floor. The pantyhose and panties came off next in one easy motion as he slipped his hands from her hips, over her thighs and down her legs. Sue stepped out of her clothing remains and Mike lead her to the tub.

The air in the bathroom was moist and warm and fragrant from the bubble bath. She stepped one foot into the huge tub and gasped at the hot, steamy water. She slipped the other foot in and sat down slowly. She sighed as she felt the hot, wetness of the bath seep into her pores and instantly begin to work its calming magic. A good bath was always so much more than water and suds.

Mike returned at about the same time that Sue was conscious of soft music filling her ears. He had left her to go put on a soothing classical CD while she had gotten in the tub. He had also stripped out of his clothes.

He stepped into the tub behind her and sat down, his legs encircling her body. His hands reached up to let her hair out of the clip at the crown of her head and watched the beautiful brown tresses tumble over her shoulders, the ends just dipping into the bath water. He ran his fingers through her hair, massaging her scalp and gently untangling the strands. Sue closed her eyes and moaned dreamily, leaning back against him.

"That feels so good," she exclaimed. He shushed her.

He tilted her chin up and began with the hand shower, wetting her hair. Next he took the shampoo and poured a generous dollop in his palm. He began to suds up her hair, massaging her scalp and working up a good lather. He continued to shampoo her hair, even though it wasn't dirty enough to require a vigorous cleaning. Sue felt shivers run throughout her entire body simply from feeling Mike's hands shampooing her hair. She moaned dreamily.

Mike smoothed the strands away from her face and then began a slow gentle massage of her neck and shoulders. His hands slipped easily over her wet and sudsy skin. He dipped a shower puff in the water and then added body wash to it. He gently and slowly washed her neck and shoulders and then her back. Sue shivered, partially from the cold air against her wet skin, but mostly from the wonderful feelings Mike's touch on her skin caused. Gradually Mike moved the puff along one arm and then the other. Sue leaned back against his chest and murmured contentedly.

Mike meanwhile, felt intoxicated by her wet nearness. Peeking over her shoulders he could see her breasts bobbing in the water, the nipples concealed by bath bubbles. He felt the first stirrings of arousal and looked away, trying to calm his hormones before they got carried away.

Mike lifted Sue over his leg so he could turn around and wash her legs. He grabbed one leg and lifted it out of the water, running the sudsy puff from her toes to her knee and back again.

"Hey, that tickles!" Sue giggled as he ran the puff up the bottom of her foot and then to the back of her knee. He massaged her calf and the bottom of her foot with greater attention than he had initially. Then he gave her other leg the same treatment.

While Mike had hoped that washing his wife's legs would calm his hormones, the activity had not produced his desired result. Watching the shower sponge as it traveled over the curves of her legs had done little to discourage his libido. Now, his manhood had begun to respond and was just waiting for the smallest touch to rise to full attention.

He moved Sue's legs over his and around his body, moving forward between them. Looking into her face, she looked calm, her eyes heavy-lidded and dreamy. A slow, easy smile curved at her lips. He ignored her beckoning look and resumed washing her legs, the puff now moving from her knee down her thigh towards her waist.

Sue sat up and tried to reach for him but he stopped her in time by grabbing her hand and putting the shower puff into it. Then he guided her hands along her thigh, washing her skin. He looked up from their hands and her thigh to catch her staring at him.

"You do know what you are doing to me, don't you?" she asked softly.

"Well, my goal was to relax you with a soothing bath." he replied with a smile. He knew. Heck, he was more turned on by it all than she was!

"Mmmmn. Yes, you have done that. And more."

He ignored her voice and resumed running their hands along her body, now slipping to the inside of her thigh. While his fingers could reach out to caress her womanhood at every pass, he refrained, choosing instead to just brush against it before forcing their hands to retreat. When he made them switch to the other thigh, starting at the outside again, she grumbled aloud. He chuckled softly.

"Patience darling. I'm not nearly done yet." He smiled. Patience, heck. He had no idea where his patience was coming from. All he wanted to do was sink himself into her right then and there.

While Sue had been in a pleasant state of relaxation when Mike had been washing her hair and massaging her back, when he had moved around to wash her legs, and then her thighs, she could feel herself heating up and wanting more. She never had much patience for foreplay. As they caressed her thighs she found herself wanting him to caress the more intimate parts of her - her breasts, her womanhood. This sweet torture was going to kill her!

As they made their way up Sue's inner thigh, she tried to encourage Mike to touch her nether lips. He stubbornly swept their hands back down again.

Sue groaned. "Mike, you're driving me crazy!" He grinned. His wife was always such a quick starter.

He pulled her closer and she eagerly wrapped her legs around him. "But I'm not nearly through yet, sweetheart. For example, there is this whole upper part I haven't even washed yet." He gave her a cocky grin.

Sue had no reply but instead gave him her best lustful stare. He laughed and kissed her lips. Then he rubbed the shower puff across her collarbone and along the top of her breasts, following it with his eyes. He washed one breast with the puff while his hand cupped the other, his thumb flicking across her nipple. Sue sighed. Finally he started to give her the attention she craved. When the shower puff with it's slightly rough surface rubbed across her nipple she arched her back and jutted her breasts towards him.

Then he switched hands and washed her other breast, lightly pinching her clean nipple with his fingers. Sue took his face in her hands and kissed his lips, practically consuming them. His tongue melded with hers, dancing around their mouths. Her hands slipped down to grasp his hard manhood and guide it to fulfill her own longing. He entered her with one smooth stroke, groaning at the hot, tight sensation of her womanhood. Sue moaned, loving the feel of his hardness inside her, filling her to the depths.

Mike dropped the sponge now and wrapped his arms around her, his hands cupping her bottom and guiding their movements. Sue felt so pliant in his arms, relaxed yet eager. Her hands had found the shower puff and she rubbed it against his chest, scratching his nipples. She moved leisurely over his manhood. Sue liked it slow and deep at first, preferring to feel every ridge and vein of him. Meanwhile, it drove Mike crazy the way she seemed to "milk" him with her body in that slow, gripping way. He ran his hands along the her sides and was mesmerized as goosebumps appeared on her skin. Her body moved so fluidly, graceful and natural in this erotic dance. Mike reached down to tease her clitoris. Sue moaned and began to move against him with greater speed. The combination of Mike's manual stimulation and the water swirling around and between them as she moved was bringing her to her inevitable climax. Seeing and feeling Sue so close to her end was bringing Mike to his.

With a wail Sue's orgasm crashed over her like a tidal wave. Her womanhood squeezed Mike as she ground down over him, convulsing and panting. Mike thrust up a few more times and felt himself climax as well, his manhood emptying into her.

Only after they had both calmed down did they notice that the bath water had severely chilled. Sue reached around to pull the plug and Mike grabbed the hand shower to rinse themselves of the remaining suds.

"I feel revived and exhausted at the same time." Sue said as she sat on the bed and let her hair out of the towel turban. "I don't even want to think about the fact that I have another grueling day tomorrow." Sue continued with a scowl.

Mike sat behind her and began gently combing out the knots in her hair. "Well," he began, leaning in to kiss her neck. "You could skip the grueling day and go straight for the spectacular finish."

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