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Trudy: Day at the Office
by Richard Janice

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Returning to Trudy, he looked into her blue eyes and said, "I'm sorry about that, Trudy. It's that you are so sexy, dressed like this. I couldn't help myself." He placed his hand on her breast and squeezed the soft, full flesh gently through the thin, silky blouse. He could feel her warm nipple hardening under the palm of his hand.

"Mr. Wilson, you shouldn't do that!" Trudy said, her voice rising as she pushed his hand away and stepped back. Her swollen breasts jiggled wantonly under the thin silk.

"Please, Trudy, just let me look at them for a minute." he said as he reached for her bobbing breast again.

"No! Well------ maybe for just a minute." Trudy answered seductively, stepping back again.

" But, just for a minute, Mr. Allison." She added quickly as she slowly unbuttoned the loose blouse to her waist, watching Mr. Allison's face redden with excitement.

Her blouse opened to the waist; she pulled the wispy material aside to expose her full, suspended breasts. The brown nipples stood out hard and inviting on the pillows of soft, white titties. She placed each hand under a breast and pushed them together, forming a sensuously deep valley in between the buoyant, fleshy orbs.

"Do you like my titties, Mr. Allison?" she sang softly and pouted, as she looked down at her fleshy tits and lifted them slowly, one at a time, pressing it seductively against the other.

"Oh! Trudy, yes." he answered breathlessly, stepping forward and covering both of her soft tits in his hands.

"Oh! No, Mr. Allison." She teased, pushing him back. Trudy pulled the silk material over her swollen breasts as her soft, long blond hair shook about her face.

"You said look, not touch." She sang girlishly, as she again pulled the open blouse apart, allowing her fleshy titties to spring past the smooth material and bounce freely.

"Please Trudy, I'll give you anything." He begged breathlessly, his engorged cock aching for release.

"Why, Mr. Allison," she scolded. "What kind of girl do you think I am?" Trudy teased, as she pulled on her hard, brown nipples.

"I'll give you a hundred dollars, if you let me kiss your breasts." He said hurriedly, as he reached in his pocket and withdrew a one hundred dollar bill. He offered it to her.

"Well, maybe just a little." she said shyly, taking the bill in her hand. "But, just a little bit." she added, giggling softly.

Mr. Allison stepped up to her and bent over as she lifted a generous tit to his face. He sucked on the hardened nipple and pulled the warm, fleshy breast deep into his mouth. Then, reaching around her waist, he lifted the back of her little ruffled skirt and squeezed the warm fleshy globes of her naked ass, pulling her close into his body, tightly against his throbbing, erect cock.

Trudy moaned softly, becoming overwhelmed, as she felt his stiff cock pressed hard against her little pussy along with the wet sucking on her sensitive breast.

Trudy dropped down to her knees and unzipped his pants and opening his trousers, she pulled them down to his knees. Taking his erect cock and full balls in her hands she began licking the bulbous head with loving abandon, gently rubbing the two sacks of cum that swung gently below the base of his cock.

With a long wet lick, Trudy ran her tongue to the base of his monstrous organ. Trudy could feel his heart beat as it pulsed in his hard rod. With new interest, Trudy began polishing his cock with her own saliva. When it was good and soaked with her own saliva Trudy kissed its head once, twice and on the third time Trudy allowed it to penetrate her flaming pink lips. Slowly, Trudy swallowed the fleshy post until she could feel it press against the back of her throat. By working her head, a little sideways, and swallowing, Trudy allowed the cock to slide down her throat. Mr. Allison's uncontrolled moans told her that he liked every second of this as much as Trudy liked every inch of this hard cock. Trudy pulled away, kissed it again, and re-swallowed it (just to prove she could). Within seconds, Trudy was repeatedly swallowing his cock then pulling away looking at it.

Continuously hungry for variety, Trudy gently squeezed the base of his penis adding a rough lumpy surface to it as its veins bulged in response. Then Trudy slipped her other hand between his hairy legs and slowly worked her fingers between the cheeks of his ass. Trudy found his tight asshole and slowly began to penetrate it with her fingers, wiggling them to add excitement to the situation. Instantly his cock grew very rigid and the veins on it raked delightfully on the walls of her throat.

Only seconds had passed since Trudy had penetrated his asshole when his cock stood at attention and pulsed. Trudy knew what was next. She pulled away and jacked his throbbing tool. Trudy twisted and squeezed it around its purple head. To Trudy it seemed like an eternity before the second pulse. At the end of the second pulse, his wad of cum was just beginning to ooze from the end of his huge cock. Its white beauty was just poised there, waiting to be lunged her way. Trudy pulled far away and then zoomed in for a quick wet suck on the ample head of his cock. The third pulse came just as the head exited her pink lips, making the cock jump wildly and hit her nose. Trudy pulled away as fast as she could, to savor the view of his cum in flight. Still, seemingly in slow motion, Trudy saw his come begin to leave the hole in the end of his cock. A never-ending string of white cum ejected from his cock. It strung for a foot or more before landing on her waiting face. The slippery cum was hot and satisfying. A fourth pulse sent a huge wad into her opened mouth. A fifth and sixth pulse also painted her face and hair. A few faint pulses ended the glorious cum carnival. Trudy then rubbed his cum all over her face with his still rigid cock, then lovingly licked it clean.

Standing up again, Trudy turned as she buttoned her blouse and Mr. Allison watched her as she walked to the door of the office. Her little ruffled skirt bounced against her ass, as she unlocked the door to go to her adjoining office.

"That was really nice, Mr. Allison." She said sweetly, as she walked out through the open door.

It was about eleven when Mr. Allison walked out of his office and looked at Trudy, as he opened the door to the busy street.

"Trudy, I have to go to a luncheon with a couple attorneys, and I won't be back until about two." he said, as if nothing had happened between them.

"OK, Mr. Allison, I'll stay here for lunch, and take care of the office while your gone." Trudy answered, looking up from her typewriter, as he stepped out the door.

Trudy continued typing, as her thoughts drifted back to what happened in Mr. Allison's office this morning. She wondered if Mr. Allison had insisted, would she have let him screw her, there, in the office. She really enjoyed the excitement on Mr. Allison's' face as she exposed and seductively rubbed her tits for him and sucked him off.

Trudy was getting wet, and felt the moisture building up in her uncovered pussy, as she thought about Mr. Allison. She put her hand between her delectable, bare thighs and pushed under her short skirt to the soft skin at her pussy. Trudy gently stroked her little pussy, under the skirt, and inserted her finger into her little, wet opening. Suddenly, the ringing of the telephone, on her desk startled her.

"Mr. Allison's' office, This is Trudy. May I help you?" She said politely, her finger glistening, wet from her pussy.

"Uh, Trudy? This is Scott." The man's voice on the phone answered.

"Oh, hello Scott. How did you know where I work?" She asked, as she remembered how she had sucked on his huge cock last night, and squirmed on her naked skin, pushing her ass into the soft cushion of her chair.

"I called Ginger and she told me how I could reach you." He explained. "Hope you don't mind that I called you like this, but, I thought you would, maybe, have lunch with me." He said in a quiet voice.

"Oh Scott, I'd love too, but I can't leave the office. Mr. Allison will be out until two and I can't leave until he gets back." Trudy told him.

"Well, how about, I pick up something, and bring it over there. We could get a bite to eat and you wouldn't have to leave." he asked, hopefully.

Trudy thought for a minute and agreed to meet Scott at her office in fifteen minutes. Hanging up the phone she put her finger back on her, still, wet pussy and rubbed the soft skin gently as she thought about Scott's big cock, and how it tasted coming in her mouth, last night.

Scott arrived carrying a bag of food from the nearby deli. Trudy was at her desk and stood up to greet him as he walked in briskly.

"Hi, Trudy. You look great today." He said as he looked at the cute, yellow, ruffled skirt showcasing her slim, tanned legs. His cock stirred as he noted how her full, fleshy breasts peeked out, past the open neck of her clinging blouse.

He walked to her, stepping up to the highly polished floor. As he arrived at her desk, he looked at her legs, reflected against the shiny floor. The bare skin of her legs was visible, all the way up to her blond pussy, reflecting against the shiny floor. Scott could easily see she wasn't wearing any panties and the realization made his cock get hard as it bulged excitedly against his trousers.

"Thanks for bringing lunch." Trudy said, as she put her arms around his neck. She pressed her body to him, and felt his growing hardness against her belly. She breathed into his ear as she rubbed the hardened cock through his pants with her soft belly. She wanted to have Scott, and she was going to have a good time with him.

Trudy stepped back from the surprised, delighted Scott and took the bag of food from him. She turned around and placed the food on the desk. The sight of her little skirt ruffles swinging around the back of her soft thighs drove Scott crazy with lust.

"Scott, why don't you sit here in my chair. You can use the desk as a table." Trudy offered, her voice soft, like a whisper, as she sat on the end of the desk.

Trudy's long legs displayed in front of him, with her little skirt resting high on her soft, tanned thighs made him even hornier. He glanced at her swollen breasts, outlined in the clinging, yellow silk of her unbuttoned blouse. Her hard nipples pointed out seductively, against the thin material.

"Scott, do you like my legs?" she asked, almost whispering, as she noticed his gaze on her long, bare legs.

"Trudy, you have the most beautiful legs I've ever seen." Scott answered as he studied her luscious thighs at the hem of her little skirt.

Trudy swung her legs around so that he could see right up her little ruffles. She spread her soft, white legs apart and lifted them, resting each high heel on the arm of his chair. He stared at her little, blond pussy as she placed a finger on the narrow, pink slit, and slowly rubbed it up and down.

"Do you like to look up my skirt, ------- at my legs and my little pussy, Scott?" She asked girlishly, her mouth, sensuously opened.

She rubbed, back and forth, along the wet crack with her narrow finger, occasionally allowing the glistening digit to disappear in between the warm, wet folds of her pussy.

"Scott, will you please show me your cock?" she asked him, as she brought her finger out of the succulent, pink folds. She put it in her mouth, and began to suck on her finger as if it were a cock.

Scott got extremely excited as he watched the petit, blond-haired beauty sitting on the desk, her legs raised up and spread apart so he could see her naked, open vagina. He watched her as she sucked, teasingly, on her finger. Scott reached into his now, opened zipper and took out his big, hard cock. He began stroking it, as he looked up her skirt. She closed her legs, and let them dangle off the desk.

"Do you like to look up my skirt, at my legs, --- and my little pussy?" Trudy asked him, as she leaned back on her hands and again, spreading her legs apart, then closing them together again. Her skirt was up past her legs, exposing the blond hair on top of her little pussy. It was driving him crazy. Then, she slowly spread her legs again, her pussy opened to him, wet and inviting.

"Golly Scott, you have a big, hard cock." she told him, watching him stroke the firm shaft.

"Scott, would you mind if I asked you a question?" her finger disappearing into her pussy again.

Speechless, Scott nodded his head, yes.

"I wonder if you could maybe--- rub----- just the tip against my wet pussy ---a little.

Scott got up and laid his thick engorged organ in the light hair above her pussy. Rubbing it back and across the soft hair, his head got larger and very thick, leaving behind a thin band of lubricating wetness across the fine hair.

Trudy moaned as he rubbed his cock in her pubic hair and then he brought the swollen head down, along her open crack. Rubbing it up and down for a moment, he pushed against her, his cock gliding into her pussy, sliding easily through the slippery wetness.

Trudy pushed Scott back off her and his cock came out of her pussy, the hard shaft and purple head, soaked with her fluids. She sat up on the desk, grabbed his cock with one hand and cupped his balls in the other.

"Oh, no, Scott. You can't do that right now." She teased. "But if you want, you can kiss my little pussy, for a while." She told him, as she gently pulled on his cock.

Trudy laid back on the desk as Scott sat again, pulling his chair to her and he began to softly, lick the succulent, wet, hair covered crack. He pushed his tongue, separating the pliant lips and stroked the pink, wet skin up and down. As his tongue brushed the hard bud of her clitoris, he could feel the girl getting hotter. Her soft thighs rubbed the sides of his face while the ruffled hem of her short skirt brushed against his forehead.

This big man sucking and licking her pussy, making her gasp for air as he probed her with his hot tongue overwhelmed Trudy. She grabbed a handful of his hair as she came again and again under Scott's persistent, wet licking.

Sitting up again, Trudy reached for his wet cock and took it in her hands, gently tugging on the hot, engorged head.

"Do you want to stick that back in my little pussy, Scott?" She asked in a baby voice, lightly wringing the swollen head in her hand.

She rubbed the head of his cock softly, driving Scott crazy. Then she got off the desk and knelt down at Scott's feet. Picking up his huge, thick cock in her hands, she continued to gently massage the head.

"I was hoping you would call me, Scott." she told him as she flicked her finger over the sensitive hole at the tip of his enormous head. Then she licked the shaft of the cock from the base, along the engorged vein and across the head. Repeating the licking over and over, she rubbed his heavy balls and tugged them with her fingers until Scott grabbed her head. His strong fingers dug into her soft, blond hair and he pulled her face, hard, against his desperate erection.

Trudy pulled away, her pink lips, wet from kissing Scott's huge organ. Her long, blond hair hung softly over her small, pretty face.

"Scott, do you think it would be ok, if I sat on your lap?" she asked, smiling at the aroused man sitting in her chair.

Trudy stood up, turned and sat on his lap across his hard cock. Hidden under the little, yellow ruffles of her skirt, her wet pussy pushed against Scott's hot, wet cock. She wiggled on the hot, slippery tube and put her arm around his shoulder. Kissing him on the mouth, her wet tongue scrapped across his lips. She wiggled her little ass again, against the throbbing, hard penis. Then, she looked down as she opened another button on her blouse, and pulled the silky material away from her titties, letting the full, soft breasts jiggle past the silky border.

"My nipple is sooo sensitive." She cooed, as she pinched the hard knob and pulled on it. Letting it go again, the aroused nipple bounced back and bobbed on top of her big, soft titty.

"Wouldn't you like to suck on my little nipple for a while, Scott?" she asked, as she lifted her soft, succulent breast up to his face.

Scott bent to take the swollen nipple in his mouth as she wiggled her soaked pussy against his hot, wet cock. He sucked gently on her nipple as Trudy moaned softly.

Scott's cock jerked wildly and slipped into the open wet lips of her pussy while she wiggled and ground her little ass on him. She moaned, as she rocked on the inserted cock. The engulfed shaft sliding in and out of the hot wet channel brought Scott nearly to orgasm. Then she got up and stood in front of him, her little skirt was up past her hips. Scott looked longingly at her swollen, blond pussy lips.

"Scott, please do it from behind." she breathed. Her face was, soft and blond with red tinged cheeks, from her sexual excitement. Turning around, she bent over the desk, her exquisite, tantalizing ass completely naked. Her little yellow ruffles lay on top of her naked, upturned cheeks.

Scott stood up and squeezed her soft, little ass in his hands. He pushed his swollen cock against the wet, open, pink pussy, entering her easily. Sliding along the slippery wetness, deep into her, he rhythmically pumped the little pussy, rubbing her soft ass cheeks around in his hands. Then, he rammed his cock, deep into her, and pounded against her horny pussy again and again. He continued to ram her hot sex, faster and faster, until he suddenly stiffened, and with a loud moan, the ramming head of his cock exploded and gushed hot cum inside her.

Trudy moaned loudly as she felt Scott's cock pumping her and the sudden hot wetness of his gushing semen made her cum with him. The walls of her pussy closed in tightly, around the spurting cock and rhythmically pumped the jerking penis inside her.

After a minute, he withdrew his wet, spent cock and Trudy turned around again, facing him. She knelt down in front of him and very gently, sucked on his softening organ, while gently massaging his large balls.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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