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The Dream Reaper Pt. II
by Carl East

My first meeting with Abby, was an unbelievable experience, she was from another reality, or plain of existence, and had the ability to contact those on my side through her dreams. But more than that she was real, her dream state may or may not be how she appeared in real life, but her desires for sex, and other pleasures were as real as me. I had discovered her by accident, when she had dropped a brooch in my room, leading to my recording of the events that transpired during sleep. It was she who'd been giving me the wet dreams I'd had, although now I wasn't so sure you could call them dreams. She is a beautiful young woman, her white hair being the one feature that truly stands out. She stood at four foot, and was gorgeous to behold, her breasts larger than you would expect on such a petite body.

Tonight I had gone to bed early, knowing that I hadn't slept well in the past few days, mainly through waking up every half-hour with cum juice running down my thigh. Not that I was complaining you understand, I just knew that if I had an uninterrupted sleep I would probably sleep for eight to ten hours.

Pretty soon I was asleep, and looking forward to finding out what was in store tonight. Suddenly I heard Abby's voice, and I was in the meadow once more. Turning around, I found her running towards me her hair flaring back, being caught in the wind. Her breasts were moving in a delightful way, making me feel horny already.

"Hello Paul," she said approaching me," "are you alright."

I had to admire her imagination, for she wore a delightful little dress, which hugged all the right areas.

"Yes, I'm fine, and you?"

"Oh, I feel great, full of life and raring to go, does that sound silly?" She said.

"No, not at all, life is to short as it is, so you should enjoy it while you can." I said, philosophically.

She smiled, then grabbed my hand, and we ran down the meadow.

"I want to show you where I live." She said.

We stopped in a glade, which was very peaceful, then she waved her hand, more for theatrics rather than a need, but the surroundings changed. We were suddenly standing in a small village, which had a water-well in the centre, and was currently very active.

"These are my people, they are all dreaming at the moment, so you will find they can all talk to you." Said Abby.

I had to wonder why they should be dreaming of working in their own village, and I was about to say the same when Abby told me.

"If you're wondering why they are dreaming of their own village, when they could be exploring other places, it's because they are content with their lives, and do not feel they need to wander far." She said.

I looked closely at my surroundings, I'd expected to find them technologically advanced, but I couldn't even see street lights.

"Do you not have electricity here?" I asked.

"There is no need, we have the ability to keep it light in the village at all times," she replied.

"How?" I enquired.

"There is always someone asleep in the village, and they dream it's light, even for those that are awake." She said.

"Doesn't that become confusing, I mean how do you know who is asleep, and who is awake?"

"It used to be confusing, but now we dream of clothes we don't possess, so when you see someone wearing that type of clothing, you know they are dreaming." She said.

Simple yet efficient, I thought, following Abby into a building, I soon realised that dreaming was a way of life for these people.

"This is my home!"

I looked around; it was a nice tidy place, large enough for one, and cosy, with a fireplace in the centre. There were no doors however, just large alcoves, one being the kitchen and another being the bedroom. That's where I spotted Abby taking her clothes off, I stood watching, enjoying the show. She was lifting the dress up and over her head, revealing a most perfect figure, a tiny waist with slender arms and a bust that defied her proportions, big and rounded with large nipples. My cock stood to attention the moment I saw them, she smiled as she walked over to embrace me. Standing on tiptoe she kissed me, I placed my hands onto her slender waist, and kissed back. She then led me to the bed, but before we got on she asked me a question.

"Have you got any sexual fantasies?"

I didn't have to think very long about this one, for I had only ever had one true fantasy.

"I always wanted to have sex with two women at once, I suppose, like every other hot blooded male on my planet." I replied.

She smiled and raised her hand; a double of her stood next to me. When your lucks in it's in, I thought. They were identical in every way; my cock was so solid I could have smashed bricks with it. I undressed in such haste, that I tore the shirt I was wearing, that's when I realised just how complex these dreams really were. She could have made my imaginary clothes just disappear, but it felt more natural this way. We all got onto the bed, with me in the middle, and then their hands started to touch me all over. One of them immediately started to suck my hardened cock, while the other kissed me. I was in heaven, the feel of their bodies along with the smell and taste of their every being, couldn't have been more real. I couldn't help thinking that this was not going to last long, because normally whenever I ejaculated in my dreams, I would cum in reality and wake up. However, I seemed to be lasting a lot longer than normal, and started to wonder why. I could feel every touch of her tongue, both in my mouth and around my cock, and I was also feeling the excitement associated with such erotic stimuli. But I wasn't coming, in fact I fucked them both, twice, making them cum, and still I hadn't cum myself. Now I would be the first to admit that I am no stud, so I knew there was something wrong.

"Why haven't I cum yet Abby?" I suddenly asked.

"I have allowed you to enjoy all the pleasures associated with sex, but stopped you from coming, so that you can enjoy it for longer." She told me.

I thought about that for all of one second, then commenced in fucking them both for what seemed like hours. I had always wanted to last a long time, but found that I nearly always got too excited too quickly. When we had made love a number of times, I asked her if it was possible for me to actually travel here physically.

"Only the Dream Reaper could answer that question." She said.

"The Dream Reaper, who is that?" I asked.

"He, is the all knowing all powerful leader of my people." She replied, in a very serious voice.

"Can I see him?"

The next thing I know, we are suddenly both dressed and standing in front of another building. Abby knocked, and upon hearing a voice say enter, she opened the door and led the way. This house was very different to Abby's, it was darker for a start, with candles being the only light source, hundreds of them. We walked into what looked like a large hallway with pillars standing on both sides, running from one end to the other. There seated at the end was a small man, no bigger than Abby. He beckoned us forward, asking how he could be of service. Abby explained whom I was, then told him that I had a question.

"You may ask your question Paul." He said.

"First, thank you for seeing me," I said, feeling that I was in an important persons presence, "I would like to know, if it is possible for me to reach your plain of existence, in my true form, as opposed to my dream one."

"It is, but for you to enter our realm, you would have to undergo the dream quest." He said.

I turned to Abby with a look of an enquirer; she pulled me to one side.

"The dream quest, is a test of character, in order to ascertain weather or not the person going through it, is worthy of being accepted." She explained.

"What does it involve exactly?" I said.

The Dream Reaper answered that question, when he stood up and came over to join us.

"There are three forms of Dream Questing, the first that of bravery the second that of intelligence and a third which you may choose, but they must all relate in someway to your reasons for wanting this." He said.

I thanked the Dream Reaper, and informed him that I would make my decision shortly, both Abby and I then returned to her abode in an instant to discuss this further.

"If you would have me Abby, I would like to try this." I said, holding her hands.

"I would like you to be here for real, but there is a penalty for failing the quest." She replied.

"And that is?"

"I would never be able to contact you again, for the Dream Reaper would deem you unworthy." She said, holding me.

This was something I hadn't counted on, and something I couldn't bear, but I had feelings for this woman, which I had never felt for any other. We held each other for a long time after that, making love a number of times. Then when she became aware that I was going to awaken naturally, she allowed me to cum. I awoke with my own cum juices running once more down my thigh, and sat up. I had a lot to think about, and knew that I would be seeing her again.

To Be Continued...


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