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The Dream Reaper Pt. IX
by Carl East

We heard someone shouting outside, that the Dream Reaper had posted the results on his front door. Abby and I couldn't wait to see if either one of us had been chosen, as we walked to the Reaper's home. By the time we got there, a large crowd had gathered, then someone started to read the results out loud.

"The winners are, Jade, Conrad, and Paul." He said.

"Yes, you did it Paul." Shouted Abby clearly excited for me.

"But you didn't." I said, feeling bad for her.

"That's all right, I'm probably not the right candidate anyway." She said, smiling.

"That's not true." Said a voice behind us.

We turned to find the Dream Reaper; he'd sneaked out the back, knowing that there was always some disgruntled person, who didn't agree with the result.

"You would, in point of fact have been my fourth chose, but as I could only pick three, I had to go with who I felt was the best." He explained.

Abby kissed his cheek, thanking him for being so sweet.

"What happens now?" I asked.

"Now we wait for our rivals result, then the real contest will begin." He replied.

We spent most of that day celebrating the result with the other finalists, so by the time we got home, we were both tired. Abby suggested that I practice dream linking some more, as the result of the other village would be here tomorrow. At first I lay there remembering how this all started. Abby had visited me in my dreams, making me cum several times before I had found out, that she was for real. I had asked her if I could come over to her plain of existence, to which I found I had to enter something called the dream quest. Once I had past this, I was then brought across, and discovered to my delight that I could then dream link with the best of them.

When I did fall asleep I headed for my own world, for knowing how the people behaved made it feel more comfortable somehow. Once there I decided to look for a perfect stranger, not knowing what to expect, would make it, that little bit more interesting. I first tried several homes where I used to live, but finding no one of note, I decided to try the local college for girls. There was an abundant amount of nice looking women here, so I chose one and entered her dream.

She was dreaming about her dog Sheba, while studying a book, probably revision, which told me she had some anxieties about her exams. I decided to turn this to her favour by changing the scene, and making her feel more at ease. We were now in the Deans office; I was the dean, while she sat on the opposite side of the table.

She accepted this part of her dream without question, and asked why I wished to see her.

"I want to congratulate you on passing all your exams, and before you leave this college, I would like to give you something special." I said, making it up as I went along.

I had imagined her in a short skirt and cotton socks, with a tight top that showed her cleavage, I then asked her to join me round my side of the desk, so that I might measure her, for the degree giving ceremony coming up shortly. I explained that she would be receiving a gown that had to be just right, she accepted this without question yet again, then stood next to me. A tape measure appeared in my hand, so I bent down holding the end near her feet then slowly came up, running my hand along her leg. When I reached the top of her thigh, I looked up to find she had her eyes closed, I lightly brushed her mound through her panties. She let out a sigh, then I asked her to remove her panties, because they were getting in the way. She removed them without question, then stood back up; I put the tape right up to her sweet pussy. Her gasp as my finger touched her womanhood, giving the fact away, that she was starting to get very aroused by all this.

I then unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor, and continued as nothing had happened up to her breasts.

"Do you wear a padded bra?" I asked, knowing full well that she didn't.

"No, sir I don't." She replied.

"Oh, come on my dear, you can be honest with me." I said.

"I don't sir honest, look I'll show you." She said, taking her top off.

She wore no bra, as her breasts bobbed about, from the sudden lack of tightness around them. I placed the tape over her nipples, taking in her now complete nudity, then asked her to sit on my desk. She did this, and then I stood between her legs opening them wider. I suddenly decided enough was enough, and knelt down between her legs and started to lick her open pussy lips.

She moaned softly, placing her hands behind her and leaning back, I decided to make my tongue longer, and started to pleasure her with it. She started to cry out, that she had never felt anything so wonderful. My tongue was going deeper with each thrust, so I decided to make it a little thicker too.

"Please..I," she paused, "please I'm going to cum." She finished, pushing her hips forward.

I plunged in harder and faster with my tongue, her writhing about just turning me on even more.

"Oh...God..I'm coming, yes yes Yes, don't stop, please don't stop." She screamed.

I could taste her cum juice, as it ran onto my tongue, her frenzied movements making me aware that she was having the best orgasm of her life, even if she was asleep. Once I was sure she had finished her first orgasm, I made my tongue normal once more, then stood up removing my trousers. When she reopened her eyes after coming down from her last experience, she saw my hardened cock, mere inches away from her pussy.

"Fuck please, fuck me hard." She said, getting to the edge of the desk.

I placed it at the entrance then pushed forward, her gasping at the size of my cock now entering her womb, a real turn on for me.

"Fucking hell, you are so big, my god fuck me faster...faster." She pleaded.

I started to go as fast as possible, her juices positively pouring out of her pussy, as the onslaught continued. She had her hands behind her on the desk; so with a bit of leverage she pushed her hips up to meet my thrusts. Her screams of sheer delight filling the room, I started to feel the first signs of coming, as she once again shouted that she was going to cum. Then we both came, mine mixing with her own; I couldn't believe how large my first burst was, as I threw my head back, with sheer pleasure. Then again as I continued to pound her climaxing pussy. She pushed her hips up to meet me one more time, then collapsed onto the desk, a feeling of euphoria passing over her face.

I pulled my cock out slowly, making her squeal as the end popped out, her nipples looking rock hard as she lay totally exhausted on the desk. I bent down pushing her erect clitoris with my tongue, making her squeal once again, her legs closing in a sign that she couldn't take anymore. I stopped there, knowing that she had thoroughly enjoyed that dream, and also knowing that she would wake feeling great.

Next thing I know, is that I am waking up myself, my sheets soaked with my own cum, but thinking it was worth it. I looked over to find Abby fast asleep, so I decided to join her, by going to sleep myself.

To Be Continued...


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