The Best Erotic Stories.

The Dream Reaper Pt. VI
by Carl East

I had just finished telling Paul about the rules of the contest, then we decided to go our own ways - the idea being that one of us would stand a better chance if we weren't being judged together.

The next village, had given us a challenge, one that would mean losing the right to govern ourselves if we lost, but the reverse if we won. We first had to select three representatives, which would go on to challenge theirs. So in order to choose fairly, we were to hold our own contest, in an effort to pick the three worthiest contestants. Tonight was to be the start of that contest, so we lay in bed getting mentally prepared for what we had to do.

My people have always had the ability to enter another's dream, and to even interact within the dream. The Dream Reaper would be monitoring all the dreams that night and would choose the best ten the next day.

I fell asleep knowing what I intended to do, I had visited Paul's world on a number of occasions, and found many good candidates for being my soul mate. But I had settled on Paul, and did not regret it, but as I said there were others I could have chosen. I went to one of them, first checking to make sure he was asleep, when I found he was, I placed an hypnotic suggestion into his mind, which made him believe he was safe and sound, and that no would could bother him. I entered his dream.

He was dreaming of something called money, I quickly realised it was to do with greed. Then I made him aware of my presence; I wore a really short skirt that was just below the line of my bottom. I didn't have any panties on, so when I bent over to pick a flower, he got an eyeful. My top was as tight as I could get it with a cleavage that was clearly visible. I walked past him, noting that he hadn't taken his eyes off me the whole time. Being small, but well put together I elicited certain reactions from the people I did this too. They would usually try to talk to me, or they would just ogle, this one ogled.

I decided to change the scene, wanting more scope for my imagination, so in the blink of an eye, we were in a library. He was looking for the books on a certain shelf, while I climbed a ladder that was next to him, reaching for a higher shelf, but not in the least bit interested in books. I still wore the same clothes, and caught him looking up; I heard his book fall to the floor. I squealed softly, getting a response from him.

"Are you alright?" He said.

"I've climbed up here, but am afraid of coming down." I lied.

"Here, let me help." He said, reaching for my butt.

I backed down slowly, knowing full well that he could see my pussy, then I felt his warm hands gently touch the cheeks on either side. It was, the slowest descent in history, as his hands pushed my skirt up slightly, by the time my arse was near his face, he was mesmerised. Then I felt his tongue on my pussy; I grabbed the ladder, allowing him to pleasure me.

He started unzipping the skirt and allowing it to fall to the floor, then using both hands he gently pulled my pussy lips apart, and started to lick and suck in earnest. My grip on the ladder was very tight, as he found my clitoris with his tongue, pushing it back and forth, sending delightful little shivers through my body. Then he inserted a finger at the same time, making me squeal once more, only this time with pleasure. I started to cum, concentrating on not waking up and spoiling the event. My orgasm, producing the love juices, that were now being lapped up by my dream partner.

He stopped there, helping me all the way down, then started to kiss me, while placing his hand up my top. I couldn't wait, I allowed the top to disappear, revealing a large bust, that he started to fondle, still kissing me he unzipped his trousers. I put my hands down to help him off with his pants, then got down on my knees to take his cock into my mouth. He moaned out loud, which told me that he was enjoying this, I was taking it all down my throat, which in real life I couldn't do. I think I was a little too good, for he started to cum, making me swallow before I was ready, but I managed to take it all.

Then he picked me up, and asked me to stand on the first rung of the ladder, which I did. He then guided his cock into my wet pussy, and started to pound away, I was thrusting my butt out, feeling every single inch that past my lips. He had a nice size cock, with a big bell end, that you could really feel whenever he came out. He really started to go fast at that point, making me once again grip the ladder really tightly. My orgasms were coming back to back by now, and I thought this man had some staying power. In fact by the time he did cum, I had lost count at how many times I had. I could feel his juices running out of me as he pulled his cock out, and thought he came a little too much. Then I remembered, that some people could effect their own dreams, if they truly believed they were capable of something in real life.

I got off the ladder, my hands tingling from the grip I had maintained through out. I turned around, and jumped onto him, placing my hand around the back and guiding his cock back in, my other hand around his neck. I then gave him the strength to hold me in this position, leaving him feeling like he was doing all the work. His cock remained hard, as he picked me up and put me down, sliding his cock in and out with each movement. I kissed him, forcing my tongue into his mouth, he reciprocated, and our tongues intertwined. His treatment of my pussy never slowing down, as this extremely nice position was being held. I even managed to go up and down myself, getting the fullest penetration possible. I was coming all too soon, but knew that his imagination would carry me through to several more orgasms, before this encounter was over. I was right, he made me come numerous times before coming himself. When I felt him coming, I got off and placed it in my mouth, wanting him to enjoy his last ejaculation before he woke up. Once again his cum was on the large side, as he filled my mouth, then took it out to cum on my face. I then decided to wake up, knowing that as soon as my influence was gone he would wake with wet sheets.

I woke up on my own bed, my pussy still feeling damp to touch, I looked over to see Paul was still asleep, and decided not to bother him, just in case he was still in his dream. I started to close my eyes, and wondering how the Dream Reaper rated my dream.

To Be Continued...


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