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The Dream Reaper Pt. X
by Carl East

I leaned over kissing Abby on the cheek, as she started to wake up, her eyes opened and she started to smile.

"Morning." She said, sitting up.

"Good morning, did you sleep well?" I asked, cuddling up to her cute little body.

"Yes, very well." She replied, holding me tighter.

We started to talk, about the upcoming contest, and I wondered how it would all end, then we heard the village bell being sounded. I'd been told that the bell was only heard when, either there was an emergency, or we had visitors from outside the village. As we were expecting the three other contestants, from our neighbouring village, we rightly assumed that they had arrived. For when we had gotten dressed, and left the house, we found them being greeted by the whole village.

I couldn't help admire their sportsmanship, as they greeted these people, for anyone of them, might be responsible for changing how our village was governed. Only one person could win this contest, with no such thing as second or third. Pretty soon they had been greeted by just about everyone, then they introduced them selves.

"My name is Candra, these are my companions Flic and Rone." Said a very pretty woman, pointing to her fellow contestants.

At that point The Dream Reaper appeared on the scene, the crowd of people making a gap in order that he might get through.

"I would like to declare this contest officially started, all the dreams from the finalists will be monitored, and fed back to whoever wishes to watch." He said, surprising me.

"He can project his thoughts into other peoples minds?" I said, not quite believing it.

"Yes, he is one of the best Dream Reapers alive today, that is why the contest is being held in our village, because nobody disputes it." Answered Abby.

"How long have we got to accomplish our dream links." I asked.

"As long as it takes, there are no set rules to when you do it, except that you are expected to achieve your dream link within a week," she said, "but a week is plenty of time." She added.

The Dream link, was something I had discovered, I was capable of, when I first arrived here. Back in my own world I had been having these erotic dreams then discovered, that they were partly real. Abby had the ability to enter people dreams, and even participate in them. I discovered all this when I set a camcorder up in my own room, and found out how she was visiting me. I even worked out a way of talking to her while I was asleep, and ended up coming back to her world, once I had past a certain test.

We spent the day talking and getting to know our rivals, although by the end of the day we considered them friends. When we did all go our separate ways, I decided I would allow the Dream Reaper to show me the first effort before I dreamt mine. By the time we got to bed, we were very tired so went straight to sleep.

I started to have a dream of my own, then it was suddenly changed, I was witnessing the first dream link.

Flic's Dream Link:

Flic was on his way to his dream link, he too, had discovered the pleasures of Paul's world, for the scene was easily recognisable. His dream started in a boarding school for young ladies, as he looked for just the right person to dream link with. Pretty soon he had found what he was looking for, a young woman who turned out to be the principal of this boarding school. He entered her dream, to find she was dreaming of lying in the sun on her stomach, trying to tan her body. Flic didn't waste any time; he changed the scene, he was standing in the hall of the boarding school completely naked. She was locking up for the night, when she heard him crying. She was now dressed in a see through, and very short nightgown, with frilly knickers and no bra. She asked him what he was doing there, to which he replied, that he was lost, she seemed to accept this explanation, for she put her arms around him to comfort him.

She took him to her bedroom, where upon he commented on how attractive she was. She blushed, laying him down, then noticed his cock had grown, her nipples became erect as she watched his cock grow further. His, imagination making it grow to twelve inches before it stopped. She reached out with one hand grasping hold of this monster, then placed the other between her legs. Pulling her frilly knickers to one side she inserted a finger into her pussy, while the other hand started to slide up and down his shaft. All the time not believing what she had hold of, but starting to moan with pleasure. Flic had now stopped his little lost boy routine, and reached out his hand to take over from her own. His fingers probing her womanhood, while watching her handle his cock. She hadn't taken her eyes off his gorgeous member, when she bent down to lick his bell end. His hand no longer touching her pussy, he reached for her breasts through the nightgown. She slipped it over her head, her breasts bobbing up and down slightly, as she returned to licking this dream come true.

She tried to take it down her throat, but it was too large, so she contented herself with just seven inches. He watched her mouth as it slid down his shaft, then return just to repeat the procedure all over again. His hands were now massaging her tits, tweaking her nipples between two fingers, and getting a reaction from her full mouth. Holding his cum back, he continued to enjoy this assault on his cock, his expressions of joy clearly indicating how much he was enjoying this encounter.

Suddenly he decided to cum, as his large cock started to jerk in her mouth. She knew what was coming, for she used her hand to pump him dry, as the first gush of salty cream emptied into her mouth. It ran out the sides, as she continued to pump and suck, trying as hard as she could to swallow it all. He came again, his face showing the pleasure he was receiving, and as he came for the last time in her mouth, she was allowing it to run onto her tongue, the initial burst slowing down to a trickle.

She continued to clean him up, determined to keep him hard, then standing she removed her frilly knickers, and climbed onto the bed, straddling his cock. Reaching around with one hand she guided it into her very wet pussy, feeling the end in just the right place she started to sit down. His cock bending slightly, until it only had one choice but to enter. She gasped as it started to go in, working it slowly at first for fear that he might hurt her. Then when she was comfortable, she began to work it in a little faster, until she was sure it was completely in.

Her breasts jumping up and down, as her buttocks started to slap his upper thigh, making him moan. His cock was now going all the way, as she placed her hands onto his chest for better balance. He started to fondle her breasts again, getting turned on by the movements they were performing before his eyes. Then she started to scream, her orgasms making her go faster, as the juices from her pussy started to run down to his scrotum.

He too started to cum; their cries of pleasure echoing throughout the room, as both of them came in unison. She started to slow down, clearly exhausted from the effort she had exerted, and his cock still buried in her cum leaking pussy.

He stopped there, his dream coming to an end, and then Paul was waking up.

He found Abby had also awoken, turning to ask her opinion.

"That was pretty good, don't you think?" He said.

"Not bad, but you can beat him." She said, nudging his arm.

He smiled, thinking how much fun this dream linking really was, then lying back down, they returned to sleep.

To Be Continued...


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