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The Dream Reaper Pt. XIII
by Carl East

There we were, standing in the small market, with everyone eager to see my dream link. For some reason they thought I was the favourite to win this little contest, although it probably wasn't little to them.

"I want to see the others first, because I want to know what I'm up against!" I said.

Some of them agreed with my tactics, while others thought I was scared, but Abby didn't mind what I did, which was all that mattered.

We talked a lot about Jade's Dream Link, with nearly everybody agreeing it was the best one so far. Then Rone told us all that he intended to go next at any rate, so we all asked what he planned to do.

I couldn't help smile at the thought of all this, for not so long ago I would have been bored to death back on my own world, playing some computer game, or watching the TV. Now I was a central figure involved in a competition to keep the right to govern a village or two. It all started when a beautiful woman came to visit me in my dreams, later finding that her name was Abby, and that she had the ability to enter anyone's dream. She had mesmerised me into wanting to come across into her world, and once passing a dream quest, that's where I now found myself. It was the best move I ever made, for I'd discovered, once here, that I too could dream link.

It was getting late when Abby suggested that we return home, or we'd miss Rone's dream link. So we got back pretty quickly, then got ready for bed, I kissed Abby on the cheek saying good dreaming, and then we went to sleep.

Rone's dream started soon afterward, with him entering a house and going up the stairs, turning left on the landing he proceeded into a bedroom, there in front of him was a sweet looking young lady. He entered her dream to find she was dreaming of baking a cake, and she was back at school. She was only wearing an apron, which seemed very odd, for everyone else, was wearing their school uniforms. Rone must have liked this scenario, for he didn't change the scene, and decided to become the teacher.

He came up behind her, seeing her exposed butt at the back, with the apron tied in a nice bow around her waist.

"What are you baking my dear?" he said, throwing himself into the part.

"A Carrot cake, Sir," she replied.

He put his arms around her pressing his hardened cock into her butt, and although he was fully dressed she must have felt how big he was, for she pushed back, as he grabbed her hands that held the cream cone. Then he demonstrated how to squeeze the cream out, pressing her hands rather than the cone. He sneaked a peek down the front of her apron, as her breasts were pushing it out in front. His height giving him a good vantage point with which to do so, her breasts were nice and rounded, with a good cleavage, and looking down further he could just see the beginnings of pubic hair. His cock straining in his trousers as this hold continued, then he deliberately squeezed some cream onto her legs.

"I'm sorry my dear, let me clean that off for you." He said, bending down in front of her.

He touched her leg gently, sending a quiver of anticipation up through her body, then wiping the cream off softly from her lower inner thigh; he sneaked a peek at her pussy. Her nicely trimmed hair glistened with a hint of moisture, making him want to touch her womanhood, but he stopped himself, clearly not wanting to rush this link.

He stood up, wiping his hands on a cloth, then felt a splash of cream down his trousers.

"Oh, I'm sorry sir, let me take that off," she said, now bending in front of him.

She softly put her hand onto his hard cock steadying her self, as she removed the cream with her other hand. His cock twitched as she applied a little more pressure, the throbbing of his bell end an almost unbearable moment, as he desperately wanted to take her there and then.

She stood up having removed the cream, pushing his cock down a little before letting go. He continued to watch her, then suggested that if she came to his office, they could discuss her culinary skills further. Picking up the cream, Rone led the way to his office then closed the door once inside.

He stared at her arse cheeks as she passed by him, and stopped near his desk. He crossed over to join her, the cream cone still in his hands, then he turned her gently around.

"Here my dear, you won't need your apron on in here," he said, starting to untie the bow.

Her apron was then removed, leaving her totally naked, but she must have accepted this part of her dream, for she never batted an eyelid. Then Rone held the cream cone over her breasts, squeezing a little onto one of her nipples. He then bent forward and licked it off, her nipple standing to attention as the tip of his tongue made contact.

Doing the same to her other nipple, he then sat her down on an arm-less chair, and opened her legs. Her cute pussy opening its entrance just a little, then he squeezed some cream onto the hood of her clitoris, and proceeded to lick that off. Her clit peeking out as his tongue went to work, she moaned quietly as his tongue continued to lick her clitoris, long after the cream had gone.

He then stood up directly in front of her; undoing his trousers, and letting them fall to the floor. Before he could take his underwear off, she grabbed the cream and pulled down his briefs, all in one swift movement. His cock now exposed, as she squeezed some cream onto the tip.

She leaned forward taking his cock into her mouth, his reaction clearly one of bliss, as her tongue rounded his bell end. Then she let it go further in, engulfing his large cock down her throat, and making him murmur cries of joy as she began to speed up. She then placed a hand around its base, jerking his cock in unison with her mouth.

He couldn't take much of this treatment, for suddenly she was taking his own cream into her throat, with just a little escaping the corner of her mouth. He started to moan with pleasure as the second and third load of cum spewed out the end, making her swallow faster in order that she didn't miss a drop.

He then stopped her there, and picked her up off the chair, only to place her onto the floor gently. Taking all his clothes off, he then placed her legs up and over her shoulders, he bent over to insert his cock into her pussy. The penetration was immediate, as his cock went as far as humanly possible, she cried out how good that felt, then he started slowly at first to plunge his cock in and out.

Her continued cries of pleasure, almost drowning out the moans of joy he was feeling, as he started to speed his thrusts up, the entire length a good nine inches being seen to disappear then reappear. Her juices making it easier as the onslaught continued, until she screamed that she was coming. He felt his cock about to explode, but wanted her to come to a climax first, so he held it back just long enough, as her orgasm poured onto his cock. He could hold it no longer; his cum bursting out the end with his second following close behind. She started to calm down once he slowed the pace, then he straightened her up slowly. She got to her feet, then turned around begging him to fuck her again. He took her over to the back of the chair, then re-entered from behind her pussy still soaked.

His cock still hard as he once again plunged into her budding flower, his hips going faster in this position, as he made her cum once more. Then the dream was over, and Abby and I were once again sitting up in bed talking about his performance.

"They seem to be getting better all the time." Abby said.

"I must admit, that one was quite erotic, the use of the cream, a particular nice touch, it makes you wonder what's next, doesn't it?" I replied, smiling.

"Yes, it does." She agreed.

We then went back to sleep, looking forward to the next one.

To Be Continued...


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