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The Dream Reaper Pt. XIX
by Carl East

The Dream Reaper couldn't believe how quickly, I had mastered the dream sending. I had, in the matter of weeks, gone from being a novice, to someone who could now dream link, dream receive, and dream send.

"It took me, over three years to get where you are, so I think you're ready to take the position of Dream Reaper, in the other village." He said, shaking my hand.

"What will my duties require?" I asked, not totally convinced that I was ready.

"Abby told me, you weren't sure about that." He replied.

He then went on to explain how The Dream Reaper's job came about.

<b>Origins of the Dream Reaper</b>

Many years ago, the people of this planet discovered they could join others in their dreams, and even participate within the dream. But, because not all people liked sharing their dreams with others, we had to find a way of monitoring them. So, with practise we eventually managed to master the art of dreaming, to such a point, that we found, not only could we monitor their dreams, we could also direct them.

This in turn led to the discovery, that we could control the mind, so it was decided to train one Dream Reaper for every village, he would then be the head of that village. His duties have changed a little since then, but he is still a powerful and respected figure. The duties of The Dream Reaper vary, he may be needed to settle a dispute, or monitor dreams, in order that everyone behaves within the law. A lot of times he is required to send a dream, to those who find it hard to dream link.

Of course, by far the favourite past time of any dreamer, was having sex, and this soon started to be a form of entertainment, to which The Dream Reaper was an important part. Contests are very popular in most villages, and it's The Dream Reapers responsibility, to ensure fair play, and to send the contestant's dream to everyone who wants it.

"Do you help many people to see a dream, in this village?" I asked.

"Yes, but there is one thing you need to know, not many people will admit that they can't dream link." He said.

"Are there many that can't?" I replied.

"No, but whoever asks you to perform the task of dream sending, you must not reveal that they can't dream link, it would feel like shame to them." He said, solemnly.

We then arranged a time for me to leave the village, and take up my new post, which by now I was looking forward to.

Then I returned home to inform Abby of our impending move, she was sorry to have to leave this village, but she knew she'd still see her friends, for the village we were moving too, was only three miles down the road.

That night I wanted to practise my new found skills some more, and decided to go back to the college, where I could find a new dream link. I had fallen asleep pretty quickly, and was now looking around the college dorms, looking for someone special. I eventually found her lying on top of her bed, wearing only panties and bra, with a figure that begged for my attention.

I entered her dream, and found myself in a field, she was sketching the trees in the distance, a promising artist, I thought. I, changed the scene, we were now in a gym, with me telling her to hit the showers. She ran off, not in the least bit surprised that she was on her own, then proceeded to strip and get under the shower. I stood watching, as she covered her body with soap, then began to run her hands all over. Her ample breasts receiving a lot of attention, as her hands repeatedly caressed them, purposely pinching her nipples, which made them erect.

I made my clothes vanish, wanting to get involved in this erotic scene as soon as possible. Standing under the shower next to her, she turned to see me, then smiled, while still running her hands over her body. Then she spotted my cock, her reaction one of surprise, as she moved over to join me. She reached down to hold my dick, her hands covered in soap, then she passed my cock from one hand to the other, travelling the full length with her fingers.

I started the same treatment on her breasts, rubbing her nipples with the palm of my hands. She pushed her body against my own, without letting go of my cock, then kissed me. The water running past our lips as her tongue entered my mouth, then she started to rub herself up against my hardened cock, the tip parting her pussy lips, but not entering.

I placed one hand between her legs, rubbing the area my cock had just visited, then slowly started to enter, my finger feeling the moistness within. Her moans as her hips moved about, were making me feel hornier, and the kiss became more passionate. Her hand reached up around my neck, pulling her lips tighter to my own, while my finger started to get her wanting more.

She broke off this embrace, turning around and bending over, I positioned my now more than ready cock at the entrance, her juices making it easy to pass her pussy lips. I started to enter, with her looking back with lust in her eyes, her hips pushing backward, in an effort to make sure I was going all the way.

My strokes becoming faster as the heat of the moment began to take control, she shouted that she was coming, encouraging me to speed up. My thrusts were matching her pelvic movements, as I too started to cum, my first load going deep inside her womb. She pulled forward, then turning around she started to pump my cock with both hands, making my second and third load hit her stomach.

She then got down on her knees, to finish off the last few drops with her mouth, then getting back under the shower to wash away my seed.

I awoke after that, feeling that I had surely mastered the dream link, and was looking forward to taking over my new post, as The Dream Reaper.

To Be Continued...


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