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The Dream Reaper Pt. XXIV
by Carl East

It was a very warm day as we left the house; the heat hit us as soon as we stepped through the door. We saw the crowd almost immediately, gathered around the square, then we saw Candra in the middle, with everybody trying to shake her hand. They must have liked her dream link, we knew we did.

Then they saw us approaching, and came over to thank me for sending the dream link through so vividly. I asked someone, if that was not what they were used to, to which the response was no, they were used to having their dream links broken up in parts. So I was happy they liked what I was doing, and happier still when Candra came over to hug me, in way of thanks for my efforts.

To think, this had all come about, when I was visited by Abby in my dreams, and found that she was a real person. She was from another plain of existence, or alternate reality, and I had requested to come over to her side. Once I had past a certain dream quest, I was permitted to come across, where upon I discovered to my delight that I could dream link with the best of them. This all led to the situation I now found myself in, being the new Dream Reaper in a different village, and being happy for the first time in my life.

At that point, someone asked who was next, to which I replied Norris, he was in the crowd, so most of them focused on him, asking things like what he planned, and where was he going. Abby squeezed my hand, wanting me to join her in a walk, and with such a beautiful day, it wasn't hard to say ok.

Abby showed me the brook, then the pond, and I saw birds that I had never witnessed before, which made me wonder what other exotic creatures they had in this world. We saw Bylo while we were there doing what he liked best, fishing. Then we sat near a stream just holding each other, and talking, all together a very pleasant morning.

By the time we got back to the village, it was afternoon, so we decided to have a bite to eat at the local tavern. It was very busy, but we were soon sitting down to a meal, unfortunately we were never alone, for there was nearly always someone trying to talk to us. We didn't mind though, I had come to like a lot of them, even if we had been treated to a cold reception on our arrival.

After lunch we made our excuses, then went home, feeling full and satisfied. Abby did a bit of cleaning, while I made notes of the people's names, wanting to remember them whenever the need arose. It wasn't long before Norris informed me, that he was retiring for the evening, and that he was ready for his dream link.

I got to bed, fully prepared for the night's events, and soon found myself joining his dream, and sending it to all the others.

It started in the tavern funnily enough, a place I had only just seen, and involved the innkeeper's daughter, who was a most attractive young woman. Norris entered her dream, to find she was dreaming of her pet dog, a scruffy looking thing that was full of life. But Norris changed the scene, he presented himself at her court, for she was now the princess Lolita, and he had come to accept her challenge.

We soon learned, the princess was unhappy that nobody could satisfy her needs as a woman, and had put out a proclamation that the first person to do so, would receive her hand in marriage. I started to wonder where I had read a similar story, but then thought, it didn't matter, this would be new to the villagers.

Norris presented himself, and knelt before the princess, she looked him up and down, then started to laugh.

"Do you truly think you are man enough to please me?" She said, mockingly.

"I will not only please you, but you will be begging for more!" He stated, bowing his head.

"You intrigue me, good sir, and I will allow you to try." She replied, standing up, and telling him to follow her.

She led him to her private chamber, then asked him to impress her.

He started to take his clothes off, starting with the tunic he wore, then his belt and finally his trousers, as they dropped he imagined his cock to be ten inches long.

"Oh my," she muttered, "that is a big one, isn't it?"

He pulled her towards him, making contact with their bodies, then kissed her passionately, as he started to remove her gown. She put her hands around his cock, feeling the length as her gown started to slip off her shoulders, then it fell to the floor, leaving her naked.

Still holding his member, she broke off from the kiss, and looked down, his cock throbbed as it ran against her thigh. She couldn't deny that she was looking forward to feeling his hardened cock deep inside her. Then he laid her down gently on the huge bed behind them. Making sure she was comfortable, he then picked up her legs by grasping her ankles then guided his dick to the entrance.

She could feel the hardness pressing against her pussy lips, and wondered if he was the one, then a little pressure, and he was in. She gasped as his cock drove forward, feeling every inch as it past her pussy lips, then realising she had never taken anybody this big before.

He started off slow, his cock going as far as it could, before coming back, her sighs giving away the fact that she was enjoying this. Then he started to pick up the pace, lifting her legs and opening them wider, for a better penetration. She started to moan out loud, as this treatment of her pussy continued. She could feel an orgasm approaching, the first in many years, and started to let go, her emotions and lust taking over, as this pounding continued.

He could have cum many times by now, but was deliberately holding it back, knowing that she had to be satisfied, or he would have failed. Her juices were building, giving him reason to believe he was succeeding, and starting to redouble his efforts, his hips moving with a purpose.

Then the scream, as she shouted that she was coming, her erect nipples making him even more excited, has he plunged into her pussy. She moaned constantly as he carried on, not content to leave it there, he wanted her to enjoy multiple orgasms, before ending this adventure.

He stopped momentarily, indicating that he wanted her to turn around, she obeyed without question, getting up onto her knees as fast as she could. He re-entered her, pushing deep with his first thrust; she grabbed the pillow, not believing that another orgasm was on its way.

The pillow started to crumble up into ball, as her next orgasm started, and her screams of profanity as it hit made her realise she had found the man she'd been looking for. He felt at this point that he'd done enough, and started to blast his cum deep within her womb. She could feel some of it running out, and couldn't help herself, when she turned around and grasped his cock, taking the second blast in her mouth.

He looked down, watching as some of his seed started to escape from the corner of her mouth, and how she licked it back up, not wanting any to escape. She sucked him dry, then both of them got off the bed.

"You have proved to be worthy, and I in turn, will marry you." She said.

The dream then came to an end, with Abby and I waking up.

"That was very good." I said, sitting up.

"Well, I enjoyed it, and I'm sure the villagers did." Said Abby.

Then we went back to sleep, looking forward to the next night.

To Be Continued...


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