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The Exchange Student
by Carl East

Walking on to campus, I spotted the gang, Jane who was my best friend, Jill, who was everybody's friend, and Erika.

"Hi you lot, how's it going?"

"Rebecca! Morning." They all seemed to say together.

"What's new?" I asked; not really thinking anything would have changed.

"Have you heard about Sophia?" Said Erika.

Sophia was another one of our gang, who I suddenly realised wasn't here.

"Nothing bad I hope!" I said, genuinely concerned for her welfare, I liked Sophia.

"No, she got fucked by that exchange student from England yesterday, this morning when I saw her she said she was going to take the day off." Replied Erika.

"Why, he hasn't given her a dose as he?" I said, glibly.

They all laughed at that.

"No silly, she told me that although he was only about eight inches long in the cock department, he apparently had the thickest dick she'd ever seen."

"So, why should that make her miss study?" I replied, not seeing the big picture.

"Because she's too sore to walk."

He couldn't be that big surely, I thought.

Later on that day I saw the student in question, he was about six foot two with dark hair, slim build, with the sort of face that you would describe as cute. His best feature had to be his smile, but there was nothing stunning about him. He glanced my way, I gave him a smile, but nothing came of that, I got the impression that he was a bit shy. I couldn't help thinking about his cock, wondering how thick it really was. Then the bell rang, bringing me out of my daydreaming.

I got the chance to meet him again that day during a science lecture; he sat next to me.

"Hello, I'm Rebecca." I said, eager to introduce myself.

"Hello their, my name's Carl." He said, with a very distinctive English accent.

"So you're the exchange student?" I said, for want of a better topic.

"Yes, I'm here for the next six months." Was all he said.

This is going to be hard work, I thought, you could tell he wasn't a great conversationalist, but shy people rarely are. We talked for a while longer, then the lecture started which stopped that avenue of learning more about him. An hour later the lecture was over, we got up to leave when Carl surprised me, by asking if I wanted to come for a drink later, in his room.

"Yes, I'd love too." I said, realising that he may be shy, but he was very forward thinking.

The time seemed to drag, and then I realised how much the story of Carl's cock, had made me want to see for myself, I caught myself looking at the clock every two minutes.

"This is crazy, it's only a cock for Christ sake." I said, wondering why I was so obsessed.

I eventually found myself outside his door, knocking, I stood back waiting for him to answer. When the door opened he stood there with a towel wrapped around his waist, he must have just had a shower.

"You're either early, or I'm running late," he said, making sure his towel was secure, "come in." I walked into the room half expecting to find a mess on the floor, but it was spotless, in fact it was tidier than my room. He directed me to a chair, then asked if I would like a drink. He'd got a small drinks cabinet next to his bed, which he opened to reveal quite an assortment of alcoholic beverages. Spotting a bottle of Jack Daniel's, I chose that. We sat down to drink, he still had the towel around his waist, and he was obviously feeling more comfortable that way. A couple of drinks later I think we had both loosened up a little, and started to talk about more personal things. I found out that he was twenty-two years of age, and that both his mother and father had died in a plane crash. He suddenly asked me if I would mind him kissing me. I couldn't help thinking how this man didn't waste any time.

"I don't mind." I said, liking how polite he was.

He reached over and placed one hand on the side of my face gently drawing me nearer to him. Then softly touching my lips with his own we kissed, one of his fingers was gently caressing my cheekbone. It was a nice kiss, no; it was a damn good kiss, I thought as it came to an end. I think I rushed it a bit after that for I suddenly placed both hands around his neck and kissed him more forcibly. He returned the kiss and we fell onto the bed, his hand went up my skirt, he then pulled my knickers to one side while placing a finger directly into my pussy. God, he really didn't waste time I thought.

My curiosity about his cock came to a head at that moment, as I pushed my hand up beneath the towel and found what I was looking for. He was huge; I mean bigger than even I had thought I was having trouble getting my hand around it. I just had to see this for myself, so I pulled his towel away revealing a cock that was so thick it didn't surprise me that Sophia was sore. At that point lust took over I had to have it in me, but first I wanted to suck it. Bending down I tried to insert his cock into my mouth, but I was struggling to do so. I did manage to get the head in, which I was content to start on.

I started to remove my top and skirt not once stopping my actions on this magnificent specimen. I licked and sucked his bell end making him squirm with pleasure. Again I tried to get it further into my mouth, but it was no use, it was just too thick. The mere thought of this weapon entering my cunt, made me wetter than ever before. He suddenly stopped me, asking what position I preferred, I told him missionary. Laying me down, he positioned himself over me touching my pussy with his rod. I reached around to undo my bra freeing my bust from their restraint; I threw the bra onto the floor. This was it, I was about to get the fucking I had been thinking of all day. Then he pushed forward. Oh my God, what a feeling, my pussy had never been stretched like this, and I couldn't have been wetter. It may not have been the longest cock in the world, but it was probably the thickest.

I was having my first orgasm already, as his cock stretched me to the limit. Then he started to fuck me fast, making me scream with the sensations his cock was giving me. I was coming again and again, his pumping action not slowing down in the slightest. My animal instincts seemed to take over, as I raised my legs into the air, wanting to make sure he could get in as far as possible. Feeling every inch as it penetrated my drenched pussy, I started to feel light-headed. I'd never before experienced multiple orgasms; he started to slow his pace moaning with pleasure. He was about to cum, when he did, he was considerate enough to pull out, and I quickly turned myself around positioning my mouth over his gorgeous cock.

Just in time, a long stream of sperm hit the back of my throat making me gag a little. He shot another three loads before easing up to a trickle, swallowing his seed I sucked the end making sure he had finished. He then indicated that he wanted to enter me from behind, which it turned out was his favourite position. Once I had positioned myself, he wasted no time in placing his cock into my pussy. Again I was in heaven, his cock thrust forward making me moan out load, a distinct feeling of his manhood being deeper in this position than it was in the other. I grabbed the pillow tightly with both hands, needing something to hold onto.

Coming again I shouted out "Fuck me, fuck me," he started to build up some speed, slapping his body against my ass as he thrust forward with the same lust I was feeling. The pillow I was gripping hold of was crumpled up into a ball; I was biting my lip in an attempt to take this onslaught to the very edge of ecstasy and beyond. I couldn't believe how wet I was; it was running down my legs and soaking the sheets.

I'm not a screamer by nature, but I had never experienced anything as intense as this. The words that were escaping my mouth were sheer profanity; I wanted the world to know that this cock was magnificent. He fucked me relentlessly, at one point I thought I would pass out, then he suddenly slowed down, pulling his cock out, and he started to cum again, shooting his load onto my back. I almost collapsed onto the bed, feeling completely drained of energy. After a couple of minutes he asked if I wanted to change positions, he still hadn't finished. I almost said no more, but this was too good to waste.

He then suggested a position I had never tried before, lying on my back he pulled my legs up over my head. Resting his hands on my ankles he entered me once more. Why I had never tried this position before I don't know, because it was awesome, he'd managed depth, and at the same time I could watch the penetration. Although it wasn't the most comfortable position I had ever tried, it was certainly horny. Then he did something no other man had ever done, he suddenly stopped fucking me, and keeping me in the same position he started to lick my swollen clitoris. I had the biggest orgasm of my life at that moment; it almost felt like I was peeing on him it was coming out so much. Five minutes later he got back into my pussy, with my legs still over my head. This time he lasted for thirty minutes before ejaculating, by which time I had had enough.

I was shattered and a little sore; I was also very tired. So after chatting for another twenty minutes, I thanked him for a lovely evening and left. I hoped as I was walking away that I would get to fuck him again.

The following day I met the gang in the usual place.

"How did it go last night?" They all asked.

"Unbelievable." I said.

"Did he have a thick cock, like Sophia claimed?" Said Jill.

"Put it this way, I was very sore when I got up this morning." I said, with a smile.

The End


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