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The Hero
by Carl East

Have you ever wished that you could approach someone you liked the look of, and simply stated that you wanted them? Well, that's just how I felt while standing in one of those large supermarket cheque-out queues, she was in the queue next to mine, her legs were a perfect ten, her butt needed to be caressed, her mid section a delight to behold and breasts you would kill just to get a glimpse of. I found myself staring at this vision of loveliness, which in it self spoke volumes, for I never stare, I was brought up to believe it was rude. But there I was almost ogling this beauty, taking in ever inch of this stranger and wishing I had the guts to say, "You're beautiful!" but of course I didn't, in fact when she caught me staring in her direction I pretended not to notice her.
The games we play I thought, as I paid my bill and walked towards the exit.

That would've been the end to my daydreaming, had it not been for the events that were about to unfold. I'd gotten out of the shop and was in the process of hailing my third cab, when the woman of my dreams appeared on the street next to me, also trying to hail a cab. I was about to open up a conversation when somebody flew by snatching her purse, and legging it down the road. This mad me angry, so without thinking I gave chase leaving my groceries on the floor. He was fast, but not fast enough, I had trained to be a runner with Olympic aspirations but had not quite made the grade, however I was more than capable of catching up to someone that clearly did not work out. He had spotted me almost immediately, and was attempting to shake me off by ducking down alley ways and back roads, until that is he chose the wrong alley way, for it was a dead end.

Only now did I stop to think, what if I catch this guy, what then, he grabbed a brick that was laying to one side of the alley, he then hurled it at me, running towards me at the same time. In hind-sight I figure he was attempting to distract me long enough to escape, but what he hadn't considered was my resolve to get the purse back, so I blocked the said brick, ok with my head, but no ones perfect, I did however manage to grab the purse as he bolted by, before collapsing in a heap on the floor. Momentarily dazed and unable to regain my feet, I lay wondering what the hell was I doing, feeling the purse in my hand made me remember. I soon regained my composure, brushing my jacket down I starting to walk back to the shop. Once there I found she had gone, and taken my groceries with her.

Noticing I had blood running down my face, I looked inside the purse and found an address which happily was local. It didn't take long to reach the address, I was about to knock on the door when the same vision of loveliness opened it and stood before me.
"Ah, you caught him!" she said, looking concerned about the bruise that was appearing on my head. She reached up to gently part my hair, seeing that I had a slight cut just inside my hairline she ushered me into her home.

"Please sit down," she said, "I will fetch some antiseptic medicine."

I sat down feeling groggy, I just needed to rest a little, I must of past out for a few seconds, for when I came too she was tenderly administering the antiseptic.

"Ouch," I said, flinching.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you further," she said, proceeding to hurt me further.

I knew she was only trying to clean up the wound I had sustained on her behalf, so I bore the stinging sensation, and sat back to admire her body once again.

"So this is the savior of the day," came a voice from the doorway.

I looked up in shock to find an Identical twin sister stepping into the room.

"Hello, my name is Catherine," she said, offering me her hand.

I shook it, and introduced myself.

"Hi, mine is Carl, and yours is..." I said, looking at the other sister.

"Mary... would you like a drink while you recover?" she asked, walking over to the drinks cabinet that was situated by the door.

"Scotch, if you have one," I replied. "Neat, please."

She nodded and started to pour three drinks.

I couldn't believe my luck, here I was in the presence of two angels, each as beautiful as the other. Catherine sat down beside me and took a peak at the wound which had stopped bleeding. She gently parted my hair scanning and scrutinizing the wound, being this close I could smell the perfume she was wearing.

"Is that Chanel?" I said, taking it in once more.

"Yes, you know your fragrances," came her reply.

Mary handed me the drink and sat down on the other side of me. Sandwiched between to goddesses I took a deep drink of scotch in an attempt to slow my heart rate.

"What happened after you turned that first corner?" said Mary. "You didn't say."

I took them through the entire chase embellishing slightly, they listened intently to every word I uttered. It was when she asked me why I felt I had to be the hero, that I blurted it out.

"I was angry that someone as beautiful as you, should be accosted in such manner."

Suddenly realizing what I had just said, I started to get embarrassed.

Catherine giggled saying. "I think he's got a crush on you, Mary."

She couldn't be more wrong - I had a crush on the pair of them, I couldn't help thinking what it would be like to bed them both, which was a mistake, for such thinking makes things happen, you didn't intend to let happen, such as my cock trying to escape from its prison. I shifted uncomfortably, hoping that they didn't spot it. One should always have hope in any given situation, and when hope deserts you, you can always feign ignorance. I'm sure Mary at least had spotted my uncomfortable situation, for she drew the conversation around to the fact, that she had taken my shopping bags with her when she had left the scene.

I began to thank her for that, and started to rise, but promptly sat back down again still feeling groggy. Mary suggested that I lay down for a while before attempting to move further. Catherine agreed, and proceeded to take a couple of pillows away from the couch we were sitting on. Mary lay me down by bringing my legs up, and removing my shoes. I must have been more concussed than I realized, for pretty soon I fell asleep. When I awoke I could hear voices, I consciously kept my eyes closed, and listened to their conversation.

"He's cute, isn't he," one of them said.

"Did you see the size of that bulge in his pants," said the other, "I almost reached over and grabbed it."

They both laughed at that point, then one of them said, "Let's have a bit of fun with him."

At which point they left the room, leaving me to wonder what they had in store for me. Sitting up I called out Mary's name.

"I'll be there in a second," came the reply.

When they came back into the room I noticed they had both changed into some very sexy lingerie, both bras although not see through were very thin, and couldn't stop the nipples of the twins sticking out. I was speechless, until they both came closer.

"You are both the most attractive women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting," I said, feeling more confident.

They never said a thing, they just sat either side of me, then Mary reached up with one hand turned my head gently towards her, kissing me full on the lips she parted them with her tongue, and started to probe my mouth. Mean while Catherine placed her hand on my zipper and proceeded to pull it down, once fully down my throbbing cock could clearly be seen struggling against the fabric of my underwear, with one swift movement she pulled the elastic down over my cock and lowered her head. My cock entered her mouth very slowly, for she was teasing it in, kissing the head then licking the side before placing it deep inside her mouth, coming back up slowly made me gasp. Mary had by now removed her bra and was kissing me more passionately than before, I reached down with one hand slipping a finger past the fabric of her panties, probing for, and finding her pussy which by now was very wet., I teased first one then two fingers into her waiting love nest. Catherine was now taking my entire nine inch's down her throat, and giving me the best blow job I ever had, in fact it was a little to good, for I was on the verge of shooting my load.

I warned her I was about to come, but it didn't faze her in the least, she continued to suck my cock with perhaps more urgency. Mary started to moan, for I was now working her clitoris feverishly.

"Oh yes, right there, yes yes ohh don't stop, please don't stop, ahh yes I'm coming, ahh...ahhh.. yes thats it yes YES."

This had the effect of making me come, I shot my load deep inside Catherine's mouth, and still she kept sucking, arching my back I shot again and again she sucked me dry and swallowed every last drop, and still she carried on sucking my member. I'd had blow jobs before, but never this intense, she wasn't giving me the chose of going limp she wanted it to remain hard.

"I want this monster inside me now." she demanded, pulling it out of her mouth only when she was satisfied that I had stopped coming.

"May I suggest a different position." I said hopefully.

I then lay on the pile carpet taking Mary's hand and telling her to sit on my face while Catherine rides me. They both found this acceptable, and we assumed the position. Pretty soon we were in the throws of passion once again, my tongue had found Mary's clit and was sending her into a frenzy. Catherine sat astride my cock and lowered herself onto it with a moan of sheer delight.

"God your big." she said, taking in the full length.

She clearly worked out, for she was physically grabbing hold of my shaft with her pelvic floor muscles, it was a sensation that I hadn't experienced before, but one that I would not quickly forget. Mary was once again about to orgasm, for she couldn't keep still in her crouching position.

"Oh oh oh oh, lick it harder, yes yes suck it yes yes, ahh...I'm coming again." she screamed, pushing her lovely pussy deeper into my face.

"I'm going to come," shouted Catherine, "ahh yes, god this is good, yes yes I'm coming I'm coming."

I could feel her juices running down my leg, and knew that she had come big time, at that moment I too started to come, while still having my head buried in marys pussy.

"Mmmm god, that feels good." I managed to say.

The next position was with-out doubt the horniest of the night, for Mary knelt between the legs of her own sister and started to eat her out, this of coarse left me with the gorgeous prospect of entering Mary from behind, and once I had recovered sufficiently that's exactly what I did. I was surprised to find Mary was a little tighter than Catherine, but she was just as wet and willing for action, she thrust back a little as soon as I entered her body.

Catherine was moaning slightly at her sisters tongue flicking her clitoris, and her finger buried in her pussy. I on the other hand was now as deep as I could go, with my pelvis slapping her behind with each thrust, and eliciting a whimper when ever I went forward. She soon started to come again, almost collapsing with the intensity of it all.

Catherine was also coming yet again, with her sister speeding up the fingers that were working on her clit, in direct response to the thrusting from behind. By the time I stopped we had almost all come together, and collapsed onto the floor.

That was the first time we got together, and as I was leaving that night I knew it wouldn't be the last.


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