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The Haunted House
by Carl East

"So this is it," I thought looking up at the so-called haunted house.

It was an impressive structure built in the late eighteen-nineties, yet strangely uninviting. It's concrete pillars on either side of the front door looked out of place. I had been dared to stay the night in this building by a friend who once had the same opportunity. He wouldn't tell me what had happened; just that he would never set foot in that building again. I teased him, saying that there was no such thing as ghosts. Hence the dare, but I wanted something in return. I wanted to shag his girlfriend. So convinced, that I wouldn't be able to stay the night, he agreed to the wager.

"Well," I thought, "let's check this out."

I opened the front door, which was a little stiff, to find a large hallway with a magnificent staircase winding slightly to the top of the landing. A pleasant enough house, entering, then closing the door behind me. The sound the door made upon closing was eerie, but I wasn't about to let noises scare me away. After all, there was a beautiful pussy waiting for me once I had proved that this house was not haunted. Taking my backpack off I entered what must have been the sitting room, for there was still a couch here. Sitting down on the couch I tried to make myself as comfortable as possible.

After two hours I drew my rucksack nearer to me, opened it to find an apple that I had placed there earlier. Sitting back to enjoy it I felt a little more at home and by the time ten o'clock came I was starting to get tired, so I put my feet up and closed my eyes. Before I drifted off I was startled by a sound in the wall, or at least from the other side of the wall. I arose to investigate the sound, but found nothing. I knew from experience that old buildings made settling noises, completely natural, and not in the least supernatural.

Sitting back down again I suddenly felt a cold wind pass over my body. Shivering slightly I reached for the sleeping bag that I had tied to the back of my rucksack. Not getting in it, but covering my legs I sat back to rest my head. Then the strangest thing happened. My zipper started to come down all on its own! Quickly trying to fathom this one I pulled it back up, only to find it coming back down again. This was starting to get a little too eerie. I put my hands in front of me and waved them about in an attempt to feel some sort of entity. I started to rise, only to be pushed back down. My trousers were now being removed, clinging on to the top of them was useless, they were forced out of my hands. By now I was convinced this house was indeed haunted and that my scheming for pussy had finally gotten me into trouble.

My underwear was next to go, and no amount of protesting was about to stop it. So there I was, pinned to the couch with no idea what was going on, my underwear around my ankles. Then it happened. I suddenly felt a mouth engulf my flaccid penis! Looking down all I could see was my cock standing up and being manipulated by some unseen force. The sensation wasn't unpleasant, however, and pretty soon I started to get hard.

"I'm getting a blowjob by a spook," I thought, starting to relax a little.

Then my shirt buttons started to unfasten themselves, which made me wonder how a ghost could do two things at once. Unseen hands lifted my shirt off me and then my chest was being rubbed. The invisible entity was also going wild on my cock. I could see and feel the end of it being depressed and bent this way and that and the sensations were starting to really turn me on. A mouth covered my own, kissing me tenderly. I kissed back, surprised to be able to feel a real mouth, but still unable to see one.

The mouth was replaced with another. No, it wasn't a mouth. It was the unmistakable feel of a pussy wanting me to lick it. Strangely, I could smell the aroma of a woman's sweet nectar as I went at it with a vengeance and for the first time I could hear the moaning of someone being pleasured.

My cock was still receiving a good servicing, by now I would normally have cum but there was nothing normal about this event. I could feel a clit on my tongue as I continued to lick and suck. My cock was about to explode! I then felt a pressure at the base, knowing that that was the experienced hand of someone that had done this on more than one occasion. She was stopping me from coming, giving me a chance to recover before carrying on.

The invisible pussy covering my face started to writhe to the attention my tongue was giving it. I could feel the walls of her pussy and felt frustrated not to be able to see her. The mouth covering my engorged cock restarted its efforts, taking long slow movements and completely engulfing my used cock. My tongue was starting to feel tired as the pussy over it never wavered in its lust finding mission. Whoever this pussy belonged to was clearly in the throws of coming, for my head was being pushed deeper into her mound of loveliness. Every now and then you could make out the sweet moans of someone being pleasured.

I felt on the verge of coming once again, but this time she made no attempt to stop it. The pussy over my mouth suddenly let go, then I started to cum. Looking down I could see the first spurt shoot out. I started to duck out of the way but found it stop inside an invisible mouth then slide down an unseen throat. My cock was next entombed into another mouth, for I could feel them change hands. Again I came, my cock throbbing to the sucking motion still being carried out.

Between them they sucked me dry. I could, for the first time, feel something other than mouths and pussy. I could feel the unmistakable caress of a breast rubbing against my leg. Still they sucked, almost as if they didn't want me to lose my hard-on. Stopping for a second I could feel my cock enter a pussy, no one could doubt it. It was tight, yet soft; wet, yet unyielding until wetter. Pushing down with some force I was suddenly in. The entity riding me knew her stuff, for she was sucking my cock back into her pussy each time she rose off my lap.

Another pussy was thrust against my mouth at that point. This one felt slightly different in that her lips were more pronounced. She was ever the expert guiding my tongue to the right places, pulling my head back in order to almost sit on my face. Using me like this was more erotic than anything I had ever experienced. My cock was being ridden by a pro while my tongue was completely devouring a pussy. The sensations coursing through my body were overwhelming.

Once again I could sense someone in the midst of a climax. I had the feeling it was the one riding my cock, for she had gained momentum. By now I was ready to cum again, feeling my balls getting tighter. I wanted it to last a lot longer, but my will power was not enough to stop these two vixens. With an explosive exit my cum poured into her body, or lack thereof, filling her womb with a throbbing gusto from my cock. I stopped licking the pussy above my head and breathed in deeply. I could feel them get off the couch now as I slowly recovered my posture. Not a sound could be heard and with that I fell into an exhausted sleep.

When morning came I packed up my few possessions and walked towards the door. Upon reaching it I turned and said 'thank you,' then opening the door I walked out. At our prearranged meeting place just outside the gates to the grounds this house stood upon I found my friend waiting.

"Well it looks like you won!" he said.

"Yep, there is no such thing as ghosts! Now, about that bet," I said, smiling.


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