The Best Erotic Stories.

The Importance of A
Nutritious Lunch

Twelfth Installment in the "Latina" Series of Erotic Tales
by Latina

Latina and Frank's son, Bobby, is at that awkward age (11), when he was still accepts the little-boy's belief that girls are yucky, but he is also starting to notice girls in a more mature manner. He will watch and rerun over-and-over again, videos of the Spice Girls in their sluttiest costumes, yet he will declaim on how he doesn't like girls. He will complain about gift shops and antique shops selling figures of half-naked women, yet he won't be able to take his riveted gaze off of them. He'll cover his eyes at kissing and nudity in movies, yell YUCK, then his undeniable curiosity will make him spread his fingers apart to peak at the on-screen action.

So when Bobby's school had a Friday-night dance, Bobby was at once both excited for the chance to dance with girls, and a little afraid to admit he's growing-up and actually NOTICING girls. Bobby's best friend was going to accompany Bobby to the dance, and at their age, this lending moral support to each other was going to make both boys feel a little less awkward at their dance.

With Bobby's room very close to their own, Latina and Frank's late-night and early-morning love-making sessions had always had to be so subdued and quiet, even when they just wanted to rip each other's clothes off, and to scream and moan at each other with the overwhelming pleasure of it all. So having the house to themselves for four hours, was something both Frank and Latina had been looking forward to for WEEKS. In fact, Latina had already begun to formulate a plan of seduction for her Frank: a romantic candlelight dinner for two, a bubble bath (also for two), her changing into that new sheer and lacy, leaf-green, thigh- length baby-doll nightie, with the matching sheer-lace green bra and green crotchless G-string lace panties, teamed up with a black lace garter belt and sheer black stockings. It was one of her sexiest, trampiest outfits, out of all the lingerie that Frank had bought her over the past two years. Once suitably attired, Latina planned to let Frank decide what he wanted to do to her--with her--from there.

But when that long-awaited Friday night finally arrived, Bobby's friend came down with a bad cold. Without his friend, Bobby was too scared to go it alone at the dance, and he insisted on staying home. So all of Latina's careful seduction plans went out the window, putting her in a very crabby mood (who wouldn't be moody after postponing a great night of sex, that had been planned for weeks?). Latina brought some fast food home for Bobby, and she dropped him at another friend's house to play. Frank and Latina then went out to one of their favorite restaurants for dinner. Returning home, they set up a two-hour video movie that Bobby had long wanted to see, and Latina and Frank went out dancing for about an hour, at a club two blocks from their home. Latina and Frank had danced together at that very same club on their fourth date, and about an hour later, they had first discovered what a great sexual match they are for each other. So returning to that club, made them both feel more than a little bit randy for each other now.

When the evening ended, and they had put Bobby to bed, Frank sweetly and valiantly tried to coax Latina into her usual loving mood, but Latina was still visibly upset, because she wouldn't have the kind of wild evening that she had planned. When Latina didn't even respond to his tender, gentle tongue-lashing on her sensitive clit, which usually sent her pussy into trembling gyrations of ecstasy, even Frank had to wearily concede defeat. Both eventually turned over, and fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next day, they had reserved for repainting Frank's parents' house. Being in their 80s, Frank's parents could not paint the house themselves, and their outside walls had not seen a brush or a roller in probably 30 years. Even Bobby pitched-in to help with the painting project. At the end of this long day, Frank and Latina were far too weary to contemplate a night of passion on Saturday night. All day Sunday, Frank's arm ached from sore muscles, and from assorted scrapes and bruises. The ground around Frank's parents' house was highly uneven, making the ladder he had climbed (to paint the upper part of the outside walls) slightly-unstable. Descending the ladder, to move it to a new spot, Frank had slipped off the third-from-bottom rung, landing squarely in a large, thorny rose bush. The resulting cuts and scratches on his arm, leg, and chest left him in mild pain all day Sunday. On Sunday night, it was Frank, not Latina, who was in no mood for making whoopee. Latina went to bed early, and Frank stayed up for a while, to help Bobby practice his clarinet lessons.

So Monday morning, Latina was more determined than ever to find a way to seduce her husband, as he had so often seduced her with home-cooked dinners, flowers, dressing-up all sexy for her, and so on. In short, after putting off her seduction plans for three whole days, Latina was extremely horny, and she urgently wanted nothing more than the time and opportunity to fuck her husband's brains out now. Her computer-training class ended at noon, so Latina could pick Frank up from work at 12:10, and have him home for a nutritious, home-cooked lunch by 12:20. Of course, Latina knew, and Frank suspected, that with Bobby still at school until 3:00, there would be much more than just a nutritious meal involved, in their shared lunch that Monday.

Latina had carefully chosen her outfit that morning, to look dignified and professional at her training class, yet provide an inviting effect for Frank when they would finally be alone together. Her conservative, knee-length, army-green dress buttoned all the way up the front, with shiny gold buttons. Underneath, for Frank's eyes only, was a very tight, shimmering silver miniskirt, and under that, a shiny-satin, pale-lavender bra, with matching bikini panties.

Just on the 10-minute drive from her class to Frank's office, Latina already felt the moisture starting to gather, under those very same lavender panties. She unbuttoned the two center-most gold buttons at the front of her dress, so that when Frank looked--as she knew that he would--he would be able to see the waist- band of her lavender panties, and the lacy trim around the very bottom edges of her lavender bra cups.

At home, Frank and Latina took turns at the microwave, heating-up the left-over pork chops that Latina had cooked, teamed with the stuffing and carrots that Frank had cooked, for last night's Sunday dinner. Facing each other across their dining-room table, Frank and Latina gazed soulfully, longingly at each other all through lunch, holding hands whenever they didn't have a forkful of food to hold. Latina smiled, as she noticed that Frank's gaze repeatedly wandered, from looking into her soul through her eyes, to a lustful, hungry admiration for the bare belly, lavender panty waistband, and lavender bra cups, visible through the two open buttons that were halfway down her khaki dress.

After lunch, Latina sat sideways on their couch, her legs tucked under and beside her. Frank sat facing her on the couch. They wrapped their arms around each other, pulling each other closer together, and they gently began to kiss each other on the lips. Their kisses soon progressed around to kissing each other's neck, which in turn progressed to gentle sucking and nibbling on each other's neck, before returning to kissing on the lips again. Frank reached down, and he began delicately massaging Latina's bare feet.

Eager to get things started, Latina unbuttoned the top button of Frank's red wool shirt, and her slender fingers began slowly unbuttoning their way down Frank's chest, massaging the smooth skin of his bare, hairy chest, with her palm and her finger tips. Frank warmed to this subtle-as-a-sledgehammer cue, and he began unbuttoning the big, shiny gold buttons down the front of Latina's khaki dress, passionately kissing the side of her neck, as he unbuttoned down to where Latina had already opened two buttons. Frank then kissed his way down her neck, into her cleavage, and then across to suck her big, hard left nipple, right through her skimpy lavender bra. Now he cupped her right breast in his left hand, all the while not missing a beat in gently chewing the sheer fabric, which barely covered her swollen left nipple.

Frank leaned Latina down onto her back on the couch, her legs still draping over the edge of their couch. As he resumed kissing and sucking on her big, hard nipples now, Frank tucked her right bra cup under her right breast. Then with his strong arm under her right shoulder blade, he pulled Latina closer to him, cupping her right breast in his left hand, and increasing the pressure of his kisses and nibbles on her long, firm, red-brown nipple. He then repeated these maneuvers on her left breast, uncovering, kissing, and nibbling. Now he withdrew his hand from cupping her breast, and he started sucking her big, hard nipple without his hand on her breast now. He used his now-free hand to slip under the hem of her knee-length skirt, pressing and rubbing the underside of his fingers, and his palm, against the outside of her tiny, pale-lavender, lace-edged panty. As Frank stroked her pussy, right through her panties, and as he kissed, licked, and nibbled her exposed nipples, he kicked up first his right leg behind him, pulling off his right sock, then his left leg behind him, to remove his left sock. His passion did not subside one whit, all through his contortionist maneuvers to remove his socks.

Latina pulled back just a little now, and grabbing the base of Frank's red wool shirt, she began pulling his shirt out of his pale-blue jeans. Frank cooperatively stretched his arms above his head, and Latina stood up to pull the shirt off his arms, and over his head. While standing, she pulled her dress, already unbuttoned to her waist, over her head, too.

Almost simultaneously, Frank's shirt and Latina's dress were unceremoniously tossed onto the light-grey living-room carpet. Frank leaned down atop Latina on the couch again, and they began kissing once more. With both of his hands under her shoulder blades now, Frank arched Latina's back, so that her 38-C bust, looking far younger and firmer than her 48 years, jutted forward. With Latina's bra cups already tucked under her breasts, Frank easily reached between her shoulder blades, and he unhooked the narrow, lacy strap across the back of her bra. He then lifted the straps off both of her shoulders, and he triumphantly slid the thin bra away from her chest, letting it fall onto the carpet, along with her dress and his shirt.

Latina had always wanted to make love on their living-room recliner, but when she suggested it now, Frank feared that the recliner might tip over backwards, in the heat of their passion. Latina asked Frank to sit in the chair, and they would try anyway.

"No," Frank pouted. "I want YOU to sit in the chair. Let me kneel on my knees facing you, and let my tongue--"

"Oh, NO!" Latina snickered. "I want YOU on the chair, I'll sit on your lap, and I'll park my panties right above the zipper of your jeans. And let's see how long we can hug and kiss each other, before one or both of us gets so damned HORNY, that we just HAVE to change positions, and do something more than just hug and kiss."

"I'm UP for it," Frank grinned at his deliberate pun on being UP, "if YOU are!" Latina looked hungrily toward his zipper, but although she could detect somewhat of a bulge, she could not tell yet, through his trousers, just how UP he really was.

Frank sat in the recliner, and Latina climbed up, straddling her legs over his, her bare 38-C breasts pressed up against his muscular chest, the crotch of her pale-lavender panties resting against the zipper of his light-blue jeans, his prominent bulge starting to arise even higher now, under that zipper. As they hugged and kissed, and she pressed her panties ever-tighter against his zipper, the chair began to violently rock forward-and-back. Latina unwrapped her arms from Frank's back, slid backward down Frank's legs, then stood up at the edge of the recliner chair. "I think you're right, honey, this chair IS going to fall over backwards!"

"So, what do you want to do about it?"

In reply, Latina just smiled mysteriously, grabbed both of Frank's hands in hers, and walked backward down their long hallway, as she towed Frank into their big master bedroom. She had only her tiny triangular panties on now, while he still had his pale-blue jeans on. Still, just the sight of his bare feet and bare chest were enough to make her mouth, and that LOWER sets of lips, both start to drool with desire. Judging by the way the front of Frank's jeans were pulsing in and out, Latina sensed that he was reacting to more than just the sight of her naked breasts facing him. She guessed that he had already noticed the dark hairs of her thick bush, sticking out along the edges of her pale-lavender panties. Frank liked her to keep her bush very thick, and Latina had to admit that she enjoyed this natural, unshaven look, too.

As she dragged Frank down the hallway, he managed to wriggle his left hand free of her right. Taking advantage of his free hand, Frank pulled the front of Latina's barely-there panties out away from her waist, and he slid his long, thin middle finger down along the outside of the slit between her pussy lips. The subtle hint of her gathering interior moisture, as he stroked along the outer periphery of her cunt lips, felt wonderful against the bare flesh of his finger.

Once in their bedroom, Latina slipped free of Frank's hands, and she scurried into the bathroom. Hurriedly stripping off her panties, Latina carefully washed around the outside of her pussy, and over her clit, making herself spotlessly clean for Frank's soon-to-be probing fingers and tongue. But she was very careful not to wash away any of the natural moisture, gathering deep in her interior, which she knew would later help ease the descent of Frank's long, thick shaft, which she was already starting to desperately crave. She then slipped her silky black robe, the one with the repeating pattern of blue diamonds on it, over her naked body, and she tied its sash around her waist. Looking into the mirror, she practiced walking in this outfit; just as she had hoped, with each step forward, the top of her robe opened slightly, to reveal much of the surface of her big, firm, twin globes underneath. As she walked from the bathroom to their bed, Frank, still standing, spun around facing her. He wrapped his strong, loving arms around her back, and he kissed her passionately. She parted her lips ever so slightly, and he accepted her silent invitation, quickly flitting his tongue into her mouth, then just as quickly darting his tongue back out again. Latina leaned in close and kissed him again, her left arm around his waist, clutching the back of his head in her right palm, and gently stroking the back of his collar-length brown hair.

Pulling away from Frank, Latina pulled off the bed-spread, blanket, and top sheet from their bed, stretching out on her back atop the fitted sheet and a sea of pillows. Frank knelt atop the bed beside his wife, then he leaned over to kiss her long, slender neck. While kissing her, he interlaced the fingers of his right hand between the toes of her right foot, massaging the undersides of her toes with his finger tips. Frank then released Latina's foot, and he began stroking his hand up her smooth, soft, dark, shapely legs. He then reached up to untie the sash around the waist of her black silk robe, and he lovingly pulled both edges of her robe apart, exposing her entire naked form to the noon-day sun, not to mention to Frank's eyes, hands, and tongue.

Frank resumed kissing the side of Latina's neck. Then he moved around to the front of her neck, and down into her cleavage, then across to her right breast, planting a soft kiss right on the tip of her right nipple. Then, applying even MORE pressure, a firmer kiss, before sucking her nipple up past his lips. Sliding his hands under Latina's shoulder blades, Frank's upper-arm strength pulled Latina up off the bed toward him, causing her back to arch and her 38-C breasts to rise up, pressing ever closer and harder against his face. Holding her in this position, Frank began a series of slow flicks of his tongue, side-to-side and left-to-right, across her nipple. Then he switched to long, slow licks, from the underside of her breast, over her breast, across her areola, and finally licking and slurping against her long, hard nipple, as though it were an ice-cream cone. He sucked her firm, reddish-brown nipple up into his mouth, then he began a delightfully-sensuous nibbling on her nipple. He then kissed and licked his way across her breast. Then, resting his head between her big, round globes, he kissed the sensitive skin of her cleavage. Now he kissed and licked under her right breast, before moving up her breast, over her wide reddish-brown areola, and hungrily kissing and licking at her right nipple, as he had just done on her left breast. Finally, Frank sucked her hard, excited right nipple up into his mouth, for the same slow, pleasurably-tortuous nibbling he had just practiced on her left nipple.

Now Frank kissed his way further down Latina's torso, under her breast, and down to her belly button, then over the side of her stomach. Then, rolling her onto her right side, facing him, he sensuously stroked one finger at a time against the sexy curve of her left hip, each finger followed by heart-melting, pussy- dampening kisses, right at the base of the curve of her left hip, before the next finger stroked her bare, curvaceous hip. All the while, Frank cupped her right ass cheek in his left hand, slowly stroking his index finger across the tightly- puckered crease, where her right ass cheek subtly curves, to join the top of her right leg.

With Frank lying on his left side, facing Latina, now was the perfect opportunity for her to reach over and unbuckle his belt. She fumbled and struggled with the brass button at the top of his jeans, until Frank helpfully reached down and unbuttoned it for her, before returning his hand to caressing the soft curves of her ass cheeks. Latina slowly, mischievously, rubbed her hand up and down over Frank's growing bulge 3 or 4 times, before she slowly unzipped Frank's pale blue jeans, using two fingers. The two of them then wrestled his jeans down his legs and onto the floor. At long last, Latina could fully admire Frank's 8-inch length and throbbing two-inch thickness. After planting a fleeting, giggling kiss on the tip of his pulsating cock, Latina rolled over flat on her back, and Frank lay face-down beside her on their bed.

Grabbing one ankle in each hand, Frank spread Latina's legs wide apart, into a diamond shape, her pussy, her knees, and her ankles forming the four points of the diamond. In this position, Frank could slowly, lovingly kiss his way up the inside of Latina's right inner thigh, across her thick crop of pubic hair, and back down her left inner thigh. Then back up the inside of her left leg, his kisses lingering in her brown-black vaginal forest, before descending to kiss all along the outside of her pussy lips. He then moved back up, kissing her already- swollen clit, holding her pussy lips open as he slowly slid a long, thin finger deep inside of her. Feeling how damp her inner walls had already become, Frank wasted no time plunging his finger deeply and rapidly, in-and-out of the slicked- up recesses of her hot, horny, desperately-hungry pussy. "Oh, Ffffrrraaannkkk! She WWWAAANNTTTSSSS you, Frank!" Latina whined and simpered, twitching and thrashing in mad anticipation on the bed.

Frank ignored Latina's pleas to slip his cock into her, but he did arch his own body upward slightly, so that her fingers could rub and stroke his rock-hard 8 inches from underneath. He wasn't nearly ready to let his long flashlight search around in her dark cave yet, because right now, his lips and tongue DESPERATELY craved that uniquely and exquisitely sweet taste, which only the juices from around her clit could ever satisfy. Replacing the finger that had been probing deep inside her feminine folds, Frank pried her delicate pussy lips wide apart, and he let his long tongue slide as deeply into her as it could go. With a loud SLURP, Frank's tongue licked all along the top lining of her vagina, retreated directly across her G-spot, then over the inverted V-shaped top of her juicy slit, over the outside of her pussy lips, and right up onto her growing clit. Frank grabbed one of the many pillows littering the top of their queen-size bed; cupping her ass cheeks in both of his hands, he pulled her fine ass up off the bed, and slid the pillow under her ass. This arched her pussy up higher off the bed, and closer to his mouth, while improving the angle of access for his tongue over her clit. Slowly, Frank built up the pace of his licks against Latina's lengthening, hardening love button now, until she was thrashing from side to side, moaning unintelligibly, and arching and thrusting her pussy ever higher up, against his frantically-circling tongue. "Unnnhhh!" Latina cried in her high, sing-song voice. "Unnnhhh!"

Frank, fluent in the language of love, knew exactly what her cry meant: "suck my clit up into your mouth!" Or, well, even if that's NOT what Latina's cries meant, that was how Frank interpreted her cries, because before Latina had even completed her second "Unnnhhh!" her clit was already sucked up past Frank's lips, fully into his mouth, where his tongue could REALLY start to work her over. "Ufff! Ufff!" came Latina's panting, breathless cries now. Once more, Frank knew exactly how to interpret "Ufff!" which means "nibble on her." Which is just what Frank did, gently sinking his teeth up against the delicate flesh of her hard, excited clitoris, not pausing once in his licking, as he earnestly began to nibble on Latina's warm clit. As her hips swayed from side to side, and as she continued to arch and thrust her naked pussy higher and higher off of their bed, Frank slid his finger back into her pussy, feeling the floodgates opening there, and waiting for her clit to get the message, which her vaginal walls had already received: release lots of moisture, NOW!

"UUUUUUUHHHHHHH!" Latina cried in her sexiest soprano voice, the prized delicacy of her clit's sweet nectar finally oozing out past her clit and onto Frank's hungry tongue. "UUUUUUUHHHHHHH! Huffa-huff-huff! Mmm! Mmmmmm!" Then, with the floodgates still open, and Frank still licking, a second burst of her clit's passion coated his lips and tongue, to the melodic accompaniment of her scream of "MMMMMMM! Ohhhhhhhhh!" and a still-breathless "Huffa-huff-huff!" Then finally "Mmmm, she WANTS you!"

Happy to oblige, Frank gave her one final lick, sucking-up another torrent of her love juices. Then he pulled the pillow out from under Latina's sweet, gorgeous ass, and he lined up his cock with her opening, teasing her by rubbing his rock- hard 8 inches up and down along the outside of her wide-open slit.

"Mmmm, baby, I NNNEEEDD you!"

Frank let his cock ever-so-slowly begin to stuff her tight pussy. But Latina had a different plan, squeezing and flexing her tight pussy muscles, her slippery walls and undulating pussy muscles forcing his throbbing manhood to slide down into her, much more rapidly than Frank had planned. As Frank began thrusting hard and fast in and out of Latina, she used her wetness, and her muscle control, to regulate the pace at which Frank slammed into her and retreated, slammed and retreated. Their energetic pace, as they banged their crotches and bellies against each other, soon had them both panting uncontrollably. Between their growing excitement, and the heat of the noon-day sun, Latina and Frank both soon had rivers of sweat dripping off of their foreheads, and onto the bed's fitted sheets. Their sweat, and their sexual fluids, were soaking the sheets, and causing their hot flesh to stick to the bed. But they were having FAR too much fun, to let a little breathlessness, and a lot of sticky sweatiness, stop them now.

With all the attention that Frank's lips, tongue, and teeth had generously showered upon Latina's clit, without her even having to repay him in kind (although just now, she wouldn't have minded AT ALL, sucking and swallowing his sweet, creamy spunk from his long, thick, hard, throbbing cock), it was not surprising that Latina came first. "Uhhhhhhh! Oh, honey! Oh, honey. Oh, HHHHUNNN- NNNEEE! Mmmmm! Unnnggghhh! Hhhh! Hhhh! Oh, yeah! YYYYEAH! Mmmm, YYYYEEEESSSSS!" Latina was SO glad now, that Bobby was still in school. There was NO WAY she could have kept anywhere near as quiet now, as they usually had to be, when making love while their son was in the house.

Latina could feel her orgasm building. Almost there. Almost. Building and building. The excitement and passion creeping up out of her depths, ever closer to the edge, closer, not quite there yet, so close, no way to stop it now. "C'mon, Frank," she thought, "Come WITH me! We've gotta come TOGETHER!"

Frank was pounding her at such rapid pace, that her pussy muscles couldn't slow him down now, no matter how tightly she squeezed down on his invading love missile. "Uuuuuhhhh!" he grunted in his deeply-masculine baritone voice. "O-o- ohhhh! I'm going to COME! Huff-huff-huff--gonna--hhhh! hhhh!-- COME!"

"Yes, honey! Oh, YES! Come inside me! Deep inside me! DDDDEEEEPPP inside me! CCCUUUMMM, Frank!"

As hard and swiftly as he had been pounding in and out of her, Frank somehow made it seem still FASTER now. Thrust, retreat, thrust, retreat. Powerfully, relentlessly. Thrust, retreat! Thrust, retreat!


"UUUUUHHHH!" Frank could no more control his volume of passionate noise now, than Latina could.


"Oh! Oh! OHHHHH!"

"Hhhh! Hhhh!"


I'm gonna-gonna-gonna--CCCCCUUUUMMMM!" they both shrieked. Then Latina and Frank both laughed, at the coincidence of screaming the same words at the same time, their laugh dissolving into a moan as they continued to slam hard against each other, through mutual orgasms.

Wrapping their arms and legs around each other, their liquid lust streaming out of their his-and-hers orifices, they kissed fiercely and passionately, rivers of sweat flowing off of their foreheads and onto their pillows.

"Mmmmm!" Latina swooned. "She'll be thinking about you, remembering you, all the rest of the day now." As usual, Frank had taken his time with her, letting her feel not only their lust, but also their deep, passionate love, caring, and commitment, all of those feelings came through loudly and clearly, with each downward thrust. And she had returned just as much loving feeling, with each contraction of her pussy muscles, tightly, against his thick, rigid shaft. She had wanted just raw sex, but they had actually made love, and she knew that lovemaking felt about a zillion times better than just fucking. Frank had been SO right, to SO patiently bring her to maximum pleasure, when all she had wanted to do was to fuck like crazed little bunny rabbits! She no longer felt frustrated at having to cancel last Friday's seduction plans; she felt only contentment now, for finally having snatched her Monday victory out of the jaws of her previous Friday-night defeat.

Frank looked down at the mysterious smile on Latina's face now, a smile that somehow reminded him of the Mona Lisa. Maybe that similarity was no surprise, as Frank remembered reading somewhere, that Leonardo DaVinci had painted that famous smile, from his fond memory of the expression on the subject's face, just at the very moment when DaVinci's ministrations had brought her crashing into a quaking, mind-shattering orgasm. If this legend was true, Frank thought, perhaps Mona Lisa's orgasmically-inspired smile of pleasure, so similar to the smile that Latina was now beaming up toward him, is what gave DaVinci's painting such enduring and universal appeal.

Frank turned his head, and he glanced at the clock: 2 PM. They had been making love for an hour and a half! A quick shower, sensuously soaping each other up, Latina playfully washing her sticky pussy-cream off of Frank's cock, him inserting a soapy finger into the gooey mess he had just deposited into her freshly-fucked pussy. The air ripe with the scent of new, raw sex. Frank blow- dried his hair, so as to give his coworkers no hint of his just-completed activity, and he carefully put on all the same clothing. Then he turned the blow- dryer onto her, the warm air blasting away the last water beads of the shower, from on and under Latina's big, firm breasts, and from the creases where her ass cheeks met the backs of her legs. They kissed fondly, gently, tenderly, lovingly, for one last time, more calmly and soulfully, less lustfully now, than their earlier kisses.

Then Frank drove back to his office, hoping that his shower had erased the tell- tale scent of pussy well enough, so that his co-workers wouldn't guess that good nutrition hadn't been his only reason for an at-home lunch today. Latina hurriedly made-up their bed again, so that their son Bobby wouldn't find it in disarray, when he returned from school. Was it just her imagination, her lingering memory, or did the whole house just faintly smell of newly-fucked pussy now?

Just to be sure that Bobby wouldn't smell the thick scent of her and Frank's passions when he returned from school, Latina opened all of the windows in their house, turned on all of their fans, and sprayed air-freshener. Finally satisfying her paranoia, Latina then sat at her desk, not ten feet from the bed where she had just been so completely and thoroughly fucked. Seated at her desk, she studied for the quiz, which Latina knew she had to pass in tomorrow's computer class. For the rest of that afternoon, Latina's mind fought a losing battle, to focus more on the words on the page in front of her, than on the fresh memory that her sore but highly-satisfied pussy insisted on replaying over and over again. For Frank's part, he had a difficult time keeping his fingers moving across the keyboard of his office computer that afternoon, as he kept raising his fingers to his nose, to sniff the lingering scent of the fresh, tangy pussy-juice that his fingers had so recently coaxed out of his wife. Frank had to laugh when a co-worker entered his cubicle, and smelling Latina's lingering sex-scent, naively asked Frank whether he had eaten fish for lunch. "Fish is very healthy for you, you know."

"Yes," Frank beamed, remembering the taste of his wife's fleshy folds on his tongue, "I ate a VERY healthy, nutritious lunch!"

Repeatedly reminiscing about their long lunch break, Latina and Frank both thought to themselves now, "You can never over-estimate the importance of a delicious, nutritious lunch!"


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