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The Limousine

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Although Carla had been out with Joel several times, this was the first time he had been mysterious about where they were going. She had only known him for a few weeks, but already she knew he was someone special.

As a matter of fact, she had just finished speaking with her best friend, MD, on the phone and told her just that. "When he is with me, he makes me feel like I am the only woman in the world", she had gushed. Even though she was on the phone, MD could see the smile on her friend's face, and the sincerity in her voice was coming through loud and clear. She was genuinely delighted for Carla, she deserved to be ecstatic. Her last relationship had been a very lengthy one, and the breakup was agonizing. The sub sequential recovery time had been equally as long and arduous.

Carla had finally begun dating again. Nothing serious, just a couple of fun dates with acquaintances at work. While shopping at the mall one day, she happened to walk into a popular woman's boutique. Behind the counter was Joel. He was gorgeous in charcoal gray fine pinstripe, his blue eyes bright and beautiful, and they had followed her from the time she had entered the store, until the time she left. She could feel them. As she strolled around the store, she kept sneaking looks at him, and was almost astonished at the immediate rush of moisture to her pussy as she did. It had been a long time since she felt that way. She could feel herself blush, and busied herself with looking through a rack full of dainty lingerie, which was making her hornier yet. She grabbed a sexy looking black lace bra, lacy black panties to match, a pair of black thigh highs and a seductive low cut black dress to complete the outfit. She had no idea when or where she would ever wear such things, she just knew she wanted them at the moment. As she walked toward the counter, she made up her mind to open an account at the store. Maybe he would be there again when she came back.

He smiled broadly as he handed her the paperwork to fill out, and her juices started flowing again. She could hardly take her eyes away from him. As she stood filling out the application, she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs, squeezing her pussy as she did. She couldn't get over the feeling of complete sensuality he seemed to exude over her. There was definitely something different about him, something that made her want him.

When he spoke, his voice was warm as a summer breeze, calm, quieting, and slightly sexual. "Ah,", he said, "I see you are a local woman". She nodded, unable to answer, her cunt was dripping now, she was extremely aware of the wetness between her legs. She clenched her thighs tighter together, and when she did, a tiny moan escaped her lips. He picked up on it immediately, and looked up from the application smiling, "Excuse me"? Trying to hide the blush in her cheeks, she grabbed the bag from the counter, and asked him when she would know if the credit went through. He told her she would be notified. That was the last thing she heard as she hurried through the exit doors. Her heart was pounding, almost as much as her pussy, the puddle in her panties spreading as she quickly walked to her car. She couldn't believe how wet she was, how horny. Had it been that long since she had been so excited? She didn't care, she threw the bag in the car with her purse, got in the driver's seat and pulled out of the parking lot. At the first deserted looking street she came to she turned down it and parked. She opened her jeans, and slid her hand down between her soft stomach and her silk panties to her pulsating crotch. Her fingers found her shaven slit entirely wet. She gripped the steering wheel with her other hand, while she pushed two fingers into her wet love canal. At the same time, her hips lifted off the seat meeting the thrust of her fingers. Her thumb came to rest on her throbbing clitoris. It was only a few minutes of that manual manipulation until she felt the familiar heat, the warning of impending explosion. A moment of stillness, and the rush of waves, convulsions of nerves, seepage of fluid. Her breathing was hard and quick, she uttered something unintelligible, gripping the steering wheel, her hips still in the air as she orgasmed.

After the spasms subsided, she relaxed a few moments, her head back on the headrest with her eyes closed. It was at that moment she realized what she had done. She started to look around, hoping that no one was witness to her wanton display of masturbation. No, no one had seen her, or at least was still there watching her if they had. She shook her head, as if to wake up, as if it was almost a dream. She had never, ever done anything like that before. She was both excited and repulsed at the same time. She started the car up, put on the lights, and headed home, still thinking about what she had done.

She could see her breath as she waited for him to arrive. The weather had turned cold so quickly, her full-length black cashmere coat felt wonderfully cozy against the early winter chill. He had always come to the door before, but tonight, he specifically requested that she be outside, she didn't question him, she did as she was asked. That was what made him unusual. He had a way of requesting, asking things from her that she could not, did not want to deny. Just simple things really, like the first time he asked her out.

It had been two days after she had put the credit application in at the boutique. She had just gotten in from work, and the phone was ringing. As soon as he started speaking, she knew it was him. "Carla Wilson please", he had said. "That's me", she responded quickly. He laughed, a melodious chortle greeted her ears, and he became even more desirable at that moment than he had been the first time she saw him, if that was possible. "So," he said, "now I know two things about you, one is that I have the right number, and two that you pay your bills on time because you didn't ask who was calling first." She had to laugh at that herself, of course she didn't want to let him know she knew who it was, so she played his little game. "I will have you know sir that my credit is excellent, but I will, at this point, have to ask who is calling now". For some strange reason, she was getting that same reaction again. The tingle in her breasts, the moisture between her legs, she started to tremble a bit and had to sit down. "I am so sorry Ms. Wilson, this is Joel Winters from The Tempting Triangle Boutique at the Westside Mall." I am calling to let you know that yes, you do have excellent credit, and your application has been approved." Again, that soft smoldering voice seeming to put her at ease, and yet at the same time aroused her. "I must apologize for this intrusion, we normally don't call our applicants, but since you were local, and might want to stop by again in the near future, I thought you might like to know before you got the official notification in the mail." If she closed her eyes, she could see the smile on his face, her hand involuntarily moved to her breast. "Well thank you Mr. Winters, I appreciate the special attention." "You may call me Joel, if I can call you Carla". Her nipples were pointed and pushing through the soft material of her blouse, and her lace bra. She was unconsciously rubbing them while he talked to her. He had asked the usual casual questions at first , how was she, had she just gotten home from work, did she enjoy the early winter chill in the air, and then he asked. "Carla, do you think you might be interested in joining me for dinner on Friday?" It was that quick, that straightforward, and her answer coincided with a super hot rush to her already wet pussy, "That sounds like fun Joel, I would like it very much."

That was the beginning, only a few short weeks ago, it seemed longer, but then they had seen each other quite often during that period. He was so attentive, always at her side, offering his assistance if she needed it from opening her car door for her to unlocking her door at night. But in all that time, he had never pushed for anything physical, other than one deeply passionate, arousing kiss at the end of the evening. One kiss, per date, he was driving her insane with penned up frustration. Even after that very first call, she had gone to her bedroom, undressed totally, and fingered her swollen cunt to orgasm. It was the second time she had spoken to him and the second time she had done that. It was becoming more and more obvious to her, she wanted him desperately.

The first date was everything she could have imagined, he came to her house, picked her up, took her to a fine local restaurant where they enjoyed a wonderful dinner together. Their leisurely dinner was enhanced by some genuinely lively conversation, some personal, some intellectual, some just downright silly. He had a way of making her giggle softly, or he could make her put her head back and laugh vociferously at some slightly off color joke he was telling. At the end of the evening, when he took her to her porch, he unlocked her door, turned to her, and took the pins out of her upswept hair. He merely stated, " you look wonderful with your hair down over your shoulders". That was when he took her in his arms and kissed her astonished, unspoken reply away, and replaced it with a hot burning desire between her legs. Every time after that, when she was with him, her hair was softly flowing over her shoulders. His adoring eyes upon her always showed his approval thereafter.

There had been other less than subtle requests, like the night they went to a famous women's lingerie emporium. He said he needed something from the office at the mall, but as they were leaving, he guided her into the lingerie shop. She was embarrassed at first, he walked over to a rack of very short skirts, and picked one out in her size. Her questioning eyes were greeted by the response of "but my dear, it is my job to know women's sizes, and now wouldn't you love to try this on for me?" She only nodded, not questioning, just like it was a routine shopping tour. When she got into the fitting room, she pushed the crotch of her panties aside and slid her fingers around her swelling clit. She so wanted release, he was teasing her, she knew it, but wanted to play his game. She reluctantly replaced the crotch, licked her fingers, and put on the skirt. As she walked out of the room she had only to look at his face to know he approved wholeheartedly. After she removed the skirt and returned to him, he took it and some other things he had gathered together, and paid for them at the counter. He got the bag and they left the mall. That night they went to the movies, when they got in their seats, he handed her the bag. Without a word, she got up, and went to the ladies room. There she opened the bag and removed the contents. A cup less bra, a pair of thong panties, the skirt, and a see through blouse. She could never do it, but she knew that she would anyway, to please him, to please herself in the end. She dressed in the obscenely decadent outfit and returned to her seat. What he did next astonished and excited her. He put his arm around her and took his cock out of his pants. It was hard, erect and looked incredibly edible. His arm upon her shoulders was the barrier, he neither touched her nor spoke to her, he only stroked his cock as she watched fascinated. He was evil, he was wicked, he was the most sensual, erotic man she had ever encountered. She knew if she spoke or moved, she would regret it, she did not move a muscle. His hand moved slowly, almost agonizingly up his long shaft, she could see the grip of his hand on the base, applying pressure as his fist rose closer to the head, and then a quick snap over the head, and a light return to the base. She could see the first hint of pre cum on the head, it gleamed like diamonds in the dark. It was all that she could do to not touch him, not lean over and press her lips to his male hardness. He stroked for a few more minutes, and then did another amazing thing, he stopped, and returned his swollen cock to his pants. He handed the bag with the clothes she had worn into the theater back to her and asked her to change back before they left the movie house. His game was becoming a bit much, dress, undress, watch , don't watch. She was so frustrated, she finally blurted out, "Did I do something wrong?" He patted her hand, and told her, "No my darling, you were perfect, please change now". She was more perplexed than ever, but she did as she was asked, because he was so charming, so alluring, so full of promise, she had no defense against him.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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