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Time Loop Pt. II
by Carl East

Jake had witnessed his own death, but had somehow been transported back in time. He had found that he was in some sort of time loop, going back a full day before being a part of a horrendous accident. One minute he's watching a fire ball head towards his alternate self and the next finding himself behind his desk at work the day before.

He had already tried to stop this once, and had proved that time could be changed, when he experimented with his secretary. He suddenly remembered what he'd done with his secretary the last time he'd been here, and thought I wonder how far I could take this. He sat back waiting for the events to unfold once again, thinking all sorts of devilish thoughts.

When his secretary appeared in the office, she bent down to place some files into the bottom draw of his filing cabinet, revealing a lovely pair of legs, and just a glimpse of her panties. Jake was feeling randy, and asked her to fetch Carol in. Madeline obeyed without question, thinking that it had something to do with work. Once Carol had entered, Jake asked Madeline to stay. Then he made a confession, one, which they found hard to believe. He told them that he had wanted to fuck them both for a long time, at first there was silence, then Madeline turned to Carol saying, 'I will, if you will,' Carol just smiled.

Jake knew that he was in, and started to kiss Madeline, placing a hand on her butt drawing her nearer. Then he stepped back and asked them to strip for him. At first they were both a little nervous, but saw that Jake was unzipping his trousers, and letting them fall to the floor, his big cock making a large lump in his underwear. Then he removed his shirt revealing a muscular body, by now the mood was right and Madeline had dropped her skirt to the floor stepping out of it. Carol followed suit by unbuttoning her blouse, and slipping it off to reveal a see through bra beneath.

Jake was now naked bar his shoes, and his briefs, but the sight of his cock making such a big bulge in his shorts made Carol want to get her clothes off a little bit faster.

She removed her bra, letting her lovely breasts stand up on their own, with large nipples that were fully erect. Then Madeline did the same, making Jake's penis grow just a tad more. In fact, it was becoming uncomfortable in those briefs, so he took them down releasing his cock from their restraint. Straitening up, his cock stuck out before him making the girls lick their lips in anticipation. Then Carol removed her skirt, leaving them both wearing only panties and shoes.

Jake got nearer, bending down in front of them, he first removed Madeline's panties by hooking a finger on both sides and pulling them down. Then he turned to Carol and repeated the same thing, which revealed two gorgeous pussies. Inserting a finger into each pussy, and eliciting a moan from each he then leaned forward to lick their vulvas one by one making them both run their hands through his hair. Each time he buried his tongue into one pussy, he would push a finger deep into the other, making them both squirm. Then when he thought their juices were flowing enough he stood up, his cock fully erect and very impressive.

The girls both had the same idea as they dropped to their knees; they immediately fell onto his cock. First one would suck then the other, then both at the same time touching each other's mouths as they did so. At one point they both had a tip of his cock in their mouths and were tonguing each other as well. Looking down upon this Jake was really getting turned on, and knew at this rate he wouldn't last long. They continued to take in as much as possible, until Jake could take no more and erupted onto their faces. They both took mouthfuls, and licked it off his cock and each other until he had cum his load and stopped. They then stood up, and Jake told them to bend over the desk together, which they did. He then started to fuck Madeline while fingering Carol, after five minutes he changed positions. He managed to keep this up for half an hour before he could feel he was about to cum again.

He was in Madeline when he came and proceeded to empty his load into her womb. Then Carol surprised him by asking Madeline to sit on the desk while she licked her out. This she did, making Jake feel hotter than ever, he was losing his erection until that happened, then it sprang back to life. Getting behind Carol he pushed it in, and started to pound her cunt, watching all the while as Carol lapped the sperm up that was oozing out of Madeline's pussy. He had always found that watching two women go at it, was a big turn on. Another thing that turned him on was the jiggling of Madeline's breasts as he continued to pump and grind Carol's gorgeous pussy.

It was a sort of chain reaction, as he hit Carol's arse with his thighs, she was momentarily pushed forward, making Madeline's breasts wobble. He was perhaps getting too much stimuli, as his cock started to jerk, in that tell tale fashion, his cum streaming out into Carol's womb. Once he had finished, Carol turned around and sucked the last dregs of cum out of the end. Then they all got dressed, agreed with each other that they would have to do this again, then the girls left the office. Jake smiled thinking this was not such a bad deal after all, but decided that he would try everything in his power to stop the catastrophe from occurring.

The next day he had a plan of action, he would back track the tankers route, and stop him before he had gotten onto the busy road. He imagined he'd done this when he spotted the tanker heading down the slip road two miles further down. He was also very pleased when he parked his car in the middle of that road, effectively stopping him dead.

Then he was doubly proud of himself when he gave the tanker driver fifty dollars just to stand there for ten more minutes. Which of course was the deadline for the original accident, but he was so pissed off to see in the distance a cloud of smoke. Then to suddenly find himself back behind his desk, knowing that there could be only one explanation, he had stopped the wrong truck from the right company.

There must have been two, with the one he'd wanted getting onto the freeway further up the road. He buried his head into his hands thinking, 'how can anybody BE so unlucky,' then started to formulate another plan of action.

To Be Continued...


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