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The Ancient Prophecy
Part II - The Lone Ranger
by Viper

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
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The little town was very quiet as it got dark. All the shops were closed, including the weapon shop in front of the inn. The only place that was still alive was the tavern. The little pub was very crowded with farmers. The interior was fairly gloomy, with only four pairs of oil lamps on each side of the wall. Atrus ordered a glass of ale, then picked an empty spot in the corner next to the window. The view of the small church filled the view. The light inside the church was on, and a soft hum of night prayer could be heard. The crowds were really noisy, but he could relax and enjoy the starry night sky.

Just when he was about to fall asleep, a loud crash was heard. When he turned to see what happened, he saw a man fall to the wooden floor. The man was heavily wounded and drenched with blood. Soon the people began to gather around him. A moment later, the mayor entered the tavern. He ordered the people to lift the wounded fellow to nearest table and give some space for him to breathe. Then the old man began to question him.

"Tell me what happened to you, young man?" The mayor asked in his thick country accent.

With his dying breath, only a few words escaped his lips. "Bahn... bahn... closth... Bahnt... closth... otha... toun..."

"We cannot understand you, young fellow. Say that again."

But the same words came out again and again. As the crowds got confused, one man yelled out loud, "Bandits! He said 'bandits, close, out of town'!"

The wounded man closed his eyes and gave a small nod. Then he opened his eyes and closed them again, but this time it was forever.

The crowds began to roar again in confusion until the mayor spoke again. "We shouldn't panic! There's got to be something we can do!"

"But old man, we're farmers! We're no soldiers! The nearest fort is two days away! We won't be able to make it!"

"Are you saying we have to abandon the village for those bandits to plunder?"

The angry crowds began to whine again, but this time the mayor made no attempt to stop them, for he didn't know what to say. But then a young man shouted to the crowds, "THERE IS HOPE!"

The crowds ceased their whining and turned their attention to the young man.


Suddenly the man pointed his finger at Atrus, who was still half-asleep in the corner of the room. He wondered how the man could know by looking at his appearance. The old mayor quickly came to him.

"Young man, I didn't know that you were a Ranger. Please, you have to help our village!"

"B...but I'm only seventeen... I'm not a Ranger, well, yet..."

"But we're farmers. We don't know how to fight. The bandits will kill us all. The letter you delivered is a warning from our neighboring village that has seen the other village pillaged and burned."

"I fought bandits on my way here. I'm sure your village is safe by now."

"You don't understand, young Ranger. These bandits are known as Black Tooth clan, one of the fiercest bandit clans in the south. They fight as a group and share the wealth together. If you don't help us, we have to leave the village."

"Black Tooth clan...?"

"That's a group of criminals from the southern territory working together." The young man who recognized Atrus spoke up. "They were well trained in using weapons. They could even challenge the soldiers in nearby fort."

"I see. So you want me to dispatch this group before they reach town?"

"Basically, yes. My name is Kail. I got kicked out of the army two years ago because I got drunk in my duty. I know some basic self-defense. I can rally the people to build fortifications around the village. All you have to do is to halt their movement to buy us more time to set up the fortifications."

Atrus thought about this for a while. If he succeeded to repel the attack, he would gain the fame he was seeking, but the job could be dangerous as well. However, he couldn't see these people abandoning their homes because of these bandits.

"Which way should I go?"

"This man," the mayor pointed at the dead man, "had a farm a mile south of town. The town that was attacked by the bandits is southeast from here. So you can figure it out."

South of Labrador was the forest of Labrador. It would be hard to find bandits around the forest, but it was easier to find a group of bandits.

"Very well. I will go tomorrow. Anybody want to go with me?" Atrus turned to the crowds.

The people went silent. They were all frightened, he thought. He had to do this himself...

"I will go with you." A familiar voice came from the other side of the room.

It was the young girl Atrus met in the forest. The dim light prevented him from seeing her better.

"I will meet you in front of the inn tomorrow morning." Then she left the tavern.

"Then be it. I will go tomorrow. But I need some stuff before I go." Atrus told them.

"Your needs will be taken care of, young Ranger." The mayor said.

Then Atrus went back to the inn and retired for the day.

The room was one of the best rooms in the inn. It was very spacious, with a huge bed and beautiful chandeliers. A soft breeze came in from the partly closed window. The night was very quiet and silent.

Just when he was half-asleep, there was a knock on the door. Who would come to see me this late, he thought.

"Come..." Atrus yelled, but his voice sounded more like a squawk.

The door was opened slowly and a figure of a girl appeared. She was a young maid. Her short black hair illuminated by the nearby candle light. She only wore a thin silk nightgown. She walked slowly toward him.

"Yes, ma'am. How may I assist you?"

She quietly sat on the bed next to him. "You need not do anything, Ranger. I am your reward."

He didn't understand.

"My name is Sylvia. I'm the mayor's daughter. I am here to reward you for your service to our village. I will reward you... in my way." She said teasingly.

Now he understood completely.

Atrus let the girl caressed his naked chest. Sylvia climbed over him and pressed her small lips to his, playing with his tongue. His hands reached for her shoulders and slipped the silk garment down, revealing her small breasts. Her pink nipples were already hard like a rock. He softly massaged her breasts and played with her nipples. He had never done this before; a noble Ranger would not play around with a hooker. He only followed what his mind was telling him to do. Her breathing was getting heavier, signaling that he was doing the right thing.

Her hand slipped under his shorts, reaching for his semi-hard member. He lay back on the bed as she gingerly took off his shorts and softly rubbed his member. Her hands expertly played with his cock and pumped it into hardness. She licked the head, then went down the shaft. Then she engulfed the rod and began to lightly suck it.

As she was sucking his member, Atrus reached for her crotch and found out that she wore no panties. He rubbed his hand on her crotch, feeling that heat was building up inside of her. A soft moan escaped from her lips. He traced his finger around the lips of her vagina. In no time, the tender skin moistened with her juice.

"Where did you learn how to make love, young Ranger?" Atrus noticed that Sylvia was staring at him, smiling.

"I learnt it from you, Miss Sylvia."

"Sylvia, please. Call me Sylvia. You're such an expert love-maker, young Ranger."

"Atrus. Call me Atrus." He stroked her hair. "I'm ready for the second lesson."

Sylvia sat on Atrus, guiding his member into her pussy. Then she rammed herself to his crotch, his member penetrated deeply into her genitals. She let out a cry of ecstasy, then began to grind herself to his crotch. Atrus tried to match her move, thrusting his hips and ramming his cock deep inside her.

It didn't take too long for Sylvia to reach climax. Her back arched backward as the wave of pleasure swept over her. She collapsed on his chest. When she looked at him, his face was calm and relaxed, but his member was still hard inside her wet pussy.

"Don't worry, Atrus, I will make you come, even if I have to keep on trying the whole night."

She began grinding herself again. Her wet pussy made an erotic sound across the room, joined by her moan. A short time later, she exploded again in ecstasy. But his expression was unchanged.

"Do you find me unattractive, Ranger? Please let me know the truth!" Her voice was full of desperation. Her eyes were filled with tears. "Why didn't you enjoy me? Why didn't you come?"

Atrus wiped her tears with his fingers then held her close. "You are very attractive, Sylvia. The control of my power was my basic training. I just want to please you. Forgive me if I offend you."

"So you like me, then use me! Don't just please me! I'm your reward. I'm here to please you."

Atrus lifted her body and laid it on the bed. Then he thrust his member deep inside her, making her moaned in ecstasy. Then he thrust faster and faster into her. Sylvia couldn't hold herself and began coming and coming again. His breathing grew faster as be became a beast. With a final cry, he exploded inside her. Sylvia herself felt the greatest orgasm in her life. Then the two lovers held each other close on the bed, now soaked with sweat.

"Your training has made you a great lover, my Ranger."

"You're a wonderful teacher yourself, Sylvia."

Her kiss was deep and full with loving passion. He slowly caressed her back and neck, pulling her close.

"Atrus... After your mission is done... I want to be yours... forever..."

Then the two lovers fell asleep in each other's arms.

In the next morning, Atrus found himself alone in his room. He quickly realized that he had an appointment with the mysterious girl in front of the inn. He took a quick bath and put his clothes on. Sylvia came later with a pile of pancakes and a mug of hot tea for breakfast. The breakfast was very delicious, so he ate the entire pile, knowing that this might be his last meal. Sylvia came again later, bringing a leather armor and a sword.

"These are all we've got. I know they're not the best quality, but farmers don't need sword." Sylvia explained.

"I understand and appreciate your kindness. I'm sure I will find them useful."

The armor was not thick enough to deflect a direct blow, but it was very comfy. His Ranger training prevented him from wearing heavy plate-mail armor because he would lose his speed advantage. The sword was short and unimpressive, but it was better than his old trusted dagger. Also, it came with a sheath, so he didn't have to fear of cutting himself. Sylvia helped him get into his new outfit.

"Kail said he couldn't find a bow and arrows, so he apologized." She said again.

"Don't worry. I won't find them useful."


He looked at her. She was staring at him, crying.

"Please be careful... Just... just don't die..."

Atrus softly embraced her and gave her an assuring look. "Don't worry. I will come back alive."

The morning in Labrador was very beautiful. The farmers had begun their work, while the maids were bringing baskets of harvested fruits and vegetables on their heads. He could hear the birds chirping and singing the beauty of the land.

But on the other side of the road, a few people were bringing logs and branches. They had begun building the fortification, Atrus thought. This might be a hard time for them. If the bandits plundered their farms and stole their harvest, these people would not pass the harsh winter alive.

"These people don't deserve to die in the hands of those bastards."

When he turned to see the source of the voice, he found the little girl standing next to him.

"You really like showing up and vanishing in a sudden, don't you?" Atrus said.

She didn't pay any attention. "You are on time. Let's go." Then she headed South.

Atrus ran to her. "Hey, wait! I want to thank you for healing my wounds yesterday!"

"Don't mention it."

"And I want to return this..." He produced girl panties in his hand. "I believe they're yours."

She stared at him sardonically.

"What exactly do you want?" She asked. There was a hint of threat in his voice.

"I told you I just want to return these. Don't you want them back?" Atrus insisted.

SLAP! The girl slapped Atrus. The blow didn't hurt much, but it made him furious. Then he realized there's no need to argue with this bitch. He would deal with her after he, or they, dealt with the bandits. After all, his father wouldn't be happy to hear that he attacked a little girl only because she slapped him on the face with no reason. He threw the panties away, straightened his backpack on his back and sword on his belt, and then walked past her. He knew that she was following him, but he didn't even bother looking back. Even the court joker would be angered by her treatment, he thought, but he kept that thought away, for now.

End of Part 2

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This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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