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The Mirror Pt. I
by Carl East

I watch and wait that's all I can do, I'm trapped in limbo, it was knowledge that got me here.

I wanted it all, the eternal youth and the never ending life span but it wasn't worth it. You see seventy five years ago I was looking for something special; I had gone shopping with my husband. He had gone to search for tools, while I browsed for bargains; I had found an antique shop. Upon entering the store I was struck by how unusual some of the items were, and unique, the prices were fair as well, which surprised me.

Then I found what was going to be a curse; it was a big oblong mirror that had its own stand. It stood out from everything else in that shop, but it wasn't just the mirror I had noticed. There was writing inscribed at the base, I recognised as Latin, it read, 'Perpetualis aetas-atis cessare' which meant perpetual ageing cease. At first I couldn't make out the last word, and to this day I wish I never had. For no sooner had I read the words in Latin than I was transported into a small room.

At first I was startled by these turn of events, then I became worried, because upon turning around I found myself on the opposite side of the mirror. The shop was there, plus the shopkeeper. I banged on the glass, to no avail; I then picked up the one and only chair in this small space and tried to smash the glass. This had no effect what so ever, after trying for several hours to extricate myself from this prison I had to concede that there was no way out. I decided to look around at my surroundings, it was pretty cramped in here, with three walls and the only window being the mirror.

There was also a bookshelf, with several books that were covered in dust, picking one at random off the shelf I blew the dust off the top. It was entitled 'Spells and their effects' this had to be a fictitious book. Opening the book I found it had magic spells that were in alphabetical order. Turning too the index, I found a row of words all in Latin, the one that struck me first was the word 'sexus' which simply meant sex. I spoke the word out loud, suddenly there was a naked man standing in front of me.

I jumped back, surprised that anything had happened, then I noticed his cock. He had a magnificent specimen, and he was fully erect, but he never said a word. Being, a twenty-four years of age hot-blooded female, I couldn't help but be aroused. I walked around him, checking out the rest of his body. He had a lovely ass small and round, I couldn't help myself when I reached for his cock. He never flinched as I past it from one hand to the other; slowly I started to jerk it in my closed hand.

Only then did he make a move, I discovered later that all I had to do was initiate sex first, for the person to respond. The response I got was mind blowing; he immediately started to undress me. I allowed him to strip me naked, and then he picked me up placing his cock at the entrance of my womb, he then impaled me with it. No normal man could possibly do what he then did; he stood pulling me up and down on to his huge cock for at least thirty minutes before coming.

Once he had placed me on my feet he vanished. I sat in the chair totally exhausted at what just happened, I had climaxed a number of times during that session. Regaining my posture I decided to read the books at my disposal. The second one I took off the shelf was entitled 'The Mirror' this was the one I was compelled to read. The first page explained how the mirror worked, and who had created it.

Apparently it was made by a sorcerer of the late thirteenth century whose name was Azamond, he had intended to use it before he died. It also went on to explain that while in the mirror the person wouldn't age, in effect he/she would be immortal. That was all well and good, but if you're a prisoner you're a prisoner weather your immortal or not, and nothing could change that. The part that really pissed me off, was when it informed me that the only way out was for someone else to read the inscription in Latin.

They would then take the place of the one already trapped, but the chances of someone else being able to read Latin let alone speak it out loud was remote. I put that book down for now and picked up the spell book again, looking through it I found various words for food. In fact there was four pages dedicated to various foods, I thought I'd better try one, so I said out loud 'Bos bovis' which meant beef. There in front of me appeared several cuts of roast beef; it was sitting on a plate that was sitting on a tray. I picked it up to find it was well cooked and still hot, 'at least I'm not going to starve' I thought. After the first day of this I started to get a little depressed, for I had seen my husband come into the shop, no doubt concerned at my disappearance. I felt frustrated that I could see him and do nothing about it, I read the spell book from cover to cover.

Although it had some wonderful spells in it, it just couldn't help get me out of here. After a few weeks I had resigned myself to thinking that the only way out was for someone to read the inscription as I had done. A lot of people did look very closely at the mirror, and even the inscription, but none of them spoke the words out loud. After a few months of this I started to treat the mirror as my home, it wasn't all bad, in fact the things I did while in that room were unbelievable. Azamond must have loved sex for there was another book here entitled 'Sexual Fantasies' after trying one of these spells I wondered if I would ever want to leave.

You see it had categories of various sexual combinations, like a three some and group. The very first one I chose was a three some, I spoke the words and a large bed appeared half filling the room. At either side of the bed stood two handsome young men, both were naked with large erect cocks. I stripped naked then lay on the bed, once I felt comfortable I said 'you can start' hands were then all over me probing my inner thigh and fondling my breasts. It bothered me that these men wouldn't or couldn't speak, but I still enjoyed their attention. One of them opened my legs wide while kneeling on the bed in front of me, then pressing his cock against my pussy he pushed it home. The other one was kissing licking and pulling at my tits like they were dessert.

All the men that I summoned had big cocks and the one that was servicing me at the moment was no exception. He ploughed his cock into my moist cunt like his life depended on it. My orgasms were coming thick and fast, I truly let myself go, screaming for him to go faster. He was suddenly fucking me with such speed that I was having multiple orgasms, in fact after ten minutes of this I had to slow him down. My body was tingling and shaking, the emotions I was experiencing were alien to me. He had by now slowed down his pace, once he came the other replaced him.

Again I was subjected to an overwhelming feeling of lust. My thoughts were only aimed at the fucking I was receiving, his cock was making me feel like a slut, as I repeatedly screamed out profanity. By the time this was all over I fell into a long sleep totally exhausted. That was how my days were spent in this prison, now seventy-five years later, the mirror was again being seen by a prospective buyer. It was a middle-aged man who looked closely at the inscription below the mirror; I started to get excited when he attempted to read it.

He then stopped looking, and crossed over to join the shopkeeper, after talking with him for a while he came back. I assumed that he was enquiring as to what the mirror cost, he then started to read the inscription again this time he finished it. I found myself back in the shop, but the decor had changed, for over the years the shop had gone through some changes. Now it looked like the day I had discovered the mirror; just then my husband popped his head around the shop door, asking me if I had finished browsing.

At that moment I realised what had happened. You get the chance to carry on where you left off, I could never tell anybody what had happened, for they would probably lock me up. I felt sorry for the middle-aged man that had taken my place, but knew that he would be all right in the end. As I left the shop I looked back at the mirror, it had been my home for seventy-five years. I will miss some parts of this experience, but my freedom meant more to me than carnal pleasures. I walked away not looking back again.


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