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The Mirror Pt. II
by Carl East

I had spotted the mirror from the window as I passed, and thought 'that looks interesting,' so I entered the establishment to find it was an antique store. The mirror was the freestanding sort, with its own legs; I bent down to look at the inscription at the bottom. It was in Latin, which I had studied at university, as I started to read the proprietor call over to ask if I needed any help. I got up and crossed over to him asking how much the mirror cost. He told me two hundred and fifty, which I thought was a bargain.

I went back to the mirror, and started to read the inscription, suddenly I found myself in a small room. Upon turning round I found to my horror, that I was on the other side of the mirror. No matter what I tried, I couldn't get free. Trying to stay calm I picked up one of the books, that was on the only shelf in this room. Upon opening it a piece of paper fell out, it read.

If you are reading this letter, then you are trapped inside the mirror. In fact, you have probably set me free, and for this I am sorry. I do not wish my freedom at the expense of others, but that is how it works I'm afraid. You see, someone has too say the words inscribed on the base of the mirror before the occupant can go free, and be replaced by the one who spoke them. You cannot interact with those on the outside, but you can keep your self occupied, by using the spell books you have already found. The only benefit I have found is you do not age but that is little consolation when you are a prisoner.

I couldn't believe what I was reading, but the evidence was there to see, sitting down I pondered at what my next course of action should be. Looking at the index to the book I was still holding, I found it was all written in Latin. The word that struck me first was 'Sexus' which meant sex, so I spoke it out loud.

A beautiful naked woman suddenly appeared in front of me, I almost dropped the book. I had hoped this was a dream, a surreal one, but a dream never the less, but it wasn't. I looked at the woman in front of me; she had the most perfect breasts I think I ever saw, and a body to match. I spoke to her asking her where I was, but she either wouldn't speak or couldn't, I reached out and cupped her left breast.

She immediately came to life, and responded to my touch by reaching over and kissing me. I wasn't about to let this opportunity go by. So I began to take my cloths off, once ready she proceeded to get to her knees and take my cock into her mouth. She was an expert in that department, for my nine-inch cock was disappearing down her throat. My moans of pleasure were such that it was echoing through out the room. She never slowed her sucking of my cock, even when I became over zealous and grabbed hold of her head to pull it towards me. My balls were starting to go tighter as the sperm started to come up through my cock; I came with a force I had never experienced before. Shooting one, two then three loads into the back of her throat.

She took it all, never once gagging or coughing, until my balls were completely drained, then she just vanished. My god, if that's what I have to look forward too, for how ever long it takes for someone to read the inscription, then I hope no one ever does. I quickly got down to studying the various volumes, looking through the spell books first. The food spells were good, I thought trying a couple out and producing some fruit. There were some entertaining spells as well, such as the voyeur spell.

All though I didn't know it was a voyeur spell until I tried it, you see the word in question was 'servare' which means observe. Once I had pronounced the word, a moving picture almost resembling a TV appeared on one of the walls. The scene was of a couple making love, this was like having my own porn channel. I experimented with this one, and soon discovered that saying the word twice would rid me of anything I conjured. When I said it again, the scene was different this time two men were taking one woman, I had to watch this.

She looked sultry; as the two men placed her totally naked onto the bed, then one of them got on top and entered her pussy. Then he rolled over taking her with him, so that she was now on top, the other man then joined in by lubricating his cock, then placing it at the entrance to her arse he pushed it in. She clearly loved it, for although this spell lacked sound you could see her mouth the words more and harder. I suddenly realised that I could summon beautiful women, so why should I watch it. I got rid of the image, and carried on reading the book. One spell that I would be using on a regular basis was translated too massage, it made appear a gorgeous woman and a bed. I got on the bed and received the best damn massage I had had in my entire life. She covered every inch of my body, making it a sensual experience as well as a relaxing one. The more I discovered of this so-called prison the more I liked it.

The next book I picked up was entitled 'Sexual Fantasies,' it had things like three some and group, but the one that caught my eye was 'Dominari,' which meant dominate. I spoke the word out loud, and suddenly found myself tied to the bed. In front of me stood a six foot dark haired woman, who's body would've made other women wet. She held a whip, I wasn't totally sure about this, but I was never a one for not trying new things, so I said 'Start.' She lashed out whipping my chest, then she proceeded to tear my clothes off, and once I was naked she sat astride my face and literally forced me to lick her out.

I found this strangely arousing, as I buried my tongue into her pussy she began to writhe moving back and forth over my tongue. Then she reached around taking hold of my cock and started to expertly jerk me off. But whenever she felt I was on the verge of coming she would grab the base and stop me. Only when she had climaxed did she finish me off; my seed shot out like a canon firing. I had not known that this form of sex could be so arousing. Once she had finished, the spell had come to an end, then every thing was back as it was, even my clothes. I must have used that spell thousands of times while I was trapped.

I had lost count of the amount of years I was in that room, but I never did want to be freed. I did however know that one day someone would take my place. This was going to be that day; I had seen a young couple enter the store. They looked at the mirror first, and I could see him pointing to the inscription and saying something, but you couldn't hear what was being said. Then her mouth started to move so I knew that she was replying, then they started to mouth the same words together, all of a sudden I was free. I didn't want to be, but I was, I turned around and spoke the words again, but to no avail.

It seems it only works once for each person, looking around I discovered that the shop had reverted to how it looked when I was first arrived. I soon realised that it let your life continue from when you entered or soon after. I walked away feeling cheated; I couldn't go back to my life after this. My life before the mirror was boring, so I decided as I left the shop that I would fill my life with the excitement I had found there. As I walked away, I mouthed the words 'Thank you.'


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