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The Mirror Pt. IV
by Carl East

Janet walked into the lounge wearing Stephen's pyjama bottoms, and completely forgetting that the mirror had an occupant. She stretched her arms to yawn; revealing a large well-developed bust that stretched with her. Then she remembered the mirror, and quickly placed her arms across her chest. Finding a blouse she slipped it on then stared at the mirror. The mirror in question had been found in an antique store, it's long intricate design being the first thing that Janet had spotted from the window. But they had also found it held many secrets, not least of which, that a sorcerer was its creator. A sorcerer that even know was inside the mirror, making it his home. Janet was a bit of a prude where sex was concerned, so when she had found out that this mirror could bestow wild and wonderful sexual experiences, she was disgusted. Having now thought about it some more, she couldn't help thinking that perhaps she was too judgmental. She looked at the inscription at the base of the mirror, thinking how she had met Stephen, a lesson in Latin that proved to be invaluable. Reading the words she found herself standing in front of Azamond.

"Are you well?" Was the first thing she asked?

"I am," he responded, "I am also glad you have chosen to visit me at this time." He added.

"Oh, why is that?"

"Because I intend to leave for a while and look upon your world, I desire to see the changes made during my absence." He concluded.

"Well, we will keep the mirror safe for you, until your return." She replied.

"For that I thank you, but you have not yet told me how I can repay you for setting me free, is there anything I can offer you in way of a reward?" He said.

"No, I cannot think of anything, but what kind of reward are you talking about?"

Azamond suddenly spoke a language that Janet couldn't quite understand, then a chest appeared next to her feet. She bent down to open it, upon doing so she found it contained magnificent treasures of gold coins and pearl necklaces, with a tiara or two thrown in for good measure.

"Oh, these are beautiful," she said, picking a necklace up to admire it, "but you don't have to do this."

"It is a pleasure my lady, there are lots of such treasures, just laying on the bottom of the ocean floor waiting to be discovered." He told her.

"In that case I accept, but I think I'll leave it in here, I can't think of a safer place." She replied placing the piece she had been admiring back in the chest.

"I will leave the mirror active in that case, if you need me for anything just say my name, and I will return." With that he was gone.

Janet was about to leave herself when she had a sudden desire to try one of the spell books out. Reaching for one of them she flicked through the pages, the words 'pleasure fest,' making her wonder what it meant. She said them out loud, making three naked men appear, all with erect nine-inch cocks. She was shocked and saying sorry she brushed by one of them to place the book back on the shelf. This touch was all that was needed to animate the three men; she suddenly had hands all over her body. She told them to stop, but they ignored her.

They were pressing up against her, their hands finding their way into her pyjama bottoms. Pulling them down, she tried to push them back, but they were too strong. Hands were now removing her blouse revealing her large breasts; a finger was being inserted into her womb from behind. Lips were covering her nipples, whilst another finger was inserted into her pussy. She pleaded with them to stop, but her protests fell on deaf ears. A cock could be felt running up her leg from behind, yet before she could protest further, it was entering her pussy. Suddenly she was forcefully bent forward and made to take a cock into her mouth, gagging at first she started to suck feeling it was the only way.

The cock in her cunt was making her very wet as it pounded into her, the inhibitions that she had felt started to melt away as this unintentional rape continued. Then she was guided to the bed and made to sit astride the cock that had entered her pussy from behind. She then felt another cock at her arse, she shouted that she had never had anal sex before, but he pushed it in. She screamed, both with pain and longing, for this was starting to really turn her on. The third one stood in front of her presenting his cock to her mouth, she at this point was too far gone to care.

Placing her mouth over his member, she started to rock back and forth, feeling his prick deep in her throat. She now had three holes being filled her pussy wetter than ever before, the feelings her orgasms were producing, were totally alien to her. She had never experienced anything as erotic as this, yet at the same time she felt dirty, but she didn't care for they were making her cum again. Suddenly she had a mouth full of sperm; she tried to swallow it all but failed miserably, for it was running down her chin and onto the bed. Then she felt the one in her pussy start to jerk, knowing that he was coming, she tried to grip his cock with her pelvic floor muscles, but found that she hadn't the strength left. His warm seed filling her womb as the one in her arse also started to cum.

Normally at that point, the spell would be over, but Janet uttered the words, 'I want it again,' and found they had renewed vigour. She was placed on her back next, with all three taking turns to fuck her cunt, her screaming was echoing throughout the small but solid room. She had two of them playing with her nipples while one screwed her, making her want it harder and faster, never before knowing this feeling of wanton lust. They repeatedly took her orgasms over the edge, making her cum in a way that she hadn't known possible. When it was over for the second time, she allowed the spell to come to an end, then sat on the edge of the bed.

"What have I done?" She said to herself.

Then she realised that she could have stopped it at any time, just by repeating the spell. She knew at that point, it was something she had wanted to do, and knew that from this day forth she would not be so prim and proper. She got up and dressed herself, then saying the words that would get her out of the mirror she ran up the stairs. Upon entering her room she found that Stephen was still asleep, she carefully and slowly pulled the covers back, revealing his cock. Then she placed her mouth over it, bringing it to life. Stephen awoke to find Janet sucking his cock, then lay still to enjoy the moment. She was unusually good today, thought Stephen, watching her head going nearly all the way down the full length of his shaft. He placed a hand on the back of her head, running his fingers through her hair. She started to moan which in turn started to turn him on; he could feel his cock was about to erupt. His seed entering her mouth with such a force he arched his back, somehow thinking that this would make it feel more comfortable. She swallowed every last drop, then placed her head on his chest and holding him tight. "I love you." She said.

"I love you too." He replied, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"You've been in the mirror, haven't you?" Stephen said, knowingly.

"Yes, I wanted to talk with Azamond, who has now gone on a walkabout to discover how much has changed." She replied.

"And!" Said Stephen, knowing there was more.

"I tried one of his spells." She confessed.

"Good for you." Said Stephen, surprising her.

She sat up and looked into his eyes.

"You don't mind." She said.

"No, I don't mind, did you enjoy it?" He asked.

"Yes, immensely." She replied.

With that they held each other for a long while, knowing what love they felt for one another, and no matter what happened in the days to follow, they would always have each other.

To Be Continued...


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