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Take Me Out To The Ball Game
Fourteenth Installment in the "Latina" Series of Erotic Tales
by Latina

Latina and Frank really had to hurry last night. They had less than 15 minutes, from the time they arrived home from work, to change and wolf down a snack, before tearing out the door again, to take their son Bobby to his practice baseball game, at the local park. They would, of course, both stay and cheer Bobby on. Dinner would have to wait until AFTER Bobby's game.

After devouring a small brownie each, and washing it down with a glass of milk, Latina and Frank quickly disappeared into their bedroom, to bundle up for the cold evening. The temperature always cooled off considerably at sunset. As Latina unbuttoned her blouse and removed it, to slip into her tight, thick, white wool sweater, she flashed Frank a smile, along with the flash of her lacy black bra. She knew that Frank liked this sweater, because it accented the full roundness of her 38-C breasts, as well as the sensuous, feminine curve of her hips.

For his part, Frank slipped on his black leather jacket, the one that accentuated every ripple of the muscles in his arms and chest. Latina had often slipped into his leather jacket herself, with nothing underneath, just to feel the comfort of his garment and his scent against her bare skin, and Frank had always said she looked pretty hot and tempting dressed (or rather, undressed) like that.

As hot as they were starting to get for each other, and as attracted as they were to each other's choice of clothing, Frank and Latina had no time to act on any impulses that might be stirring in their lustful minds, or stirring in other places. They had to get Bobby to his game now.

Bobby, and three other boys, were quickly selected to practice pitching in this game, while others were selected to practice batting, and still others for fielding. Latina and Frank found a spot where they could watch the game, through the chain-link fence, without being in the way, or embarrassing their son by being too close. As Latina gazed through the fence, Frank couldn't decide which to focus on more: their son's ball game behind the fence, or his wife leaning so temptingly up against the fence, her enticing backside displaying all of its considerable charms before him.

After about ten minutes of rotating between the four pitchers, Bobby and the other three boys were moved out to outfield, to practice fielding, while the four outfielders were moved to batting, and the batters were moved to pitching. Through the fence, Latina and Frank could still occasionally glimpse Bobby, far off in the outfield, even through the gathering dusk. But the darkness and the fence really hid Bobby's proud parents from everyone's view.

Fondly recalling his all-too-brief glimpse of Latina's lacy black bra, before it had become hidden beneath her thick white sweater, Frank stepped back a pace or two, to admire Latina's feminine curves. Her tight wool sweater really accented the fullness and roundness of her 38-Cs. Even through the thick wool, and the lacy bra underneath, Frank thought he could glimpse just a hint of her long, hard, firm nipples, protruding into the chill night air. Latina's tight black trousers accented the curve of her ass, out from her spine, and back inward to her legs. Her outfit even revealed a hint of the crease that Frank loves so much, where her ass cheeks meet her legs. Noticing Frank's admiring and approving glances, Latina tuned just slightly, so that the triangular outline of her pussy, against the tight front of her pants, would be visible to Frank alone.

Frank now rejoined Latina at her left side, and placed his right arm around her waist. Slowly, coyly, stealthily, Latina began moving toward her left, gradually insinuating herself between Frank and the chain-link fence. When she stood directly in front of Frank, he began to massage her shoulders. She softly purred in his ear, being careful not to be loud enough for the coach and pitchers (standing about ten feet away) to hear her.

Now Latina asked Frank to hug her from behind. While his right hand continued to massage her shoulders, he wrapped his left arm across the front of her waist. Latina craned her neck over her left shoulder, gazing into Frank's big, brown eyes, with a mischievous glint in her own deep brown eyes. Grabbing the long, slender fingers of his large, masculine hand, she moved Frank's fingertips up from her waist, to pinch her hardening nipples, right through her tight, white wool sweater. He hadn't been imagining it after all, Frank really HAD caught a glimpse of his wife's luxurious nipples poking against her sweater. Latina once more craned her neck over her left shoulder, and she moaned a soft, sexy, feminine "Mmmmm!" directly into Frank's right ear.

Just then, Bobby and his three friends were rotated again, from outfield to batting.

Suddenly getting another of her many naughty inspirations, Latina entwined the short, slender fingers of her delicate, feminine little hands, into the gaps in the chain-link fence. She then slowly thrust her hips backwards, pressing the tight fabric of the black trousers covering her ass cheeks, against the front of Frank's trousers. She released her right hand from the fence, just long enough to move Frank's right hand from her shoulder blades, and to lightly place his fingertips against her pronounced triangle, at the front of her tight, black pants. She then returned her right hand, to join her left, in holding the fence, to keep herself stable. With Frank's left hand against her breasts, and his right hand against her pussy, Latina now resumed her slow, forward-and-back thrusts of her ass, against the front of Frank's trousers. With each rhythmic backward thrust, Latina felt the ridge along the length of Frank's zipper, growing longer, wider, and firmer. She smiled at Frank, pleased with the effect that her naughty ideas were obviously having on him.

Now Bobby came up to bat. He swung at the pitch, and the ball connected with Bobby's bat, with a resounding THWOCK! The ball seemed to sail ever higher into the air, and ever deeper into the outfield, as several of the boys scrambled to try to catch it.

Latina continued lazily, absent-mindedly, thrusting her ass cheeks backward, against Frank's cock. He began eagerly gyrating his stiffness forward and back, and side-to-side, against the crack of her ass, right through her tight, black pants. As Bobby began to run toward first base, and as his parents continued to slowly thrust against each other, both Latina and Frank began to cheer "Yes! Yes! Go! Go! GGGO-O-O!" Even they weren't sure whether their excited cheering was for Bobby's sports skills, or for their own loving game against the chain-link fence.

The outfielders were still racing after the baseball that was sailing over their heads, as the boy on second base stole third, and Bobby raced from first to second base.

Frank removed his left hand from Latina's breasts, and his right from her pussy, and he entwined his fingers into the chain-link fence, as Latina was doing, He thrust his entire lower body forward, pressing Latina into the fence, and forcing his long, thick, throbbing ridge (along the front of his trousers), ever deeper against the crack between her ass cheeks.

Frank began kissing and nuzzling the back of Latina's neck, as he stood behind her. He pressed her breasts and her pussy ever harder against the fence. The inner walls of Latina's pussy were becoming very pleasantly moist with desire for him now, and she began panting, relishing her building internal passion, but at the same time desperately needing to relieve that tense passion, in a glorious orgasmic burst.

As Bobby raced from second, to steal third base, and the outfielders scoured the bushes for the ball, Frank pressed all the might of his 180 pounds against Latina's ass. That did it. As her come finally seeped, and then gushed, into the inside of her sheer black panties, Latina let out a screaming "YYYESS!", being careful to make it sound like a cheer for their son, rather than the welcome orgasmic release that it really was.

Frank pressed and thrust, one final time, against Latina's ass, forcing her hard into the fence, and screaming "Go! Go! Go!" as his eight-inch long, two-inch thick shaft pressed and throbbed against her shapely ass. He then stood perfectly still, as if he had just come in his pants. But when they returned to their car after the game, the front of Frank's pants were perfectly dry. So Latina would never know for certain, whether Frank's final cheer of "Go! Go! Go!" was aimed at Bobby's home run, or at the lustful teasing and orgasmic ecstasy, that they had just shared against the chain-link fence. Perhaps the cause of Frank's excited yelling was a little of both.

As Latina, Frank, and Bobby walked toward their car, Latina wrapped one arm around Frank's waist, and the other over Bobby's shoulder. She smiled and sighed, at peace and deeply contented with her family. Frank would never know for certain whether Latina's smiles and sighs were aimed at Bobby's home run, or at the lustful teasing and orgasmic ecstasy, that they had just shared against the chain-link fence. Perhaps the cause of Latina's deep, peaceful inner contentment was a little of both.


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