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The Mirror Pt. VIII
by Carl East

Stephen was in the mirror, talking to Azamond; he'd gone in to try out another spell, while Janet went down to the shops.

"I wanted to ask you if it was possible to have our own mirrors?" Said Stephen.

"It could be done, but it takes such a long time that I don't wish to waste," replied Azamond, making it sound final.

"Ah well, it was just a thought." Said a disappointed Stephen.

"But you are always welcome to use mine, incidentally, is that why you came in?" Asked Azamond.

"Yes, I must confess it was." Replied Stephen.

"In that case I'll make myself scarce, and see you later." Said Azamond, suddenly disappearing.

Both Stephen and Janet had discovered the mirror, while out looking for bargains. They had spoken the words at the base of the mirror together, which in turn had transported them into it. They discovered that the mirror was a place of magic, but magic that was specifically used for one purpose, the pursuit of sex.

Stephen wasted no time, as he reached for a spell book, and started to leaf through it. He wanted something different, something he hadn't tried before, and soon he found the very thing. The words in question were 'imaginatio-ons,' which meant imagination, he spoke them out loud. The most delightful set of identical twins appeared before him, surprisingly fully dressed. He looked them up and down, not touching them yet. They were dressed in the skimpiest looking outfits he'd ever seen, clinging to just the right places, but not revealing anything. He ran his hand through the nearest ones hair, making them both come to life. They immediately got to either side of him, and then started to run their hands over his body, deliberately avoiding his hard cock.

He stood still, letting them do exactly what they wanted, then they started to undress him. His tee shirt was the first to go, followed by his trousers, then, when they were out of the way; they both removed his underwear. He stood their balls naked, waiting for what they would do next; they started to run their hands over his body again, making him tingle all over. One of them stood in front of him, and started to undress, while the other was massaging his arse cheeks. His cock was as hard as iron, as the one in front dropped her dress to the floor. He tried to touch her magnificent breasts, but she pushed his hands down, making him aware that she wanted to do everything.

He became aware that the one behind had also taken her clothes off, for she was pressing her erect nipples into his back, while placing her hands around to the front and grasping hold of his hardened cock for the first time. He looked down, to see his cock being jerked back and forth, then the one in front got to her knees and inserted the tip into her mouth.

'This was great,' he thought as he watched his cock being worked. The one sucking his cock was running her hands up and down his legs, exciting him even further. He wasn't going to last long at this rate, but stood there enjoying every last moment. Then he felt himself coming, as it surged up his penis. The one behind never stopped jerking him as the one in front started to take his cream in her mouth. His cock was pumped dry, as his legs started to wobble with the tingling he felt at the end of his dick.

When that was over, the one behind joined her sister, and then started to give him another blowjob. Swapping it with each other, like it was some kind of lollypop, both taking it down their throats one at a time. Needless to say he remained hard, his thoughts, of how wonderful this mirror was being prevalent. They began to go faster after a while, knowing exactly what they were doing. Then he realised he was going to cum again, fully aware that he had never cum the second time so quickly.

His cum hit the end, between girls, making them both try to lap it up together, but succeeding only in making a mess on their faces, then licking it off each other. When that was done they vanished; he only then realised that he hadn't fucked anyone, but that he had enjoyed every single moment.

Getting the book down once again he looked through it to find someone he could fuck, just to finish the day with. He then decided to have another one of those gorgeous baths, that he and Janet had the other day.

Saying the word, he found a bath half filled with warm water in front of him, and beside the bath was a buxom young blonde, completely naked and waiting for him to enter the bath. He stood in the water, knowing exactly what would happen next. The blonde stepped into the bath with him then started to lather up his body, with a sweet smelling liquid soap. Again he felt his cock start to harden, as she poured some onto it, then took it in both hands to clean. His slippery dick, passing from one hand to the other. He turned her around, and poured some of the soap over her breasts from behind, then pressing his cock up against her cheeks, reached around and started to massage the soap into them. She reached back grabbing hold of his cock, and then as best she could in this position she guided it to the entrance. It slipped in with ease, as he continued to lather her breasts, then he started to fuck her slowly.

Just then he felt a second pair of hands; he turned his head to find Janet had returned. She too was naked, and had gotten into the bath behind him. He carried on fucking the buxom blonde, but put his arms behind him, running his soapy hands down Janet's legs. She pushed her naked body up against his, then taking the soap, she poured some over his chest, and began to work it in. His cock still buried inside the blonde as this three some continued. Janet then let her hands come to rest on his thrusting cock, making it soapy and slippery. The feeling of attention, his cock was receiving started to make him cum for the last time that day. The blonde pushed back when she realised he was coming, feeling the throbbing as his cock spewed his seed out the end.

When he stopped the bath and the blonde vanished, leaving him in the room with Janet, who was feeling horny. He turned around, and they kissed passionately, then they too made love, with him making sure she came before stopping.

Getting dressed, he asked her what she had brought at the shop.

"I thought we could ask Azamond if he would like to join us, so I got a couple of bottles of wine, to go with the lamb cutlets." She replied.

Stephen called out Azamond's name, who appeared straight away, they then invited him to join them for dinner, which he accepted. Once they'd left the mirror, Janet got to work while Stephen set the table. He looked over at the mirror, wondering what his next adventure in that glorious thing would be.

To Be Continued...


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