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The New Boy
by Please Clothing Off!

Ciara stared across the hall at the new boy. He was fiddling with his locker, back to her. Ciara was already determined to be the first one to screw him, her being the class whore and all. As soon as he looked as though he was about to close his locker, Ciara walked quickly across the hall. She walked right up next to him as he closed his locker and said, "Excuse me."

The boy was shocked that this small (Even in her chunky black heels, Ciara was only 5'1"), attractive girl was edging her was between him and his locker, and he moved, though not much. She looked up and smiled at him (he was oh.. 6'2"?) and pulled a small envelope out of her purse. With a wink, Ciara had shoved the envelope into the locker she had just seen the boy at.

The boy raised an eyebrow, and said, "What the 'ell is that?" He had a beautiful and masculine voice, and Ciara wanted him even more then.

Ciara grinned even wider, leaned seductively against the lockers, her skirt riding even higher, and said, "Look and see..."

The boy opened his locker once again and opened the envelope. He took the small, heavenly scented paper from the envelope and read to himself, "I'm Ciara. Since you're new, I'd love to take you out tonight, maybe get to know you better..."

He looked up and for the first time checked out Ciara from head to toe. She was quite a tasty looking dish, with a good amount of spice. The boy smiled and said, "I'm Lenny. I'd love to go out with you tonight... Can I call you?"

Ciara squealed in happiness and said, "Yes! My number's on the back!" and with that, she skipped down the hall, her short skirt flouncing with her to partially reveal her lush behind.

Ciara did not see Lenny the rest of the day at school, but figured he would for sure call her. After school, she went home and was pleased to find that her parents had already left for their usual weekend trip to visit her brother. She went up to her room to prepare for the big date. Ciara smiled to herself as she glanced around the room, always set up for action. There was always an assortment of oils, lingerie, and of course the famous handcuffs. She went around the room, tidying up the few unsexy parts of her room.

After making sure her room was in perfect order to receive a new guest, she went to the closet and slid the mirrored doors open. Just as she was beginning to rummage through her skimpiest dresses, the phone rang. She let it ring once more before going to answer on her little black phone. "Hello," she said in her throaty, sexy voice.

"Hey," said a somewhat melancholy voice on the other end, immediately recognized as Lenny's.

"Uh-oh," Ciara said, "Is something wrong?"

Lenny didn't answer right away. "Well, my parents don't want me going out tonight," Lenny muttered.

"What?!" Ciara exclaimed, "But it's Friday! Why won't they let you?" Lenny paused again before answering, "They're convinced I should stay at home with my family for our first night here."

Ciara sighed and pretended to be sad. "Are you sure you can't go out tonight? When do your parents go to sleep?" she asked in a almost whining voice.

"Early..." was Lenny's prompt response.

"Great!" Ciara squealed. "Will you come over? We could just maybe watch a movie or something?"

Lenny laughed and answered, "Sure, sounds great. I'll be there about eleven?"

Ciara bubbled, "Wonderful!" and proceeded to give him the directions to her home. "I can't wait!" she exclaimed before she hung up.

Ciara hung up and smiled to herself. She went to her closet and slid the doors shut, going instead to her lingerie drawer. She dug through it, selecting a very transparent blue robe and a black satin thong. She threw these on her massive bed and sat down next to them. She slid open the drawer directly next to her bed and was glad to see the drawer stocked full of goodies. Her special sex drawer was full of various kinds of condoms- colored, flavored, textured, and the glow-in-the-dark variety. Aside from the many condoms lay a large dildo, a vibrator and a small whip.

She smiled to herself and checked again to ensure the handcuffs were arranged well. At about 10:45 Ciara got ready, showering and applying makeup, then slipping into the thong and robe, no bra. She sat down in the downstairs living room to wait for her new toy. The doorbell rang at 11:30, and Ciara opened the door to a tall, dark haired boy clad all in black. Lenny was a hot one. She smiled and reached for his hand to pull him in, and his shock was reflected well on his face. Ciara pulled Lenny to the blue velvet couch and arranged herself in a suggestive position next to him. She put her hand on his leg and was pleased to see a lump in his pants and his eyes aimed at her breasts. "So, you wanna watch a movie now?" she asked, smiling.

"What movies do you have..?" Lenny managed to say, never taking his eyes from Ciara's gorgeous body.

"Well, you can come up and see," she said, rising and leading the way to her room upstairs. Lenny followed like an obedient puppy and got great pleasure of watching Ciara's round, thong-clad ass wiggle as she went up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, she whirled to face him. "You haven't said anything about my dress yet," she said. "Do you like it?"

Lenny was still staring at her beautiful body and finally answered, "It's great..." Ciara smiled and leaned over to kiss his cheek, and her breasts slid even more out of the opening at the top of the robe. Ciara said nothing more and instead took his hand and put it on her waist, walking to her room. She flipped on a light switch, and an array of rainbow colored lights came to life from various angles around the room. Her stereo was already on, with Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You" playing softly. Ciara went over to the bed and sat down on the edge. Lenny followed and had taken no more than two steps when he heard a clang under his feet. He looked down and saw a pair of handcuffs, and a lacy negligee near it. It was then that Lenny fell out of his shock and knew Ciara was his kind of girl.

He surveyed the room with his eyes, noting the big, comfortable bed and also the lack of any television, nonetheless a movie. He grinned, and said, "So what movies do you have?" Ciara licked her lips and said, "Well, I actually only wanted you in my room. You don't mind, do you?" Lenny raised an eyebrow again and said, "Do I get to watch you, then?" Ciara kneeled on the bed, her legs spread and said, "You tell me."

With that, Ciara slipped off her robe, leaving her bare breasted and wearing only the thong. She reached over to the sex drawer and pulled out the dildo, raising it to her lips and softly licking the tip. Lenny sat down in a chair and removed his shirt and unbuttoned his pants. Ciara continued to play with the dildo, placing it between her breasts and all over her mouth, and Lenny slipped a hand down his pants. Ciara eyed Lenny before thrusting the dildo down her panties and removing them to reveal her wet pussy. She lay back a bit and shoved the dildo deep into her cunt, moaning loudly, enjoying the feeling and watching Lenny's hand movements quicken.

Bored with the dildo, she threw it aside and got the vibrator. Slipping it in, she let out a long, loud moan, alluring enough to get even a eunuch turned on. Lenny stood up and practically ripped off his pants. "Wait!!" Ciara screamed. Lenny stopped in his process of shaking off his pants. Ciara lowered her voice to a sexier tone, "Bring the handcuffs with you."

Lenny leapt for the handcuffs and picked them up, racing to the bed. Ciara tossed the vibrator to the side of the bed and bent over a pillow, her breasts hanging down and her ass in the air, arms raised. Lenny came over, kneeling next to her and handcuffing her to the bedpost. "I think you'll find something you like in the drawer," Ciara cooed. Lenny went to the drawer and took the small leather whip, and at once slapped Ciara's backside with it.

She screamed and shouted, "MORE!" Not needing any more encouragement, Lenny let the whip crack once again against Ciara's pale, smooth flesh. She moaned and wiggled, which was too much for Lenny. He reached into the drawer and grabbed the first condom he could, a textured condom with a polka-dot pattern. He ripped it open and rolled it on, and at once charged for Ciara's ass, head first. He licked along the entire length of her crack, and the pleasured cries only encouraged him more. His tongue flicked over her hole and he finally positioned himself behind Ciara doggystyle and spread her lips, and jammed his huge, hard cock into her wet pussy.

She screamed for more, and Lenny thrust and thrust, harder and faster. Lenny's rushed movements got so fast that he was exiting and re-entering on each thrust. Lenny saw his dick racing at Ciara's asshole and then he promptly heard a scream. Lenny backed away and started apologizing when Ciara shouted, "I WANT MORE OF THAT, DAMNIT! SHOVE THAT DICK OF YOURS UP MY ASS!!"

Lenny once again, too happy to obey rammed his cock into Ciara's shit hole, both of them moaning loudly. Their moans and screams were so loud that dogs began barking outside. Lenny was almost to the extent of an orgasm, and exploded stream after stream of hot, milky cum into the condom, and Ciara's ecstasy was rising as Lenny continued to thrust.

Ciara exploded in a violent orgasm, spasming as much as she could still handcuffed to the bed. Lenny rolled over, exhausted and caught his breath, as Ciara did likewise.

Lenny glanced at the clock and saw that it was almost four, and said, "That was great, but I have to go." Lenny stood up and started picking up his clothes, then noticed the vibrator next to the bed, still on full blast. He grinned evilly and picked it up, shoving it into Ciara, still orgasming lightly, who screamed and moaned with the sudden pleasure.

Lenny grinned again and picked up the rest of his clothing and left, with Ciara still handcuffed to the bedpost and the vibrator going on and on in her wet, cum slicked pussy.


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