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The OTHER Time of the Month
by Mr. Neb

It was that time of the month again. No, not THAT time, the OTHER time of the month. She was ovulating and for Dana, that time was just as frustrating and annoying as when she got her period, but for completely different reasons. Dana's body had always been a miracle of efficiency. It did everything it could to get ready for the possibility of impregnation. She got horny at the slightest hit of anything sexy. She would get wet so easily that she would have to change her panties several time a day!

It was happening again. She was at work and things were a bit slow. Her mind started to wonder. Normally, her thoughts would have been of mundane things. What would she make for dinner? What new clothes should she get for the holidays.

But not today. She was wondering, nay hoping, Rick would be "in the mood" later tonight. She thought about last time he was in the mood and she created mental images of her desires for this evening. As those thoughts filled her head, her thoroughly responsive body did everything it could to fabricate those virtual feelings. She could feel her pussy swell with arousal. She started to squirm in her chair. Her face became flushed and she felt a warmth and moistness grow between her legs. She squirmed some more.

"Uh, oh", she thought to herself. "God damn it. I'm wet again."

As deftly as she could, Dana slipped a hand beneath her desk and between her legs. Carefully, she moved up under her short skirt until her index and middle finger came to a rest on the outside of her panties. Yes, she was wet, very wet. Ever so slowly and lightly, she began to rub herself. She wasn't trying to masturbate but rather to do the minimum to stem the rising tide. After all, this was neither the time nor the place but her mind continued to imagine the sexual experiences that she wanted to become a reality when she got home.

As if from a far away distance, she heard, "Are you OK?" Within an instant the voice seemed so close it was as if it were screaming from inside her head, "Is there something wrong with your chair?"

Dana snapped back to reality only to find her boss, her very handsome boss, leaning towards her with a concerned look on his face. Immediately, she retrieved her hand from beneath the desk and smashed a finger on its edge, shattering the perfectly manicured nail to tiny bits. Her finger began to throb with the pain. She placed her elbows up on the desk, clasped her hands together and instinctively slipped her throbbing finger between her lips. Unexpectedly, her nostrils filled with the delightfully sweet smell of her arousal. Her tongue tingled with the overly sweet taste of her own juices. Her eyes watered and she felt her face blush. This all only worsened her predicament.

"Uh...yes. I'm ok. The casters on my chair sometimes stick. But they are OK now", she said as she wriggled around in her chair in a feeble attempt to validate her claim. She was desperately trying to recover from what could have been a very embarrassing dilemma. The boss seemed to buy the explanation and stopped leaning towards Dana. She felt a bit relieved. A little closer and he might have begun to ask her about her interesting perfume! Needless to say, it was a very close call.

Finally the day ended and Dana went home. She was still ridiculously horny from earlier and was desperate for some relief. She decided to prepare to attack her husband when he got home in about an hour.

After her shower, she decided to shave a little more than just her long pretty legs. Carefully, she shaved away the wispy hairs that surrounded her opening. During the process, the subtle pulling and tugging at her crotch once again excited her. She was constantly wiping away the clear liquid that was dripping from her body and complicating her task. Eventually, the opening to her pussy was bare and the hair on her mound was neatly trimmed. She finished her primping by applying a very light flower scented powder all over her body. She slipped on a lavender teddy that had a neckline that plunged wide and deep between her ample breasts to just above her waist. The French cut crotch must have been the highest on record and it constantly slipped between the cheeks of her buttocks and pressed against her pussy. Dana felt so pretty and sexy. She was very ready in every sense of the word. She heard her husband come through the door just as she lit the last candle in the bedroom.

"I'm in here honey," she called to him. He came around the corner and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Dana standing next to the bed. She watched his eyes move from her head to her toes and back again at least three or four times.

"Don't tell me. Let me guess. You're ovulating again", he said in a partially playful tone. Dana said nothing but just smiled. He added, "You are gonna be the death of me, you know that don't you."

She responded with, "That sounds a little like you're complaining. Are you?" "No. I guess not. But I have got to tell you, I am real beat." With that, he dropped his brief case on the floor.

"Awwwww. Poor baby. Here, let Momma help", she said as she went to him. She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a big kiss on the cheek. She made sure that she left a large red lipstick mark. She took off his jacket and loosened his tie.

"Here, let me help you out of those confining clothes." She pulled his shirt out from his pants and unbuckled his belt. Quickly, she undid the button, unzipped the fly and let his pants fall. Dana paused, stepped back and took a look at Rick. He was just standing there with his shirt on, his boxer shorts jutting from below the shirttail and his shoes poking out from beneath his pants that were rumpled around his ankles. He looked a bit ridiculous actually, but to Dana, it really didn't matter. She was still very much aroused.

"Come with me", she said and took him by the hand. His legs swished as he tried to walk to the chair with his pants down around his ankles.

She pushed him down into the chair, stood before him and said, "Here, I'll fix everything."

She bent way over until her breasts were at the verge of spilling out from her teddy. She grabbed his ankle, lifted it up, and removed his shoe and sock with obvious and exaggerated movements. His eyes never left her giggling breasts. When finished, she let his foot drop loudly to the floor. She turned around, straddled both his legs, slowly bent down and began working on the other shoe without lifting it. Dana did this so Rick could watch the wet crotch of her teddy disappear between her ass cheeks and pussy lips as she bent over. When she was finished, she turned back to face him and made no attempt to adjust her teddy.

"Now lets take care of that shirt", she said and began to unbutton it. Once again she leaned over more than she had to. Now all Rick had on was his boxer shorts. Dana was sure that he was enjoying this because there was an obvious long bump in the loose fitting material that reached almost up to the waste band. She smiled and slipped her hand under the flap and grasped the erection. It was warm and pulsated.

"Oh yeah", she gasped. "I like this." She pulled her prize out from his shorts. "Feels good, honey. Want to use this on me?"

She began stroking the fat cock and slid the fingers of her other hand up and down between her legs.

"What do you think baby?" was his response.

"I think you would like nothing more that to slip this hard dick into my hot wet cunt and fuck me all night."

"How does that sound to you", he rhetorically asked.

"That's fine with me but before you do, you'll have suck my pussy and make me come a few times", she proclaimed.

That kind of talk was not a usual part of their lovemaking but once in a while, especially at times like this, it seemed to heighten the excitement.

They stopped talking for a while but Dana kept stroking his penis. Rick's cock was impressive, at least in Dana's mind. It was at least eight inches long and so fat around that her fingers barely touched when she held him. As she rubbed him, he reached up and slipped a hand beneath her teddy, cupped one of her breasts and began to kneed it. His palm against her nipple made it feel like she was on fire. Dana closed her eyes and just let him rub it. He occasionally pinched it and that sent rockets of tingles up her spine and put her lower plumbing into high gear. Dana's reached for his free hand and placed it between her legs. He eagerly followed her lead and started rubbing the outside of her wet crotch with his fingers. She was in ecstasy. Quite deftly, he undid the snap of the teddy and exposed Dana's wet pussy. He happily played with her pussy lips and she shivered at his touch. Around and around he rubbed her pussy and never once pressed a finger in. He was driving Dana crazy.

Dana backed away from him and took off the teddy. She slipped Rick's boxers from his body, led him to the bed, and had him lay down on his back. With a breathless voice Dana announced, "I am gonna show you just how excited you make me honey."

She got on top of him and straddled his chest. Her knees were pressed up under his armpits. She sat upright and her excited pussy was just and inch or two from his lips.

"Look at me honey. Look at my wet pussy." Dana used both hands to massage her mound. They both could hear the wet sounds of her slippery pussy. She used her fingers to spread her lips and expose the deep opening. She wildly massaged her clitoris.

"Oh God", Dana began. "I want you honey! I want you here. I want you to suck me. I want to feel your hot tongue on me. I want you to slide your tongue up into my cunt and suck my juices."

Faster and faster she rubbed her clit. She watched herself all the time she was doing it.

"Oh God! I am so wet!" Soon she could feel the wet juices sliding from her pussy and dripping down her inner thigh. The wet squishing sound was even more pronounced now.

"Taste me Rick! Taste my hot wet pussy!", Dana demanded.

Rick raised his head the slight amount necessary and started to quickly lick at Dana's busy fingers that were also dripping with her sweet slippery juices. As she continued to work at her swollen clit, he stuck his tongue into her. Oh it felt so good to have him in there. He began thrusting and licking her all over.

"OH YESSSS, BABY! Stick you tongue into me!" Her fingers moved faster and faster on her clit. "Oh I want to come! I want to come on your face!" But she couldn't easily accomplish that task with his face there so she pushed him away. She thrust three fingers of one hand as far up into her sopping pussy as they would go. The other hand continued to work feverishly on her clit. Faster and faster she fucked herself. Her breathing was short and erratic. Her chest heaved with each inward thrust of her fingers.

"I'm coming! I'm coming!", she screamed.

That was an understatement. Her whole body shuddered as her orgasm took her over. Her fingers continued as her cunt gushed with hot musky scented cum. It covered her fingers and clung to her hand. It dripped and covered Rick's face. The room smelled of her orgasm and they both enjoyed it all.

As the intensity her orgasm finally dwindled, Dana pulled her fingers out from her pussy, slid down Rick's chest leaving lines of wetness, and collapsed onto her husband. He took her face in his hands and kissed it all over. Dana could again smell and taste her own cum and she loved its sweetness. Her pussy dully pulsated until her orgasm had completely subsided. She was spent.

"Oh baby! You are so hot," Dana's husband praised. "You have made me so hot too."

Gently, Rick rolled Dana off of him and laid her on the bed on her back. She was as limp as a rag doll. He spread her legs open and laid that perfect dick at her still throbbing opening. Slowly, he started to rub the thick fat head through all the wetness that clung to her shaven cunt.

"OH! OH! WAIT", Dana yelped. "I'm still so sensitive. Not there. Not yet." She hadn't yet fully recovered from her earth-shattering orgasm. "But don't worry honey", she added. "I'll take care of you. Sit up. Sit on me."

Rick's muscular and trimmed body now straddled Dana as she had straddled him earlier. His long wet cock lay on her abdomen and reached almost up to her breasts.

"Move up honey. Move up", she prompted. "I won't bite. I'll do everything else, but I won't bite."

He slid forward and pressed that magnificent dick between her breasts. Together they pressed her tits and surrounded the sensual snake. Without any further prompting, Rick began to slide his cock back and forth between her breasts. Dana's eyes were riveted upon the emerging cock and watched the tip ooze the golden drops of pre-cum that made her breasts sticky as well as lubricated.

Dana felt Rick's talented fingers begin to rub her pussy. She was still wet and quickly began to get wetter. He brought his damp fingers up and rubbed them over his sliding cock and Dana's breasts. He also tickled her nipples and that aroused her even further. He made repeated trips to her endlessly dripping cunt and kept their intercourse lubricated.

"It looks so good", Dana exclaimed. "I love watching your cock. It's so hard and so big. I love watching your cum leak out." As if to prove her claim of enjoyment, Dana reached up and touched the tip the next time it pressed out from between her breasts. She collected a small but significant drop of emerging wetness on her middle finger. She brought it to her lips and sucked it in.

"Mmmmm. It tastes so good and sweet", she announced. She could also taste her own pussy juices.

That little demonstration only served to excite Rick further. His pumping of Dana's breasts quickened. His fat cock got redder. She knew this was exciting to him. It was to her too.

"You like that baby? You want more?", she asked, but he answered only her fucking her tits faster. "Ok. Let me help some more", she offered.

She reached down and retrieved her own wetness and joined him in rubbing it all over her breasts and his cock. They were getting awfully wet. She reached around and grabbed his ass and pulled him up further. When he pushed, his balls rested just beneath her breasts and the head of his wonderful cock easily reached her mouth. She gleefully licked her lips and then opened them. On his next push up, Dana took that cockhead into her mouth and sucked it hard. He stopped momentarily and left it in her. She gobbled at it. She licked wildly at its length. She sloppily slobbered all over it and made loud sucking noises. Saliva dribbled from her mouth.

Again Dana felt Rick's hand at her pussy. This time he pressed a few fingers deep and hard into her, making her gasp. He rose up and no longer cared if his cock was between Dana's breasts. He began to fuck her mouth. Faster and faster he pressed inch after inch of his rigid cock past those full lusting lips, wet and glistening with saliva and pre-cum but before he reached his climax, Dana took him away from her mouth. His cock lay hard against her cheek. With wet tongue she slid up and down its length, from bulbous head to his balls. She used her long fingernails to lightly scratch at his scrotum sending shock waves up his back. He breathed deep and hard and helplessly stared at Dana, anxiously waiting for her to take him into her mouth again but she didn't.

"You like that?", she whispered as she lapped at the side of his dick. "Do you like it when I suck your cock?" Rick did not answer. Dana was playing with him and he knew it. She licked at his balls.

"Ok. You can fuck my mouth," she taunted while she playfully licked the head. "I like it. I like the way you taste. I like feeling you slide between my lips. I even like when you cum. Yeah, I do. Want to cum in my mouth?" She slid her tongue along the sensitive underside. A large drop of pre-cum oozed from the tiny slit and slid down Dana's cheek. Rick only grunted, but it was an affirmative grunt.

"Ok. You can come in my mouth. You can fill it with your hot cum." Rick was pleased at the prospect that lay ahead and was ready to begin the process. He pulled back just a bit so that the tip of his swollen penis pressed firmly against her lips.

"Oh no. Not yet", Dana interrupted. "You have got to fuck my pussy first. If you do a good job, THEN you can cum in my mouth. I want to feel your cock inside my wet pussy FIRST."

Rick wasn't too sure how to react. On the one hand, his mind was presently on track to let loose in Dana's mouth. He was all mentally (and physically) prepared for that. Now he was to be denied, at least for the time being. One the other hand, he certainly enjoyed making love to Dana's pussy. There was nothing wrong with feeling her pussy quivering and clutching his cock in the deep throws of orgasm.

With such a win-win situation presented to Rick, he was only too eager to oblige. He withdrew and slid between Dana's legs. She assisted by lifting and spreading her legs. She reached down and invitingly spread open her wanting cunt. Rick looked down and noticed that it leaked with clear lubricating juices that were always so abundant at this time of the month. He grabbed his cock and slowly rubbed the thick head around Dana's pussy. She closed her eyes in complete surrender to his every move. She knew he would not disappoint her.

Around and around he slid and then he stopped, poised at the opening. Barely above a whisper, Dana said, "yes". With that expression of permission, Rick lay down on Dana with all his weight. Deep into Dana thrust Rick's long rigid cock. She let out a gasp, partly from his weight on her, and partly from how completely he filled her. They lay motionless. She used her muscles to squeeze him. He returned the gesture. He began. First, with slow motions. He would withdraw right to the brink of escape and then he press hard into her again. With each stroke, his pace increased.

Dana was lost in the sensations of her body. She could feel every bump and ridge from the veined masterpiece that slide in and out of her cunt. She brought her legs up and rested them on his shoulders so that her swollen clitoris got maximum attention from Rick's pressing abdomen. Dana got wetter with each deepening penetration. Rick effortlessly slid in and out. Faster and faster he made love to her. He felt his testicles become wet with her juices. Her breathing was getting faster and shallower. Her eyes were shut tight. Her cunt quivered with each thrust. She was on a collision course with orgasm. Dana turned her head to the side and clutched tightly at the bed sheets.

"Faster. Don't stop. I'm coming", she barely whispered.

He happily did as commanded. Rick's own passions were at the brink but he fought back the urge to climax. It was not easy, but he felt the reward would be well worth it. Together they worked toward the inevitable. Rick thrust deeper and deeper, harder and harder, faster and faster. With each plunge into Dana, her clitoris responded with dramatic twinges. Her orgasm was as total as any one she had ever had before. There seemed to be many and it was hard to know where one stopped and another began. Wave after wave of spasmodic energy swept over her. Internally, she released torrents of liquid ecstasy. The thin, clear aromatic passion flowed as much as any man's ejaculate. It seeped over them both. Rick arched his back and pressed into Dana hard. He remained there while she enjoyed her climax. Together they felt the twitching and clenching of Dana body around Rick's cock until it stopped and Dana's body finally relaxed.

Rick lay down on her once again and remained inside her. He kissed her face and the sweat on her forehead. He brought her down gently. A tear appeared at each of her eyes and she hugged him. They lay motionless for a few minutes.

"I love you", Dana hoarsely whispered.

"I love you too, sweetheart", Rick replied.

The cuddling was special and important. Dana used that tender time to relax and recover from her thunderous orgasm.

Dana said, "You were wonderful. Do you want your reward now?"

"I thought you'd never ask", Rick responded with a smile.

Dana propped her head up with pillows and Rick returned to straddling his wife chest. He felt her breasts under his ass and against his balls. His cock all but touched her face and was a sight to behold. It was very red from being so engorged for so long. It pulsated and twitched with each heartbeat. It was shinny and slick with her cum and still oozed with his pre-cum. The scent of female cum was intense and enjoyable. She extended her tongue and he placed the tip on it. She licked it gently and enjoyed the sweet taste and slippery feeling of her own secretions. She moved her head forward and slowly wrapped her lips around the head of his cock completely sheathed in her cum. Her scent filled her nose with tingling sensations. He tongue delighted in its thin syrupy texture and sweet taste. Rick squeezed and deposited a large drop of pre-cum into Dana's obliging mouth. She smiled as best she could. She was determined to give Rick as wonderful an orgasm as he had given her. She knew how to do it and so she began.

Inward she drew him until he pressed lightly at the back of her throat. Then out again, almost losing him. In again and out again, always with her tongue tickling the underside of the thick cock. Her pace increased with each cycle. Occasionally, she let him escape and sloppily licked the entire length. She was anything but careful about being neat and her saliva copiously flowed from her mouth and into her chest. She made very intentional efforts use abundant amounts of her saliva as a surrogate for Rick's yet-to-be-released semen. She looked right into his eyes as she smiled wide and pressed out bubbled saliva as if he had just erupted in her mouth. It was if she was daring him to do better if he could. Back and forth she alternated from sucking him deep into her mouth and sliding her mouth along the outside, from the tip to his balls. Her face was slick with the mixture of her cum, saliva and his juices.

"It's time now", she announced, and sucked him in again. In and out she took him. Faster and faster she went. She eagerly attacked his cock that was so eager for release. She felt it start. Rick's testicles tightened and his cock swelled to even thicker proportions deep within her mouth. She quickly took him from her mouth and grasped him firmly around the base. At a frenetic pace she licked up and down the shaft with her tongue jutting out from firm pursed lips. She felt the knot of his ejaculate form under her fingers. With her lips placed midway up its length she felt it slide up through his cock. Dana took one hand and covered the head of Rick's cock gently with her fingers. At the same instant, she felt the hot thick white cum spurt out and leak between her fingers. It felt wonderful as it fell against her face. Before the second burst, Dana moved to again face Rick. She opened her mouth to take him in but she wasn't quite fast enough. Rick's cock was only half way into Dana's mouth and her tongue was just touching its underside when out flew another long thick rope of cum. It splashed the roof of her mouth and upper teeth sending some up on her lips and cheek. She quickly surrounded the spurting head and drew him in very deeply. Again and again he pulsed warm thick cum into Dana's mouth. She loved the dramatic contrast between her own thinly sweet cum and the heady, slightly salty taste of Rick's. She loved it all. With her tongue, Dana could feel each spurt of cum travel through the vein of Rick's cock. Soon she knew that every surface in her mouth was covered in his ejaculate. Her tongue was overloaded with the heady thick taste of her man. She retained what she could but maintained only a loose seal with her lips around the thick fleshy shaft. The white mixture of cum and saliva freely emerged and dripped from her chin down into her neck and chest. She acted oblivious to this and kept on suckling him.

Rick's orgasm had finally eased and only then did Dana allow him to leave her mouth but she never lost contact with his member. She again ran her lips up and down the shaft. Dribbles of thick cum still oozed from the crown during the final throws of his orgasm and lay in streaks against her face and on her lips. She used her tongue to eject small amounts of his cum from her mouth. It coated his cock in a thin film. It bubbled at the corners of her mouth and ran slowly from her cheeks and chin. Rick looked down at her as she slid his still hard cock around her lips, smearing his semen everywhere. The inside of her mouth was milky and sticky with cum. Strands stretched from one lip to the other. She was being intentionally obvious and naughty by playing with Rick's abundant cum that way. It made her feel sexy and she knew it was impressive to Rick.

She smiled a sticky smile and in practically a gurgle said, "So, what do you want to do NEXT month?" Rick smiled back, full knowing that every attempt will be made to top this latest effort.


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