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Tropical Paradise
by IndianAsian

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

"But did you enjoy it?" Ron asked again, the broad smile on his face answering her question.

"Yes....I did." Jessica finally admitted, her false anger fading quickly. Many times, late at night while they were laying in bed after a energetic love making session, they had tossed around the idea of Jessica and another woman. Perhaps even a threesome with all of them. But it had never gone beyond idle fantasy. Whether it was from lack of opportunity or lack of nerve she wasn't sure. Right now, she was very glad that her lover had played this trick on her. By now, Ron had moved over next to her on the table and kissed her passionately. His large hand cupped her breast and gave it a playful squeeze. Standing a few feet away, Melissa watched approvingly.

"If you want," he said to his love. "We can take this a little further." he said. But only if you want to?" he added. Jessica glanced over her shoulder at Melissa who was just standing there, a grin on her face. Ron had found a woman who fit exactly the image that had appeared in Jessica 's secret fantasies.

"The two of us?" she asked, indicating Melissa and herself.

"Or all three of us?"

"Which ever you prefer." Ron replied. "It's your gift. I'll even go out for a walk if you'd prefer."

"No, I want you to be here with me ." she replied.

"But if it's OK, I'd just like it to be me and Melissa - at least for a start."

"What ever you want." was his reply.

"And I think I'd like to take it over to the bed." Jessica added. "This table really isn't that comfortable." Ron laughed and stepped back away from the table. Melissa moved to take his place and took Jessica's hand in her own. No words were exchanged. She gently stroked Jessica's shoulder length hair and leaned down to kiss her. The pressure of her lips against Jessica 's own was one the most erotic sensations of her young life. Her first sexual kiss with another woman. When she felt the touch of the tall woman's tongue sliding between her lips she thought she might faint. But she managed to control her excitement and opened her lips just enough to admit the offering. For a brief moment she took the time to admit to herself how much she wanted this and also how very lucky she was to have a lover who was so secure in their relationship as to allow her to live out her fantasy.

Melissa broke the kiss and taking Jessica in hand, led her to the bed. Ron returned to his comfortable oversized chair, which also had a commanding view of the bed. As Jessica propped herself up on the pillows, Melissa stood at the foot of the bed and began to slowly strip. Carefully, she reached behind herself and pulled down the zipper of her white dress. Once pulled all of the way down, it was easy for her to simply let it fall off of her body. Beneath the bright white uniform, Melissa wore a pair of equally bright white bra and panties. Matching white stockings covered her long legs, ending only at the clasps of a white garter. Against the dark tan of her skin it was a very striking contrast. The small, simple bra did little to conceal Melissa 's breasts and the absence of tan lines made it obvious that she sunbathed in the nude.

Nimble fingers undid the clasp between the cups and her very round mounds popped free. Her nipples were very dark, made more so by their constant exposure to the sun. Small stubby tips capped each mound, and the Belizen woman reached up and ran her long slender fingers across each breast, rubbing her thumbs across the nipples. Jessica watched in admiration as she stroked her own breasts. It wasn't the first time she had enjoyed watching a woman disrobe, but it had been the first time she'd been able to do so openly. She glanced over in Ron 's direction for a brief moment and saw that he too was enjoying her little show, especially because he now had his own towel open and was lightly stroking his cock. Melissa removed her panties but left on her garter and stockings.

As she climbed onto the bed, Jessica got her first real good look between her legs and realized that the darker skinned woman was totally hairless there. No sooner had Melissa joined Jessica on the bed, she spread the smaller woman's legs apart and began to kiss her way up her thighs. When she came to her still wet pussy, the auburn haired woman kissed to the right and left of it and then planted a long lingering kiss on the center of her mound. Jessica jumped just a little as she felt the touch of Melissa 's wet tongue against her clit. The thrill of it had been so unexpected. Then after a second oral caress, her new lover continued upward.

She was a little disappointed that Melissa hadn't lingered there, but was sure she would return. Melissa reached up and ran her hands across Jessica 's breasts, rubbing her fingers against the pink aureoles. That simple touch sent a powerful rush through Jessica 's body. Jessica 's skin felt warm to the touch, as if it had absorbed the heat of the oil that had been so recently applied to it. Melissa immediately replaced the touch of her fingers with that of her tongue, passionately covering both mounds with kisses. Her tongue played with the now fully erect nipples before taking the hard nubs into her mouth. An action that caused Jessica to moan softly.

"Oh that feels nice." Jessica gushed as Melissa moved to her other breast, at the same time still caressing the first breast with her hand. Melissa 's touch was so unlike that of Ron 's. In fact she couldn't compare it to any of the men that she'd been intimate with. It may have only been the excitement of being with a woman, but she felt like it was the most gentle she had ever felt. Melissa continued to suckle at Jessica 's breasts as she reached down and rubbed her fingers against the moist mound between the darker haired woman's legs.

Jessica responded by shifting to a position that gave Melissa greater access. Her response to the invitation was first one finger, then a second, deep inside Jessica 's love canal. It wasn't long before her ministrations once more brought forth a wet, sweet response that covered her fingers. Shifting her own position, Melissa pressed her own breasts against Jessica 's and rubbed both sets of nipples together. The soft feel of hot flesh against flesh was enticing for both women. Jessica now tried to duplicate Melissa 's skill with her tongue as she lifted one large breast to her lips. Of course she didn't have Melissa 's skill, but she had tried this on a boy or two. At least those who didn't freak at the idea. For some reason, guys seemed to associate having their nipples licked or someone playing with their ass with homosexual acts, even if it was done by a girl. That was one of the things she loved about Ron , he had none of those sexual hang ups.

Her mouth now sought out the dark breasts before her and began to suck on them in earnest. As with everything else about this encounter, the newness and forbidden fruit aspect of each action drove her to excel at it. Her roving tongue covering them with wetness, Melissa shivered at the touch of Jessica 's lips on her smooth flesh as her tongue teased Melissa 's large nipples. Each lick bringing them to a new hardness. Then her lips closed on them and every bite and nibble sent waves through Melissa , causing her to emit soft moans. Moans which brought great joy to Jessica . She put everything she had into it as Melissa gave her yet another reassuring moan. Melissa 's fingers continued to slide in and out of Jessica as she moved to Melissa 's other breast.

After giving Jessica the time she needed to satisfy her mammary urges, Melissa replaced the breasts pressed against her lips with that of her own mouth. Jessica had always enjoyed the times she'd had the opportunity to kiss another woman. But they had always been sisterly kisses, exchanged between girlfriends with no more meaning then that of two guys shaking hands. There was no way to describe what Melissa and she had already shared and what was to follow as anything but a sexual act. With a sudden intensity, Melissa grabbed Jessica and kissed her as hard as she could. This time there was a fiery passion in her actions as her tongue became an aggressor, exploring the interior of Jessica 's mouth.

For a handful of minutes they exchanged long, moist, kisses, their tongues slipping back and forth. Then just as unexpectedly, Melissa again quickly changed her position, this time placing her hairless pussy only inches above Jessica 's face. The scent of Melissa 's womanhood filled Jessica nostrils, making her slightly lightheaded. She parted her new lover's lips with her fingers and reached out for her first taste of another woman. She'd never been this close to another woman's sexuality. Countless nights over the years she had wondered about what it would be like to taste another woman, now it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. She reached out and parted the wet lips with her fingers, moving her tongue between them, driving it deep inside. She closed her eyes as she savored the taste, a taste she had never known before. Encouraged, Jessica moved her pulsating mouth closer and sought out Melissa 's clit.

She alternated between her finger and her tongue, driving Melissa wilder with each stroke. A rhythm quickly developed as Melissa reached down and held Jessica 's head between her legs, then lurched forward with each movement of her neophyte lover's tongue. "Not yet." Melissa said as she pulled her mound away from Jessica 's eager tongue. They were the first words she had spoken since they begun. Melissa crawled down to the bottom of the bed and once more replaced her talented fingers with her even more talented tongue. Losing herself in the renewed cascade of delight, Jessica didn't notice as Melissa motioned to Ron . Jessica 's first awareness that there were now three of them on the bed was when she felt a second set of hands caressing her sensitive breasts. She looked up and saw a now totally nude Ron kneeling next to her on the side of the bed.

A smile filled her face, produced by the combination of the delightful sensations emanating from between her legs as well as the love she had for the man before her and the gift he had given her. Jessica guided Ron to a straddling position where she could take his manhood into her mouth. As exciting as it had been to service Melissa orally, there was nothing she enjoyed more than the feel of Ron 's cock in her mouth. Even as his cock slid in and out of his fiancee's mouth, Ron watched in fascination as Melissa continued to lick Jessica 's pussy. It was the first time he'd ever seen anything like that outside of a porn movie. The fact that the woman being licked was his own love was an added excitement.

"Let's move onto the floor and change places." Jessica said as she let his hard cock slip from her mouth. "This bed's getting crowded." Quickly they changed places, with Ron laying flat across the soft carpet. Jessica wasted no time in climbing atop him and once more taking his cock into her mouth. Behind her, Melissa went down to her knees and parted Jessica 's cheeks, continuing to orally minister to her at a new angle. The familiar warm and wet sensation around his cock quickly sent a sense of relaxation throughout his body. As was his habit, he laid back his head and closed his eyes, allowing the tiny waves of delight to wash over his body.

A smile filled his face as he considered the idea that he was at the end of an erotic connection - from Melissa to Jessica to him. Jessica loved the feel of Ron 's cock as it slid back and forth between her lips. There were times that she loved giving head even more than fucking. The gentle lapping between her legs spurred her on to an even greater effort. "God, this woman has a golden tongue." Jessica thought as she felt the wet appendage rub against a sensitive spot. In response the blue eyed woman pressed back, pushing the darker skinned woman's face harder against her pussy. The effect was almost instantaneous as a sudden jolt of estacy ripped up through her body.

"Mmmmm" she moaned, her words muffled by the hardness that filled her mouth. A sudden idea popped into her head and she reached back for Melissa . With a motion of her hand, she conveyed her intention. A nod of her head gave Melissa 's consent. Lost in a sense of bliss, it took a moment for Ron to realize that the comforting feel of Jessica 's mouth around his cock was gone. Then just as quickly it returned. Or at least he thought it had. It wasn't until he felt a second tongue run alongside the bottom of his balls that he opened his eyes and looked down.

"Holy Shit!" he mentally exclaimed, afraid that if he spoke out loud it would all fade as if it was a dream. A look of astonishment filled his face as the young man looked down and saw that the lips now wrapped around his cock belonged to Melissa . It was quickly apparent that the auburn haired woman didn't have Jessica 's skill as a cocksucker, but the excitement of having another woman suck him more than made up for it. That she was doing it at the direction of his lover made it even more exciting. The two woman now shared his hard, saliva covered cock, passing it from mouth to mouth.

Small kisses were exchanged as they did, their tongues performing a graceful ballet as they caressed each other as well as his warm flesh. Taking her turn with Ron in her mouth, Jessica felt a familiar tremor at the base of his cock. She knew it signaled that he was so very close to a climax. One again, she let his cock slide from her eager mouth. Shifting her supple body, Jessica climbed atop of him and taking his manhood in hand, guided his hardness to her very wet cunt. She held his thick cockhead at the entrance walls of her womanhood and paused a moment. Looking into his eyes she mouthed the words - I love you. Positioned behind her, Melissa reached forward and played her hands across Jessica 's breasts, stroking her erect nipples.

She pressed her own hard tips into the small of Jessica 's back and rubbed them up and down. Dropping an inch, Jessica eased his cockhead inside her. It slid effortlessly, quickly covered by the heavy lubrication Melissa had produced through her efforts. Then in a quick motion she dropped all the way and took him totally within her. Ron sighed at the sudden envelopment of his manhood. The wet pressure around it brought a smile of satisfaction to his face. As Jessica began to move up and down on his pole, the sensations grew in intensity. Bracing her hands against the floor, Jessica began to rise and drop with an ever increasing frequency. Faster and faster, she pumped, creating a suction that was drawing the life out of his cock.

As Ron drifted in a fog of pleasant sensations, Jessica decided that it was only fair that they include the third member of their trio. She tilted her head back and kissed Melissa , whispering a suggestion as she did. The warm smile that grew from Melissa 's lips showed a delightful agreement.

Releasing her embrace of Jessica , Melissa climbed atop Ron in a position that had her facing Jessica as she pressed her pussy against his face. To his credit he immediately knew what was happening and reached out with his tongue and began to explore her pussy. Unlike Jessica , Ron was no stranger to cunnilingus and put all his considerable talents in that area to the test. Even as Ron 's darting tongue continued Melissa on the road to orgasm, Jessica reached out and took the other woman's breasts in her hands and massaged them as well. In addition, she leaned forward and pressed her lips against hers. She seemed to want to kiss this woman every chance she got.

They rocked back and forth, the three of them locked in a erotic race to orgasm. It didn't take long for them to establish a rhythm so that each benefited from the fullest of the rest's attentions. Leaning forward, Jessica ran her tongue and lips across Melissa 's breasts, savoring the sweetness found there. Then, just as easily, she would arch back and Melissa would partake of her own charms. Pinned beneath the two women, unable to watch their sapphoric embraces, Ron could only continue to service both their cunts with his cock and tongue. Not that he would've had the slightest complaint if he could have managed a word edgewise.

One of his and Jessica 's favorite games was to restrain the other while performing a sexual act on them. The feel of two woman pressed against him as they used him for their gratification was enough to send him to seventh heaven. It was hard to tell which of the three climaxed first, but each eruption was close enough to blend into the next. The two woman held each other tightly, their mouths pressed together, their tongues intertwined. Cascading waves of orgasmic energy caused both of them to shiver and quake, the passion of the violent release reflected in each other's arms. Ron in turn could feel the sudden contractions of both women, the increased wetness against his face and the tightness around his cock. A surge of pleasure radiated out from his manhood as he felt his juices explode outward from his balls and up into his lover.

At the same time, he could taste the delightful eruption of Melissa 's own climax, covering his lips and tongue with sweet nectar. It was over in moments, but they were moments that would last forever in memory. Jessica and Melissa collapsed in each other's arms and laid next to Ron 's prone form. The three lovers laid there, covered in the juices of fulfillment. Gently they caressed each other's bodies, trading soft kisses as they did. Finally, Jessica kissed Melissa a final time and then Ron . She then pressed her two lovers together and for the first and only time, Ron kissed Melissa . It was an act that brought their little adventure to a close. Anything else would be anticlimactic. A few minutes later, Melissa silently rose and gathered up her things.

Dressing quickly, she gave a final smile and left the two lovers to each other's attention. In the morning they would return to the States and the lives that they'd left there. Yet a small part of them would always remain in this tropical paradise.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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