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Teaching Patti
Chapter VII
by Dixon Carter Lee

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

The girls stood nervously, waiting for somebody to say something. Finally, the little red-head said, "He does have a nice body." The other girls shooshed her, as if speaking were not allowed. Or at least, speaking so plainly. One girl closed the bedroom door and locked it, terrified that they might get caught. Another girl, a cute brunette chewing bubblegum, sat right on the bed, drawing gasps from the girls. "I saw your commercial." she said, "You were funny. My sister said she went to school with you, but I didn't believe that you went to our school. Was that fun, doing that commercial?"

Teenage small talk. Patti had done it, and now these girls were doing it. Talking about simple things, pretending not to be having the lustful thoughts welling up inside.

"Yeah, it was fun." I said. "So, do you have a boyfriend?" I wanted to get right down to business.

"Yeah. Sort of. He's a jock. He plays JV baseball." she hesitated, then said, "Do all guys want is sex?"

"Yes." I said, and all the girls laughed. "Well, sure they want sex." I continued, "but for guys it's less about loving your partner than it is about hormones. I can tell you that when I was a teenager I would have said anything to a girl, even 'I love you", if I thought I could get sex." All the girls nodded, finally getting confirmation of something they'd been guessing all along. "But that doesn't mean the guy doesn't sometimes mean it. Sometimes sex is all a guy needs to clear his head. Guys are much better at telling the truth after they have an orgasm."

The girls shifted around nervously at the word orgasm, and I knew none of them had seen a guy cum.

Elise seemed particularly uncomfortable. "So, Patti," she said, "did you guys really have sex?"

"Uh-huh." said Patti. I guessed that Elise was probably a little jealous. Patti picked up on this, too, and decided to move things along, and to get Elise more involved. "Haven't you all ever wanted to just touch a guy? I mean like, anywhere you wanted? But you couldn't because you know the guy would try to rip your clothes off? Mark will let you, and he won't do that." Patti looked at me, and I nodded at her, to let her know that this would be okay. The girls were wide-eyed. Patti had guessed correctly that they had all had the same fantasy of touching a guy freely, without worrying that he'd become some sort of mad rapist. "Elise, you go first." Patti continued.

I could see that Elise wanted to touch me, but she was too nervous. "You first." she said to Patti, as if she were calling a dare. All the girls seemed to think this was great idea, so Patti crawled onto the bed with and began touching my face and chest, slowly working her hand down my stomach to my thigh and leg. The girls were amazed at how freely her hand moved about my body. Finally she placed her hand directly over my bulge. The girls were impressed, and envious. Patti had a man she could do anything she wanted with.

"I'll try." said the red-head, getting anxious. She copied Patti's movements, but more quickly, anxious to touch me "there". When she got to the part where she was supposed to touch my bulge the girls all leaned forward. She bit her lip, and cupped her hand over my crotch. The girls giggled.

"Okay, let me show it to you." said Patti, unzipping my fly. The red-head immediately jumped off the bed, as if a lion were about to jump out of my pants. Patti, unbuttoned my pants and let out my soft cock. I was excited, but too nervous for a real erection. Patti held it in her soft hand, displaying it for all the girls.

"Now it's soft, and you know guys can get it hard." said Patti, holding my cock like a biology specimen. "But they like when you get it hard for them. It's quicker that way, and they don't all anxious sitting next to you with a hard-on in their pants. It's better if you, like, take it out right away."

The girls just stared. Elise was particularly uncomfortable. The brunette just popped her gun, and the red-head was grinning from ear to ear. The other two girls were just blushing, but seemed fascinated.

"Okay," Patti, continued, "here's how you make it hard. What you shouldn't do is jerk it too hard when it's soft, 'cause it hurts the guy. Just sorta play around with it like this." Patti began expertly rolling her fingers around my cock. It felt nice and I started to stiffen. "See, it's getting hard already. It feels really cool to hold it when it's getting big."

"Can I try?" said the red-head. Patti moved aside, and the girl tentatively took my cock in her little hand, and squeezed. She was very pretty, with such an open, happy face, so eager and young looking. The moment she grabbed my cock it jumped to life and grew to full size in seconds. The red-head was thrilled. "Can I pull harder now?" she said, and I nodded yes. She squeezed a little harder and gave me a couple of rough jerks. I moaned a bit, and the girls laughed.

"See, he likes it." said Patti. "And as long as you're doing this he isn't trying to rip your clothes off or anything. He's happy. Okay, somebody else try."

The brunette was next, the other two girls. They each ran their little fingers all over my cock, weighing, feeling its smoothness, testing its elasticity. Only Elise didn't try. She was still nervous, but showed no sign of wanting to leave, and never took her eyes off me.

"Now, the best way to know how to jerk a guy off, is to watch him do it a little himself." said Patti. "Some guys won't even admit that they masturbate, like it's some weirdo thing, but Mark's older and he doesn't care if you know. If you want to watch a younger guy do it you can't really ask him, you have to do this." Patti took my hand and placed it on my cock. My hand instinctively wrapped around the shaft and started stroking.

I jerked off for the girls, who stood around my bed and watched with open mouths. "See how he puts one hand under his balls?" said Patti. "They like to feel pressure there. And see how he squeezes harder on the bottom of the shaft? That's 'cause the head is real sensitive. Another thing they'll like is if you show them some skin while they jerk off." Patti unbuttoned her blouse to demonstrate, allowing me a glimpse of her pale boobs cupped inside a pink bra. She was right I liked it, and pumped a little hard. "See? She said. Now somebody else." The red-head stepped forward, giggling, and unbuttoned her pants. She opened them up just enough for me to see her taught tummy over pretty blue panties. "That's it!" said Patti, "Flash a little." Then all the girls, except Elise, exposed a little something, a breast, a thigh, some underwear. I was getting seriously turned on, but I tried not to pump too hard. I didn't want to come yet. I had a feeling the lesson wasn't over.

"Okay, enough of that." said Patti, pulling my hand away. "Who wants to see Mark naked?" All the girls smiled, even Elise. "Guys like it when you take their clothes off. It puts you a little more in control of what's going on."

"Let Elise do it!" said the red-head, and the other girls agreed. Elise was stunned, but I could see she was turned on by watching me stroke my cock. I could see that she wanted to touch me. Patti let her over and together they pulled down my pants. "You do the underwear." said Patti. Elise pulled off my shorts, her eyes glued to my cock the whole time.

Then she slipped off my shirt, and I could feel her fingers lingering over my arm and chest muscles. I decided to take a chance, and get her more involved. I took her hand, placed it on my shoulder and said, "It feels nice." Elise stared into my eyes, not daring now to look down.

I then moved her hand down my chest, over my stomach, and right onto my cock. The whole time she kept her eyes on mine. I held her hand and began guiding it over my cock, helping her to jerk me off. "That feels very nice." I said. I let go, and she continued to stroke me. I took her head in my hands, pulled her face to mine, and gave her a long, deep kiss.

The other girls all sighed, and demanded a turn. One by one they stood in front of me, held my cock, and let me kiss them.

"Okay, now lie down." Patti commanded, and I did. She turned to the red-head, whose name was Gerri. "Okay Gerri, go do whatever you want."

Gerri was more than a little eager. "He does have a nice body." she said. "I think I like kissing you." She kissed me again, letting her hand run down to my cock. We necked for a while, then Patti pulled her away and gave the other girls a chance. I made-out with all of them, even Elise started getting into it.

"Okay, I'm pretty wet." said Gerri, giggling, and all the girls blushed. "What's next?"

"Can I try something?" said the brunette, popping her gum.

"Sure." said Patti.

The brunette climbed up on the bed and kissed her way down my stomach. When she got to my cock she took out her gum and held it on one hand, and took me in her mouth. The other girls gasped. Christ it felt being dipped in cream! She sucked and slurped like crazy, not really knowing what she was doing, but learning fast.


This is a 3 part story. Jump to any of the parts from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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