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by Sexy Eyes

There I was, hot and horny from his words to me. The fukker always gets me feeling this way . He is such a horny, filthy son of a bitch, and it never fails, I get thinking about all the things we would do to each other, sometimes even bringing a slut in with us.

So I lay there on my back, completely naked, my freshly clean shaven legs are spread wide open. My cunt hot and wanting some hot redhead slut to put her hungry tongue all over it, taking all my juices in her mouth. My ass wanting Mitch's rock hard thick cock rammed inside my tight asshole. As I lay here, eyes shut, wet cunt, my hand suddenly runs its way down to my my slit. I run my fingers up and down, slowly and in a very erotic way. I squease my nipples with my free hand, twisting them, making them so fucking hard. All as I imagine a scene in my mind....taking my time, making sure that I cum real hard and loads of thick juices.

Mitch and I are on our way to a local club, the night is a beautiful summer night, the air so crisp and fresh. I am wearing a low cut v-neck top, short mini skirt and knee-high platform boots. I look so sexy and the ride over Mitch couldn't keep his hands off my cunt, making me so horny and making himself horny at the same time. But we had planned this night a week ago. So there was nothing that was gonna make us go back home.

The club is just a regular club, but it is very classy and all the people that go there are very open minded to all sorts of things. The club only allows memberships to enter and I had bought one for Mitch and I especially for tonight. As we walk into the club, we look around and we are very impressed in the arrangements that this club has. We take a seat and the waitress comes over to ask if we would like a drink. I make the order and notice that she is extremely sexy and so perfect for Mitch and I. She walks away, and while she does, both Mitch and I look at her ass...she is wearing a short skirt, and a tube bra, and if she is wearing underwear...they won't be on long we think.

Mitch asks me if she's my type, and for once I finally say "Oh fukk yeah she is baby....did you see those eyes? that long straight flowing hair? that hot fukking body she has?" and then I say " and I am sure that you noticed the color of her hair" playing dumb you say "Nah, I don't know what color it was" giving me that smirk you usually do when I know you are pulling my chain. I start to feel your hand running up my thigh, onto my crotch. You love the fact that I'm not wearing any panties and that I am warm and still wet from the ride over.

The waitress walks back to us and gives us our drink. I pay and give her a ten dollar tip she looks at me and smiles "thank you so much! you know even though this is a classy club I don't usually get a tip this big" I say to her "no kidding, I would think that you being so beautiful would make you get more than that" she says "well thank you, you are pretty beautiful yourself" Then you cut in and say "well we both want to confess something, you see...we came here tonight hoping to find a beautiful woman such as yourself, to maybe possibly come home with us." "so what is your name sexy?" I say "my name is Samantha" reaching out her hand to give both of us a hand shake, with the biggest smile ever "we are Sonia and Mitch" . Which I think we both knew that she may be quite interested. "well let me think about it and I will come back to take your order when I notice your glasses get empty" Sam says. "sure thing baby" I said.

"I think you did a great job baby" you say to me. I thought about it and I felt the same way about myself. "Well were very straight forward to the approach, but I love that in you" . Then my lips meet yours and we kiss passionately. We both look around and notice all the people making out. We had never been here before, and yet we heard how open this club was. No wonder we need a membership to get in here. Looking at all of them made both of us really hot and waiting for Sam's answer didn't help matters...I couldn't keep my eyes off her, and neither could you. I knew she noticed that we were looking at her too. I started staring at her walking around with a tray of drinks and without noticing, my hand was on your cock, feeling you up through the pants. Your cock rock hard, you reach over to my neck with your lips and kiss it...licking it and making me feel your cock up even harder and faster. We get interupted by Samantha "so, are you two ready for another drink?" "yes we are dear, and while you are it, get one for yourself also" you tell her. "ok, I will, and by the way, I have decided to go with you two after my shift finishes, that is of course if the offer still stands" "of course it does sexy, haven't you noticed how horny you are making us? We just can't keep our hands to ourselves, come closer to me sexy" She does so, and when she is right in front of me, I tell her to spread her legs a little. Taking my hand and lifting up her skirt, touching her cunt, which is very fucking wet. I notice that she is clean shaven which is perfect, and it will save us some time of shaving her tonight when we get her alone. I don't tell you, I just make you touch her wet cunt too. My hand over top of your hand, both touching her cunt, she is lookin at you, smiling at you and getting really turned on by both our hands on her cunt...we can't make it obvious or else she'll get fired. "Oh damn, I have to get back to work" She walks away quickly, but with a HUGE smile I am sure.

"How do you think she's gonna be tonight baby?" I ask you, "Oh I am sure that she will be the perfect slut, just think of all the things we'll all do to each other babyfukk" ....I look at the time and it is about 1:30am and we haven't been here long, and already we found someone to come share a night of wild sex with us. I just couldn't believe it. We are actually going to fuck tonight with this girl that seems to be so innocent, and so fucking sexy. Then all of a sudden, she walks to us again, "ready to go?" she says, "what do you mean? you don't finish for another 30 minutes." you say to her with a smile on your face. "well I got them to let me off early"....."well well well, Mitch baby, shall we go?" "sure thing, just let me go get the car and pull it up to the door" "ok don't worry we'll be ok" with a great big smirk on my face.

We wait for you at the door and when you pull up, we both get in the back seat. You are looking at us kiss from the rearview mirror, and touching your cock. It is about a 15 minute car ride to our place and I make use of those 15 minutes, kissing her, learning her little sensitive areas, and while doing this, I have my one hand on your cock which is out of your pants...stroking it, making you moan, from that and looking at us kiss each others necks.

We finally pull up into the drive and you park the car in the garage. We all get out of the car and walk into the house. I had already set up the house as if I knew we weren't gonna come back home empty handed. Which was a good thing. I put on some music, Nine Inch Nails to be exact. "Mitch why don't you sit down on the bed baby, we are going to give you a nice erotic show, let us help you undress" You love the thought of two sluts undressing you and you don't say a word, just let us take off your clothing. I take care of the top half and Sam takes care of the bottom half. But we don't touch you. "now baby, get comfortable for your babyfukk, and Samantha"......I take her by the hand and start to lick her fingers. We both dirty dance to the song "Closer" undressing one another and kissing one another everywhere. You are stroking your cock, watching us melest each other dancing to it....although we are not eating each other out right now. I told her before hand that we will wait to do that when you are part of it. The start will be to tease each other.

The song ends and I lead her to the bed where you are so horny and ready to fuck. Then again I know the both of us are also...First off we start off by both sucking your cock. Her on your balls, me on your shaft...alternating the roles. Making you the special one right now for having to watch us in the car, and dancing in front of you. I guess this is our way to say we are sorry for teasing you.

We keep sucking on your cock, making you real fucking horny and wanting to shove that cock up one of us...."which one of you two sluts am I gonna fuck first?" you ask. "which ever one you want about I make up your mind for you, fuck Samantha! I bet she would love to feel your cock in her cunt right about now, wouldn't you Sam?" "Oh fuck yeah I would" "good then, get on all fours slut!" I tell her. As she gets into the doggy position, you get right up behind her and lick her cunt a little before you put it in, I am laying down in front of she can eat me out while you lick her and fuck her. Her mouth on my cunt feels so good and I was wanting this since I first layed eyes on her at the club, and I know that you wanted to stick your cock up her wanting cunt all night too. You start to put the head of your cock in her....slowly, little moans coming out of her...she feels so good and you just ram your cock in her cunt. Fucking her hard and slowly. She is tasting all my juices flowing out of my cunt because of watching your eyes as you fuck her pussy. And you are looking at my eyes as she eats me out like a good little slut. Oh she feels so fucking good baby.....and you know that she does from the look of my eyes as I look at yours. We both love looking at each other when we have a threesome.

I hand her a double headed dildo she can use on me, she slides one end into my cunt, pumping it in and out of my wanting cunt. I am moaning louder now as she sticks in a couple of fingers in my ass at the same time. "Oh you slut! You feel so good" I tell her....and this is getting you even hornier...and you decide to stick your cock in her ass now....she lets out a heavy moan as you put your thick cock in her ass, slowly, inch by inch, making you moan from wanting it all in in one shot. Put in no time it's all inside her....ramming it in her ass, she is going crazy...and so am I and I really wanna taste her cunt now that you are done with it....

I get into a 69er position with her.....she keeps the dildo inside my cunt as I turn around and put my face in her crotch...I see your cock going in and out of her ass....I lick her cunt juices, as she is fucking me with one end of the dildo in my cunt and then starts to put the other end in my ass....both my holes are full now....she's flicking my clit with her tongue...I am fingering her cunt while you are fucking her ass....we are all moaning real fucking loud and I can tell that we are all going totally insane from all the holes being full...but your ass baby isn't....while I finger her, lick her cunt...I take my free hand and play with your asshole.....squeasing your balls, making you go insane and almost ready to cummm. I can feel the sweat of your body drip down into my mouth and on my face, and I love that. You start calling each other sluts, and whores, and this is making both of us right on the verge of exploding in each others faces....and I know that in my position, I am also gonna get your cum...and damn I love to eat your cum baby. I start rubbing her clit real fast and she does the pump your cock in and out the fastest and hardest that you can....Sam yells out "Oh I'm gonna cum" and this makes us all cumm at the same cum on out of her onto her crack so it drips down into my cum hungry mouth...I take it ALL in...hers and yours....and she takes all my cum into her mouth at the same time. Bending down to kiss me and taste her cum and yours together.

She gets off me and crawls over to me and kisses me again. I decide that we should all go take a shower together and freshen up and get to sleep, Mitch sleeping in the middle of two sluts.....his Babyfukk, and Samantha.....

To Be Continued...


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