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The Soiree
by Charon Nox

Authorís Note: My deepest, most sincere appreciation goes out to Whispersecret and Tinman for taking the time to edit and critique my story. Without their help, "The Soiree" would not have made it to Literotica in its present form. I also want to thank my boyfriend for being so kind and understanding all those times I told him Iíd rather write than go out with him Ė it was nothing personal. I hope you enjoy reading "The Soiree" and please email me with your comments. CN

* * * * *

Kayla wanted to cancel the party that was scheduled for Friday night. Sheíd been forced to work overtime all week long because two of her coworkers were out sick with the flu and she just didnít feel like dealing with a bunch of people. Nevertheless, her fiancé Brad would not listen to her protests. He insisted that the party go on as planned.

Thatís why, at quarter after five on Friday, Kayla found herself rushing through the grocery store grabbing whatever she could find that would be quick and easy to fix. There would be no crab puffs or any of the other elegant hors díoeuvres she usually made when she had plenty of time; everyone would just have to make do with simple snacks. As Kayla placed her purchases on the conveyor at the check out, a pouch of bite-sized carrots fell from her hands onto the floor.

"Damn it," she snapped, trying to maneuver the cart out of the narrow aisle so she could reach the wayward bag.

"Here, let me get that," a familiar voice said.

Kayla looked up to see Bradís cousin Dave reaching for the carrots. Flashing her a grin, he deftly scooped them up and tossed them onto the conveyor. Kayla returned Daveís smile, admiring the sexy little cleft in his chin and the tiny gap between his front teeth.

Kayla had always been attracted to Dave, in spite of the fact that he was her fiancéís cousin. Back in college, when Kayla and Dave had first met, a casual flirtation had developed between them, but it had never amounted to anything. Kaylaís parents had been dead-set against their daughter getting involved with Dave because he was a guitar player in a rock-and-roll band, and the black sheep of his family to boot. They had done everything they could to discourage Kayla from associating with him until she had finally caved in Ė like always Ė and accepted an invitation from Brad, instead. At the time, Kayla thought going to dinner at the country club with Brad seemed a better alternative than hanging out in a nightclub watching Daveís band perform because it kept her parents off her back. There were times now though when she had second thoughts. Who knew what might have happened if sheíd defied her parents and chosen differently?

Dave brushed a lock of his long, honey-colored hair away from his aquamarine eyes and asked, "Are those carrots for tonightís party?"

Caught daydreaming, Kayla blushed. She had allowed herself to be distracted by the sensual contours of Daveís mouth and the strong lines of his handsome face. "Uh, yeah," she stammered. "Pickings are going to be unusually slim. Iíve been really busy all week and I havenít had the time to prepare for our little soiree."

Kayla was glad Dave wasnít telepathic, because she couldnít seem to control her wayward thoughts; images of him making love to her had taken over her mind. Her fingers ached to explore his lean form, to caress every inch of it. She wanted him to enfold her in a passionate embrace and kiss her with his firm, full lips until she was left breathless. Her pulse raced as desire swelled within her, tightening her nipples and causing her pussy to tingle.

Stop it, Kayla told herself, youíre engaged to Brad. Sure, Dave is attractive, but youíve made your decision and thereís no turning back now. What would Mom and Dad say if they knew you were still lusting after that "scruffy musician" they despise when youíre only months away from marrying Brad? You know image is everything with them Ė theyíve told you often enough.

Dave chuckled, interrupting Kaylaís thoughts. "You have such a way with words, Kay. Soireeís a pretty fancy expression for a group of people sitting around listening to CDs and getting smashed."

"What do you expect? I was an English major before I switched to Business." Kayla took some money out of her purse and handed it to the cashier who finished ringing up the purchase. "So, what are you doing here anyway?"

"I stopped by to pick up beer on the way to your apartment. What else would I be doing on this side of town? Certainly not grocery shopping; you know Iím not the domestic type."

"Well, you may not be the domestic type, but if you were a gentleman youíd hurry up and get to the apartment so you can help me get ready for the party. Bradís gone to the airport to pick up Todd; heís flying in from Berkeley to visit until his next term at the university begins, and you know how those two are when they get together. Thereís no telling how long it might take them to come home, so Iím going to need a hand getting ready before everyone else shows up."

"Well, sure, Kayla; I wouldnít want to ruin your image of me as a knight in shining armor. Is there anything else you need me to do before I come over?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact, you can pick up some hot wings. That will save me some time. Okay?" Kayla accepted her change from the cashier and returned it to her purse.

"Yeah, no problem, I can do that; if youíre sure thatís all you need."

There is one more thing I need, Kayla thought, and then blushed again. Is my mind in the gutter today or what? Oh, well, maybe if Brad would stop holding out on me and give me a good, hard fucking I wouldnít be so horny. Itís been over a month since the last time we did it. I should have waited until after the wedding to move in with him; he was more attentive when I wasnít so accessible.

Kayla quickly put a stop to the direction her thoughts were heading. Things were a bit difficult between Brad and her at the moment but it wasnít something that couldnít be worked out. With a little wave, she said, "íBye, Dave. See you in a little while," and pushed her cart toward the exit.

Dave watched Kayla walk away, staring appreciatively at her firm ass and the sexy way her hips swayed beneath her skirt as she moved out the door into the parking lot. He felt his cock stir in his pants. Down, boy, he thought, turning toward the aisle where the beer was located. Sheís Bradís woman; show some respect. But Daveís cock was not in the mood to listen and Dave couldnít seem to get the image of Kayla out of his mind.

As he left the store, Dave thought about his relationship with Kayla. Sheíd been a freshman at college while Brad and he were sophomores. She had started hanging out with them because one of her friends was dating one of their dorm-mates. From the moment they first met, Dave had fallen for Kayla. He was constantly flirting with her but the timing just never seemed right for him to really ask her out. When he finally did, he was too late Ė sheíd already accepted an invitation from his cousin Brad.

Dave had thought about competing with Brad Ė he was certain he could win Kayla away from his cousin if he tried Ė but he stood to inherit a quarter of a million dollars from his grandparents when he reached the age of twenty-five and he didnít want a stupid rivalry with his cousin to jeopardize that. Thanks to Daveís motherís scandalous behavior and Daveís own illegitimacy, he was already on shaky ground where his grandparents were concerned, and Brad just happened to be their favorite grandson. So, Dave had decided to respect Kaylaís decision and not interfere, thereby protecting his future. Nevertheless, he thought it was a mistake for Kayla to date his cousin because they had absolutely nothing in common. Brad was totally wrong for her; Dave knew it, and so did everyone else Ė except Kayla and her parents, who seemed to think the Sun and the Moon and the Stars all revolved around Brad.

Dave also felt sorry for Kayla sometimes because he knew what a two-timer Brad was. Brad could never be satisfied in a monogamous relationship; he always had to have a string of women on the side. His latest conquest was Denise, the new temp at his office. Brad had boasted about the affair to Dave and some of their other buddies the last Sunday theyíd all gotten together at Hooters to watch football. Heíd said heíd been so busy in the past month fucking Denise that he hadnít bothered to give Kayla any. Brad had even said he was going to invite Denise to the party under the guise of having her there as a date for his brother Todd.

Dave shook his head. The bastard had some kind of balls. And everyone thinks Iím no good, Dave thought, just because Iím in a band and I had a mother who liked to sleep around. Compared to my freaking cousin Brad, Iím a paragon of virtue. Well, okay, thatís not exactly true; but at least I know the difference between right and wrong.

How can Kayla not realize whatís going on? I canít believe she lets him get away with that crap. If she were mine, Iíd worship the ground she walks on.

Kayla was in the kitchen cutting celery sticks into strips when Dave finally arrived. He kicked at the door and shouted for her to open up because his hands were full. She quickly put down the knife and hurried to let him in.

Dave was carrying a twelve-pack of beer under his left arm, another twelve-pack in his left hand and balancing two large boxes, which oozed orange-tinted grease from their bottoms, on his right hand. Kayla took the boxes and carried them into the kitchen.

As Dave followed her through the luxurious apartment, he glanced somewhat enviously at the leather couch and matching chairs, expensive entertainment center and wide-screen television that filled the living room. Brad had allowed Kayla to redecorate when she moved in and Dave knew that it had cost them almost more than Dave made in a whole year. Compared to the apartment where Dave lived, Brad and Kaylaís place was a veritable palace.

Well, thatís what happens when you spend every single penny you have on guitars and stuff for the band, Dave thought. You donít have money left over for leather couches and wide-screen TVs. Youíll have to get used to it, at least until Grandma and Grandpa come through with the trust fund.

"How much do I owe you for the wings?" Kayla asked, as she placed the boxes on the counter beside the sink in the kitchen.

"Donít worry about it. Weíll call it even if you let me crash on your new leather couch when Iím too fucked up to find my way home later," Dave replied, grinning. He set the beer down, grabbed a dishtowel off the counter and wiped the grease from the hot wings off of his hand.

"Of course, you can sleep on the couch anytime; you are family after all. Besides, Iíd rather have you do that than see you get thrown in jail for public intoxication like your cousin Brad is so fond of doing."

"No shit. So, whatís left to do?" Dave tossed the dishtowel back onto the counter and glanced over at the celery sticks Kayla had been slicing.

"Well, you can start by frying some hamburger for the cheese dip. Itís in the refrigerator along with the cheese, and the canned tomatoes that I use are in the cupboard. Mix it all together and microwave it until the cheese is melted. Then, you can finish slicing up the celery for the relish tray and Ö"

"Hold on, babe. You know I burned out all my brain cells back in college. Just give me one task at a time. Okay?"

Kayla giggled. "You did not. You graduated with a higher GPA than Brad and me combined."

"That wasnít hard. Brad nearly flunked out because he hardly ever showed up for class and I majored in Music. How could I fail doing what I do best? Besides, youíve got the really good job while Iím still working at a music store waiting for my band to get its big break."

"Yeah, some great job, being a publicist for a multinational corporation. Whoop-de-do!" Kayla waved her hand in a gesture of dismissal. "Thatíll set the world on its ear."

Dave caught Kaylaís hand and squeezed it gently as they stood together beside the sink. "Whatís wrong, Kay? You sound kind of bitter. Arenít things going well at work?"

"Oh, workís all right. Iíve just been a little stressed lately from all the overtime." Kayla tried to ignore the thrill of excitement that rushed through her body at the touch of Daveís hand. The calluses he had on his fingertips from playing guitar were rough against her palm as he unconsciously caressed her tender flesh. Daveís mouth was only inches from hers as he stood looking down into her eyes. All she had to do was rise up on tiptoe and their lips would meet.

Suddenly, Dave seemed to realize how intimate their contact was and let go. Kayla felt disappointed Ė albeit irrationally so. In spite of the attraction she felt toward Dave, there was no way she would ever cheat on Brad; it just wasnít right Ė but damn, it was hard to resist when the mere touch of Daveís hand against hers practically turned her into a nymphomaniac.

"Yeah, overtime sucks. But hey, weíd better get our butts in gear. It will be time for everyone to show up and nothing will be done," Dave said with forced levity.

Kayla nodded and went to find a serving dish that would hold all of the chicken wings, thankful to have gained a respite from Daveís presence. His easy familiarity made her feel too comfortable around him; made it seem too easy for her to forget that she was engaged. Kayla firmly resolved to ignore the feelings she had for Dave, but in spite of that decision, while they were working together in the kitchen, she found herself imagining what it would be like if they were lovers.

Later, after they had finished their culinary preparations, Dave stood on the balcony sipping a beer while Kayla showered. It was really too cold to be outside but Dave needed something to help clear his head and suppress the desires that threatened to overwhelm him. It would be so easy for him to tell Kayla that Brad had been cheating on her. Dave knew sheíd leave Brad in a heartbeat if she found out, but what would that accomplish? Would she immediately fall into his arms, or would she want to kill him for being the bearer of bad tidings? There was no way of knowing, so Dave decided that it was better to maintain his silence than risk a Pyrrhic victory.

Dave heard the sliding glass door open behind him and turned. Kayla stood there shivering in a thick powder-blue terry-cloth robe, her jade-colored eyes wide with surprise. Her ash-blond hair was still damp from the shower and there was a healthy pink glow to her freshly scrubbed cheeks.

In spite of the cold, Dave felt himself heating up with lust. Apparently, Kayla didnít realize just how sexy she looked or she would have gotten dressed before she came looking for him. Kayla had always been very modest and conventional. That was one of the things Dave liked about her. It was hard to find a girl in this town who had old-fashioned values like Kayla; most of the girls Dave knew, especially the groupies who followed his band, were as immoral as alley cats. However, Dave had to admit he wouldnít mind too much if Kayla threw herself into his arms and begged him to have sex with her.

Typical male attitude, Dave thought, weíre always looking for whores in good-little-girlís clothing; or maybe that was supposed to be wolves in sheepís clothing. Whatever Ė Iíd just like to see Kayla naked.

"What the hell are you doing out here, Dave?" Kayla demanded. "Youíre going to catch pneumonia."

"Iím just checking out the city," Dave fibbed. He gestured with his bottle of beer at the buildings beyond the balcony where they stood. "I donít have this kind of view from where I live."

"Oh, Dave, you know Brad and I couldnít live like this if it wasnít for his father."

"Yeah, Uncle Gary sure does know how to take care of things," Dave replied, sarcastically.

Kayla frowned at Daveís remark. She didnít like it when Dave reminded her of the tensions that existed within his family.

Kaylaís expression of unhappiness made Dave feel worthless. It wasnít her fault things were the way they were. "If he hadnít taken me in when Mom died, I donít know where I would have ended up," Dave added, trying to sound grateful to his uncle for Kaylaís benefit. "Itís not like Iíd ever be able to find my real father. Hell, Iíll probably never even know who he was. Mom didnít narrow it down for me much when she told me that he was with a band that was big in the seventies. It could be anybody from Jimmy Page to one of the BeeGees."

Kayla laughed. "I donít think your Dadís a BeeGee, Dave, but when you get your inheritance from your grandparents, maybe then youíll be able to find out who he really is."

"Who knows? Stranger things have happened." Dave stared at Kayla, a wry grin quirking up the corners of his generous mouth. Reaching up, he brushed away a lock of hair the wind had blown across his face, and then shook his head to settle it back into place. Another gust of wind blew around the balcony and caught Daveís hair once again, causing it to swirl around his face and shoulders.

God, it drives me crazy when he smiles at me that way, Kayla thought. And heís so absolutely gorgeous standing there against the backdrop of the city with the wind whipping through his hair like that. If I didnít love Brad, Iíd Ö No, you would not, Kayla told herself sternly. Donít even start thinking things like that. What was it Grandma used to say? Ė "A minute between the sheets, a lifetime on your conscience."

"Strange things like what?" she asked Dave, attempting to put those unsettling thoughts out of her head and continue the conversation.

Dave almost didnít believe the look Kayla had just given him, as if she wanted him like he wanted her. Was it possible after all these years that Kayla was still as attracted to him as he was to her? Dave wanted to laugh; a love triangle between Brad, Kayla and him Ė the situation had all the elements of a soap opera on daytime television.

Although he knew it was wrong and would probably cause him nothing but trouble, Dave impulsively crossed the balcony and leaned against the doorjamb just inches from Kayla. Something about that look sheíd given him made him feel reckless. "Strange things like two people admitting their mutual attraction and acting on it," he replied, softly.

Taking a step backwards, Kayla clutched the collar of her robe tightly closed with her left hand as her cheeks flushed crimson. The enormous diamond Brad had given her when the two of them got engaged gleamed brightly on her ring finger, almost as if it were admonishing Dave for his bold behavior. Dave sighed, somewhat vexed by Kaylaís reaction. He hadnít expected her to immediately accept his implicit proposal, but he wished she hadnít reacted so negatively. Dave had always been a romantic, and in spite of the fact that Kayla was engaged to his cousin, he had been clinging to the hope that someday, if Fate was kind, he might have a second chance with her. "Damn it, Kayla, Iím sorry," he said quickly, hoping to patch up any damage heíd done to their relationship. "I didnít mean to come on to you like that. Itís just that youíre looking so beautiful, and itís been such a long time since Iíve had anybody to, well Ö you know." Dave hung his head. Kayla probably didnít want to hear about his fucked-up relationships, but he couldnít stop his runaway mouth. "Andrea got back together with her ex a couple of months ago and I just havenít been able to find anyone else who has piqued my interest since then. I am seriously horny and I need to get laid, but you know how I hate those freaking groupies that follow the band and theyíre the only thing that has been available lately."

Flustered, Kayla continued to back away from Dave, stammering, "No, no, itís okay, really. I mean Iím flattered. What girl doesnít like to be told sheís beautiful and desirable?" My God, Kayla thought, is he psychic? Can he read my mind? Does he know whatís in my foolish heart?

Just then they both heard the sound of Bradís hearty laughter outside the door of the apartment. With a panicky glance at Dave, Kayla turned and darted into the bedroom, slamming the bedroom door shut behind her.

Conscience-stricken, Dave stepped inside and closed the sliding glass door. He fervently hoped that he had not offended Kayla too badly. Heíd hate to lose her friendship over a carelessly made remark.

Brad, Todd, and Denise noisily entered the room with several other couples in tow. Almost immediately, Dave realized that Brad had been drinking already. That did not bode well. Brad would only get more and more belligerent the drunker he got. Perhaps it would be a good idea to leave now, just in case Kayla decided to mention his indiscretion. Brad was notorious for his double standards: It was perfectly acceptable for him to fuck around on Kayla but there was no way heíd let any woman of his fuck around on him.

"Hey, Dave! Look, Todd, itís our cousin Dave!" Brad roared. "Come on, letís go say hello."

Dave and Todd eyed each other coldly. Neither one of them liked the other; nor did they bother to conceal their ill will. Nevertheless, Brad chose to ignore their acrimony, pretending all was well as he crossed the room and clapped Dave on the back.

"Hey, buddy, whatís up? Whereís the rest of Goddog?" Brad asked, referring to Daveís band.

Dave shrugged out from under Bradís restraining arm. "Tate and Joey said theyíd stop by for a little while when they get off work and Sherry Rose might show up later if Kenji wants to come, but Trixieís not going to be here because sheís singing with Mock Turtle tonight. Their vocalist came down with laryngitis a couple days ago and he hasnít got his voice back yet," Dave explained.

"Well, fuck! Iím going to miss seeing that little bitch Trixie! I like the hell out of her!" Brad exclaimed. "Whatís a party with no lesbians? Every good party needs a few lesbians. Right?"

Dave winced at Bradís crass remarks about Trixie. On more than one occasion, Bradís boorish behavior had nearly driven the feisty singer of Daveís band to violence. Thatís why she never came to his parties anymore, even when she didnít have other plans. So far no one, including Trixie herself, had been able to convince Brad that he shouldnít say those things about her.

"Well, hey! Why the hell am I standing here without a drink?" Brad demanded. "Todd, make yourself useful. Go fix me a drink."

Todd hurried to do his older brotherís bidding, leaving Dave with Brad and Denise and the rest of their friends.

Turning to Denise, Brad asked, "Have you met my cousin Dave yet? Dave, this fine-looking little honey here is Denise." With a wink, he added, "I believe youíve heard me mention her name a time or two." Brad drew the voluptuous brunette into a passionate embrace and groped her ass while she giggled inanely, much to the delight of the couples they had arrived with.

"Brad, sugar, Iím Toddís girlfriend for tonight," Denise admonished him, as she pushed his hand away from her ass. "Remember, youíre with whatís-her-name."

"Kayla," Dave supplied, crisply.

Deniseís reply was flippant, "Yeah, whatever."

Dave felt his anger growing. He had to get away before he lost his temper and said something out of hand. Disrespect for Kayla from an unfaithful asshole and a home-wrecking little whore was unconscionable and Dave hated the fact that he had to tolerate it. He was so tired of Bradís philandering; he wished he could just drag everything out into the open.

Dave extracted himself from the knot of people surrounding Brad and drifted into the kitchen. He finished his beer and grabbed another, downing it quickly to cool his ire. As the rest of the guests began to arrive, he mingled with them, doing his damnedest to avoid Brad and Todd and Denise. Finally, Tate, the bass player for Goddog, and Joey, the bandís other guitarist, showed up. Dave got into a discussion with them about some lyrics for a new song theyíd been working on and for a little while he managed to forget the fact that Brad was cheating on Kayla in her own home.

Kayla floated around in a daze. She had tried, with less than successful results, to put Daveís comment out of her mind. Did he actually want to make love to her or was it just one of his casual flirtatious remarks, something heíd said on the spur of the moment and was now regretting? Kayla didnít know, but even so she found herself hoping.

As the party wore on, Kaylaís gaze was drawn again and again to the enticing figure Dave made in his black turtleneck sweater and leather pants that fit him like a second skin. She scrutinized him thoroughly, painstakingly comparing all his attributes to Bradís, hoping to find some flaw that would end her fascination with him.

At six-four, Brad was three inches taller than Dave and outweighed him by a good seventy pounds. Brad was built like a bull, brawny and powerful, while Dave was nothing but wiry, sculpted muscle. Brad wore his dark-blond hair cropped close to his scalp while Dave kept his long; the burnished-gold locks flowing free past his shoulders in thick waves. Bradís manner was often brusque, sometimes downright rude, while Dave, on the other hand, was always gentle and soft-spoken, rarely going for long without one of his engaging smiles. For the most part, the two were complete opposites; there were only two things they seemed to have in common: eyes as blue as the ocean and the fact that they both disdained facial hair, preferring a clean-shaven look. None of those observations even came close to helping Kayla find fault with Dave; if anything, they merely increased her interest.

Kayla knew she shouldnít allow herself to be drawn to Dave, to feel the emotions he provoked. It was deceitful, and it cheapened the bond she shared with her fiancé. She was happy with Brad. So what if he sometimes ignored her or said things that hurt her feelings. Everyone had problems. Relationships werenít meant to be perfect; thatís why you had to work at them. Even so, Kayla couldnít deny the temptation Dave presented for her.

From across the living room, Dave met Kaylaís gaze and their eyes locked. Kayla felt goose bumps erupt across the flesh of her arms and legs. Her nipples hardened as her pussy flooded with moisture. Her pulse sped up and she felt herself blushing.

God, she thought, this is so embarrassing; Iím acting like a giggly high school freshman experiencing her first crush. She knew Dave. They had been friends for years and while she was attracted to him, she had never before felt this rush of sexual excitement merely from looking into his deep, blue-green eyes. What was wrong with her?

"Honey!" Brad shouted, startling her. "Whereís my Kay-lee girl?" Brad made his way through the crowd to Kaylaís side. "Weíre all out of bourbon, hon. Can you run down to the liquor store and get some for me and Todd?"

"But, Brad, itís freezing out," Kayla said. She noticed, uncomfortably, that many of the guests, alerted by Bradís raised voice, had focused their attention on the two of them. "Canít you just drink beer? Thereís plenty of that."

"Aw, come on, Kay, donít be such a bitch. Just run out and get us another gallon of bourbon like a good little girl." Brad patted Kayla on the ass and moved away into the crowd. She stood rooted to the spot, furious at him for embarrassing her once again in front of their friends. He turned back, surprised that she hadnít obeyed his command yet. "Go on, God damn it, Iím thirsty and I donít want to wait all night for another drink."

Kayla felt a hand on her elbow and turned to see who it was. "Iíll go with you, Kayla," Dave said, giving her elbow a reassuring squeeze. "Get your purse and your coat and Iíll meet you by the elevator."

Without protest, Kayla did as she was told; anxious to get away from everyoneís pitying looks and whispered comments. Moments later, she stood at Daveís side as they rode the lift down to the lobby. They exited the building into a bone-chilling wind, which carried a hint of sleet. The temperature had dropped several degrees in the past few hours and the weather was beginning to take a turn for the worse.

"I canít fucking believe that asshole was going to send you out alone in this," Dave snarled. "What the fuck was he thinking?"

"Itís okay," Kayla replied, trudging along steadily beside Dave on the slippery sidewalk. She was used to defending Bradís self-centered behavior and did it now without thinking. "Heís just a little drunk. He didnít realize."

"Fuck that. Anybody in their right mind would not have sent their fiancée out in weather like this for a bottle of liquor. Brad is a thoughtless, self-absorbed bastard." Dave bit back on his anger, knowing that if he didnít stop now heíd say a lot more than he should.

Kayla started to respond to Daveís observations about Brad, but at that moment her shoe hit an icy spot on the sidewalk and she slipped. Only Daveís lightning fast reflexes saved her from falling. He held her tightly until she regained her footing.

"Thanks," Kayla said, shakily. Her heart pounded in her throat, from the proximity of Daveís body or the near fall she couldnít say.

"Yeah. Maybe I should keep my arm around you until we get to the liquor store, just in case you slip again." Daveís arm went around her waist and his hand rested on the swell of her hip. "It might help, too, if you put your arm around me; then we can prop each other up."

Unable to form a coherent reply, Kayla merely complied with Daveís wishes and slipped her arm around his lean torso. They continued on toward the liquor store, their bodies brushing together intimately as they walked side-by-side.

Daveís nearness put Kaylaís senses into overload. She could smell the sweet scent of his cologne engulfing her, feel the warmth of his body and the strength of his muscles when he moved, and from the corner of her eye, see his handsome profile as they passed into an area where the sidewalk was illuminated by a streetlight. Kayla wished that it wasnít so cold; the experience of being held so closely by Dave would have been even more pleasurable without her winter jacket getting in the way. With her mind in such a whirlwind of delightful sensation, Kayla would have walked right past the liquor store if Dave hadnít guided her through the doorway. In a daze, she purchased Bradís bottle of bourbon, barely comprehending the cheerful conversation that Dave had with the clerk. Mutely, she accompanied Dave back out into the chilly darkness, grateful that he took the package from her and that he no longer seemed interested in having his arm around her. Kayla didnít think sheíd have been able to make it back to the apartment if he had insisted on doing that again. As it was, all she could think about was how it might feel to have Daveís long, callused fingers caressing her naked body as she urged him to make love to her. Those thoughts made her so hot she barely felt the stinging sleet on her face.

As they stepped into the elevator car, Dave knew, at that moment, he had never wanted anyone as much as he wanted Kayla. His whole body trembled, not from the cold, but from covert desire. If something didnít happen soon to release the tension between them, Dave was certain that heíd suffer a meltdown Ė like a nuclear reactor, which had gone critical at the core.

When he pressed the number for their floor and the door slid shut, Dave immediately turned to look at Kayla. She stood beside him with her eyes closed, her bosom rising and falling rapidly with each breath she took. Even in the unflattering illumination from the fluorescent light overhead, she was gorgeous.

"Kayla," Dave said quietly, as he hooked his index finger beneath her chin and raised her face towards his.

Kaylaís eyelids fluttered open, revealing her pale-green eyes. Her pupils dilated as she gazed up at him hungrily. Her coral pink lips parted in an unspoken invitation and without thinking, Dave lowered his mouth to hers.

The bell alerting them that they had arrived at their destination sounded and the elevator doors slid open. Dave reached out and pushed a button on the panel causing the doors to close. He wasnít going to let anything cheat him out of this time alone with Kayla.

His mouth found Kaylaís once more, questing for the touch of her velvet tongue. A feeling of satisfaction surged through him as she responded passionately, pressing her body against his. His left hand moved to her lower back, drawing her closer.

When she felt the hardness of Daveís cock pressed against her abdomen, Kayla groaned. Her hands slid over the smooth leather encasing his haunches and without thinking she thrust against him. A painfully sweet yearning burst within Kayla, spilling shards of pleasure into her hungry pussy. She wanted, no, she needed Dave to fill her with his hard cock.

Suddenly, rational thought re-exerted its hold on Kayla. Oh, my God! What am I doing? She thought, frantically shoving Dave away. She grabbed the bottle of bourbon from his right hand, opened the elevator door and fled down the hallway to her apartment.

Dave followed her at a more leisurely pace, marveling at the fact that sheíd responded so readily to him when their lips had met. The evidence of her desire for him was irrefutable. Try as she might, Kayla would never be able to deny the fact that her hands had willingly reached out and caressed the cheeks of his ass as she allowed his tongue to explore the recesses of her sweet, succulent mouth.

Then reality brought him back to his senses. A moment ago he had given in to his desires and made out in the elevator with his cousinís fiancée who had responded with unexpected ardor. That could have cost him his inheritance if theyíd been discovered; but kissing Kayla and holding her in his arms had felt too good for him to worry about something minor like that. Dave grinned at his facetiousness Ė losing a quarter of a million dollars over a woman was not minor unless you were Donald Trump.

But what about the way Kayla had reacted? Her behavior in the elevator had been completely opposite from how she had acted when they were alone together on the balcony earlier. Could it be that she actually was attracted to him as much as he was to her? Was it possible that she had been hiding her true feelings in the same way?

Dave had so many doubts running through his mind. Were his emotions strictly honest? Was his passion for Kayla authentic and untainted by the complex tangle of feelings he had for Brad and the rest of his family; or by putting himself into a position to end Brad and Kaylaís engagement was he seeking some sort of twisted vengeance on his family for making him feel like an outcast because of what his mother had done? Did he have some insane desire to ruin his life, and the lives of everyone around him, just so he could feel better about being the illegitimate son of the town whore? Dave was afraid to examine his motives too closely for fear of what the answers might be.

Kayla leaned against the kitchen counter and swallowed a shot of vodka, wincing as the liquor burned its way down her esophagus to her stomach. She cursed herself steadily for letting her lust get the best of her in the elevator with Dave. Sure, she was horny as hell, but why had she let herself cross the line between right and wrong? Sheíd acted like a common slut, rutting after Dave that way.

Tears stung her eyes as she watched Brad laugh uproariously with Todd and Denise, the girl Brad had fixed Todd up with. Brad caught her looking, gave her a saucy wink and mouthed, ĎLove you, babe,í from across the room. Guiltily, Kayla looked away.

How could I have betrayed his trust? She wondered. Weíre engaged. We have an agreement that will soon lead to marriage. And I cast that all aside for the momentary pleasure of groping Daveís ass in the elevator. Iím disgusting. I donít deserve someone like Brad.

Kayla brushed a hand across her eyes, willing her tears not to fall. Wouldnít that cause a delightful scene, if everyone saw her crying in the kitchen while Brad laughed it up with Todd and his girlfriend? She felt the old resentment rise up within her and wished she could just let go and do what she wanted to do Ė but that was impossible. Her parents had done their job too well, conditioning her to put up a cheerful façade in spite of how she felt. "What would people say?" had been their mantra for as long as Kayla could remember. It would take a lot more than one reckless act in an elevator to make Kayla break tradition.

Upon returning to the apartment, Dave tried to avoid Kayla but he was unable to stay away; her presence drew him. He wanted to take her in his arms again and discover all the secrets her luscious body had to offer. He wanted to spend the rest of the night holding her and making love to her. He wanted to know how she really felt about him. But every time he got close to her, Kayla would find a way to elude him. Dave was on the verge of doing something drastic, like grabbing her and dragging her out of the apartment, when his cousin Todd approached him.

"Howís life been treating you, Cousin?" Todd asked. His snide tone wasnít lost on Dave.

Dave tore his eyes away from the sight of Kayla standing in the kitchen chatting with a group of friends and glared at his younger cousin. Todd was a smaller version of Brad, a spoiled brat whoíd always been given the best of everything. For the longest time, there had never been anything between Todd and Dave except animosity, simply because Todd resented the fact that his father had taken Dave in when Daveís mother died.

"If I thought you really cared, I might tell you, Todd, but I know you donít, so why bother," Dave snapped. He turned his back on Todd hoping Todd would get the message and go away.

"You know, itís too bad you donít have the intelligence and couth the rest of us have, Dave. If you did, maybe then you wouldnít embarrass yourself, hanging out around here waiting for my brother and me to throw you some scraps. Our family doesnít need a low-life, bottom-feeder like you. Why donít you do us all a favor and get lost? Maybe you could swallow a bottle of pills and a pint of vodka like your mother and make it a permanent arrangement."

Already frustrated by the situation with Kayla, Dave was near the end of his patience. He rounded on Todd. Poking a finger in Toddís chest, Dave said, "Listen, you little fuck, I never asked your family for anything. Uncle Gary came to me after Mom died. I would have been perfectly fine on my own, if heíd just left me alone."

"Yeah, right. Dad should have left you in New York with that queer your Mom was living with before she killed herself. You think youíre so great, big rock-and-roll star wannabe. Youíre nothing but an embarrassment to me and my family."

Enraged, Dave balled up his fist and drew back to punch Todd.

Suddenly, Kayla was there, pushing between the two of them. "Stop it, right now, both of you." Her voice was low, but it held a tone of command that brought Dave and Todd up short. "I will not have the two of you ruining this party. While youíre here, you will put aside your differences or you can leave."

Dave couldnít help but notice that the latter part of the statement had been directed at Todd. He flashed Todd a patronizing smile. Todd drew himself up angrily, and started to say something, then thought better of it. Instead, he merely sneered at Dave before he turned and walked away, rejoining Brad and Denise across the room.

"Kayla," Dave began, but Kayla immediately cut him off.

"No, Dave. I canít talk to you right now. Iím so confused; I donít know what Iím doing. Please, just give me some time to figure this out." With one last angst-ridden look at Dave, Kayla returned to her friends in the kitchen.

Daveís heart soared. Kayla had said she was confused. That had to mean that the kiss in the elevator had affected her as much as it had him. Perhaps there was a chance for them to be together after all. Elated, Dave entered the kitchen, telling himself he needed another beer, but in fact, what he really wanted was to be close to Kayla.

Kayla knew she should leave the kitchen and mingle with the rest of her guests, but she couldnít tear herself away from Dave. He stood across the room from her, sipping a beer as he leaned against the counter where heíd stood earlier in the evening when heíd held her hand and asked her if things were going all right at work. I should have told him then, Kayla thought. I should have told him that I was still attracted to him and having second thoughts about marrying Brad.

Thinking of Brad made Kayla realize that sheíd hardly seen him all night. Heíd spent most of his time talking with Todd and that girl Denise. For a moment, Kayla wondered where Brad had met Denise Ė sheíd never heard him mention knowing Denise before tonight. Then Dave caught her eye again and she was once more distracted by how handsome he was.

Just standing there watching Dave watch her made Kayla crazy. Like a charger held under tight rein, her body quivered. She wanted to break free and race to Daveís side, throwing herself on him in abandon.

Kayla unconsciously smoothed her hands over her thighs as she remembered the kiss in the elevator. Daveís bold move had caught her off guard, forcing her to give him an honest response instead of one tempered by the rules of good conduct her parents had instilled in her. For that one moment, when sheíd let go and enjoyed the feel of Daveís lips and hands on her body, Kayla had experienced the most exquisite sensation of freedom. Sheíd done exactly what she wanted to do, with no regrets whatsoever, and it felt damned good.

Heís probably the most incredible lover, Kayla mused, almost certainly better than Brad.

Even at itís best, Bradís lovemaking had never excited Kayla much. Brad was always too concerned with his own needs to really give her what she wanted. More often than not it was wham-bam-thank-you-maíam, and then heíd roll over and go to sleep. Until now Kayla had been willing to settle for that because that was all sheíd ever known, but one kiss from Dave had changed everything. It had opened her eyes to the possibility of something better Ė something wilder and more erotic.

I canít stand this, Kayla thought. She sighed miserably. I canít stand these feelings I have for Dave. I want to be good, but I donít think I can, especially not with him standing over there looking as sexy as he does.

To take her mind off the situation, Kayla wandered over to the counter where the hors díoeuvres were and began straightening up the mess everyone had made.

From his vantage point, Dave had watched the conflicting emotions play across Kaylaís face. There was definitely some inner turmoil going on there. Dave decided that he couldnít give Kayla any more time; there were two hundred fifty thousand reasons why he should, but he was going to force the issue with her anyway.

Dave crossed the room and edged up behind Kayla. With his body inches from hers, he reached around her and grasped the tray she held in her hands. Startled, Kayla gasped and nearly dropped the tray as Dave pressed against her from behind. Trapped between the counter and his hard, virile body, there was nowhere for her to go.

"Here, let me take that," Dave said.

The warmth of his breath on Kaylaís neck raised the hairs on her arms and made her nipples hard and desperate beneath the thin material of her shirt. Kaylaís eyes closed and her head tilted back as she savored the feel of Daveís body against hers. She barely noticed as he took the tray from her and placed it on the counter; then his hands slid over her hips, down to the tops of her thighs, and she became acutely aware of his actions. Flares of desire radiated outward from where his hands lightly stroked her thighs, burning their way throughout her trembling body and causing her to be filled with a reckless hunger.

Kaylaís pleasure was short-lived however. Almost before she knew what was happening, someone pulled Dave away from her. As Kayla eyes shot open, she heard a voice say, "Oh, there you are, Dave. Iíve been looking all over for you. Can you come with me for a moment? We need to talk, in private."

Dave sat cooling his heels on the couch beside Sherry Rose, Goddogís drummer, in the spare bedroom Brad had converted into a den. They were waiting for Sherryís boyfriend Kenji to return from the kitchen with the delicious frozen concoctions he made from Midori and some other ingredients that he never bothered to mention. Until a few moments earlier, theyíd been in the kitchen also, until Sherry had suddenly dragged Dave out of there, away from where he was hovering around Kayla, into the den, on the pretense of needing to speak with him privately.

Dave glanced over at his abductor with a sullen glare.

Sherry Rose was a tiny waif of a girl with bleached-blond hair and intense green, cat-like eyes that never seemed to miss a thing; therefore it didnít surprise Dave a bit when she commented on his attraction to their hostess.

"So, when exactly are you and Kayla going to get it on?" Sherry asked facetiously. She arched her dark eyebrows making the hoops that pierced them wiggle.

"As soon as I can arrange it," Dave snapped, not quite ready to let go of his displeasure at Sherry for making him leave Kayla alone in the kitchen.

"Yes, I could see that. If I hadnít dragged you in here when I did, weíd have all been watching you make a fool out of yourself right there on the kitchen counter."

"Whatever!" Dave sneered. He was so frustrated he could hardly stand it. Why did Kayla have to be Bradís woman? It just wasnít fair.

"Apparently it doesnít bother you that you were on the verge of screwing your cousinís fiancée in front of a roomful of people. I know you and Todd donít get along, but I thought you and Brad were friends."

"Brad is nobodyís friend, Sherry. You know that. Brad is only friends with himself."

"True, true. He always has been a self-serving son-of-a-bitch, but heís also just about the only family youíve got left and youíre always telling me how important family is to you." Dave started to speak but Sherry raised her hand, stopping him. "Yeah, I know you hate it when I meddle in your business, but I really think this is serious. Donít you realize that you were about to screw up your inheritance, literally? I mean, come on, Dave, itís not like we havenít had this conversation before. Remember? Back in college, we talked about this whole thing with Brad and Kayla being together and we decided that a secure future is more important than getting laid. You know that if Brad caught you doing something with Kayla, heíd run straight to Grandma and Grandpa and your trust fund would go right out the window."

Sherry shifted on the couch, tucking her left leg up underneath her and turning slightly to face Dave. She draped her left arm across the back of the couch, reaching out to toy with a strand of Daveís hair. "And what about poor Kayla? Canít you see what your rampant biological urges are doing to her? She canít handle this kind of pressure. Any minute sheís going to burst into tears and beg Brad to punish her for her indiscretions."

"Jesus, Sher, the guyís a total asshole! How can she love him so much? He brought his fucking mistress to this party! How tacky is that?" Dave demanded, indignantly. "Why canít she just do everybody a favor and break up with him?"

Before Sherry could reply, Kenji arrived with their drinks and passed them around. Dave took his and placed it on the table beside the couch. He wasnít in the mood to drink anymore. It wouldnít be wise for him to get trashed and do something stupid; according to Sherry heíd already been acting crazy enough.

Kenji crowded in beside Sherry on the couch. He ran his hand possessively along her denim-clad thigh from her right hip to her knee and back up the inside almost to her crotch. Sherry grinned wickedly and leaned back against her trim handsome lover, who bore a remarkable resemblance to the actor Jet Li.

"Later, my sweet. Unlike my dear friend Dave, I wouldnít want to cause a spectacle in front of everyone," she said.

Kenjiís throaty laugh made Sherryís eyes sparkle. "All right, my wild rose, but you owe me. I expect something memorable when I take you home tonight."

"As you speak, so shall I obey," Sherry quipped, "but first I must help Dave resolve his moral dilemma." She leaned forward and squeezed Daveís right arm just above his elbow with her right hand. "So tell me, Dave, why do you want to risk your inheritance by having coitus with our sweet little Kayla? Is it because you want revenge on Brad for being such an ignorant, bigoted, egotistical, hedonistic, perverted, um, whatís the word Iím looking for?"

"Scum-bag?" Kenji offered.

"Good enough," Sherry assented. She released her grip on Daveís arm and sat back, sipping her drink.

"Yes. No. Hell, Sherry, I donít know! When I look at Kayla my cock wants to tear a hole right through the front of my pants to get to her, and when I think about what Brad is doing behind her back it makes me so mad I want to rip his fucking head off and stuff it up his stupid ass." Dave clenched his hands into fists on his knees. He sat forward on the edge of the couch.

"Steady, big fella," Sherry said soothingly. Dave didnít often loose his temper, but the times in the past when he had were legendary. Sherry stroked Daveís back with her tiny hand, dragging her long, porcelain nails across the fabric of his shirt, trying to calm him with her touch. Attempting to lighten his mood, she said, "Itís a good thing you donít have one of those alien syndromes where you canít control individual parts of your anatomy, because Iíve seen your cock before and thereíd be big trouble if it got out of your pants and went on a rampage."

Taken aback, Kenji exclaimed, "Youíve seen Daveís cock?"

"Damn it, Sherry, why do you always make light of everything? This is important. I thought you wanted to give me some helpful advice," Dave glowered.

"Of course, Iíve seen Daveís cock, Kenji. You canít be in a band together for five years sharing dressing rooms night after night and not get an occasional peek." Annoyed, Sherry rolled her eyes and shook her head. "Jeez, Kenji, weíve been over this time and again; I thought youíd gotten over that jealous, inferiority crap."

Turning back to Dave, she continued, "And yes, Dave, I am trying to help you. I just want you to be sure of your motives when you finally make your move, because it might cost you a lot of money; and besides, afterwards Kayla is definitely going to have regrets on top of regrets. Thereís a possibility sheíll feel so guilty about what sheís done, she might not even want to be with you anymore. Then, you wonít have your money or your woman." Sherry shook her head, again, a sympathetic smile lighting her eyes as she patted Daveís knee. "I donít envy you that. Itís a burden loving someone who has principles and standards."

"So, youíre telling me I should forget the whole thing and leave her alone?"

"I am telling you no such thing," Sherry responded, indignantly. "If anyone needs a man like you, itís Kayla. Iím really tired of seeing her in the role of meek, dutiful daughter and unwitting cuckold." Sherryís forehead wrinkled in thought. "Is that right Ė can girls be cuckolded or is that just guys? Anyway, itís about time Kayla did something for herself without her parentsí approval."

"You just love being the Devilís Advocate, donít you? Why canít you pick one side of the fence and stay on it, Sherry?"

"Well, I guess itís because Iím a Libra, Dave. Iím doomed to see both sides of every issue. Itís my destiny."

"Well, is his cock larger than mine?" Kenji interrupted.

Sherry sighed. "Yes, Kenji, it is, but then Dave is a total freak of nature. Anyone with a schlong that tremendous should have pursued a career in adult films, but Dave decided to be the guitar player in a struggling rap-metal band instead." Sherry snorted, derisively, and added, "Go figure."

Rattled by Sherryís honesty, Kenji sat back to ponder what she had said.

"That wasnít funny, Sherry. We need my trust fund. If I donít get it, weíll never have enough money to buy studio time for Goddog to record a demo."

"I know, Dave, and Iím sorry. Youíre like a brother to me. I care about what happens to you and it hurts me to see you in a quandary like this, but Iím optimistic about the bandís future. I think weíll make it no matter what you decide to do tonight. If you decide to forget about Kayla, then weíll have the money for a demo by next year; if you donít, then weíll all keep working our day jobs and itíll just take a little longer." Sherry shrugged. "It will all work out in the end."

"Damn it, I wish my Mom hadnít been such a slut; then I wouldnít be in this mess, having to choose between Kayla and the stupid trust fund." Dave leaned back, resting his head on the back of the couch.

"Hey, I donít want to hear anymore crap like that out of you, mister. Your Mom was not a slut," Sherry insisted. "She just liked to have a good time. I wish I could have met her. You have to admire a girl who missed her debutant ball because she was banging a bass player in the back of his tour bus. My Mom never did anything cool like that."

Dave rolled his eyes. "It was not cool having a mother who was a groupie. Hell, if Pamela Des Barres hadnít already beaten her to it, my Mom could have made millions writing her own memoirs; she probably fucked every musician from Seattle to Miami and all points in between. Hell, I thought growing up the way I did was normal until Uncle Gary came and got me after she died."

"Oh, Dave, you know it wasnít all bad. You had a lot of good times back then. How many kids can say they celebrated their twelfth birthday backstage with L.A. Guns? And how many kids have actually gotten drunk with the guys from Def Leppard? And do you know anyone else who lost their virginity to a girl whoíd just given Paul Stanley a blow job?"

"That really happened to you?" Kenji asked, intrigued.

"Yeah," Dave admitted. "Madison Square Gardens, 1990. I was fourteen."

At a loss for words, all Kenji could say was, "Wow."

Abruptly, Sherry gulped down the remainder of her drink and placed the empty glass on the table beside the couch. She stood up, grabbed Kenjiís hand and hauled him to his feet. "All this talk of sex is making me horny, baby," she stated, perfectly imitating Austin Powers. "Letís go." She leaned down and gave Dave a peck on his cheek. "Remember, Dave, only you can prevent forest fires."

Dave grimaced, shaking his head ruefully, as Sherry Roseís laughter rang in his ears. What the hell was he going to do with advice like that? What youíd already made up your mind to do, he thought. Youíre going to take Kayla away from Brad, and damn the consequences.

Dave sat in the den for a little while longer wondering how he could arrange to be alone with Kayla so he could make his move on her. He wished heíd paid more attention to Bradís stories about how Brad managed his affairs, then heíd know more about what he was doing. Brad was an expert at slipping out of the house.

That was it! Dave stood up suddenly, as the pieces of his plan began coming together in his mind. The only way to reach his goal was to eliminate the obstacles. He needed to get Brad out of the apartment; somehow, Dave had to convince him heíd have more fun someplace else and at the same time try to make Kayla aware of his infidelity. Dave left the den and went in search of Joey and Tate, knowing heíd need their help to make the plan work. They both adored Kayla and despised Brad Ė so he could probably use that to his advantage.

Iím putting a lot on the line for you tonight, Kayla, Dave thought. I just hope Iím doing it for all the right reasons.

"What do you mean you and Todd and some of the guys are going out?" Kayla struggled to keep her anger in check.

"I mean weíre going to hit a few clubs and have a few drinks. Itís no big deal, Kayla, I donít know why youíre getting so pissed."

"Iím getting pissed because youíre the one who wanted to have this party in the first place and now youíre just going to walk out and leave me here by myself to entertain everyone. I donít think thatís fair."

"Fuck them! Iím going!"

Bradís words were already beginning to slur as he swayed on his feet in front of Kayla. She did not want to let him go out as drunk as he was because he always got into a fight or some other kind of trouble. She took his hand and said pleadingly, "No, Brad, please just stay home. Okay? Everybodyís here and weíre all having fun. Thereís no reason why you should go out. Besides the weather is really nasty. You could get in an accident or something. Please, donít go."

Brad shook off her restraining hand. "You donít tell me what to do, God damn it! I want to go out and Iím going."

Kaylaís chin trembled as Brad, Todd, Denise, Joey, and Tate filed out the front door. Denise turned back just before the door closed to give Kayla a triumphant smirk as she slipped her arm possessively around Bradís waist. Kayla felt as if she had literally been slapped in the face. Taking a deep breath, she squared her shoulders, turned sharply and marched into the kitchen. She needed another drink, badly.

Hours later, Dave escorted the last of the guests to the door and bid them farewell. He closed the door, leaned heavily against it and sighed. What a long night.

"Thanks for playing host, Dave. Iím just so wiped out I donít think I couldíve been pleasant even if Iíd wanted to," Kayla said.

She sat huddled in the corner of the couch with her feet tucked up underneath her, having removed her shoes and socks. Dave smiled, sympathetically. Kayla did look tired. There were dark circles beneath her eyes and she seemed a little pale.

Sheíd also drunk a lot more liquor tonight than she usually did, especially after Brad left. Dave wondered if that was because she didnít have the burden of keeping Brad under control or if it had something to do with Denise. Dave had watched Bradís departure, and seen the way Denise had barely made it out the door before she was all over Brad. Kayla would have to be blind if she hadnít seen it, too.

"No worries," Dave said, with a smile. "Just sit there and relax and Iíll take care of everything." Dave moved across the room to pick up a few of the empty glasses people had left sitting on the coffee table.

"No, leave it. Iíll clean up that mess in the morning. Just turn off the lights, come sit on couch and watch TV with me. Iím tired but I donít think Iíll be able to sleep until Brad comes home. If he comes home," Kayla added, under her breath. She picked up the remote control, switched on the television and began surfing the channels.

Dave joined her on the couch, taking care not to sit too close. He intended to manage his seduction of Kayla the right way, subtly, and with great concern for her needs. Heíd already decided that if Kayla showed even a momentís hesitation or dissent, he would back off and leave her alone. No harm, no foul.

Kayla finally settled on one of the movie channels showing an old independent film about a couple of runaway girls in New York City. However, neither she nor Dave was actually paying attention to what was on the screen. They were both caught up in their own thoughts.

Abruptly, Kayla broke the silence. "Do you really think Iím attractive, Dave?"

"Yeah, Kay, Iíve always thought so," he replied warily, wondering where this line of questioning was going.

"Am I prettier than Denise?"

"Who?" Dave asked, playing dumb. "Oh, you mean the girl who was here with Todd?"

"No, I mean the girl who was here with my fiancé. If Brad hasnít fucked her yet, I know heís going to soon."

Astonished that Kayla had realized what was going on, Dave said, "What are you talking about? Brad loves you," even thought he thought he might choke on the words. Perhaps he had underestimated Kayla; maybe she wasnít as credulous and naïve as sheíd seemed.

"No, Brad loves the convenience of having someone like me, someone whoís willing to clean up after him and take care of him, who pretty much stays out of his business. Iím the perfect dupe for a philanderer like him."

Tears overflowed Kaylaís eyes and spilled down her cheeks. It made Daveís heart ache to see her sitting there quietly shedding those tears. He slid across the couch and took her in his arms, pressing a tender kiss against her right temple. That simple gesture of compassion pushed Kayla beyond the limits of her self-control and her sobs became hard and soul-shatteringly deep.

Dave held Kayla until her emotional tempest had blown itself out, then fetched her a box of tissues and a damp washcloth from the bathroom, so she could repair some of the damage to her tear-ravaged face. Even with her swollen blood-shot eyes and blotchy skin, Dave thought she was still incredibly appealing, and told her so.

"Thanks," Kayla sniffed. She gave him a watery smile. "You know, I felt like such a whore kissing you in the elevator. I felt like I had betrayed Brad. I had absolutely no idea then what was going on between him and Denise. I didnít know until they all left together. Something about the way she looked at me when they walked out the door made me realize that Brad was cheating on me with her. Heís been doing it for a while, hasnít he?"

Well, hereís your chance, Dave thought. Sheís given you the ideal opportunity to tell her whatís been going on with Mr. Perfect. Your plan is coming together flawlessly. That thought didnít give Dave any satisfaction, though; he was about to destroy Kaylaís carefully constructed Wonderland and he knew it was going to hurt.

Looking her straight in the eye, Dave said, "Yeah, Kayla."

She clenched her fists and made a sound as if he had struck her. What the hell, Dave thought, in for a penny, in for a pound. She has a right to know exactly how big an asshole Brad really is and itís about time someone finally told her.

"And Denise isnít the first. Bradís been cheating on you since you started dating him back in college."

"Five years." Kaylaís laugh held no humor. She covered her face with her hands and for a moment Dave thought she might start crying again; then she glared at him and he knew crying was the furthest thing from her mind.

Oh, shit, here it comes.

"Damn it! Why didnít someone tell me?" she snarled. "Did you all know?"

Dave nodded, silently ashamed.

"You all treat me like Iím a dim-witted child, like I canít figure things out on my own. Just like my parents; theyíre always telling me what to do. I can make my own decisions and I donít need to be cosseted! In case you havenít noticed, Iím a big girl now." In a gesture that seemed to contradict her words, Kayla leaned forward and angrily swept some of the debris from the party off the coffee table onto the floor. When she had regained her composure, Kayla folded her hands primly in her lap and said, "Thank goodness I havenít had time to do any Christmas shopping yet; Iím going to need that money to find a place to stay when I tell Brad weíre through."

"Are you sure thatís what you want to do?" Dave was secretly elated. If Kayla broke up with Brad, all Daveís problems were solved.

"How many girls do you think heís fucked in the past five years, Dave?" Kaylaís voice dripped with sarcasm. "Of course, Iím sure thatís what I want to do. Even my social-climbing parents wonít expect me to stay with him when they find out what heís done. Well, maybe they will, but I canít imagine being with him for a moment longer than I have to. He lied to me. I hate liars."

Dave swallowed hard. Iíd better come clean now. If she ever finds out what I did, sheíll never trust me again. "In that case, I have a slight confession to make, Kayla."

"Oh, Christ, what now?"

"I made Tate and Joey take Brad with them when they left tonight," he confessed.


"I made Tate and Joey take Brad with them when they left tonight. I want you to know in case you hear about it later, because I donít want you to think Iím deceitful." Dave took a deep breath and blew it out. Contrary to popular belief, he thought, sometimes telling the truth doesnít make you feel any better. "After you kissed me in the elevator," he said, "I just couldnít stand it anymore; I knew I had to have you. So, I planned for Brad to be out of the way, because I wanted to be alone with you tonight, Kayla. I wanted Ö I want to make love to you. I care about you, a lot. I have since you first started hanging out with all of us. You are the most beautiful, sensitive, caring person I know. You donít deserve to be cheated on by an asshole like Brad." Dave reached out and stroked a finger along Kaylaís cheek. The look of astonishment on her face was almost comical, but Dave didnít feel like laughing. "Iíll understand if youíre pissed at me for manipulating the circumstances to further my own desires."

Suddenly, Kayla threw herself into Daveís arms, her momentum carrying him over onto his back. Her body stretched out full length upon his, pinning him to the couch. She began undoing the buttons on his shirt, her fingers clumsy in their haste to have the task completed.

Paralyzed by surprise, Dave was unable to react for several moments, then he grasped Kaylaís head with his hands and brought her face down to meet his. He plundered her mouth enjoying the fervor with which she responded. His hands groped for and finally found her shirttail. He tugged at it.

Getting the idea, Kayla rose up and stripped the shirt off. Reaching behind her back, she undid the clasp on her bra and freed her breasts from their confinement. Kayla ran her hands over the small peaks sensually, pausing to pinch her nipples and roll them between her thumbs and index fingers. She gazed down at Dave lasciviously and moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue.

Dave groaned. "Oh, God, Kayla, baby, you make me so fucking hot I canít stand it!" He raised his hands to her breasts, pushing her hands aside, so he could cup the melon-sized globes. With his thumbs, he began teasing Kaylaís nipples as she threw back her head and shook her mane of blond hair loose from the pins that had held it in a chignon. The tresses fell around her shoulders and over Daveís hands as she looked down at him.

"No, Dave, you make me so fucking hot. I want you to take me right here on the couch, right now! I canít wait another moment to feel you inside me." Kayla stood up and began unbuttoning her pants.

Stunned by Kaylaís uncharacteristic behavior, but still eager for the opportunity to experience her pleasures for the first time, Dave also stood up. He slipped his shirt off and began tugging frantically at his zipper, anxious to take possession of his heartís desire, now that the moment was at hand. His cock was swollen to the point of bursting and he could hardly wait to feel it sink to the hilt inside Kaylaís sweet pussy.

Kayla, who was now completely naked, knelt on the edge of the couch facing away from Dave. Her sumptuous ass was presented to him in all of its tempting glory, and the moist, pink flesh of her slit was clearly visible as she spread her legs a little wider. Resting her arms on the back of the couch, she looked over her shoulder at him and in a sultry voice said, "I want you to fuck me hard, from behind, Dave. Make me scream."

Hearing her words, Dave shuddered in anticipation. Hurriedly, he slid his pants down over his hips, letting them bunch at his knees. Too eager to waste any more time removing them, Dave positioned his body behind Kaylaís and placed the tip of his cock against her cleft. She was sopping wet. Taking his cock in his hand, he stroked it up and down Kaylaís slit until the head was slick with her juices.

"Please, Dave, donít tease me," Kayla begged. "I want your cock inside me. Now."

No longer able to control his desire, Dave thrust his huge rod into Kaylaís tight hole. Her inner muscles gripped him like a vice. For a moment he was afraid the resistance would prevent him from getting his full length inside her. God, he had never been with a woman who was so small and tight! Kayla groaned and thrust back against him, bending his shaft. Dave winced. Determined to get inside her, he grit his teeth, grasped her hips and thrust once again. Suddenly, her channel relaxed and Dave felt himself sliding deeper inside until his lower abdomen pressed up against the soft curve of her ass. Still holding onto Kaylaís hips, Dave began to piston into her hot pussy.

"Oh, God, YES! That feels so fucking good, Dave! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!" Kayla screamed.

Briefly, Dave worried about what the neighbors would think if they heard Kaylaís shrill screams. Then, he figured, "fuck it"; Kayla would be gone before any of them ever got a chance to tell Brad. Besides, having his cock inside Kaylaís pussy felt so good he barely had any coherent thoughts in his head beyond making it last as long as he could. As he continued to slam into her, Dave felt Kayla reach down between her legs and begin stroking her clit with her fingertips. His mind boggled at her voracious carnality; in his wildest dreams, he had never imagined that she would be so responsive and eager to share his pleasure. The rawness of her desire excited him beyond imagining. Daveís balls began to slap against Kaylaís pussy lips as he increased the pace of his thrusts. His cock throbbed, demanding release, but he forced himself to hold back, wanting Kayla to enjoy their coupling fully. Nonetheless, when her fingers brushed against his shaft and sent a thrill of sensation deep into his belly, Dave knew he wouldnít be able to last much longer. He bit his lip and hoped that Kayla would find her release soon.

"Iím going to cum; oh, Dave, Iím going to cum," Kayla squealed moments later, as Dave felt her channel squeeze him tightly.

He threw back his head, reeling from the fluttering sensations along his cock, as Kaylaís muscles contracted with the onset of her orgasm. Her spasms went on seemingly forever while she cried out her pleasure. Finally, Dave was able to take pleasure from his own climax. With a shout, he shot his load deep inside Kaylaís hungry pussy, filling her to overflowing with jets of his thick white cum.

God, I cannot imagine ever being without this woman, Dave thought, as he collapsed against Kayla. I love her; I fucking love her! He knew he should say it now, but it seemed like such a cliché to profess his love after theyíd just fucked like a couple of drunk monkeys. Besides, he was afraid the only reason Kayla had done it was to get back at Brad for cheating on her. Thanks to Andrea, his last girlfriend, Dave knew about women on the rebound; so he held back, waiting to see what Kaylaís reaction would be.

Kayla held very still, enjoying the afterglow of the best sex sheíd ever had; nothing before had ever made her feel so complete, so exhilarated, so alive! This wasnít just lust she was experiencing Ė it was love, the happily-ever-after kind sheíd never expected to have with Brad. She wanted to shout her joy from the rooftops and tell the whole world that sheíd found the man of her dreams.

Then, doubt began to set in. What must Dave think of her? Sheíd acted like a veritable slut attacking him that way. Her parents had always warned her about acting in haste and letting her emotions control her. Well, itís a little too late now to try and save face, Kayla decided, but at least you donít have to embarrass yourself further by pledging your undying devotion to him. Just wait and see what he does.

Daveís cum began to ooze out of Kaylaís glutted pussy. It soaked the mat of hair around the base of his cock and ran down the front of both his thighs. Kaylaís thighs were also sticky with their mingled juices.

Realizing that they couldnít stay that way forever, Dave finally let his deflated cock slide out of Kayla before he collapsed exhausted onto the couch beside her. He kicked off his shoes and finished taking off his pants. Using his briefs, he made an effort to clean up the mess in his lap.

Kayla rolled over onto her side against the cushions and lay back, resting her head on the arm of the couch. A dart of apprehension pierced her heart as she stared at Dave. He was so handsome and wonderful, and heíd seemed so sincere when he confessed his desire for her.

I really should tell him I love him, Kayla thought, and then reconsidered: making love to Dave was the first impulsive thing she had ever done, and in spite of how wonderful it had been, disappointment would probably crush her if she found that Dave only wanted a one-night stand. I know what he said about wanting me for such a long time, she thought, but what if he doesnít actually like me as much as I like him? What if all he really wanted was sex and now that heís had it, heís through with me? Iíll look like a fool if I tell him I love him. Itís going to be bad enough seeing him all the time and knowing what weíve done. Iíd better play it cool and act like this was no big deal.

"Your cock is the biggest cock I have ever had in my whole life," Kayla stated. You canít go wrong with flattery, she told herself.

"Iím glad you approve," Dave said weakly, still trying to catch his breath. He gave up on trying to clean his wilted cock, wadded his briefs into a ball and dropped them on the floor beside his pants. "By the way, not that it really means much, but just for the record, how many cocks have you had?"

"Exactly Ö" Kayla paused for a moment as if she were trying to remember, and then asked, "Counting yours?"

Dave gave her an incredulous look. "Yes, counting mine," he replied, testily.

"Three. Yours, Bradís and Scott Clarkeís after the prom in my senior year of high school, but I was drunk then and I barely remember it, so that one doesnít count." Kaylaís nose wrinkled in a beguiling fashion as she grinned, impishly. "I had you going there for a minute, didnít I?"

"You scared me. Iím usually a pretty good judge of character. I would have been really disappointed with myself if Iíd read you wrong." Dave reached out and caressed the calf of Kaylaís right leg. "That was the most amazing sex Iíve ever had; and unlike you, I am pretty worldly, so believe me when I say that you were magnificent."

"You were incredible." Kayla could not stop grinning. This is going pretty good, she thought. He liked fucking me Ė that isnít quite the same as I love you, but itís a start.

"And you were very vocal," Dave added, returning Kaylaís grin. "I never expected that from you. You always seemed like such a little mouse."

"Yeah, the mouse that roared."

Dave joined in on Kaylaís uninhibited laughter. He reached out for her and she sat up, moving willingly into his arms. He kissed her hungrily, attempting to convey all his feelings for her with that one gesture.

Gathering his courage, he looked deeply into her eyes and said, "I love you, Kayla. I have dreamed about this moment for so long, I canít even begin to tell you how wonderful I feel right now. Making love to you touched me in a way I can hardly describe. I feel connected to you, like all of our thoughts and feelings are on the same wavelength. I want to be with you forever, or at least as long as youíll have me." Dave knew his words were true Ė he did love Kayla and he didnít even care that it was probably going to cost him a quarter of a million dollars. She was worth it.

Elation made Kaylaís heart leap in her chest, and she was finally able to relax. She was so tired of being everything to everyone; tired of putting her feelings aside and living up to everyone elseís expectations. Iím free now, Kayla thought. Free to be the person my parents never allowed me to be. Knowing that Dave truly loved her gave her a warm feeling inside. She also knew that she need never feel ashamed of her thoughts or feelings again. Her joy was boundless. "I love you, too, Dave," Kayla replied, fervently, "and I think forever would be a very good place to start." She returned Daveís kiss with one of her own and then gently pushed him away. "Come on, letís get cleaned up and pack my things so we can get the hell out of here. I need to find a hotel room before that storm outside turns into a full-fledged blizzard."

Dave cupped Kaylaís chin in his hands. Looking deeply into her eyes once more, he said, "No way. Youíre coming home with me. Now, that Iíve got you Iím never going to let you go. My apartment isnít much after all this luxury that youíre used to, but Ö"

Kayla placed her fingertips across his lips preventing him from finishing his sentence. Tears welled in her eyes as she replied, "Anyplace where you are will be like a castle to me, Dave. I love you. I donít care about what you have or donít have. As long as you wake up every morning and make mad, passionate love to me, and tell me Iím the only one youíll ever want before you go to sleep at night, then everything will be fine."

"Done," Dave said, sealing their pledge with another kiss.

Later, when theyíd finished stuffing Kaylaís suitcases with her belongings and were preparing to leave; Kayla paused for a moment by the doorway.

"Whatís wrong?" Dave asked. He was anxious to get out of the apartment before Brad came staggering back home. He knew heíd have to face his cousin eventually, but he just didnít want to do it tonight.

Kayla noted the hint of alarm in his voice and smiled. He couldnít possibly be thinking that she would want to back out now, could he?

"I feel like Iím forgetting something," Kayla said. She glanced around the living room, hoping she could locate the source of her uneasiness. Suddenly, it dawned on her what was bothering her. She held up her left hand. "Itís this."

Kayla tugged off the engagement ring Brad had given her. Carelessly, she tossed it toward the coffee table. The ring bounced once on the corner of the table, and then landed on top of a half-eaten piece of cracker with cream cheese spread on it. It winked balefully at them, almost accusatorily.

"Nice shot. Remind me not to pitch pennies with you," Dave quipped. "Howíd you do that anyway?"

"That was nothing. Youíll be amazed at all the tricks I have up my sleeve," Kayla replied, playfully. She grabbed Daveís hand, tugging him toward the door. "Letís hurry up and get to your place so I can show you how I can make our clothes disappear."

Itís a good thing, after all, that I let Brad bully me into having the party, Kayla thought. If I hadnít, then I may never have found out how much Dave cared about me. She slipped her arm around Daveís waist and squeezed him affectionately. She couldnít wait to start making up for lost time.

"Come on, Dave," Kayla said, remembering the words he had spoken on the balcony, which had set this whole circumstance into motion. "Itís time for me to show you exactly what happens when two people admit their mutual attraction and start acting on it."


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