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The Sex Machine
by Carl East

The year was 3098, the day was Saturday, the time 4.30pm. My name is Caroline, and the story you are about to read is true, or at least it will be. You see, I had the privilege of being the first time traveler, I had just arrived in the hall of fame. The press were there in their hundreds, all trying to ask questions at the same time, until Professor Mamit stood up calming them into silence and assuring every body that I would answer all their questions, but only in an orderly fashion.

"Caroline, Daily news reporter Mike Ash here, could you tell us why this has been hushed up for so long?"

"Yes Mike, back in the year 2000 Professor Coltrain successfully created the time machine you see before you. But in order to make sure the area was clear for my arrival, he had to buy the property we are now standing in. He then placed it in a trust, so that nobody could demolish it. Then he made this very room a place where the machine could come and go through time. There are those that would see this machine as a threat, so in order that nothing could go wrong, like sabotage, or over enthusiastic reporters, he told nobody, except me, then after sending me on my way, he sealed the room, with instructions not to open it until today, when I appeared in front of you all I concluded that the experiment was a complete success." I said, taking a breath.

The press conference went well, if a little long, but I had been given instructions to find out as much in one day as possible, professor Mamit had been handed a letter addressed to the curator, in it, he was instructed to help me out as much as possible.

"Where do you want to start, Caroline?" said professor Mamit.

"We took a survey from two hundred people, male and female, in this questionnaire they were all asked ten imaginary questions, from this we extracted the ten best, all the questions were to do with a supposed time traveler, what he/she should find out about the future."

I produced the list from my jacket. Then read the ten answers.

The first and most popular response was to find out if there was going to be another world war.

"That's probably the easiest one to answer, because it's no, we've had no armed conflicts for over five hundred years, and those before that time were merely internal squabbles, of which I will give you a list and reason for, before you depart." Replied the professor.

Having gone through the answers one by one I came to the last, which I found embracing.

"How is sex treated in the thirty first century?"

Professor Mamit laughed, but seeing the uncomfortable look on my face, he quickly regained his composure and asked me to follow him. He took me to a place that was called, 'Sex for Sale' this alone told me that sex was no longer treated like a forbidden subject, but upon entering this establishment I was not ready for just how unforbidden it was.

There on one side of the shop stood various male and female androids, all were naked with a price tag covering their chests. They looked so real, you would find it hard to tell them apart from a normal human, in another corner were A.R. machines, (artificial reality) that apparently made you believe that you were in any given situation, these, it turned out were the best sellers. I asked for a demonstration, to which I was given a five-minute trial period.

The proprietor of this establishment wanted to show me his latest acquisition. I couldn't wait, he led me to a locked room, and upon entering I found a large machine standing in the middle. Having explained that the participant would enter the machine totally naked and be strapped into the centre, then given a sexual encounter the likes of which would blow their mind, he asked if I would like to have a go.

I didn't answer straight away, but inspected the contraption from front to back.

"Is it safe?" I eventually asked.

"Completely." He assured me, pointing to some screens that I could change behind.

While he prepared the machine I slipped out of my clothes, finding a robe draped over a chair behind the screens, I put it on.

I came back to find the machine was opened up, there were cock looking devices in the sides of this thing, and a soft table with straps for the wrist and ankles.

"Disrobe my dear, and back onto the table." Said the proprietor.

I disrobed stepping backwards, then I had to lean slightly onto the table.

"Right my dear, I will just do up the straps for you, close the door and start you up." I had been shy at first, having this total stranger strapping me to a table whilst being completely naked, but he didn't so much as look at me, yet alone stare, which told me that sex truly was accepted here as part of life. Once finished, he closed the door and walked over to the control panel.

"The first thing you will hear my dear, is the machine calibrating your exact position, height, and gender, which will take about thirty seconds, then it will probe your body, searching for depths and generally measuring each and every inch of you. Once this is done the machine will take you on a ride that you will not soon forget."

With that he turned it on, then left the room closing the door behind him.

At first there was a bit of noise coming from the machine, then I felt something soft exploring my skin, starting from my feet rising up to cover my entire body. Once this had finished I felt a gentle rubbing of my womb, then something long thin and smooth entered me, I assumed this was the probe that measured depth, it felt nice, but nothing startling, I realised that the machine was still calibrating, so I waited patiently. Then my first surprise came, the machine gripped me firmly by the waist and retracted the table I had been leaning against, I couldn't help feeling slightly afraid at this point, for I had never trusted machines in my own time. Something touched my arse it was the probe. Oh no, I thought, I have never had anything inserted in my arse before, the probe only entered half an inch, then I could feel some kind of liquid being injected into my anus, it wasn't an unpleasant feeling, but I still did not want anything inserted into my arse. I called out to the shopkeeper, but there was no reply. Then I was lifted slightly up and tilted forward, I was nervous at this point. Something big touched my pussy, while at the same time two finger like grips gently held my pussy lips apart, it entered me. My feeling of nervousness fading away as the thrill I felt took over. Slowly at first this instrument was guided into my womb, I could feel the ridges gently caressing my inner wall, once it started to extract its self it then changed its rhythm going a little bit faster, this felt good, until another one pressed the cheeks of my arse. It pushed its way into my anal passage, leaving me feeling quite exhilarated; this wasn't as bad as I thought it too gained speed. My first orgasm was coming already, I had always avoided arse fucking in the past, because I did not believe it to be a natural function, this proved to me that I had been missing out.

I had cum twice before the next surprise came, I suddenly felt two hands or what felt like hands grip my breasts, each one tweaking my nipples with just the right pressure to turn me on further. The artificial cocks started to work harder; my juices were leaking down my thighs. Faster and faster they went, sending me in a spin of emotions, I started to scream with the pleasure I was feeling, not wanting these sensations to go. Something else touched my cunt, and started to stretch me further as it entered my womb; it was thinner than the artificial cock, but was rotating rather than going in and out. These new sensations were unbelievable, I had lost count of how many times I orgasmed, and started to wonder how long this pleasure was going to last.

Then the final surprise came, the artificial cocks and spinning device left my body. I was then hoisted up into a crouching position and lowered on to something bigger than I had felt before. The walls to my pussy were stretched to the limit as this new cock entered my throbbing cunt. Then the machine started to lift me up and down impaling me with this new device, I could feel it squirting something inside me, simulating a man's cum I supposed, what ever it was it felt gorgeous. When it suddenly picked up the pace I started to scream once again, this was fucking great, my orgasms were coming thick and fast, I had heard that other women had reached multiple orgasms before, but until today I thought it was fanciful imagination, now I knew different. I started to feel weak-kneed thinking that it has got to end sometime. I was coming for the last time that day totally convinced that I was in some kind of sex machine. My shoulders were being lightly shaken; I opened my eyes to find that I was still in the A.R. machine.

"What did you think, my dear?" Said professor Mamit.

"That was incredible." I said, getting my breath back.

I looked down to find my legs were sticky with my own juices, this was the best part of my mission by far. I just had to have one of these machines, of course I knew I would have to wait, my first priority would be to report back my findings. I made a mental note to return as soon as possible. Leaving the show room I turned to look at the many other things I didn't have time to see. Later, I thought.



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