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The Tutor
by flashlight7.5

"Newton's first law?" Ms. Van Dorn asked as she licked a line slowly up Kevin's cock.

"F-for every reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction," Kevin answered. He gripped the edge of the desk, staring at his Metallica poster and trying to concentrate.

"Correct," she raised herself up on her knees a bit and wrapped her all-natural D-cups around him. She slowly, teasingly, slid them up and down. She looked into his eyes and grinned. "The second?"

"Second..." His head was spinning. Her tongue was dancing all over the head of his cock as her breasts enveloped him. He could feel her nipples on his abdomen. He could savor the warmth of her lips around him. "Objects...objects at rest...Fffuckkk!"

"The second?" Ms. Van Dorn repeated between licks and kisses.

"Objects at rest...they...oh fuck! I'm gonna cum!" Kevin's whole body was tensing. One hand shifted to Ms. Van Dorn's long red hair and he thrust into her face. "Can I cum on your face?"

"No." She shook her head, giving Kevin a squeeze at the base of his cock with her soft hand. He let out a loud grunt. His torso bent forward and Ms. Van Dorn felt his semen surge up through him. It rippled across her grip and shot out in long spurts as she jacked him all over her ample chest. She aimed his cockhead over her left nipple, coating it with slippery stuff before wrapping him in her breasts again. Kevin was trembling by the time she was finished.

She snatched a towel from the bedside where she'd left it, and cleaned up. She pulled her silky blouse back on, and pinned her hair back up over her head. She slipped on her glasses, grabbed her books, and then gave Kevin a peck on the forehead.

"If you memorize the rest of Newton's laws, you can cum on my face. Deal?"

"Deal," Kevin agreed breathlessly.

"See you next week then," she purred and walked out of Kevin's room.

Kevin tilted his head back and let out a delighted breath. He had been struggling with his grades in his last year of high school. He had a potential basketball scholarship waiting for him, but he needed to bring his grades up. He had put too much time into free throws and pass drills than trigonometry and physics. Physics was especially vexing for him. His family saw him struggling, so they got him a tutor.

Nikki Van Dorn. Kevin still didn't know how old she was, but she couldn't have been over thirty. He and his family met with her three months ago, and he couldn't believe his eyes. She sat there in a smart business suit that reminded him of Scully from "X-Files". He kept staring at her chest, and her strong legs under those black hose, and he was sure she knew it. He barely remembered the conversation she had with him and his parents. He just knew that she would meet with him a week from then. He spent the rest of the night jacking off to her image until he fell asleep.

They worked together for a month before the ice broke. She confronted him on his staring and fidgeting, and he admitted to finding her very attractive. She then admitted the same to him. She had broken up with a long-time lover a while ago, and hadn't been on a date in months. They kissed that night, but that was all. The next time it was kissing and touching, and he wanted more, but she made him promise to ace his trigonometry test that week. If he did, she would let him put his hands all over her. He never studied so hard in his life. He showed her the "A", and she opened her shirt for him. He could remember how his hands shook as he touched her breasts. He could still remember the look on her face as he pinched her nipples and made her knees bend. He remembered how wet she was on his fingers, and how sweet she tasted.

His blowjob today came as a result of getting a perfect score on a pop quiz in both trig and physics. Now he had a new goal. If he could memorize Newton's laws, Ms. Van Dorn's face would be sticky with his cum a week from now. His ultimate goal was set the night he touched her. If he could graduate with a perfect GPA, she would let him fuck her as long as he could last.

Kevin cleaned himself off as Nikki Van Dorn headed down the stairs of the Brannigan family home. She smiled to herself, still enjoying the sticky sensation on her breasts. The Brannigan family paid her very well, and her little fringe benefits with Kevin were very sweet indeed. She could get perfect results from him with a little coaxing, and that made the family very happy. When Kevin's grades started to turn around, she was rewarded with a bottle of Merlot from the family, and she had been invited to the upcoming St. Patrick's Day party, which was apparently a huge bash for the family and their friends and co-workers.

"Hey, Nikki! You're still comin' to the party, right?" Mr. Ed Brannigan called from the kitchen as she walked by. Nikki would've been able to hear him if he was in the garage. He was a big man, with a strong voice and a thick body. He had worked construction for many years, slowly building up his own business.

"Absolutely, Mr. Brannigan." She smiled at him. "This is the first party I've been invited to since my friend's bachelorette party."

"It'll be a great time, but I warn ya! It gets pretty crazy in this house on St. Patrick's Day! You get a bunch of Irish drunks running around half-naked singin' songs and well, things sometimes get out of control."

"Sounds like the bachelorette party alright!" She laughed. "Do I need to bring anything?"

"Just your pretty self." He paused to spread mayonnaise on his sandwich. "You know, Nikki, I wanna thank you again for all you've done for Kevin. You're a great tutor."

"It's my pleasure, Mr. Brannigan," she assured.

There was an awkward moment of silence.

"Well, I'd better get back before my cat gets any hungrier. I'll see you at the party!" Nikki smiled and waved as she walked for the front door.

"Yeah! See you then!" Ed called as the front door opened.

In walked Mrs. Shelley Brannigan. Shelley had just returned from working at the hospital office and she looked tired. However, her long day couldn't hide her beauty. Her blond hair was cropped short for efficiency and her body was well-toned from lots of Tae Bo and work-outs on the treadmill. She kept herself in better shape than Ed did, and Nikki wondered if he noticed. She certainly did.

"Hi, Nikki!" Shelley gave her a hug. "Coming to the party next week?"


"Great! See you then!" She called over her shoulder as she walked down the hall, and there was a brief look between them that Nikki mused over.

Yes, you certainly will see me. Nikki thought.

"Yeah! Oh fuck yeah!" Kevin cried out as he shot hot cum all over Ms. Van Dorn's face.

They had sneaked away from the raucous party downstairs. Kevin recited every law by heart, without one error or stutter. Nikki, who had a couple pints under her belt, immediately dropped to her knees and sucked him off. Now, Kevin was looking down at his tutor, her pretty freckled face and glasses all streaked with cum. She kept sucking at him, licking at him, kissing at him, and rubbing him all over her face until her lips and chin were a gooey mess. She looked up at him and giggled. He smiled and wiped some of his jism from her jawbone, then sank his finger into her mouth. She hummed happily as she licked it dry and then stood up, a little dizzy.

"Had too much Guinness?" Kevin asked.

"No, just enough to make me dizzy if I stand up too fast. Excellent work, Kevin." She wiped her face on another handy towel and looked at her glasses through the light of Kevin's desk lamp. "Got anything to clean my glasses?"

"Mom keeps some stuff specifically for it in the bathroom down the hall. Look in the medicine cabinet."

"Alright, see you back downstairs." Nikki sauntered off while Kevin gleefully whacked his cock a few more strokes. Downstairs, the party sounded more like a riot. The music was loud, and someone was yelling "Tits! Tits! Tits!" as she shut the bathroom door.

She found the cleaning solution, and was polishing the last remnants of Kevin's cum from the lenses when the door burst open. Ed stumbled into the bathroom, holding a glass of Guinness and wearing his "Do me, I'm Irish" button. He was well on his way to a hangover. He saw Nikki and he immediately straightened up as best he could.

"Sorry, Nikki, the one downstairs is occupied. I think Harry and Molly Janson are screwing down there right now."

"Really?" Nikki laughed.

"Ah, who knows? Like I said, these things get pretty wild." He stood there for a moment, teetering on his heels a bit, and then put his glass down on the counter. "You know, Nikki, I really want to thank you for helping Kevin."

"It's my pleasure, Ed. Really."

"No, I mean I really want to thank you." Ed opened his Dockers, and slowly pulled his enormous cock from his briefs. Nikki was too stunned at its size to say anything. She just gaped at it and nearly dropped her glasses.

"Ed, I..."

"I know, it's your pleasure. Well, it soon will be. I've been wantin' to give you my big dick since we first hired you. Hell, it's why I hired you!" He moved closer.

"Ed, you're drunk, and I don't think now is the time - "

"Sure it is." He reached for her. His breath was stale with beer and cheese dip. His monster cock was rearing up at her. It seemed a foot long. His strong hands took her by the arms and spun her around to face the mirror above the sink. She was still wet down below from the excitement of sucking off Ed's son just moments ago while the house was full of friends and family. His hands were on her breasts, pinching her nipples through her tight green velvet T-shirt.

Fuck, she thought, she couldn't resist him.

She unbuttoned her jeans and shoved them, and her green lace panties down to her knees. Ed chuckled behind her.

"Oh yeah," he groaned.

"Shut up and fuck me, Ed!" She snapped, and saw the expression on Ed's face change in the mirror. He was surprised at the tone, but he obeyed nonetheless. He slowly slid his huge cock into her as she bent over the sink. In the mirror, she watched her mouth open in shock as he filled her. Her eyes opened wide and she spread her legs to accept him deeper. She gripped the faucet, and with one last shove, he was all the way inside her.

"Yeah, you like that big dick, don't you?"

"I said shut up and fuck me! Now!"

Again, Ed shut up and instantly obeyed. He gripped her hips with his strong hands and thrust again and again into her. The world swirled around her. Colors mingled and the sound of the party below them became a distant droning sound. There was just this huge, long cock slamming into her again and again. She briefly thought of Shelley, and wondered if this monster now buried in her wet puss was the reason Shelley kept so fit.

Ed was making short grunts, like a rutting animal. In the mirror, she could see his face twisting into an almost painful expression. She let out a slow moan that rose in pitch. Her cunt tried to clamp onto him, but he slid his dick from her, spraying seemingly endlessly onto her white bottom. His dick was like a firehose, shooting cum in huge blasts on her cheeks and the backs of her thighs.

"Yeah," Ed moaned and leaned back against the wall. He draped a towel over her backside. "That's what I like. If you want more, come look me up later." He picked up his Guinness and walked out.

She shook her head. Now she knew why Shelley tended to look angry. Ed never let her finish.

The party lasted until the wee hours of the morning. Ed had passed out on the den couch hours ago, and all the guests had left. Kevin had gone to a friend's house for the night. Katie, their daughter who had driven up from her home an hour away to attend the party, was sleeping off her drunken stupor in her old bedroom. Shelley and Nikki were the only ones left. They sat at the kitchen table, and Shelley was slowly crying.

"He doesn't pay any fucking attention to me. It's always work," Shelley revealed. She had more than her fair share of Guinness and Nikki had done some catching up too.

"I'm sure he notices you. How couldn't he?" Nikki wondered, "You're beautiful!"

"Oh, you're sweet for saying that, but it's true. Sometimes, sometimes I think he's seeing someone else."

Nikki instantly felt like shit for what happened earlier. She looked across the table at Shelley. She looked so cute with her short hair, and her white baby doll shirt decorated with a smiling four-leaf clover she wore just for the party. She sniffled into a paper towel. Nikki felt like reaching out to her, and then like teaching Ed a lesson. She leaned across the table and stroked Shelley's forearm.

"When was the last time you got laid?"

"Who? Me?" Shelley laughed. "Before you started helping Kevin."

"Well, how about we end your unlucky streak?" Nikki suggested and pulled Shelley's hand up so she could suck her fingers into her mouth.

"Nikki!" Shelley protested, but didn't pull her hand away. "What are you doing?"

Nikki did not answer. She merely licked at the palm of Shelley's hand and crawled onto the table top, kissing her way up Shelley's forearm.

"Ed's asleep in the den! Katie's upstairs! We can't - "

Nikki shut her up with a full kiss on the mouth. Shelley sat wide-eyed for a second, and then Nikki's eyes grew with surprise as Shelley nearly attacked her. She sunk her fingers into Nikki's hair and plunged her tongue into her mouth. Nikki continued her short journey across the table until she slid off and sat on Shelley's lap. The two women kissed passionately, with Guinness on their breath and goosebumps on their flesh. Shelley eagerly clawed at Nikki's shirt until Nikki pulled it off and unclasped her bra.

Shelley sat still for a second, gazing upon Nikki's heaving breasts. She dove in then, licking, biting, sucking, groping and pinching like a frenzied animal. Nikki was already cumming. It was a small, rushing orgasm that took her before she knew what was happening. She wiggled all over Shelley's lap, and then pulled the baby doll shirt off Shelley's back. She tore at Shelley's bra, nearly breaking it before it was dropped to the floor. Their breasts rubbed and pushed into each other as they shared another hungry kiss.

Nikki stood her up, turned her around and laid Shelley down on the table. She jerked Shelley's jeans off her quickly. Nikki licked down the inside of Shelley's right thigh and clamped her mouth over Shelley's wet mound. Shelley's panties were soaked and Nikki nudged Shelley's clit with her tongue. Shelley nearly sat up straight from the jolt. Nikki yanked the panties away and immediately began licking at that clit. Two fingers plunged into Shelley's wet puss. Shelley writhed and bucked on the table, slapping the wood with her ass and gripping the edges with her manicured hands.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh God, yes!" Shelley yelled.

Ed snoozed away on the den couch.

Nikki kept licking and slurping, taking her wet hand away from Shelley's sopping cunt to help remove her jeans. Nikki soon stood naked, rubbing her soaked kitten while she sunk her tongue into Shelley's wet hole.

She climbed onto the table then, draping one leg over Shelley's. They came together like two pairs of scissors. Their cunts slammed together, rubbing on their thighs and their pubic bones and their wet, syrupy cum slickened the table underneath them. Nikki held onto Shelley's right leg, which pointed straight up to the ceiling. The table shook as they fucked. The floor trembled. An empty beer can fell from the kitchen counter.

"What the fuck?!" Someone yelled.

They stopped cold. Katie had just walked into the kitchen. She wore an extra-large gray Notre Dame shirt and nothing else. Her hair was still messed up from sleeping hard on her old pillows. She stared quizzically at her mother and her brother's tutor. She was still a bit drunk, so she wasn't quite sure what to believe.

Nikki didn't know Katie very well at all. They had only met once, and it was a brief introduction before Katie headed back home. Katie had been out of the house for four years now, so she and Nikki didn't have many opportunities to see each other.

"What...what are you two doin'?" Katie asked.

"Nothing, hon'! We were just - " Shelley tried.

"Fucking?" Katie finished.

"No, no! We - " Shelley tried again.

"Jesus, mom! I didn't know you were so kinky!" Katie laughed, nearly coming to tears. Then Nikki laughed, and Shelley followed.

"I didn't mean to interrupt!" Katie apologized between laughs. "How long have you two been...a thing?"

"We just started," Nikki finally spoke.

"Does dad know?"

"No, honey," Shelley admitted, calming down.

"Well, shit, don't mind me! You two go right ahead. I'd like to see the old lady cum!" Katie laughed again.

"Who you callin' old?" Shelley scolded playfully.

"C'mon, let's see you do it!" Katie pranced up behind Nikki, grabbing her by the hips. "Let's get back to the fucking, c'mon!" She rocked Nikki by the hips back and forth, resuming the pace slowly but surely.

"Oh fuck!" Nikki moaned, feeling Katie's hands all over her back and hips.

"Oh God, Katie, what are you doing?" Shelly asked.

"Just helpin' you out, mom. You look like you could use a good cum." Katie laughed and stuck out her tongue wickedly.

Shelley and Nikki rubbed and bucked and shook and trembled together. Nikki was letting out a slow, soft moan, and Shelley started to gasp quickly and have small spasms over her whole body. The table jerked as her orgasm began.

"Alright mom!" Katie cheered.

Shelley took a deep, sharp breath and then screamed it out as she clamped onto Nikki with both thighs and both hands. Her lower back arched off the table, nearly sending Nikki to the floor had Katie not been there behind her. Nikki turned and kissed Katie, hard and deep, shivering into her as she came in a long, thick orgasm. She inhaled short breaths through her nose and her hips moved like Katie had suddenly rubbed handfuls of ice all over her.

Nikki collapsed atop Shelley, who was still cumming with an overwhelmed look in her eyes. Katie clapped for them.

"That was awesome! You feel better, mom?"

"Y-yeah....Ohhh God....I'm okay, honey."

"Good, now keep it down because my head is fucking killing me," Katie told them and headed back upstairs to bed.

"When can we do this again?" Shelley purred, stroking Nikki's long hair.

"I don't know, but let's not wait for a party first," Nikki suggested, and smooched Shelley on the lips.


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