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The Tour Pt. II
by HSWriter

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Our lips parted, and our reopened eyes met once again. Her eyes showed fear no more. Her gaze was now of overwhelming passion and lust. I could see the want, the lust and attraction which came directly from deep within one's soul.

She slowly raised her arms, allowing me to remove her shirt. Her eyes never left mine. As I laid her shirt on the floor, I got my first, incredible look at her breasts. They were the most beautiful set of breasts which human eyes had ever seen. I yearned to place my lips on her large pink nipples. I moved my mouth toward the objects of my lust. My lips then gently found her right nipple. Fireworks erupted throughout her as my lips contacted with her soft skin. I gently began to suck her breast into my mouth. What I could get into my mouth never seemed to be enough. Her back arched, her body flooding with extreme pleasure as I flicked her pink nipple with my tongue.

My hand began to again wander, its point of origin, her firm stomach. This time, my hand moved in a southern direction, toward the true essence of her womanhood, toward the thing that separated man from woman, toward the secret treasure which was only accessed by passion and love. My fingers encountered, to my surprise, no gentle wave of pubic hairs. There was only soft skin, the softest of skin. The gentle journey continued for my hand, searching on for that lustful moment when it would touch the inner loins of this young girl's sexuality.

I raised my head, kissing her full on the lips again as my hand finally reached it's destination. My fingers gently strolled the length of her slit, all the way down, then rubbing her asshole gently. Then, via a 180 degree shift in direction, my fingers moved back up her slit until they contacted with her rock hard clit. My fingers, now slick with her juices, rubbed her clit gently, causing moan after moan to escape from her sweet mouth. Our eyes met again. Her eyes begged me to reenact the scene we had witnessed on the television. She wanted to feel what the woman felt, she wanted me to be the man, and how her the road to an unbelievably powerful orgasm.

Our eyes parted, my head lowering as I slid my body off of the couch and onto the floor. I kneeled there, on the floor, as my fingers hooked beneath the elastic band of her sweatpants, pulling them down slowly. She raised her bottom from the leather, allowing her sweatpants to be pulled to her ankles and removed. Tossing the sweatpants aside, I returned my gaze to her pussy, hidden by her white, cotton panties. I leaned my head forward, diving at her womanhood; my hands gently pushing her legs apart. I found no resistance in her, she wanted me to work magic on her. She wanted me to taste her and make her scream for more. I placed my mouth on her wet, pantied crotch, and ran my tongue along the cotton. She gasped, trying to maintain her breath, but she failed, her chest heaving as she panted. I reached my arm around the small of her back and pulled her up, lifting her bottom from the leather again. I hooked my fingers under the elastic band inside the cotton of her panties and slowly removed them, pushing them all the way down to her ankles, allowing her to kick them off and away onto the floor.

My lips then gently found her slit as I replaced her ass onto the leather. Her body lurched with pleasure as my tongue flicked against her exposed clit. I ran my tongue gently against her clit, over and over, filling her with pleasure and passion. Her moans couldn't be stopped, her breath couldn't be replenished. Her body became stiff, her young muscles tightening as her body prepared to erupt. I pushed my tongue between her pussy lips, darting it into her womanhood. Her body could hold the rush in no longer, her pussy erupted, filling my mouth with the sweetest nectar, from the sweetest cunt in the history of woman. Her juices flowed in a river which rivaled the Nile at high tide. I would let not even a drop escape my mouth. I drank her in, I drank in her lust, her pleasure, her moans, her violent erotic convulsions, her loss of breath. I drank in the experience and joy of bringing her to a powerful orgasm, possibly more powerful than any other orgasm in her young life.

I pulled my head back as her orgasm subsided. Her eyes reopened. Her gaze was now more of gratitude and passion than of lust and passion. I knew, right then and there, that the orgasm she had just experienced was the orgasm of a lifetime for her.

I now noticed that my cock was throbbing, needing some of the action. I had previously not even noticed my own arousal. I had been engulfed in pleasing her. Now, I was the one who needed to be pleased. Her eyes told me that she knew what I wanted. She wanted it to. She wanted me to fuck her, like no one had ever fucked her before in her life, right there on the leather couch, 30,000 ft above the Atlantic Ocean. I wasn't about to deny her of what she wanted.

I stood, slowly removing my shirt, exposing my firm, muscular upper body. Jessica leaned forward, reaching for my belt. She slowly unhooked my belt and unzipped the zipper. Before I could protest, even if I wanted to protest, my pants and briefs were at my ankles, and my rock hard cock was looking Jessica right in the face. She gently leaned in and kissed my cockhead as I kicked my pants and briefs to the side. My body melted as her tongue ran the length of my cock, soaking all of my nine inches in her starlet saliva. Her lips slowly parted, and my cock was soon within her sweet little mouth, her tongue gently flicking the underside of my manhood. Her mouth was hotter than anything I had ever felt before. She had done this before, I knew it by the way she was professionally sucking my cock.

I stopped her though, before I came, and guided her lips back to my own, kissing her again, ever so gently. Our bodies came together again, my cock gently grazing her inner thigh. We moved, our bodies still melting together, back down to the couch. With my arm again around the small of her back, I laid her down on the leather as my cockhead connected with her soft pussy lips. I laid atop her and pressed my pelvis down slowly, pushing my cock between her pussy lips and deep into her hot teen cunt. I stopped there, almost bottomed out on her. Her chest heaved as she panted. Her eyes begged for more as I slowly began to withdraw my manhood from her depths. When my cock was 3/4 of the way out, I pushed it back in, beginning the pumping method which would eventually bring us both to a hard climax. My cock slammed in an out of her young cunt making a subtle slurping sound. Her pussy was as wet as any pussy which I had ever indulged my cock in. Her hands reached back, grabbing my ass and pulling me into her harder and harder. Her moaning continually got louder and louder. She was now panting harder and harder, her breast moving up and down as her chest heaved. I knew she was close again.

I began to pump harder, my hard cock slamming deep into her womanhood. My pace had now increased to the point where I couldn't fuck any faster. I felt her cunt begin to convulse, trying to suck the life out of my cock. It had begun, there was no turning back now. My balls boiled and my seed rose, filling my cock with hot cum.

"Oohhhhhh Goddddd, Joshhhhhh." She screamed, cumming hard, her juices flowing over my cock powerfully. The height of her climax rivaled the highest peaks of the Himalayas.

"Ohhhhhhh, Christ!" I called out to the heaven's, calling to God almighty. I called out to him in gratefulness, for the orgasm I experienced could only be brought about by the power of God himself. My cock erupted into her, my cum filling her pussy. My cock kept pumping more and more cum, until I felt as if my entire internal source of bodily fluids had been released into this young, sexy woman.

As our orgasms subsided, I rolled off of her, I looked at her. I now saw her as a woman. Before, I had seen her as a cute, energetic young teenager, full of puppy love and innocent lust. Now, she was a mature, sensual woman.

I couldn't believe it. I didn't know where all of this would lead, but I didn't care. I slowly stood and put my arms beneath her, one beneath her knees and the other under the small of her back. I proceeded to pick her up, holding her there in my arms. She looked so innocent there, yet so mature and sensual. I kissed her passionately on the lips, as I had done numerous times in the last few moments. The kiss was deep and hot. This time, our eyes stayed open. Her eyes told the story once again. She wanted more, and I was ready to give it to her, all night long if I had to. I carried her to the second room on the left, her room, and laid her down.

By the time we reached her room, though, she had dozed off. I chuckled lightly. Maybe my intense manliness had worn that little girl out, I thought to myself concededly. I walked slowly back out to the hallway, in the nude, walking toward the front room to retrieve my clothes. I was not surprised to see that we had left the TV on, and the sexy movie was still playing. What the hell, I thought, sitting down on the leather couch, still fully naked.

I sat there, watching, and then, suddenly, Christina's door opened and she stepped out. She wasn't wearing any clothes, her body glistened with sweat. Our eyes met, then my eyes began to wander across her lovely body. She was soaked in sweat. Her pussy was soaked, the small patch of her blonde pubic hair appeared brown because it was wet. She had a gorgeous body, her breasts somewhat smaller than Britney's and Jessica's, but her legs were longer and smoother, and they lead to an ass which looked, from my point of view, to be much tighter. My cock was instantly revitalized, rising slowly to the occasion. Christina began to seductively walk towards where I was sitting.

"I heard everything." She explained.

"Really?" I sputtered.

"Yeah." She replied. "And I saw you and Britney during rehearsals." I gulped hard. Her hand moved to her breast, massaging herself. "And all I've been able to think about lately..." Her face was close to mine as our eyes met. "Is your cock."

"Really?" I sputtered again.

"Yeah." She replied again, gently moving her pussy over my rock hard cock. "I want you in me, right now." She began to lower herself down onto my manhood. My cock sank deep into her unbelievably tight cunt. We both moaned and panted in unison. Christina began to buck her hips up and down on my cock. She leaned her head back and began to pant as our pelvises thrust together, almost violently. I reached up, massaging her breasts. She moaned even more loudly. Her pussy was beginning to convulse. Her back arched, her body flooding with pleasure. I began to pump harder into her, forcing my cock deeper with every stroke. After a moment, her panting had turned to one, breathless scream. Her pussy erupted on my cock. Her juices gushed out, running down my balls and the crack of my ass. If my earlier experience with Jessica was passionate lovemaking, than this was definitely termed as a quick fuck. As her orgasm subsided, Christina dismounted me, my rock hard cock sliding gently from her spent pussy. I couldn't believe that she would stop since I hadn't come yet.

Before I knew it, though, Christina's head shot down to my crotch. Her tongue quickly dashed out, coming in contact with my cockhead. Electric shocks shot through my body as her sweet, puffy lips wrapped gently around my cock. I couldn't help myself. This wasn't passionate, this was true fucking, directly from the depths of my animal instincts. I placed my hand on the back of her head, taking a handful of her blonde hair. I thrust my hips forward, fucking her mouth hard. At first, she gagged, but then, she began to take my cock deep into her throat like the most professional Hollywood prostitutes. My cock began to fill, again, with my hot cum.

"Oh Goddd." I moaned. "I'm gonna cummmm."

"Mmmmm." She moaned back, pushing me over the edge. My cock erupted into her throat like Mt. St. Helens, my hot cum shooting deep into her stomach. She gulped it all down as if it were a fine wine. She moaned as my cock pumped ounce after ounce of my juices into her mouth. I thought that it would never end. All of the muscles in my body tightened. The experience was mind boggling. All of the breath in my body was totally gone when I stopped cumming. I struggled somewhat to fill my lungs again with air.

When I was done, and Christina Aguilera had swallowed all of my cum, she stood and kissed me deeply. "Thank you." She said as we broke the kiss. She then proceeded to walk away from me, back to her room. Her tight little ass wagged from side to side, causing me to lick my lips. When she reached her door, she turned her head back to me and smiled, noticing that I couldn't keep my eyes off of her young body.

When she was back in her room, I looked back at the TV. The erotic movie was over, the credits were now running. My body was soaked in sweat and the pussy juices of two of the hottest teenage starlets in the world. For a long moment, I just sat there, looking down at my limp, lifeless cock. I couldn't help but wonder, 'What the hell just happened?'

After little deliberation, I stood, my muscles still somewhat sore from the two most powerful orgasms of my life, and I hobbled off to the bathroom for a hot shower. That was exactly what I needed. Although I had just had one of the most erotic sequences of my life, but it felt somewhat taboo, almost illegal, and very, very dirty...

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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