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Teasing Terri Part III
by Mark Singer

Terri, Wayne and Jenny, now feeling quite comfortable with each other, sat in Wayne's office, Terri and Wayne on the overstuffed couch, and Jenny in the comfortable recliner facing them.. All three were still breathing heavily, and all three were smiling broadly. Their eyes moved to gaze at each other, the smiles grew as they basked in the remembrance of what they'd just experienced.

Jenny's gaze moved appreciatively over Terri's young body. Even though Terri's t-shirt was again covering her breasts, it did little to hide the firm contours, and nothing at all to hide her hard nipples. Her silk running shorts rode high between her legs, and Jenny could see just a hint of her pubic hair. She was surprised at how excited she was getting from looking at the girl. Her eyes moved to her husband, glancing briefly at his semi-hard cock under his sweat pants, then up to his eyes.

"Now that's what I call a welcome home..." Jenny said, closing her eyes. "I guess, as the faithful wife, I should be upset, but I just know you have a wonderful explanation..." Her eyes moved from Terri to Wayne as she smiled.

Terri turned to Wayne and grinned at him. She still couldn't believe that Jenny had walked in on their little get together, and was treating it so calmly. It only added to the electricity of the moment. "I think you'd explain it better..." she said to Wayne. He nodded thoughtfully and leaned back on the couch, facing his wife.

"Possibly a glass of wine would be in order..." he said, "Before I begin the story." Jenny agreed, and smiled at Terri again as Wayne walked to the small refrigerator beside his desk and got a bottle of chilled Chardonnay. He poured three glasses and returned to the seating area, handing a glass to Terri and Jenny.

"Now.." he began, "It was all mostly accidental, and purely innocent..." Jenny looked at him and laughed, settling back in her chair. The hem of her dress rose as she leaned back, exposing a delicious expanse of her thighs.

Wayne began to relate every moment of the day, from the time he got home, and proceeded, with increasing detail, up to the moment when Jenny had called him. He related how he noticed Terri standing in the doorway, watching him rub his hard cock through his sweats, and how, on the spur of the moment, he put the phone on "speaker". Terri watched Jenny as she listened to her husband, her own excitement growing as she saw Jenny's chest begin to move as her breathing grew labored.

As Wayne got to the part about the speakerphone conversation, Jenny's eyes got wider and she moved her gaze to Terri. Terri could see the fire that was growing in them and smiled. Jenny's eyes moved over Terri's breasts and long legs. Her tongue poked out and made lazy circles around her smiling lips as Wayne continued his tale. Terri's own breathing got heavier as her eyes communicated with the other woman. Feeling Jenny's heat pass into her, her hand moved up to her breast, lightly skimming over it...feeling the thin cotton of her t-shirt brush against her hardened nipples.

Jenny smiled and let her eyes follow Terri's fingers. Her own hand mirrored Terri's actions, running lightly over the front of her cotton dress, then slipping between the buttons to tease her nipple. The two of them continued to tease each other until Jenny noticed that Wayne had paused in his recital. She turned to him and found him watching her fingers move over her chest. She noticed that his cock, now fully hard, was tenting out the loose fabric of his sweats. She smiled and withdrew her fingers from the folds of her dress.

"Please....go on..." she whispered to her husband. "Don't mind us..." Wayne grinned and continued his tale, his eyes moving back and forth between Jenny and Terri. Jenny winked conspiratorially at Terri, and moved her fingers up to the first button of her dress. Knowing that Wayne's eyes were following her every move, she undid the first button, then another, the whole time keeping her eyes on Terri.

Seeing Terri smile, she leaned back in her chair, sliding her hand into her open dress and cupping her breast. She sighed as her fingers moved over her sensitive nipples. Her dress had ridden high on her legs, exposing her gartered thighs and she watched heatedly as Wayne's eyes moved over them. Doing his best to retain his composure, Wayne cleared his throat and continued.

"Anyway, things kind of took on a mind of their own. Your talk about sucking me off when you got home was turning me on immensely. I couldn't stop what I was doing, even though I knew Terri was watching me. Especially when I saw how turned on she was getting listening to you..."

Jenny glanced over at Terri and smiled. Winking at her, she undid two more buttons of her dress, then moved the fabric back as her hand returned to her breasts. Her dress was open to her waist now, and both her breasts were exposed. Still smiling at Terri, Jenny moved one hand to her thigh, caressing lightly as she moved it higher. She paused when her palm reached the naked skin above her stocking, but continued to let her fingers move. When her thumb brushed against her pussy, she closed her eyes and sighed before turning her attention back to her husband.

" go on..." Her voice was strained as she spoke, her excitement getting more and more obvious.

Wayne was beside himself as he watched his wife tease herself. He simply couldn't believe the way this day was turning out. A fantasy he'd had for years was playing itself out right in front of him, and his cock was a rock solid pipe, straining against the fabric of his pants. He began to speak, but stuttered as his gaze turned to Terri. She was watching Jenny and mirroring her hand motions with her own. One hand had slipped under her t-shirt and was moving from one breast to the other, pausing occasionally to tease one nipple or the other. Her other hand was high on her thigh, moving lightly and every so often moving high enough to run her thumb against her pussy lips.

Wayne couldn't stop himself from letting his own hand move down to grasp his raging hard-on. He groaned as he squeezed it, and valiantly tried to continue his tale.

"When you instructed me to take my cock out and stroke it, I hesitated, but just for a second...and only until Terri pulled her t-shirt up and showed me her wonderful tits... I couldn't help myself. I undid my pants and began stroking off in front of her... I think I shocked her a little..."

Jenny's hand moved higher on her thigh as she turned her gaze to Terri. She was almost panting by this time. Terri smiled at her and shrugged.

"I was so hot from listening to you talk..." she said to Jenny. "I'd never heard anyone talk like was turning me on so much I couldn't help myself. Sort of like I'm feeling right now..." Her hand moved from her thigh, to the hem of her t-shirt. Looking over at Wayne, she slowly pulled the cotton higher. She smiled as his eyes narrowed lustfully, and she moved the thin cotton up and over her breasts, exposing them to both Wayne and Jenny. Her tits held the fabric up as her hands moved down to cup her breasts. She sighed to herself as she squeezed and caressed them. She watched Wayne's hand grip his cock, then turned back to Jenny.

"I'd never done anything like that before..." she breathed, "I almost can't believe that I'm doing it right now..."

No one said anything for more than a minute. The three of them sat in their seats, letting their eyes enjoy each other. Jenny undid the last of her buttons, opening her dress and exposing her body, naked except for her small black garter belt and stockings. Her hands moved sensually over her body, and as she allowed her thighs to part slightly, she ran one hand over the closely cropped hair of her pussy, using her middle finger to part her wet pussy lips and push slowly inside. Her eyes closed again, then opened and focused on her husband.

"Take it out..." she hissed, "Show me your hard cock...." Her hips began to move against her finger as she watched Wayne undo his sweat pants and slide his zipper down. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly as Wayne's hard cock sprang into view. His fingers curled around it and he began to stroke it slowly....carefully... Even though he'd already come twice that afternoon, the situation before him had him perilously close to the brink once again. He smiled at his wife and followed her eyes as she turned her gaze to Terri.

"Now you, Terri..." she panted, "Let us see you..."

Terri tried to smile, but could barely manage a grimace. She'd been leaning back against the arm of the couch as she watched Jenny and Wayne. Her shorts were pulled to one side and she was slowly sliding a single finger in and out of her pussy. Her whole body was tingling as her mind tried hopelessly to get a grip on what was going down. As if in a trance, she sat up and pulled her t-shirt over her head. Leaning back her hands returned to her breasts. Her eyes were focused on Wayne's hand as it slid up and down his shining pole.

"Now the shorts..." Wayne rasped, watching her hands. As Terri leaned back, and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her shorts, Wayne quickly pulled his own shirt off, revealing his muscular chest. Leaning back he regained his grip on his cock as Terri raised her hips slightly and pulled her shorts down her long legs. She leaned back then, and ran both hands over her inner thighs, parting her legs as she moved them over her pussy and back to her breasts.

"Now you..." Terri said breathlessly, looking at Wayne. Her words sounded almost like a whine as she fought to maintain control. Wayne smiled and stood up, aware that two very beautiful women were focused entirely on his hard cock. Standing in between them he let his sweats drop to the floor. Terri and Jenny both groaned as he brought his hand back to his cock. He stroked it slowly, using his thumb to capture the dripping pre-cum and rub it over his swollen head and shaft. Returning to his seat on the couch, he leaned back with his legs stretched out in front of him and continued his masturbation.

The energy in the room was positively electric as the three of them watched each other masturbate. Both Jenny and Terri had lost all semblance of shyness and were openly sliding their fingers in and out of their pussies. Terri's legs were wide and Wayne sighed deeply as he watched her finger move in and out.

"Now I think we're ready for the rest of the story..." Jenny panted. Both Wayne and Terri looked at her and the three of them began to chuckle. Her words released a lot of the sexual tension they all were feeling. None of them had ever experienced anything even close to what they were experiencing at the moment, and Jenny words brought some reality to the bizarreness.

Terri continued with her part. "Anyway...I'd never done anything like that before, but I couldn't believe I was watching Wayne jerking his cock while you talked about sucking him off...and drinking his come..." Her eyes closed and her fingers continued to play with her pussy. "It made me so hot... I have to be honest, Jenny...I'd had fantasies about Wayne's cock before...I've never seen it before today..." Her eyes looked pleadingly at Jenny and Jenny smiled, letting Terri know that she believed her. Terri looked relieved and smiled back.

"Anyway, I'd thought about his cock before... What it would look like naked...what it would feel like in my my mouth..." Jenny looked at her husband and watched as his hand moved slightly faster as Terri talked. She smiled. She was fully aware of Wayne's fantasies about Terri. The two of them had had some screamingly hot lovemaking sessions after discussing them in the past. She winked at Wayne and turned back to Terri. "And we've both played little teasing games for a while now. I always loved watching his cock get hard in his pants, but until today that's as far as it went. Hearing you talking about sucking him put me over the top I guess. When you told him to take his cock out and jerk off, I couldn't help myself...I had to see him do that!"

She turned to Wayne. "And it was so fucking hot...I came as soon as I saw it...and kept on cumming as he began to stroke it up and down..." Her eyes focused on Wayne's hand. "It was slippery and wet...just like it is now...I knew he was going to come...and I wanted to suck it so bad...I wanted to feel him shoot his thick cum into my mouth...fuck my mouth....oh..oooooohhhh....Mmmmmm......"

Terri's eyes had closed and she was sliding two fingers in and out of her dripping pussy as her voice trailed off. Her legs were spread wide, giving both of them a clear view of her masturbation. Jenny and Wayne looked at each other and grinned as they watched Terri get herself off.

After a few seconds, her fingers slowed, and her eyes opened. "Whew!" she said, chuckling. "Sorry about just came over me...whew..."

Jenny gave her an understanding laugh. "Well, I, for one, enjoyed watching you...and I have a feeling my dear husband did also..." Wayne tried his best to smile. His hands were at his sides. He knew that if he even touched his cock right then, it would explode. His mouth watered at the sight of Terri's cum-covered fingers still moving in and out of her pussy. "But do continue..." he managed to say, "You're telling it much better than me..."

Terri smiled her thanks and leaned back, remembering. "Well, I didn't anyway...I kind of leaned against his desk and fingered myself while I watched him jerk off. I must have come a hundred times before I could see he was going to shoot. You were telling him to come in your mouth...over and over...Mmmmm....and then he just exploded! God, I'd never seen anyone shoot that much cum! Not that I've seen a lot...but god...he was covered! It was so fucking hot!

Jenny was listening intently. Her eyes were alternately wide in amazement and lustfully narrow as she listened to Terri's youthful exuberance. As Terri related to her how she'd teased Wayne into another hard-on, her fingers began to move faster and faster between her legs. She could feel her own orgasm approaching and slowed her movements, not wanting to come until just the right moment. But then her eyes grew wide again as Terri dreamily told her about how Wayne's cock began to shoot again just as Jenny walked into the room. Her hips began to move up and down against her two fingers as Terri related the experience.

"You mean you made him come just by talking about it?!~" she asked in heated disbelief. Terri grinned at her and nodded, her eyes focusing on Jenny's finger fuck. She grinned and continued. "I told him how much I've wanted to suck him taste his feel his come in my mouth..." She heard Wayne groan, but kept her eyes focused on Jenny. "He came all over my face at first and I couldn't help myself. I was just trying to get him ready for you and he started to shoot all over me...I couldn't stop myself this time...I took his cock into my mouth and sucked him off the rest of the way....god it was so fucking hot...he shot into my mouth over and over...I could hardly swallow it all!"

Terri saw that Jenny was past the point of no return. Her eyes were closed and her fingers were blinding as they fucked in and out of her pussy. Her hips lifted off the couch and her thighs opened wide as she fucked herself.

"It was so hot...I just lay on his belly and let him fuck my mouth as I sucked and swallowed his was so thick..."

He voice trailed away as she watched Jenny in the throws of orgasm. Her fingers were making juicy fucking noises as they slammed in and out of her pussy. Terri's own fingers began to move again as she watched Jenny's fingers become shiny and slick from her cum. Glancing over at Wayne, she saw him stroking his cock again. It looked even bigger than before, and she shivered at the sight. She knew he hadn't come yet, and a wicked thought came into her mind.

Sliding off the couch, she began crawling on all fours. She'd never done this before, but she'd watched a lot of movies with her boyfriend and knew what turned her on... Focusing her eyes on Jenny's cum-covered fingers sliding in and out of her pussy, Terri crawled slowly over to her chair. The smell of Jenny's cum spurred her on as she placed a hand on each of Jenny's knees and pushed them further apart. Jenny's eyes opened at the touch and she let out a low animal groan as she saw Terri's grinning face between her legs. The groan turned into a long wail as Terri moved forward, burying her face in Jenny's steaming pussy. Her tongue thrust out and Terri groaned as she tasted Jenny's hot cum. She began to suck and slurp noisily as Jenny's hands moved to the back of her head and pulled her closer. The taste was intoxicating as she tried to suck Jenny's cum from her pussy. Moving one hand between her own legs she fingered herself as she raised her ass high in the air.

Her position forced her face deeper between Jenny's legs and she felt Jenny begin to move her hips...fucking her pussy against the young girl's face. Terri continued to tongue her employer, thrusting deep, then drawing the cum into her mouth...over and over. She could hear Jenny's wails, muffled by her thighs, then suddenly felt her mouth fill to overflowing with fresh thick cum. She began to moan as she swallowed again and again, not even needing to suck as Jenny's sweet, thick juice poured into her.

The feeling of a hand on her ass made her jump at first, then scream as she felt Wayne's tongue thrust into her from behind. She spread her thighs and pushed her ass back as his long tongue slid effortlessly inside her pussy. Her hips began to move and she came immediately, filling Wayne's sucking mouth even as Jenny poured her come into Terri's. She'd never experienced anything at all like this in her whole life, and she gave herself to the feeling entirely. The three of them collapsed in exhaustion onto each other, their heaving, breathless bodies unable to even move.

Jenny was the first to speak, bringing everyone out of their private reverie. "Wow..." was all she said.

Terri raised her head from between Jenny's thighs and smiled at her. She knew that her face was covered with cum, and that made everything even more exciting. It had all been to mindless and wanton. Pure animal lust. She was loving it!

Terri saw Jenny's eyes move over her shoulder and she turned to follow her gaze. Wayne was lying on his back, his chest heaving mightily and his hard cock sticking straight in the air like a pillar. The two girls looked at each other and grinned...

Terri leaned back on her haunches, allowing Jenny to get up from the chair. She moved back as Jenny stepped over to her husband. Standing over him she grinned down at him and let her dress fall from her shoulders. With her hands on her hips, and her legs spread slightly, she looked down at Wayne. He groaned as Jenny cupped her breasts, pinching her hard nipples. Terri couldn't get over how absolutely gorgeous Jenny was. Her full, firm breast and long, stockinged legs made her look like a goddess. Reaching over to Wayne, she wrapped her fingers around his cock, stroking him ever so lightly as Jenny teased him from above.

"Poor baby is the only one who hasn't come yet..." Jenny teased, staring down at her husband. Terri grinned and tightened her grip slightly. Wayne groaned low in his throat in response. "You think we should make poor baby come...?" Jenny continued. Her question was to Terri, but she kept her eyes fixed on Wayne. Again Terri tightened her grip on his cock, and again Wayne moaned. "Definitely..." Terri breathed.

"I think baby need his big hard cock sucked...." Jenny teased.

"Most definitely...." Terri laughed, moving her hand up and down Wayne's shaft. Her grin widened as Jenny slowly sank to her knees on the other side of Wayne's prone body. She could feel his cock throb in her grip as Jenny lowered her face....

Suddenly the harsh ringing of the phone interrupted their mood. All three of them slumped, although Wayne's cock certainly stayed at full attention. "Let the machine get it...Please!" Wayne pleaded. Jenny smiled and lowered her face until Wayne could feel her hot breath on his cockhead. Her tongue poked out, flicked lightly against his head, making him groan.

"Well...let's just see who it is...shall we...?" Again her tongue flicked against his cockhead, collecting a taste of his flowing pre-cum. "It might be important..." Wayne groaned in frustration and began to protest just as the machine picked up. As they listened to Wayne's greeting, Terri leaned forward, copying Jenny's movements and flicking her tongue over Wayne's throbbing head. "Mmmmm...." she said, as she tasted his pre-cum. Looking him in the eye, she spread the slippery stuff over her lips sensually. She grinned as Wayne's hips began to move, then sat up as she heard the voice of her boyfriend on the answering machine.

"Hi folks...this is Jason. Just wondering if Terri was still there..." Jenny jumped up and grabbed the phone just as the boy was saying he'd call back later. "Hi Jason..." she purred, "No Terri's right here. We were just away from the phone. Hang on just a minute...I'll see if she's available..."

Jenny put the phone on hold and walked over to Terri and Wayne. "Looks like you'll have to wait a minute more, darling..." Wayne's head dropped to the carpet with a thud, comically expressing his frustration. "Don't worry, Terri...I'll same some for you... I didn't want to screw up your date tonight..."

Terri knew that Jenny was simply using the opportunity to further tease her husband, and she played along with her. Before she got up though, she leaned over and ran her wet tongue over Wayne's full balls, then slowly up the entire length of his shaft. She could feel it trembling under her tongue as she moved closer to the head. Then looking him in the eye, she opened her lips wide, engulfing his cockhead with her hot mouth. Still staring at him, she slowly lowered her face, letting Wayne's cock slide deep into her mouth. As soon as she felt him hit the back of her throat, she pulled off just as slowly, sucking harder as his head came out of her mouth with an audible "pop".

Wayne groaned in agony as Terri stood up and walked to the phone. She leaned on the edge of the desk, facing them, and grinned as she pushed the speaker phone button. Both Jenny and Wayne were watching her. Jenny was smiling, but Wayne had the look on his face that only unfulfilled lust can bring.

"Hi Jason..." she breathed, "What a nice surprise..." Her voice was soft and reeked of sex.

"OH,'s good to hear your voice..." Jason replied. His own voice was full of the love / lust / desire that is reserved mostly for the young. "I was calling to see if we were still on for tonight..." Terri smiled at the couple on the floor.

" depends on how late I'm going to be here...There's something I need to help Jenny with before I can go..." Jenny smiled at the clever girl, appreciating her talent at teasing. She smiled at Wayne and curled her fingers around his hard-on.

"Well, it shouldn't take too long from the way things look..." Terri continued, stifling a giggle. She brought a hand up to her breast as she watched Jenny's hand slide slowly up and down Wayne's shaft. "Can you wait until seven? I hope you can...I've been thinking about you all day..." Her voice was a sexy whisper.

"I've been waiting all day.." Jason's strained voice came back, "I've had a hard-on since this morning!" Jenny's eyes opened wide and her attention focused on Terri. "Actually since last night!"

Terri grinned wickedly. "Is that the same one?" she teased. "You mean you didn't jerk off last night after you dropped me are such a good boy. I'll have to be especially nice to you tonight then. I love it when you wait for me like that..."

Both Jenny and Wayne could hear the boy groan on the other end of the line. Jenny smiled at Terri urging her on.

"It's the same one alright...I've been walking with a limp all day. I'm so hard I'm gonna explode! How about six...please...?" His pleading made Terri giggle.

"But, sugar...the drive-in doesn't even open until seven...and it's not dark enough to do anything until nine or so..." Terri was loving this. Jason's muffled moans were staring to excite her. She rolled a hard nipple between her fingers as she awaited Jason's response.

"Well, we could drive around. I don't know...maybe park by the beach...find someplace hidden..." He pleaded.

Terri began to take pity on her boyfriend. Besides, the sight of Jenny's stroking Wayne's cock was making her crazy.

"Okay..." she conceded, "Pick me up at six...we can drive around and play a little..." She grinned at the sound of his sigh, and couldn't resist just a little more. "I'm anxious to see you too, you know... I've been thinking about how hard your cock was last hot it was in my know I love your hard cock...don't you Jason...?" Her eyes were closed and one hand moved down between her thighs. They parted as she whispered to her boyfriend, and her hand moved up to her pussy, rubbing it lightly. They could hear Jason's strained breathing on the speaker.

"Maybe we should make it five...we could go to Juanita's in Anaheim...remember Juanita's..." They could just barely hear Jason's affirmative reply. "The table in the back...Mmmm...your cock was so hard one could see what I was doing...Mmmm....maybe this time I'll make you come...that would be so hot...jerking you off in a restaurant...Mmmmm...I'm getting hot thinking about it..."

Jenny looked at Wayne and grinned. Terri was full of surprises. They both continued to listen intently. Even Wayne didn't mind postponing his blow job to listen to Terri work her magic.

"I'm thinking about the time I jerked you off in science lab...god, that was hot too...Nobody had a clue what we were doing...and you shot all over my leg...damn, that was so hot...I wish I could have watched it...I don't think you've ever shot that much...."

Jason interrupted her. "Damn, Terri! You're going to make me shoot off right here in my pants! My poor balls are so full right now, I'm gonna make that time seem like nothing! You're driving me crazy!"

Again Terri grinned. "Then I guess we'll have to get together in the daylight...I definitely don't want to miss seeing you shoot off... Then maybe I'll do what you wanted me to last night...would you like that...?"

Jason almost gurgled into the phone. "OH, damn...Terri....I want that so's been so long since you...since you..."

"Sucked your cock...?" Terri breathed into the speaker. "Sucked your hard cock...and jerked you off into my mouth...?

Jenny grinned at Wayne and lowered her head into his crotch. Her eyes were locked on Terri's as she began to lave his cockhead with her tongue. Terri's eyes widened and she seemed to gasp for air. All of them listened to Jason's panting into the phone.

"Oh, shit...Terri...I can't stand it! Don't tease me like that! Will you do it? Will you suck me off tonight...? Oh...Fuck!...I'm gonna come right here!!"

Terri thought for a moment, then chuckled. "Why don't you come over here...", she teased, looking over at Jenny. Jenny smiled and nodded her head. Wayne's eyes were closed, enjoying the feel of Jenny's tongue slathering his cockhead.

"You mean come over to your work?!" Jason panted in disbelief, "Right now...?"

"Uh-huh...I don't think I can wait either. Give me an hour..." Terri said to her boyfriend, "I have to finish something here first....

Jason almost gurgled with his agreement, and Terri smiled triumphantly as she slipped the phone into it's receiver. Terri grinned at Jenny and Wayne as she hung up the phone.

"I hope you don't mind my inviting Jason over..." she said, leaning against the desk. "I'm really hot for him right now..." Her hands moved under the hem of her shirt, drawing it over her tits, then returned to cup them. "Plus I have a favor to ask you later..."

"Ask away." Jenny said, her voice muffled by Wayne's cock against her lips.

"Later..." Terri said, "First, I want to watch Wayne shoot off... I think you have him ready." Her eyes closed to slits as she watched Jenny's tongue moving over Wayne's cockhead. The hand she was using to hold his cock against her lips was covered with Wayne's pre-cum, as was his cock and her lower face. Terri could see Wayne's hard-on throbbing and bucking, and his hips were making involuntary jerks. She knew he was on the brink.

"Do it..." she panted to Jenny, walking slowly over to them, "Make him come..." Her hands remained on her breasts, cupping and squeezing as Wayne groaned his appreciation.

Jenny grinned sexily and parted her lips, letting Wayne's cock slip between. She kept her eyes locked on Terri's and she moved her head forward...slowly and teasingly taking more and more of his thick rod into her mouth. Terri's eyes widened as she watched Wayne's entire cock disappear between Jenny's lips. She didn't stop until her lips were buried in his pubic hair, the entire length of his hard cock embedded in her throat. She felt Wayne hips begin to move, trying to push it even deeper, and knew he was ready. Slowly pulling her lips upwards, she turned her eyes to Wayne, keeping her lips wrapped around his cockhead.

"Fuck my mouth..." she mumbled around it, "...deep..." Wayne groaned low in his throat as Jenny turned her face back to Terri. She held her face still as Wayne slowly raised his hips, sinking his cock to the hilt into his wife's steamy mouth. Effortlessly, it slipped into her throat, making him groan once more. Terri watched in envious admiration as Wayne's hips moved faster and faster, his hard pole sliding deep into Jenny's throat with each thrust. His breathing grew labored, and his entire lower body began to shake uncontrollably. Terri slipped one hand inside her shorts, massaging her tingling clitoris as she dropped to her knees beside the couple.

"Come in her mouth..." she whispered as she reveled in the sight of Wayne's huge cock fucking in and out of Jenny's mouth. "Come....come in her mouth..."

Wayne felt his balls expanding, as if taking a huge breath, then cried out as his semen raced up his shaft. Jenny felt it also, and drew her lips back until only his big cockhead was held in her mouth. She mewled as she felt his cum race up the shaft and furiously ran her tongue over the head. The force of his explosion surprised even her. Immediately, her entire mouth was full of cum, ballooning her cheeks out as Wayne fired a huge shower of sperm into his wife's mouth. She tried to swallow it all, but was just able to down half of it when he erupted again.

The second blast was even more powerful, filling her mouth beyond it's capacity and forcing her lips to release their hungry grip. His thick semen poured over her lips and chin as she pulled away slightly. Her hand milked his cock as he continued to shoot thick streams of hot cum over her lips and face. Taking the opportunity to swallow her mouthful, Jenny glanced over at Terri.

Terri's knees were spread, and she'd pulled her shorts to the side. Two long fingers were sliding wetly in and out of her wet pussy, making loud fucking noises. Her eyes were focused on Wayne's cock as stream after stream of semen sprayed forth, literally covering his wife's face.

Finally his monster come abated, and the three of them sat there, everyone panting heavily from the excitement. Jenny began to giggle, and it was contagious. Soon the three of them were laughing heartily, Wayne expressing his thanks, and the two girls congratulating him comically for his huge orgasm. Terri leaned forward and kissed Jenny passionately, her tongue sliding between her lips. She groaned as she tasted Wayne's semen in Jenny's mouth.

The three of them hugged together tightly, Terri's tongue sliding wetly over Jenny's cum-covered face, capturing as much of the semen as she could and drawing it into her mouth. There was so much of it that it reminded her of licking a melting ice cream cone. Her mouth filled and she returned her lips to Jenny's, sliding her tongue deep as their lips opened. Terri let Wayne's cum slide over her tongue, sharing it with Jenny.

Wayne watched in awe as the two girls shared his semen. Amazingly, he felt his cock begin to stir and had a fleeting thought of a heart attack... The thought immediately dissipated though, as he felt motion. Looking down, he watched as Terri turned her head and took his semi-hard cock into her mouth. Her tongue felt wonderful as it moved over his shaft, catching the last remnants of his cum. Terri smiled at him and swallowed noisily before placing her head beside Jenny's in his lap.

"Now about that favor..." she smiled.

To Be Continued...

* * * * *

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