The Best Erotic Stories.

Teasing Terri Part IV
by Mark Singer

"....Now about that favor..." Terri said, her head nestled in Wayne's lap. The heady smell of semen comforted her as she looked at Jenny and Wayne.

"Just ask." Wayne sighed, "I'm in a pretty agreeable mood after that." He looked at both Jenny and Terri with a grin.

Terri smiled and sat up. "Well, Jason should be here in about half an hour. And I'm planning on doing what I hinted at on the phone...." Wayne nodded and smiled. His mind flashed back to the speaker-phone conversation about cocksucking and masturbation Terri had had with her boyfriend earlier.

"I think we'd both like to watch that..." Wayne chuckled, looking at his wife. Jenny grinned and looked at Terri. "And maybe I could help..."

Terri looked troubled. "Well, actually, that could be a problem." she said. "See..Jason's kind of shy, you know? I'm not sure he would least not right away. I'll need to get him warmed up...I think..."

Jenny and Wayne shared a knowing look, then Wayne turned back to their young housekeeper. "So the favor you want is for us to that it?" He said it with a grin, but Terri still looked troubled. "That's not it?", he asked.

"Well, actually no...I mean, yes...Oh shit..." Terri sat up and looked at both of them. "What I was hoping you'd do is just hide over there in the closet while I certainly wouldn't mind you watching. In fact, the thought really turns me on..." Her breathing was strained as her excitement grew. Thoughts of Jason's hard cock flashed in her mind, along with the thought of her on her knees...sucking it in and out of her mouth. But pushing the thoughts aside, she turned back to Jenny.

"And I'd love for you to grade me...maybe give me some tips later. Watching you suck Wayne's hard-on like you just did made me realize I've got a lot to learn..."

Jenny grinned and nodded thankfully. "I don't think that will be a problem, sugar", she said, I'd love to watch from the closet...kinda kinky actually. And I know for a fact that Wayne would watch you from just about anywhere...He's been doing it for two years anyway..." Wayne chuckled as he saw Terri blush and look down.

"Thanks guys..." Terri said softly, "You don't know how much I appreciate everything you do for me.

" goes both ways," Jenny smiled, "You've certainly contributed to our sex life...more than you know... Plus, and you're a witness...added about a quart to Wayne's cum.... It used to take me all day to get him worked up that much!"

They all laughed and hugged once more. Terri asked if she could take a quick shower and Wayne suggested that Jenny join her while he arranged the closet. Jenny grinned and poked her tongue out between her smiling lips.

Standing up, he shook his head as he watched the two girls head for the stairs. He felt magnificent. And also like a very, very lucky man as he walked to the closet..........

* * * * *

Wayne had just finished re-arranging things in the closet, when he heard the girls returning up the stairs. Quickly shutting the doors, he turned to greet them. Again, the familiar stirring in his crotch returned as he let out a low whistle. Reaching the top of the stairs, Terri slowly turned for his perusal, eliciting another low whistle.

"Jenny lent me some clothes..." she said happily, "Do you approve? Wayne only grinned and nodded. Jenny had lent Terri a white cotton blouse that was one of his favorites. It was loose and flowing, with three-quarter sleeves and a neckline that offered a fairly conservative appearance when adjusted properly. On the other hand, he knew from experience that when adjusted slightly the other way, the neckline also offered an unrestricted view from neck to waist. It was an amazingly sexy combination. Terri was wearing it in the more conservative fashion at the moment, but the globes of her breasts were clearly outlined, and her nipples were quite visible and obvious.

Completing the outfit was another favorite of his...a short, tight mini made of brushed white cotton and spandex that hugged her ass perfectly. Her feet were bare, and even they looked incredibly sexy. "Whew...!" was all he could manage before turning his eyes to his wife.

Jenny was wearing an outfit he'd never seen before. A short red robe, tied loosely at the waist, hid most of it, but she was wearing matching red stockings, and the red heels she wore made his heart pound. The spikes had to be five, maybe six inches high, with silver tips and strapped that wrapped around her ankles twice.

"Great outfit..." he panted, feeling his cock begin to expand in his sweatpants. "What's under the robe..." He was trying to sound calm, but his voice cracked at the question. Jenny grinned at his discomfort, and dropped her fingers to the sash.

"Just some old thing I found this morning..." she said lightly as she undid the silk. It dropped to her sides and her fingers moved to the lapels of the robe. "I hope you like..." Slowly pulling the robe open, she watched for his reaction. Her smile grew as she saw Wayne's mouth open as he took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. His cock grew harder as his eyes washed over her body.

The red stockings were actually a one-piece stocking/garter affair, with the wide red straps forming over her hips and framing her exposed pussy and ass. He released a low moan as she stood before him grinning. Her top was a matching red tiny that it barely held her tits. Two small holes were cut into each cup, allowing her hard nipples to poke through. She looked like the angel-slut of his deepest fantasies.

Jenny looked down and smiled again as she saw Wayne's hard cock tenting his pants. Sauntering forward, she let the robe close and pressed against him. Her hand slipped deftly into the waistband of his sweats and her fingers curled around his hard-on. "I want you to fuck me from behind..." she breathed in his ear while stroking his cock. "While we watch Terri suck her boyfriend's cock...."

Wayne sighed as Jenny's fingers teased his cock. Terri leaned against the door jamb, a sultry smile on her face as she watched the two of them. One hand stole upwards to cup her breast, dreaming about what was about to transpire. Before today, she never realized how much she liked watching other people having sex, although adult movies always turned her on immensely, and she was always stealing glances of whatever couple she and Jason were with when they double dated. She was also realizing how much she enjoyed being watched...

Soon though, Jenny released her hold on Wayne's now-ready cock and stepped back a pace or two. Bringing her fingers to her lips, she slowly licked his pre-come from them, grinning excitedly at her husband.

" the closet ready?" she inquired. Wayne's lust filled eyes smiled as he nodded.

"I think you'll like..." he said, sliding the doors open. Both girls moved forward to see what he'd done, and murmured their approval. Wayne had moved his office boxes out of the way, and had placed two , arm-less chairs in the walk-in closet. The louvered doors leading to the bedroom on the back side were open, and he'd moved all the clothes to one side, leaving a sizeable space to play in.

"I think this will be simply perfect..." Jenny said softly, stepping inside and sitting in one of the chairs. Looking out into the office, she adjusted the chairs slightly to maximize the view. "There..." she said, pleased with the results. "Just one thing missing. Standing up she moved through the closet and into the bedroom. Terri heard some rustling and clinking, then her eyes opened in surprise as Jenny returned with a large and expensive looking camcorder attached to a tripod. As Wayne looked on, she set it beside the chairs and grinned at Terri.

"Wanna be a star?" she teased. Terri's eyes were bright with excitement as she nodded enthusiastically. "I thought you might..." Jenny laughed. "Wayne and I usually use this room when we tape ourselves. Maybe someday you'd like to see our home movies... Some of them came out pretty good." Terri was obviously excited at the idea of capturing her rendezvous with Jason on video and Jenny grinned at Wayne.

"Of course this time we can't use the lights, but I'm sure Wayne will manage.." Wayne chuckled and nodded his head.

"Just make sure your turned the right way. I'll be able to move a little, but it's best if you move to the camera."

Terri agreed to do her best as they stepped out of the closet. Wayne closed the doors and opened the lower louvers. Walking around to the guest room, he closed those closet doors tightly and returned to the office, checking to see if one could see into the darkened closet. Satisfied with the result, he smiled proudly at the two beauties before him.

At that moment they heard the sound of Jason's car pulling into the drive below. Hurriedly, they all raced to move any obstructions that might block the closet view, then Wayne told Jenny to get in the closet.

"I'll go let Jason in, then I'll take the back stairs to the guest room. Terri, you just need to keep Jason looking the other way until I close the guest room doors. Think you can do that?"

Terri grinned and nodded. "I think I can keep him occupied..." she laughed. Wayne rolled his eyes and walked to the stairs as the doorbell rang. It was show time....

* * * * *

Wayne walked as casually as he could to the door and opened it to see a handsome boy, about Terri's age, smiling broadly at him. Jason was fairly tall and well proportioned. The muscles in his well developed chest and arms were obvious even through his loose fitting golf shirt. Wayne could plainly see why Terri was taken with the boy.

"Mr. Reed? I'm Jason...uh, Terri's friend...Is she still here?" His eyes showed his surprise at finding Wayne home, and also showed a bit of if he was thinking that his fantasy was going to be deflated once again.

Wayne grinned at the boy's discomfort, and extended his hand. "Hi me Wayne. And yes, Terri's still here. Upstairs in the office, I think. She'd mentioned that you might be stopping by." Shaking Jason's hand, he stepped back and motioned for the boy to come in.

"I'm doing some cleaning the basement. Go on's the stairs on the right through the living room. If you need anything, help yourself. Soda or whatever...." He pointed to the stairs and turned as if to leave. Then pausing, he called to Jason, already at the stairs. "And Jason...tell Terri if she needs me for anything, she'll have to come to the basement steps... I can't hear a thing down there." He grinned at his clever seed planting, and turned towards the basement door. Then making a sharp left, he slipped out the back door and jogged to the back steps, quietly climbing them, and silently slipping into the guest room. Slowly opening the closet doors, he crept inside, closing the doors after him.

It took a second for his eyes to adjust to the dim light, but made out Jenny form against the open louvers. She was sitting in one of the chairs and peering through the viewfinder of the camcorder. Noiselessly, he made his way over to his chair and sat beside his wife. The two of them exchanged excited, conspirital looks before turning their gaze to the office. Wayne's cock was already hard, just from the anticipation, and Jenny reached over, running her hand over it's length as she returned her eye to the camera.

Terri was showing Jason around the office, pointing out different pictures and paintings to the boy. Jason was pretending to be interested in the tour, but Wayne could see his eyes as they moved over Terri's body each time she turned her eyes away from him. He was definitely interested in more than Wayne's photographs...

Finally walking up behind her, he pressed his hips against her ass, sliding his arms around her waist. "That's a great outfit you have on, Terri..." he said, kissing her neck. "Damn I've missed you so much..." Wayne saw Jason's hands move upward, cupping Terri's tits and he nuzzled her neck. Terri moved as if to escape his grasp, but actually stayed in place, pushing her ass back against Jason's cock.

"Jason!" she whispered "angrily", "Not here...someone might come..." Jason stood his ground, fondling Terri's firm breast as he moved his hips against her ass. Terri continued to "struggle", relishing the feel of his hard-on against her ass, and continuing to tease him. Her hands rose up to cover his, making a feeble attempt to remove them from her tits, but actually just covering them as he continued to fondle her.

"Someone might come, alright..." he chuckled into her neck, "and it might be me. God, Terri...I've had this hard-on all day long!"

Terri turned her pretty face lower and towards the camera, smiling at Wayne and Jenny. She winked at them and pulled free of Jason's grasp. Turning towards him, she moved into his arms. She kissed him passionately, sliding her tongue into his mouth and moving her hips against his hard-on. Then abruptly, she broke the embrace and stepped back, her eyes dropping to Jason's crotch.

"Oh, ARE hard, aren't you...?" Her hand moved forward, running up and down the obvious bulge in his pants. "Did I cause this...?" she teased, looking up at him. Jason moved his hips against her and nodded dumbly.

Acting like a perfect cock-teaser, Terri quickly pulled her hand away and turned from him, walking slowly towards the desk...and the camera. Her back was to Jason, and she looked directly at the louvered doors and smiled sexily. She could feel her pussy getting wet, both from the excitement of feeling Jason's cock, and the knowledge that on the other side of those doors Wayne and Jenny were observing her every move. She smiled once more, then made her expression more serious.

"You know I want to Jason..." she said in a pleading voice, "but the Reed's are least Wayne is. I'm really nervous about him walking up here..." She turned to her boyfriend, using all of her concentration not to look at the tent in his trousers.

Jason's mind was whirling, trying to save the situation. "But he's in the basement..." he whispered. "He said he'd be cleaning down there and couldn't hear a thing. He said to tell you he couldn't hear a thing..and if you wanted him for anything, you'd have to go to the basement and yell for him..." Jason was rambling, desperately trying to convince Terri that it was "safe". Terri had to fight a grin as she watched him pleading.

"I don't know, Jason..." she continued, "I'd hate to get caught...but you're so hard..." She held out her hands, drawing him to her as she leaned against the side of the desk. "And I guess this is kind of my fault, isn't it...?" Her hand moved to his cock again, her fingers teasing him as she looked into his eyes. His pleading desperation made her smile.

"I guess we could fool around a little..." she breathed, scraping her fingernail against his zipper. "Just a little..."

Tilting her head back, she let Jason kiss her, running his tongue over her lips as she toyed with his zipper. He tensed as she caught the tab between her fingers and slowly pulled it down. Moving two fingers into the opening, Terri felt the heat of his naked cock and sighed. "You forgot your underwear..." she said, teasing his prick. Jason said nothing, continuing to kiss her as her fingers moved up to undo the button of his pants. Both of them began to breathe harder as Terri opened the folds of his trousers and reached inside to grasp his pole.

"I forgot mine, too..." she teased. Jason jerked at her words and groaned as her fingers moved up and down his cock. It was already slick and wet from his pre-come, making her smile at how excited she got him. "Let me see it..." she whispered, pushing him back.

Wayne and Jenny both stopped playing with each other in the closet as Jason stepped back. Wayne could hear Jenny's intake of breath as Jason's cock came into view just three feet away. It was thicker than Wayne's cock, and almost as long. Two large, purple veins ran down the sides, and his uncircumcised skin bunched up under a huge cockhead. Jenny focused the camera so that just his cock and Terri's hand were in the view finder, and turned to her husband. Her eyes were hot and lusty as she moved to undo his pants, pulling them carefully over his hips as he raised up. His hard cock sprang up and Jenny wrapped her fingers around it as she looked out of their hiding place.

"Damn, your cock is so hard..." Terri was saying to Jason as she jerked him off. "So hot..." Jason had one hand under Terri's blouse and the other on her outer thigh. His hips were moving back and forth, fucking his cock in and out of his girlfriend's hand. Jenny watched in lustful admiration as the young house cleaner moved her other hand to capture Jason's and move it to her inner thigh. Allowing her thighs to part, she moved Jason's hand to her upper thigh and leaned back. They kissed wetly, tongues wrestling madly and Wayne and Jenny watched as Jason's hand continued it's journey, not stopping until he felt Terri's wet pussy greet his fingers. He groaned low in his throat as his fingers worked their magic. Terri was breathing frantically now, her own hips moving to the rhythm of her stroking hands. As she felt his fingers parting her pussy lips, she turned towards the closet and leaned back on the desk, keeping her teasing grip on her boyfriend's cock.

Wayne and Jenny couldn't believe how perfectly Terri was moving for them. They both had a perfect, close-up view of Jason's fingers toying with Terri's glistening pussy, and also a wonderful view of her stroking his cock. Wayne reached his hand over to Jenny's wide-spread legs. Moving his fingers to her pussy, he slid his middle finger between her moist lips and deep inside of her. Jenny opened her mouth wide, trying desperately to breath through her mouth in a way that wouldn't be heard. Wayne began to finger fuck his wife, grinning from ear to ear at her attempt at silence. Sliding a second finger alongside the first, he began to fuck her with faster and faster strokes, until her juices began to make squishing sounds. Jenny looked at him with wide eyes, telling him to be careful, and he slowed his strokes, sliding his fingers in and out from fingertip to knuckle. He grinned as he felt her pussy contract against his fingers as she came again and again. He knew full well how hard it was for her not to scream out as her orgasm overtook her.

When Jenny's breathing slowed to almost normal, he withdrew his fingers from her pussy and brought them to his lips, sucking her sweet cum from them as she stared. Her hand began to move faster on his hard cock, and she leaned over, ready to take it in her mouth. But the noise outside their hiding place made them both pause and re-direct their attention.

Terri's legs were spread wide on the desk, and Jason was rhythmically moving two fingers in and out of her sopping pussy. The wet slapping noises were almost as exciting as the visual in front of them. Terri's hips were fucking up into each thrust and Jenny knew that the girl was coming hard. Her moans were loud and frequent and Jason's entire hand was covered with her cum. Jenny zoomed the camera back to get a full frame of both of them, then turned back to her husband. Quietly getting up from her chair, she motioned for Wayne to stand also. He did, not certain of her plan. His uncertainly died as he watched Jenny sink to her knees in front of him. Leaning forward and taking his cock into her mouth, Jenny pushed her head forward, laving his cock with her tongue as she slowly slid his entire length into her mouth and throat, holding him there as her head made tiny bobbing movements.

Now it was Wayne's turn to open his mouth wide and try to breath noiselessly. His expression was almost comical as he tried desperately not to make any noise. Jenny pulled back and looked up at her husband, then cupped his asscheeks with her hands and pulled them to her face, sliding Wayne's cock deep again. Wayne took the silent hint and curled his fingers through his wife's hair. Looking down at his cock in her mouth, he pulled her face forward as he began to fuck her mouth in long slow strokes. Again and again, Jenny took the full length of his cock into her throat, pausing only occasionally to catch her breath. When Wayne began to thrust harder and faster, she pulled away and sat back, an evil grin on her face as she watched his ready to shoot cock bob in front of her face.

Wayne was panting heavily trying harder than he'd ever tried to remain silent. Jenny stood up, still grinning and leaned close to his ear. "Not that easy is it, lover...?" she whispered. Wayne looked at her with an incredulous expression, then grinned, raising his closed fist in the air in mock threat. Jenny laughed silently and took a step back ward. Her hands moved up to her bra and she deftly slipped it off, tossing it behind her. Then moving to stand behind her chair, she leaned forward on the backrest and raised her firm ass high in the air, moving it around in enticing circles. Wayne grinned and moved behind her and, as he did, Jenny slid the camera closer so she could look in the viewfinder in her new position.

She peered into it, focusing again on Terri and her boyfriend, and again almost screamed out as Wayne pushed his cock deep into her cunt in one smooth stroke. She looked back at him in feigned shock as Wayne began to fuck her with long sure, slow strokes. They both settled into a wonderful rhythm and returned their attention to the office.

Terri was laying back on the desk, panting wildly as Jason's finger-fucking strokes slowed, then stopped. He withdrew the three fingers he was fucking her with and slowly smeared her copious cum-flow over her pussy lips as she worked her hips up and down.

"God, Jason...that was the best you've ever made me come....oh...fuck...." Her hips continued to writhe under his fingers and he leaned forward, licking her pussy and sucking her cum into his mouth. Terri cried out in ecstasy, raising her hips high to meet his mouth. "OH've never...unghhh...oh fuck...Ohh...ohh...I can't take it! Auughh...oh, stop...I can't take it....I can't take any more...."

She pushed Jason's head from between her thighs and looked lovingly at him. Then pulling him to her, she kissed him deeply, sliding her tongue into his mouth and licking the cum from his face, before pushing him away again. She sat up on the desk and kissed him again, then stood beside him. Her hand returned to his hard cock, stroking it slowly as she looked into his eyes.

"Now you..." she panted. "Now I want to make you shoot...I want to make you come...."

Releasing his cock, she gripped the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head, throwing it to the floor. Then, pushing him back a step, she moved her hands into the waist of his pants, cupping his asscheeks and she drew them downwards.

With her hands on his ass, she made him turn around until he was leaning against the side of the desk. Smiling sexily at him, she finished lowering his pants to his ankles, slowly slipping to her knees in front of him. Pulling each leg over his feet, she tossed them away and looked up at him. Jason's engorged cock bobbed in front of her face, and she looked into his pleading eyes. She smiled, letting her lips part and extending her long tongue fully before running it sensually around her full lips. Jason groaned at the sight, his cock bobbing frantically as his hands gripped the edge of the desk.

Terri dropped her eyes to his cock and moved her head forward, her mouth open and panting. She looked up at Jason's face and grinned. "Oh....yeah...please...." he moaned, moving his hips closer to her. Terri's tongue flicked out and just barely touching his cockhead, drew a large globule of pre-come into her mouth...

Then she stood up, leaving him panting, his eyes wild with confusion and hot desire....

"Relax..." Terri teased, kissing him lightly and stepping back a pace. "I think you'll like this..." Her hands moved to the hem of her own shirt and slowly and teasingly she pulled it up and off her shoulders, exposing her tits to Jason. Tossing the blouse aside, she stood with her hands on her swaying hips as Jason's eyes danced over her breasts.

"Do you like them...?" she teased, bringing her hands up to cup and squeeze them. Jason had had Terri's blouse open on a number of occasions, but never had he seen her in the daylight. And never entirely naked from the waist up. His eyes grew even wilder, and his hand reached down to his cock, stroking it as he watched her move before him. Terri's eyes moved to his cock as she swayed in front of him. Her hands continued to caress her tits as she watched her boyfriend stroke himself. Again, her tongue moved over her lips...

"Someday I want to watch you jerk off for me..." she whispered. "I'll strip for you like they do at the Cabaret...and you can jerk off for me....I'd like that...." Her voice trailed off as she began to sway back and forth, her eyes fixed on Jason's dripping cock as it slid through his fingers. Her hands moved over her belly and she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her skirt...slowly pulling it lower as she watched Jason stroke his hard-on. His eyes grew wider and his strokes slowed as Terri's golden brown pubic hair appeared over the top of her skirt. She paused for a moment, loving the effect she was having on him....then continued to pull it down...

Terri looked up at Jason as the skirt dropped into a pool at her feet. The way his eyes were devouring her as she stood naked before him made her pussy tingle. She stood with her feet apart and returned her hands to her breasts...

" you think that's a good idea...?" she teased.

Jason cleared his throat and tore his eyes away from her nakedness. "Yeah..." he croaked, "Good idea..."

"I thought you might think so..." Terri chuckled, moving close to him. She leaned forward, resting her body against his, and kissed him wetly, thrusting her hot tongue into his mouth, and drawing his out into hers. She began to suck on the tip, then more of it as Jason pushed his tongue deeper into her hot mouth. Opening her eyes and staring into his, Terri began to suck his tongue like it was a cock as he held it rigid for her. Both of them were growing hotter and Terri's hips began to move against Jason's hard-on. They'd never been naked together, and the feel of his cock against her pussy was driving Terri wild. Raising up onto her tiptoes, she raised one leg high and squealed around his tongue as she felt his cock slide between her legs. Her eyes closed and she moved her hips back and forth, letting his cockhead run between her sopping pussy lips.

Terri had yet to feel a real cock inside of her. Her cherry was gone, but that had happened when a girlfriend of hers stayed overnight at her house and they ended up playing with themselves with vibrators that the girls had brought. Terri had gotten carried away and had inserted the thing too far, breaking her hymen. And since that time she'd used a vibrator or dildo countless times to get off. But she'd never let a man fuck her, always content to let their fingers or tongue get her off.

She swore that she was going to wait for the right guy before she did it... but she was sorely tempted to simply lower her hips a little...and let Jason's big cock slide up inside of her...

Jason felt the desire too, and his hips began to move with hers...pushing up...higher...higher... They both groaned loudly as Jason's cockhead parted Terri's lips... Terri almost gave up her reserve and pushed her pussy down to meet him...but she suddenly snapped back to reality...pulling back and standing in front of him panting wildly.

"Not yet..." she wheezed, "Not yet....oh're cock is so fucking big....but we can''s too soon...oh fuck...!"

One hand dropped to her excited pussy, cupping it and running her fingers between her lips as she stared at Jason. Her other hand reached out and grasped his pole. Her breathing slowed as she regained her composure.

"I'm sorry..." she said truthfully, "I know I tease you...and I know you're ready..." She smiled excitedly and began to stroke his cock. A huge stream of pre-come poured over her fingers, making her moan. "'re really ready aren't you...?" She looked down at his cock as it slid through her fingers. "I'll make it up to you... I want to make you come...right now....You want that don't you...? You want me to stroke this big cock until it that what you want? You want me to jerk you off...Jason...make you shoot your hot come all over that what you want...?"

"Please..." Jason said pleadingly. "Make me anything...just make me come..."

Terri grinned and looked up at him. Her eyes were on fire. "Anything...?" she teased. "Anything is a lot...I could jerk you off... I could let you put it between my tits liked that time, didn't you...? You liked coming all over my was so hot and creamy....." Terri could feel his cock expanding in her hand and knew she didn't have time left to tease him any more.

She leaned forward, running her tongue around his lips and face. "But this time's different...this time I'm going to suck you..." She smiled as Jason's whole body tensed and he let out a low moan. She looked fiercely into his eyes. "This time I'm going to suck your hard cock....suck you off....I'm going to make you come with my mouth....suck your big hard cock until you shoot your thick hot cum in my mouth...I want to taste your cum....I want to swallow it...."

Her voice trailed off as she slithered down his body until she knelt in front of his cock. Finished with her teasing, she leaned forward and ran her wet tongue from his full balls to his cockhead. A long wail erupted from Jason as he felt the hot wetness of her tongue. Terri heard a groan come from the closet and grinned, turning her face to the camera as she opened her lips and took Jason's cockhead inside. Again he groaned and pushed his hips forward, trying to feed Terri more of his cock. She willingly obliged, opening her mouth wider and taking half of his huge cock inside. The whole time, she kept her eyes fixed on the closet

Jason began to fuck her mouth slowly, curling his fingers in her hair and pushing his hips forward. Each thrust elicited another groan from him. Terri countered each move...pushing her mouth forward as Jason fucked deeper. When she felt him pushing against her throat, she gripped his hips, forcing him to stop. Then turning once more to the camera, she lowered her face onto Jason's cock, taking him deeper and deeper until once more he was against her throat. Terri cleared her throat and took a breath....then leaned forward. Jason's cock was so hard it resisted bending, but Terri didn't give up. She continued to pull him deeper until suddenly something gave and Jason's cock slid deep into her throat. Her mind gave a silent cheer as she pulled him even closer...deeper...until her nose was pressed firmly against Jason's pubic hair. She reveled for a moment in her accomplishment, then slowly pulled her lips back.

Terri heard Wayne's muffled groan come from the closet as more and more of Jason's cock slid from her lips. When she reached his cockhead, she grinned around it for Wayne's benefit, then turned her eyes up to Jason.

"Now come for me..." she whispered. "Come in my mouth...." Wayne simply stared at her for a moment, then began to move his hips again. Terri held her face steady, letting Jason fuck her mouth and running her tongue around his shaft.

She felt his balls expanding under her fingers and moaned as she felt his cum rising in his cock...filling his tube...then erupting into her thirsty mouth. She savored the taste of his semen for a moment, letting her mouth fill with it, then pulled him deep again, groaning as his cockhead passed into her throat and erupted a second time. Still the young girl wanted more.

Sucking strongly, Terri pulled her lips up his shaft as he shot again and again, filling her mouth with cum. She pulled her lips away, looking up into his eyes as she swallowed his cum. Grinning wildly, she continued to jerk him off, letting his cum spray wetly over her face and lips. Laughing almost maniacally, immersed in her own excitement, Terri alternated between closing her mouth and swallowing and grinningly jerking Jason off onto her face and chest. It felt as if she were holding on to a cum shooting hose and she was loving it. She truly hoped that Wayne and Jenny were capturing Jason's monster load on tape. This certainly had to be a record!

The two voyeurs in the closet were definitely getting it all on tape. In fact, as soon as Terri sank to her knees in front of her boyfriend and began sucking him, Jenny had taken the camera and motioned for Wayne to stop fucking her from behind. She'd come twice already from his big cock sawing in and out of her pussy. Now she needed to pause. Wayne's fucking was making the camera jump, and she didn't want to miss a lick, so to speak. She was enthralled with the sight of Jason's young was so thick and long...and she loved watching it sliding in and out of Terri's wet mouth. Getting on her knees, she concentrated on working the camera...getting just the right angle and focus to capture the hot action through the opened louvers.

Jenny's heart began to pound as she watched Jason slowly fucking his girlfriend's mouth. Keeping her eye to the viewfinder, she reached a hand out, signaling for Wayne to move closer. He did so immediately, placing his cock in her open palm and sighing as her fingers closed around it. Standing, as he was, he was unable to see the action happening outside, but at this point he really didn't care. He was so worked up and ready, that all he wanted was to come... however Jenny decided to make that happen... Plus, he knew that it was all being captured on video tape. He'd witnessed, first hand, Terri's sexual abilities. Right now, he could picture her in his mind if he needed to. And Jenny's hand was always so good......

He moved closer to Jenny as her hand began to stroke him. His cock brushed her hair as he thrust forward, running his cockhead over her cheek. Jenny looked up at him and smiled. Wayne had always been turned on by her hair around his cock...many times she'd curled her hair around his shaft and jerked him off. It was one of their special fetishes...

Jenny checked the camera to make sure it was capturing all the action and paused, her mouth opening in smiling invitation. Wayne needed no further urging. Moving his hips forward, he stifled a groan as he felt the wet warmth of Jenny's mouth capture his cockhead and close around it. Turning slightly, Jenny slid both hands over Wayne's asscheeks and pulled him closer, rolling her tongue over his shaft as it slid slowly into the depths of her mouth. They're eyes locked together when his cockhead reached the entrance to her throat, and Jenny winked at him as she pulled him even closer, forcing his head past the last obstacle, bending his shaft slightly as it slid smoothly into her throat.

That was all it took. Both of them could feel Wayne's cum as it shot like a raging river up his shaft and poured hotly into Jenny's throat. She held him there, using her muscles to milk his spurting cock...coaxing every drop of semen into her greedy throat. Wayne's mouth was wide open as he willed himself to remain silent. He knew how much she loved the feel of his cum on her tongue, and he lovingly appreciated that she was giving up that taste for his pleasure as he shot load after hot load directly into his wife's throat. As he felt his orgasm slowing, he slowly withdrew his cock, helping Jenny to breathe easier. He ran his fingers through her hair as he slowly fucked her mouth, letting the final flow of his semen coat her tongue. When he was finished he drew his hips back, letting his still hard cock spring from Jenny's lips and bob in front of her face. Smiling brightly, she licked the last remnants of cum from his cockhead and shaft and leaned back, grinning. Sounds of movement on the other side of the closet doors made both of their heads turn towards the office.

Terri had completed her skillful blowjob of Jason, and was lying beside him, looking lovingly into his grinning eyes. Her face and chest were shiny with his semen and her hand moved over her tits, massaging the sweet oil into her skin. Jason was saying something to her that neither of them could hear, and, as his gaze turned to the window, Terri looked over at the closed closet doors and grinned.

She had a feeling that she'd just experienced the beginning of what was to become a long and wonderful weekend.....

To Be Continued...

* * * * *

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