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Trudy: The Rape
by Richard Janice

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Trudy was barely kneeling and grotesquely being jerked around. Seven of the ten men were sexually abusing her. None of them cared if she could move. None of them cared if she did move. None of them cared if it hurt when she or they moved. They were using her for their own sexual satisfaction.

After a while, her pain started to ease up, but only a little. Trudy kept her eyes shut tight because she didn't want to know what the men were doing to her body or making her do to them. She wanted to forget the feeling of their cocks filling and stretching her mouth, pussy, and ass. All Trudy wanted was for them to finish and let her go. She didn't know how much more of their abuse she could put up with.

The guy in her ass was the first to cum. When he pulled out and got off, her relief was very short lived. Another man, using the first guy's sperm as a lubricant, rammed his cock into her tight ass. The one in her mouth erupted and she gagged and choked again while trying to swallow her second taste of cum. This was also replaced by another prick, only thicker. Trudy was trying to open her mouth, but he was in too big a hurry and began fucking her face violently. He jammed down her throat and didn't pull out. She felt the bartender below tense and fill her vagina again with sperm, and like the others, was quickly replaced when he withdrew.

Being fucked over and over and over so many times, Trudy thought she was finally going crazy. It seemed as though they had control over everything she did, felt, and thought. Her muscles and nerves were adjusting to the pain. She had stopped choking and was breathing though her nose effortlessly. The cock in her throat didn't feel natural but she could live with it and still breathe. If she timed it just right, she could move her hips a certain way and the pricks in her ass and vagina wouldn't hurt at all. When the second guy came in her ass, she didn't feel any pain when he pulled out and a third one shoved in. Trudy began thinking that this was all just a dream caused by reading her paperback too many times. She thought she was the girl from that book.

Trudy was confused. She heard stories that women lost track of how many men raped them or at least became hysterical during a gang rape. That's why most gangs got away with it. Their victims couldn't remember beyond the first few men and the rest got the charges against them reduced to assault. Here she was actually counting! Was this good or bad? So far, all ten men had raped her vagina. Two of them twice! Three times they forced her to commit sodomy with them and three times she was forced to perform oral sex on them. Trudy began to wonder if having a clear mind was all that helpful. If the men knew she was keeping track of what they were forcing her to do, would they let her go?

Trudy was just swallowing the fourth man's sperm and didn't know it until the guy pulled out and she heard herself calmly say "Four". Shocked by her own gurgling voice, she opened her eyes and looked around.

Two men were kneeling in front of her, jacking-off and pointing their pricks at her face. Looking down, Trudy saw a man laying under her staring back up, her hands were pressed flat on each side of his head. She tried to remember when the other men let her arms and tits go and couldn't. Then Trudy noticed that she was rocking. She could feel two pricks moving in her ass and pussy and back out again. They weren't moving, she was! "Did I pass out?" she asked herself.

Trudy didn't think so. She then felt the cock in her pussy shoot it's sperm and was surprised that it felt so warm. The one in her ass felt the same way too seconds later. For a moment, she didn't have a man's cock in any of her openings. Yet, she was rocking.

Another man appeared and slipped his cock into her pussy. Trudy closed her eyes, but not tightly, and moaned several times while he fucked her. She moaned a little louder and bit her lower lip when she felt another cock plunge into her ass. Everything felt so very different to her. There was no pain at all and she felt incredibly stretched and full.

She opened her eyes again and this time saw only one cock pointed at her. The head of it looked like a pink mushroom and it had a pungent damp odor. A clear liquid seeped from the tiny slit in the end. For some reason she still can't explain, her mouth opened and her tongue licked the drop of fluid. The taste wasn't unpleasant, but she couldn't relate it to anything. Her tongue came out again and licked another drop. This one tasted like watered down syrup. Trudy moved forward.

Placing her lips around the head, Trudy sucked and tasted several more drops. The cock was soft and spongy between her lips, not hard and stiff as she expected. She was amazed that every time she licked the end, it would jump and wiggle in her mouth. She opened her lips wider and let more of it slip in. Again, she licked. Again, it jumped. The part past the rubbery head pulsed and tickled her lips. She had to swallow and when she did, the cock really leaped. She swallowed again and it leaped and tickled her again. She was startled by a voice.

"You enjoy it, don't you?" the man she was sucking asked.

When Trudy un-knowingly shook her head "Yes", the cock jumped harder and slipped a little deeper into her mouth. She suddenly felt a quivering in her pussy and stomach. Both cocks inside her seemed to bloat in size while a warm rush ran through her body. Her tiny ass cheeks clenched, trying to relieve an itch she had deep inside her. Her mouth tightened around the cock, causing it to leak more cum in her mouth. Trudy was beginning to enjoy the taste now and purposely clamped her lips tighter on the cock.

"If you suck on it real hard, you'll get what you want." the man in front of her said.

Trudy sucked harder and pressed the back of her tongue against the spongy head at the same time. This made the cock grow bigger, jump harder, and more cum came out. She tried to repeat this but the quivering inside her vagina and the itch in her ass intensified, distracting her. She tried pushing back against the men behind her and that only increased the sensation. These feelings were new to her and she didn't know how to handle them.

The cock in her mouth leaked out more cum and Trudy quickly forgot why it was there in the first place. She sucked harder; drawing her cheeks in, and really liked the taste and feel of it in her mouth. Her pussy and little ass clenched tightly around the cocks buried in them and she felt a new level of excitement shake her. Whatever the men were doing, Trudy wanted them to keep it up. The sensations they gave her were great and she wanted more. Remembering another part of her favorite book, she pushed back and rotated her soft round bottom in small circles. This sent a greater wave of tingling sensations and warmth throughout her whole body. As the two men plowed into Trudy faster and faster, she thought she had died and gone to heaven, it felt that wonderful. Trudy pushed back again to see if the sensations would increase. Boy did they ever! It seemed as though her ass and pussy were one big exposed nerve ending and that their cocks gave her nothing but extreme pleasure.

The cock between her lips suddenly filled her mouth with cum. Trudy tried to savor the taste, but there was too much. She swallowed what was there and the cock shot out more. Her mouth was again full and overflowing with cum. Trudy loved the taste. She didn't realize that she was purring and moaning her satisfaction so loudly to the men around her. When she felt cum dripping from her lips, she took a hand off the mattress and tried to put it back in her mouth with her fingers. The cock was getting softer, but she sucked and licked it anyway, trying to coax more of the sweet tasting cum from it.

She felt the two dicks below filling her with their cum and wave after wave of pure joy rattled her mind. She ground herself back hard against them and screamed around the soft cock in her mouth. This time, the scream was from a pleasure Trudy had never before experienced. The three men pulled out of her almost at the same time. Trudy immediately fell flat on the mattress and was grinding herself against an imaginary lover. Her mind yelled at her to find out what happened to the cocks.

"Please! Your cocks! Please! Don't stop! Please!" Trudy said to anybody who would listen.

Trudy shoved both hands between her legs and began finger-fucking herself. The sensations were slipping away fast. No matter how many fingers she used or how deep she shoved them in, they didn't bring back the wonderful tingling she felt before. And because of this frustration, her desire for those sensations was getting stronger by the second.

"Please! Somebody help me! Anybody!" Trudy pleaded.

The men had never raped anyone like her before. Tony assured them she was a "Plain Jane" type. She cost the gang only $100.00, not $300.00 he normally charged to trick girls in to meeting him only to then be raped by the gang when he didn't show up. None of them could get over how sexy she was. Her small round ass, framed by a thin black garter belt, was pumping up and down on her fingers. Her long nylon covered legs moving back and forth like scissors. She was desperately trying to cum and behaving like the slut they called her.

"Most of us are soft. How are we going to fuck you with soft dicks?" one man teased her.

"Tell me what to do! I'll do anything!" she said honestly.

The bartender ordered her to kneel and bend over. Then he slapped her little ass several times. Trudy clenched her ass cheeks and rocked back.

"I Love That", Trudy moaned. She was kneeling over on the mattress, her little ass naked and up in the air, her shaved wet pussy just visible between her little buns. The man began squeezing and pinching her soft tiny globes.

"You're not suppose to enjoy it!" He snarled. He grasped his heavy cock and swung it sideways so it rapped her ass.

"I'm going to beat you with my cock until you apologize."

He kept beating her tiny ass but he wasn't hurting her. Still, Trudy moaned as though in pain,

She said, "Fuck you!" when he demanded an apology. Finally, he gave up, aimed his cock at her drizzling pussy, and slammed it in. Trudy screamed and collapsed on the mattress with his spurting cock buried in her pussy.

Trudy shoved her hand between her legs and began finger-fucking herself again. The sensations again, were slipping away fast. Reluctantly pulling her cum-soaked fingers out of herself, she pleaded for more. When four men stepped in front of her, Trudy lunged at and sucked the closest cock to her. Her mouth and head began bobbing up and down over it. She acted like she'd been doing this all her life. She was only guessing that they liked to feel her lips rub up and down their cocks. She knew she liked it, so why wouldn't they. Humming and swirling her tongue around the shaft of the cock came from her XXX-rated book. Somebody brought her hands up and placed them on the ass of the man she was sucking. She looked up into his eyes, waiting for instructions.

"Deeper!" was all he said to her.

With the quivering sensations returning, Trudy thought to herself that he could have asked her to do a lot more and she would gladly do anything he said. She tried to open her mouth wider, but couldn't, so she did the next best thing. Holding onto his ass, she pulled him forward. His cock head hit the entrance to her throat and she started to gag. Determined to get his dick hard and increase her enjoyment, she suppressed the gag reflex as best she could and swallowed the dick.

When he grunted and began grinding his hips in her face, she knew it wouldn't be long before he'd fuck her.

"Back off! I'm going to fuck your little pussy again!" he yelled.

Trudy couldn't have been happier and quickly rolled over to lie on her back. With her high heels flat and legs bent open wide, she waited for him. Her own hands went to her tits and rubbed each hard nipple.

"Hurry! Please! Put it in!" Trudy said with her eyes closed.

"First things first! You have to learn how to talk. You don't say it; it's a cock! You don't say you want it in; you ask the guy to fuck your pussy!"

"Another thing, when you're blowing a guy, you never wait for him to tell you to take his cock deeper in his mouth, you deep throat him automatically! Got all that?" he asked.

She shook her head yes.

"Fine. Try it!" he said.

"Fuck my pussy with your cock!" Trudy stated.

"Listen, if you want a man to fuck a slut like you, you have to beg him. You don't know all the moves yet. Until you get some experience, you better beg guys to fuck you. A cock-sucker like you better beg a lot of guys if you want to be good at this! One more thing -- Always fuck more than one at a time. Seeing you get fucked by all of us has made me horny enough to cum three times already. So remember that next time you want to fuck, make sure it's with a group of guys, not just one! Now try it again." he told her.

She gathered her thoughts, thinking what she would say to him. With her mind made up, she reached down, spread her pussy lips apart, and purred.

"Please fuck me. I need your cock in my pussy. It feels so good when I'm being fucked. I'll even suck somebody else's cock while you watch. Please! I'm begging you!"

The guy lay on top of her and kissed her mouth hard. Her lips opened and she let his tongue run along her teeth and then play with hers. Trudy tightly wrapped her arms around his neck and sighed as they continued to French-kiss. When his lower body started a pumping motion, Trudy thrust back, the sensations returning inside her pussy. She was trying to get his cock inside but he kept it sandwiched between their bellies. Trudy groaned her desire and thrust her hips up again. Her breathing was sporadic. She squeezed his ass with her legs while grinding herself against him.

Trudy had never felt this way. She had a desire that she couldn't control or satisfy and it was getting stronger. Her pussy was opening on its own and she felt like she was wetting herself. She knew all the men had pumped cum in her, but that wasn't what she felt. She was getting ready to cum. That's what she was feeling! Lying half-naked under him, passionately kissing him, wantonly urging him to fuck her, Trudy was going to cum! She is a slut! She's begging a member of a gang to fuck her. A gang of rapists that had her here against her will. Only a true slut would want that. And she wanted him now more than anything else. She was being controlled by the sensations in her pussy and the desire to have it filled and stretched.

He broke their kiss and knelt between her willingly spread legs.

"Yes! Now! Fuck my pussy now! I need your cock bad!" Trudy moaned.

The man raised her legs to his shoulders. Trudy looked between her tits and saw that his cock was still hard and pointed straight out above her pussy. She watched as he put his hands under her little ass and brought her open pussy level with his cock, bending her neck in the process.

"If you want to fuck, then grab my cock and put it in your cunt." he told her.

Straining to reach, she grabbed it. "My God!" she thought, "Did he fuck me with that already?" The answer came quickly as her heart seemed to stop beating, her eyes rolled in their sockets, and her mouth gaped wide open. None of her reactions were from pain. All of this came from his cock sinking deeply and slowly into her pussy, touching every sensitive nerve she had there and many more she didn't know were there. Nothing in her whole life ever felt this good. Her whole being centered on the cock that gave her nothing but pure joy.

"Oh! Don't stop! Please! Fill my pussy with that beautiful cock! Give me more!" she raved.

"If you can squeeze with your pussy, it'll feel even better." he replied.

In her delirium, she could only make out or understand a few things he said.

"Oh! Yes! Squeeze cunt! Squeeze cunt! Oh! Squeeze cunt!" she babbled.

"That's right you fucking slut! Squeeze your pussy around my cock. Now call yourself a slut!" he told her.

She heard every word this time and didn't hesitate to say what he wanted to hear.

"Slut! I'm a slut! Squeeze slut! No! Squeeze cunt! Yes! Oh fuck me. I'm a slut!" she screamed out.

Her first climax with the man started as her stomach tightened and her legs stiffened. Trudy slammed her hands on the mattress repeatedly and whipped her head back and forth like a women possessed while her body spasmed and jerked about uncontrollably. Her little pussy clenched around the cock and seemed to draw more of it inside her. Trudy relished the feeling of the cock hitting her deep inside and filling every nook and cranny inside her. This time, she almost did pass out as she came hard and for a long time.

Just as Trudy stopped jumping around and her mind cleared, she felt a warm liquid on her lips and flicked her tongue out to wipe it away.

Cum! She opened her mouth wide. Three men jacked-off in her mouth. The taste of all that cum and the cock still buried in her pussy made her soar again. The men watched as she threw her hips up high, her tongue wiggling, and she swallowed all the cum in her mouth. Trudy climaxed again. She was bucking and grunting like the men did. During her climax, the guy fucking her also pumped another load of cum into her pussy. When he pulled out, and rolled off her, they were surprised to hear her talk.

"That's unbelievable! I never knew it could feel so good! Fuck me again! Please! Don't stop! Fuck me again! I want all of you to fuck me! All of you line up and fuck me! I want to cum again." Trudy gleefully said to the men.

"Ok slut! But, you have to beg us!" one of them said.

"Please! Pretty please! Fuck me", Trudy begged."Deep down, you are a slut! Aren't you? You like having guys fuck your pussy and shoot cum all over your face! Isn't that right!" somebody else yelled.

"Yes! I'm a slut! A whore! A dirty little tramp! All those things. I can't help it! Your cocks are wonderful! I don't care anymore! I'm a slut! It feels great! If this is how a slut feels, then I want to be a slut! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy! Fuck my cock-sucking slut mouth! Fuck my slut ass if you want to! Please! Just fuck me and cum!" she shouted.

"You love cum too, don't you? You love white thick cum shooting in your mouth and down your throat." Another man asked.

"Yes I love it! Thick white cum.", she was getting turned on just by their dirty talk and could feel another climax building up.

"You're a cock-sucking slut! You'll fuck anybody or anything with a cock! You live for cum and cock! Right?" someone, said.

"Yes! I'm a slut. Fuck me! I love it! Fuck me and cum! Yes. Cum, cocks, cunt, mouth, throat, ass, anywhere! Just fuck me! Please! Cum anywhere! I'm nothing but a cum drinking cock-sucking fucking slut! Oh! Fuck! Cum! Oh please! Cum! Fuck me! Fuck me and cum!" Trudy shouted deliriously and climaxed again.

All the men seemed to jump on her at once. She was double fucked in her pussy more than once and climaxed each time. She let them fuck her ass and pussy at the same time again and climaxed from that too. She sucked on two cocks, relishing and swallowing their cum. Trudy watched men squirt their cum on her face and tits and climaxed. As each man finished, she would clean his cock with her mouth. When one of the men bent over, his ass sticking in her face, she tongued his asshole like it was the most natural thing in the world to do.

Trudy wouldn't slow down or ask them to stop. In fact, she pleaded and begged them to fuck her anywhere they wanted to. Everything the men did brought on another mind-blowing climax.

When the last one was done and the others said they were fucked out, Trudy laid down on the mattress. Groaning, moaning, and grunting like some wild animal, she let them watch as she finger-fucked herself to three more climaxes.

After doing this, Trudy filled one of her hands with the cum from her pussy. While all the men stared at her, she licked it slowly from her fingers and swallowed it. She knew she was acting like a real slut but she didn't care. As long as she kept cuming and the men kept cuming, she wanted to be a slut.

Sure, Trudy knew having sex was fun, but they never told her it would be this much fun. She couldn't imagine herself craving a man this way. They never told her that she'd fall in love with the taste of a man's cum. Trudy experienced feelings she never had before and loved them all.

If dressing up got men to react like this, she'd dress as sexy and as sultry as she could. If men liked garter belts, nylons, and high heels, she'd wear them and get to like wearing them. If they wanted to fuck her, she'd let them. If they wanted a blow-job instead, she'd drop and wouldn't complain. From now on, any man could fuck her any way they wanted or she'd suck his cock. Even the ugly ones. A couple of these men were ugly, but if she closed her eyes, she still enjoyed their fucking and cum plus, she climaxed herself.

For the first time all night, the men couldn't get hard anymore and were trying to decide what to do with her. Trudy was on the mattress; legs spread wide open rubbing her pussy, waiting for one of them to join her. One guy told her to go and clean herself up. Another one grabbed her purse and handed it to her. Nobody escorted her to the bathroom this time.

Washing as best she could, she then put make-up on. Finished, she looked at herself in the dirty and cracked full-length door mirror and smiled. She thought she did look sexy wearing a garter belt, nylons, and high heels. Her shaved pussy was pink and puffy. Trudy looked at least as good as any girl she knew. Someone called for her to come out.

"Great!" she thought, "They're going to fuck me again." She walked out, put her purse on the pool table, and started to lie down on the mattress when they stopped her.

"You may be ready but we're not. Why don't you get your things together and leave?" one of them said.

Surprised by what he said, Trudy tried to think of something to say. To her, this wasn't a rape any more. They weren't forcing her to do anything now. She asked them to fuck her. She wanted this more than anything she ever wanted.

"Wait a minute! You can't do this to me! Please don't! I'll do anything you want! I won't call the police on you guys! We don't have to fuck if you don't want to. That's okay with me. Honest it is! Just let me suck your cocks, okay? You guys just sit down and rest and I'll suck your cocks while you have drinks and talk. I promise I won't get in your way. If you feel like fucking me, great, but you don't have to. If you want to cum in my mouth, cum in my mouth! I won't complain about anything. Please?" Trudy genuinely begged them to let her stay.

Before Trudy could kneel down in front of the closest man, he stopped her and told her to go that she was too willing. This confused her even more. She really wanted them to fuck her but if they didn't want to, that was fine. Trudy knew she was able to cum by just sucking their cocks and she'd settle for that. Her idea was to suck their cocks, one by one, and hope that somebody would get horny enough from watching that they'd fuck her. She needed their cocks. She wanted to taste their cum but more than that, she needed to feel their cocks stretching and filling her pussy. And now, they refused. Why? She said she'd do anything they wanted and he just said she was too willing. What's that suppose to mean? Trudy started again when the bartender spoke.

"Forget it. If you want more cock, go and beg some place else. Who knows, you might get lucky! The front door is locked. It's after 2 am. We're supposed to be closed. Use the back door." he said.

Her ego hurt, and her emotions being played with like a yo-yo, Trudy felt like crying again. They were rejecting her. They didn't want her. Trying to hold her tears back, she thought she could still change their minds.

Making sure they could see her wet and naked pussy, she adjusted her stockings by running her hands up each leg very slowly. She then stood in the sexiest pose she could think of and looked at the men, hoping one of them had change their mind and wanted to fuck her, or at least let her suck on his cock. When they all ignored her, Trudy was totally devastated. What happened? What did she do wrong? What did she say that turned them off? The bartender talked to her again.

"Look, we raped you! So, we raped you! Big deal! Like a good girl, you screamed, fought, kicked, and tried to get away. Against ten of us, you didn't stand a chance. You thought we were going to kill you. Fuck lady that's the last thing we had on our minds! You finally decide to lay back and wait for us to finish. Then, you grab any cock that gets near you. We didn't expect that. Shit, what's the sense of raping somebody if they grab you and ask for more! See what I'm trying to say. You made it too easy! Go on, get the fuck out of here! One day you'll figure it out."Mad because she thought they had purposely turned her into a cock crazed slut and still feeling rejected, Trudy quickly turned and stomped away.

Walking behind the bar and through the stock area, Trudy opened up the back door and stepped out into the alley. Slamming shut, the door automatically locked. It was then that Trudy realized she needed money for a taxi back to her apartment and that her purse was still in the bar on the pool table. A cold chill ran through her body, and she also found out with equal horror that she was dressed only in a thin black satin garter belt, sheer black nylon stockings with lace tops, and her new high heels.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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